Crossmen Hall Of Fame Class Of 2008 Announced

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The Crossmen Alumni Association, in affiliation with the 22-time Drum International Finalist Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps, announced today that Bill Kaufmann and Eric Landis will be inducted into the Crossmen Hall of Fame at the Music in Motion show, Farrell Stadium (West Chester University), West Chester, PA on Thursday, July 31st, 2008.

Bill and Eric laid the foundation of the Crossmen percussion tradition that will always be linked to those who experienced their teaching. Each had their own style and their own strengths, but they showed the value of working together for a greater cause and leading by example. There were no egos, just the desire to give their lines the best they could as a team.

Eric brought his very unique approach to writing into the Crossmen organization. His work during his tenure included such great charts as Marche Slav, Something and the 1976 Chicago medley.

Bill brought the aggressive style that would become a signature for the Crossmen percussion program, with the 1978 Tico-Tico drum solo being at the forefront of that style. Known for his unique and avant garde approach to marching percussion, Bill’s work laid the groundwork for the progressive developments that have since occurred in the drum corps activity.

During their time with Keystone Regiment and 507 Hornets, they did not know the impact their teachings would have as their two lines merged at Crossmen. They took a group of very talented and hungry players and they created a program that would go on to be one of the most talked about drumlines in DCI through the mid to late 70’s. The percussion section went on to be a force with the great percussion sections in the country in 1977 and 1978, building a base for the excellent Crossmen lines that would follow for decades. They made the Crossmen percussion line into something special; a legacy that passed from Thom Hannum and Chris Thompson to Mark Thurston to Chris Feist to Darren Hazlett, and further on to their students. It was a special time, and these are all special people. Their impact has been, and remains, the foundation of over 30 years of Crossmen percussion excellence.

The men and women who made up the Crossmen percussion line of those days went on to great things. Thom Hannum, Chris Thompson, Eddie Boyer, Bob Gross, George Hopkins are but a few of those who have been influenced by Bill and Eric. Without question, their Crossmen drum corps experience was life-changing, influencing who they came to be as individuals. However, Bill and Eric are also to be credited with so much of establishing the Crossmen percussion identity that is so respected and admired throughout the drum corps community.

Bill and Eric are current members of the World Drum Corps Hall of fame. Yet with all their professional accomplishments set aside, one of the greatest reasons for their induction into the Crossmen Hall of Fame is the profound and positive effects they have had on all of their students and contacts not just in the drum corps activity, but in the whole scheme of life.

Let’s join together to honor these two deserving men. Congratulation to Bill Kaufmann and Eric Landis, Crossmen Hall of Fame, Class of 2008.

More information about the Crossmen Hall of Fame ceremony and related events will be announced shortly.

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