New Drum Corps Alliance In Albany, NY

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RetroSound Drum and Bugle Corps and Capital Brass! are proud to announce an affiliation for the 2007 season with the goal of producing ensembles to perform in a variety of venues throughout the year. This arrangement will provide many musical opportunities for area musicians, as well as some exciting events for area drum corps and live music fans! Work is already underway with formal rehearsals starting in mid-September. Parades, standstill concerts, and marching music in a traditional drum corps style will be the main thrust of RetroSound Drum and Bugle Corps, while Capital Brass! will focus on standstill events playing a variety of music styles.

This is the beginning of something special for the Capital Region of New York State. The goal of playing familiar songs like were played in the “hay days” of drum corps lies with RetroSound. The founding group is made up of musicians that have a love for the past success of drum corps in the region who want to play some of the recognizable songs done in the past with a hightened passion that will be unbelievable. RS is an all age corps and welcomes anyone that would like to join. Special conditions/considerations will be made for those under 18 years of age. The intention is to remain a parade and stand still concert corps. The idea is to just have fun, enjoy some traditional drum corps music, and share our collective talents with spectators along a parade route or concert venue. Most of the current members have drum corps experience. However, that is not a requirement. Prospective members simply need to share a passion for music and be willing to help reach the goals of Retro Sound. There are currently openings for horn players, drummers, color guard and all areas of support. Efforts are being made to keep the cost of participating low, and to provide a family-friendly atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Capital Brass! will offer an additional or alternative opportunity for area musicians. Plans are for this group to be a select ensemble of brass and percussion players, performing contemporary arrangements of jazz, blues and pop tunes. The group will focus on standstill performances and will also produce other small ensemble performances for the new affiliation. CB! will be the perfect compliment to the approach of RetroSound; by providing a local vehicle to explore the musical and venue possibilities outside of the traditional. Players with some formal music training and a drive to produce something unique and exiting are welcome to apply.

The Retro Sound Board of Directors brings extensive experience with DCA field and Alumni corps and also has members with drum corps management experience. The Capital Brass! Planning Board is represented by ex-members of the Capitol Brass Sr Corps., the last competitive corps, junior OR senior, to hail from the Capital Region of NY State; and brings experience in producing professional ensembles as well as competitive drum corps.

The combined organizations have a wealth of experience in performance, production, corps management and in coordinating DCA contests and other events. Both groups will offer quality instruction from experienced professionals. The intention is to compliment programs offered by local school districts and colleges allowing one to continue performing and improving their skills long after graduation.

Recent discussions between the two young groups found a common desire to bring drum corps opportunities to area musicians, despite their diverse approaches; and also, a great potential for synergy in combining their efforts on several management and creative levels. It is expected that a joint effort to launch these programs, as well as ongoing cooperation and support between the groups, will result in more successful and satisfactory results for both groups in 2007.

Details are being worked out for a joint open house and other cooperative efforts for the fall of 2006. In the meantime, Retro Sound may be contacted through the website at: and Capital Brass! at: . Also, watch both sites for rehearsal and event information.

We encourage anyone interested to hop on board early so that you may help plot our course towards the future! We look forward to meeting you and performing for you in 2007! Be sure to tell your family and friends about this exciting opportunity.

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