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  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    Well, I’ll tell you all about it because I have to see Bloo, scores or not.
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    Yeah! Help a sister out!
  4. 2018 Rules proposals

    it was that way long before the G7. take the tin foil hat off
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    mountain, your molehill is calling Boston 16 did a better job attacking windmills
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    all major regionals get double GE now
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    If you'd like, I can call you and announce the scores that I think the corps should have.
  8. DCA DCI how many DCA corps?

    Well said, Jim. Obviously, not having a DCA gig in '17 didn't hurt CT at all. They have adapted to the reality of the world they live in.
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    Not unless there are scores
  10. 2018 Rules proposals

    We’re going to Hamilton 6/25.
  11. Pioneer video missing?

    Didn't the "On My Own" singer have major mic problems in the show? Could that have been enough for DCI to say "no 2-minute video for you?"
  12. 22 videos of the world class corps have been uploaded to youtube by drum corps international. However, there is no video for pioneer. Does anybody know why this happened?
  13. Today
  14. 2018 Rules proposals

    You are just the CUTEST when you play the "I'm gonna catch someone in a contradiction to make myself look smart" game! Also, as Mike pointed out, those "rules for things other than just safety" aren't coming from DCI, but societal norms. If a corps wants to do a Caligula show and march with no pants or underwear, that's their artistic choice. They also know that they will lose a heavy majority of spectators who will not want to see a performance of that sort in public. These designers may be artistic and expressive, but they also know that, first and foremost, THEY HAVE TO PUT BUTTS IN SEATS. You don't need rules limiting artistic design in that matter, because the designers already know not to do that or else they will lose those butts.
  15. 2018 Rules proposals

    Welcome back GD. I always like reading your comments.
  16. 2018 Rules proposals

    Nah. I enjoy GD's input. He's a fan and I'm all for that whether I agree with him or not.
  17. 2018 Rules proposals

    So you are now saying that artistic design should be limited by rules for things other than just safety. You are contradicting yourself.
  18. 2018 Rules proposals

    Since this is a youth activity, and presented outside in public to people of varying, if you consider it "backpedaling" to be in favor of adhering to general rules of public decency, so be it. There are laws on the books that do not require special rules within DCI, but whatever.
  19. 2017 DCI A/V

    Sorry, got my BD's backwards. Mike
  20. Canadian Corps

    Have not some of the Calgary units shown at Soundsport and DrumBattle? (I know it seems a Federation away.) And Bloo certainly have several Canadians/iens on faculty to rate being its own Province or Territory. PS Cadets too, mms and Lee Beddis
  21. 2018 Rules proposals

    Scientific Really? No wonder the world makes fun of marching band when subjective adjudicating is equivucated to scientific method!!!
  22. 2018 Rules proposals

    " Only the Corps involved will ever know the scores of the evening ". (GH last sentence here above) He says that just the Corps " will ever know " these scores. First off, who does he think he's kidding ?. I don't believe that even he privately believes this. Not in this internet day and age, with so many anonymous postings on the Social Media that can protect the many people who will provide these " secret scores ", and probably within an hour of the " secret scores " being released privately to all the Corps. That said however, the lack of transparency would more than likely open up Rumor Control too to all manner of rumors on what the " secret scores " were. For example, long timers on here will recall that in 1975 the Hawthorne Muchachos were scored in performance at the DCI Championship Prelims. They were one of the top 2-3 Corps at the very top competing for the '75 DCI Title that season. But immediately after their judged Prelims performance, they were disqualified from participating at the Finals ( overage marcher.) DCI kept secret the Hawthorne Muchachos Prelims score, and destroyed the caption scores right away.. Well, rumors immediately circulated in some quarters that the Muchachos won the Prelims.. I was there, and those rumors of the Muchachos winning the Prelims were everywhere. Those rumors on the ' secret scores" were counteracted by others however that said " their sources " told them that the Madison Scouts won the Prelims. Guess what ? That 42 year dispute has not been satisfactorily settled to this very day. Is that fair to the eventual '75 DCI Champion Madison Scouts ?. No. Not in my view it is not. I accept that Madison won that 75 DCI Title fair and square. I accept their claim, and without any reservation whatsoever too , that they went undefeated that season too, Most do as well, imo. But the dispute could have been settled once and for all if the Muchachos Prelims scores WERE released to the public. That would have settled the rumors immediately and once and for all too.. So transparency in the scores in the competitions are a good thing in my view. Any proposal that portends keeping the scores " secret " should be a non starter, and right from the getgo. I do not believe that this particular proposal to keep scores " secret" will be approved, its a cynical proposal too, imo.... and deserves a quick defeat as such, imo.
  23. 2018 Rules proposals

    The confusion isn't the definition of "ordinals." The confusion of GH's written case is what value non-GE scores would actually still provide and who would see them. Not to mention that he makes no legitimate case for how our current system is failing. His argument points for consideration: Groups are so close in talent that we shouldn't even consider a spread. (again, how is the spread a problem?) "Eliminates discussion of the value of one tenth" (Why? Is the numerical value and gap somehow breaking the product?) "The fans can stay to the basics" (The Fans DON'T want to know about numbers and gaps? The 180 turn on top secret recaps would seem to indicate THIS IS NOT A PROBLEM.)
  24. 2018 Rules proposals

    Absolutely.... " spreads are important "... to both fans, marchers, Corps alike.
  25. 2018 Rules proposals

    The proposal is pretty basic: "ordinal rankings" which means you'd rank 10 corps in a show 1 through 10, 9 corps appearing? Rank them 1 through 9 in your assigned caption. The GE caption would break a tie in the event of one Then they would average your ordinal ranking to determine placement in the competition This approach is already used in various circuits and sports It eliminates a biased or inexperienced judge throwing off the overall results but inserting a massive spread in a given caption which can swing a corps overall placement a lot, skewing the results It also forces judges to rank each corps - no more 19.3, 19.3, 19.3 by giving them 10./9.3 or 9.9/9.4 or 9.8/9.5 etc I thought it was a fairly straight-forward idea Probably something to "test" at a show or two rather than jump whole hog into. JMO The "size" proposal is a no-brainer - but then again, I'm for eliminating size constraints for world class, or at least upping them a great deal more than 4 The "15 corps in finals" idea is a bit misguided. But I am for more corps appearing on Saturday night by splitting "world class" into "world" and "national" class and allowing a larger number of corps compete on Saturday night "finals" - say 14 (top 4 plus top 10) Anyway - back to my "sounds of silence" - it's my happy place
  26. 2018 Rules proposals

    Hop should've commissioned you to make the argument. This at least makes a little more sense.
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