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  2. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    You're not being snarky, you're just having bad manners at this point. A poster or two... Heh. Okay.
  3. Are you moving to World Class or should this be posted on the Open Class forum? I am a fellow nutmegger wishing 7th only the best. PS. Is it true 7th will be taking over BAC???
  4. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    You conflate a poster or two ( or even a Corps ) having an issue with a particular judge ( such complaints have gone on both before and after DCI started.. and is nothing new ), with your title that thinks there are many posters on here that believe there is an organized, group " conspiracy " among the DCI judging community. Surely, you must know the difference between a complaint ( real or imagined) with a particular alleged judge " bias " and a group " conspiracy ". I know you are ok with snarkiness, so I won't ask you to go look up the definition of a " conspiracy" with a solitary person's alleged " bias". But I will, if you are not sure of the stark difference between the two.
  5. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    Good. That's why you should consider trialing.
  6. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    But this does relate to DCI World Class judging, along with other marching arts. So this is appropriate. Thank you.
  7. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    There was a lot of head-scratching in the finals thread about how Cavies leapfrogged with a show that couldn't have even started had the electricity gone out, and how BD didn't win any music captions but still won overall music in semis (not sure how it played out in finals, I just don't care enough about scores anymore to be bothered). There was some tinfoilhatting going on there, but most of that was actually buried underneath someone ragequitting because Cavies don't allow females (which I think was probably more salt over Bluecoats dropping a spot than actual misogyny). I don't really know if there was any conspiracy talk going on over in r/drumcorps, because the CJ is even stronger there than it is here, and I try to avoid it. That said, I've been lurking here a long time and I can't recall any threads about judging conspiracies. Plenty of threads about deaf and blind judges, however. :P
  8. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    But there is. There's plenty of commentary here, week-to-week during the summer season, through various threads, alleging all sorts of things. A rececnt one that comes to mind is regarding a [particular judge] judging [a particular caption] putting [a particular corps] against XYZ unit(s) in 123 rankings and seeming "off" by many people. Not going to link it. Were you there? Do you know the sheets? What would you have done differently if you were in his/her place?
  9. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    If this was a section of DCP that was dedicated to local band contests, a discussion about archaic minded judges are sometimes secured for modern artistic contests would be warrented; and I would be in 100% agreement with DeusEx. But this is the DCI WC section of DCP; and that is the context we should place the comments about why certain judges need to retire. That has been my point since the get-go.
  10. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    As a ‘fan’, there is no problem if you love the sounds from DMB over the others. But if you cannot sit aside that bias as much as humanly possible, and you ‘judge’, that is a huge problem. For example: I personally love in order: Jazz, Fusion, Funk, Progressive Rock, and place Opera way down there on the list just above Country Music. But allow me to become familiar with the adjudicating criteria, and I can place my love-list aside as much as humanly possible; whereby I can fairly evaluate if this Opera performing Stockhausen’s Licht Cycle is doing better at Opera than that Jazz Band is performing Ellington’s A-Train in the realm of Jazz. And subsequently I would then have no problem at all in scoring and ranking the Opera performance ahead of the Jazz Band performance even though I love Ellington’s music way, way, way, way more than Stockhausen’s.
  11. That's what I try to get across (and apparently fail miserably at) here...the only reason DCI ever caught on was that it was an alternative to bog-standard marching band, with different equipment, a different ruleset, and a different mentality. Without those things, it is what it is today; summertime marching band for rich kids.
  12. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    Not on DCP though. I havn't witnessed any commentary here on DCP of late ( last couple of years ) that there is any sort of organized DCI Conspiracy among the DCI Judging community. If you have seen this as an issue on other " forums",.. other " social media " have you posted this in depth commentary of yours on THOSE forums?.... where this DCI Conspiracy within the DCI judging ranks is said on there, that is alleged to exist ? The reason I reply this way, is that sometimes DCP here gets a bad and unfair rep out and about. And if some infrequest visitor to DCP was to read your title here .. "ENOUGH ( with the ) DCI JUDGING CONPIRACIES ", they would naturally conclude that here on DCP there are a lot of posters and commentary here that we are discussing/ complaining about DCI's judges being involved in intentional malevolent attempts to deceive fans/ Corps with their scores/ placements. However, this has NOT been much of an issue here on DCP at all.. not this year, not in recent years. Its true that DCP does sometimes get a bad rep. Sometimes that rep is undeserved. Your tirle of your new thread here creates a false narrative, and one that frankly has not been much of an issue ( alleged" DCI Judging conspiracies" ) on DCP at all. DCP and our regular posters here can NOT be held responsible for what is posted on OTHER sites, where all manner of ridiculous " conspiracies " tend to be posted re. DCI/ DCI Judging and the like.
  13. Some thoughts on 2017

    You should probably steel yourself against being told time and time again on here that no one thinks amplification is too loud, even though you do, and you can plainly read numerous other examples of those who do. They really try to pretend like it's not a problem here.
  14. BD narration

    No better example of why narration needs to be banned from the activity.
  15. Enough Judging Conspiracies

  16. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    You do have that right. Others also have the right here to reply at anytime with a like kind snarkiness back at ya, should you decide to initiate the snarkiness. I think you'd agree with this too, I would imagine.
  17. Yep -- especially if they remain TOC and Open Class shows. With little overlap, the variety may entice folks to attend both.
  18. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    Yep. My original post didn't mean any organization specifically, but all of the marching arts activities. There are plenty of said comments and allegations. This happens on the forums, on social media, and in real life. My goal is to help dispel or mitigate confusion and encourage folks who are fans of the pageantry activities to get more involved with the judging community if they aren't already. It gets stressful during championship season, people freak out, and fingers are pointed at us for all sorts of reasons. People take it personally and I've received threats at times. We just want the activity to flourish.
  19. I woud like to say more thing: THANK YOU Bluecoats for introducing me to Thank You Scientist! I've been listening to their album "Stranger Heads Prevail" on repeat for the past few days!
  20. Phantom Regiment 2018

    "The best corps to never win!" Some of the most passionate years! Horn lines so rich, technical and powerful; no one could possibly understand a need for electronic instruments and amplification. The deep passion of those seasons before winning DCI will never be the same as long as electronics and amplification are used.
  21. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    The thread title here is " Enough judging conspiracies " here on DCP. Sorry, but I don't even find the thread title fundamentally accurate. I have not witnessed much " conspiracy " comments here regarding DCI judging. We will find on occasion that people will be confused with the judging, or think a judge might be biased toward their Corps, or similar. But the word " conspiracy " denotes some sort of an organized effort among segments of the DCI judging community of some malevolent intent. Thats what all " conspiracies " allege. That somehow there was an intentional group effort to deceive. But where are these alleged DCI judging " conspiracies " comments found here on DCP. ? If they are here I missed them, or they were so inconsequental in number, that nobody thought before to start a new thread needing to debunk a DCI "judge conspiracy ", that frankly I do not see in DCI, nor as much of a issue here on DCP at all of late. Could DCI utilize new judges ? Sure. Are they incorporating them into the shows, by addressing this ? Sure. Is there a DCI judging " conspiracy " afloat as the title wants to debunk ? Not that I can tell. I don't see any organized effort on the part of the DCI judging community to engage in intentional conspiracies at all. I suspect the overwhelming majority here on DCP don't see any '" conspiracies " in the DCI Judging ranks that somehow require a debunking either. I think the OP's comment could simply have been.. " DCI could use some more new judges. I see they are doing so, but I hope that effort accelerates. I hope maybe others here might consider becoming a Judge ". Otherwise, maybe In retrospect I did read too much of his commentary here above ( or not enough of it as the case may be ).
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  23. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    Okay. Anyone at any time has any right to be "snarky" as they please. Please allow me that right. You proved my point that you did NOT in fact read my comments because I consistently refused to provide names to @Stu The issue you seem to have with me is that I think many judges should retire. That's only part of my original post. You now know that I believe that people should start trial judging. So what do you wish to discuss?
  24. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    I can't speak for bias. We're trained to judge the sheets. Hence why you should trial judge. You have the experience on the outside. Get involved if you can. Otherwise, it's just "conspiracy" bull*@&@
  25. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    Yes, if I replied to your comments... " you didn't read what I said "... ( but you did read it ), I'm pretty sure you'd consider that a snarky reply too. but who knows, so lets discuss in a more civil manner, shall we ?
  26. Boston Crusaders 2018

    While I dislike elitism in this activity, the TOC conversation has brought about some (imo) good changes with regard to competition lineups, competition format, audience engagement, not to mention awareness of the added burdens top corps face.
  27. Enough Judging Conspiracies

    Interesting. When one puts forth an argument, it is defended. Seems that you're upset about something. Like I said, I didn't mean to offend, so let's discuss.
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