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  2. I met Ralph in 1976; he sealed the deal that drummers are cool. Marimbas are in drum corps now along with many expressive percussion instruments. Hi Keith Hall. You're new thread Which Corps is Missed? with the poll What Top 12 Disbanded Corps do You Miss? doesn't seem to allow responses.
  3. As much as I am a complete BD wonk, I would rather they not be featured again in season two. Clash of the Corps has at least some potential to spark interest in the activity in those who are not as knowledgeable and "fan-atical" as most of us here on DCP. Giving those people a look at different corps and their stories may increase the possibility that they become dedicated fans in the future. And for those of us who are fans already, it can be very interesting to hear and see how other corps we admire experience their season. My vote: Bluecoats and SCV; a team just coming off their first championship, and what that can mean to their approach this year, and a corps that has never missed DCI Finals, but has been frustrated with not making the medal stand for a few years now. Could be compelling if done right. In the meantime, us BD wonks can enjoy weekly BD360 videos!
  4. To me the organizational/monetary part of this is the most important thing to look at. Legends have amazing leadership, seem sound financially, seem like an "organization", and also have the competitive success/improvement to warrant it IF that all continues. I don't see any corps that I'd think would move up in the next few years, but if there is one heading in that direction Legends would be my pick. The amount of growth they've shown the last two years is nothing short of amazing. If they do that again this year BDB and SCVC could have some competition.
  5. Then again, some of these drivers thought this was a bad idea.
  6. Thats exactly the words the Priests ask me all the time in my confessionals. I usually don't have a satisfactory answer either, Ghost. I just tell them that'll I'll try harder the next time. I'm a work in progress, and no doubt one of the Lord's biggest challengers, I think he has a sense of humor. If so, that probably helps him get thru his day with me.
  7. Kind of like my 401k did in 2007. Sorry for the Spartans.
  8. Highest temperature for any day in February since records started being recorded. But, if the mid- West snow storm makes it to NE, they'll have to get the snow blowers out again.
  9. Now, about the Ten Commandments BRASSO.
  10. could use a good old Cavie diamond cutter drill about now.
  11. I thought so since you didn't use capital letters where you should have. Hope you don't have to climb any stairs to your bed.
  12. my biggest problem is when i lend voice to thought when i'm drunk i'm drunk right now, btw
  13. Not at all. (as in you are definitely not the only one who misses it)
  14. Am I the only one on here that misses DCI drills like this ?
  15. This was a bad idea..... this thread topic. Anybody disagree ?
  16. On a scale of 1 to 10, I 'd give your reply The Power of 10.
  17. Sunny, dry and 76-79 degrees expected both Sat, Sunday in Lakewood Ranch, Florida for their Feb. camp this weekend.
  18. No, just Angels and Demons for the win.
  19. Record temps today in Boston 73 degrees but the corps is in Florida for camp...
  20. Well thats it then... this clinches it for me me that they must be Holier Than Thou.
  21. Allentown/Bethlehem is Mennonite and Moravian country. In fact, the Cadets practiced at Moravian College for many years.
  22. I agree. It's nice at work to just click on some random stuff I've never heard before. Anything that's really great percussion-wise is especially good for me since I know so little about it.
  23. "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine."
  24. I will pass the banner to you. Way too busy this year to be here much. Feel free to use the graphics from the 2016 thread, I made them specifically for that post.
  25. Not the specifics, but it was probably economic; I think they took a year off during the Great Recession.
  26. Finders keepers
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