Bushwackers 2007 Open House Report

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The Bushwackers are very excited to announce that the 2007 Open House was one of the most successful in the corps’ history. In fact, the turnout was record breaking, with all sections being very well represented.

It wasn’t just the quantity of members in attendance, it was the quality! The talent level far exceeded expectations. The staff commented several times that the returning members will be pushed hard by the incoming first year members who appeared talented and determined.

The Open House was held at the Rutgers Center for Law and Justice in Newark, NJ. Assistant Director Bob Kidd said he was very pleased to see so many returning members, especially from the award winning Color Guard and Brass sections; each of whom are the reigning champions in their respective captions.

In addition, the turnout for the percussion section, for both the front ensemble and battery, was simply overwhelming. Obviously, there were many people there excited to experience the intensity and creativity of performing a book written by Ralph Hardimon.

After a brief meeting, which included show and staff announcements, the corps broke into sectionals.

The first rehearsal of the 2007 Bushwacker season was underway!!!

Stay tuned for the show announcement – it’s guaranteed to appeal to a wide variety of musical tastes.

For information on becoming a member of the Bushwackers in 2007, Please visit our website click here.

To view pictures from the open house, click here.

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