Bluecoats 2011 Fuel Fund Campaign

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The Bluecoats are experiencing an unprecedented increase in transportation costs this season. The increase is the result of fuel prices being much higher than last summer and our tour being five days longer. The longer tour is due to DCI scheduling the Bluecoats and the other top eight corps in two shows in Texas to start the season.

During our annual budgeting process in November, the Bluecoats board of directors made a substantial increase in the transportation line item, anticipating the increased cost of transportation for the 2011 season. At our May board of directors meeting, the transportation line item was again increased. Our transportation budget for the 2011 season is now $281,350 ($63,000 more than was spent on transportation for the 2010 season). This latest budget revision was necessitated by continued rising fuel costs. While fuel prices have decreased a bit the past several weeks, prices are still approximately $1 per gallon higher than this same time last year.

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