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  2. Sure I am a BAC alum. Are you going to do a little play by play tonight. First time seening the Kids live.
  3. I'm holding off until the July 15 shows. Let them fix the problems and then buy for one month to get through finals. $49 to see finals is cheaper than last year and I will still get to see a ton of shows. Hopefully the issues that have been mentioned by many will be improved by mid-July.
  4. This will be my first live show of the season and Hamilton High School is a terrific venue except for parking which is a nightmare. I'll be high up in the stands on the right 40 yard line so I'll be able to hear and see things clearly. I'm a Cavaliers alumnus and I'll have a 27th Lancers alumnus with me. Who remembers the 27th Lancers? I do!
  5. Wow - that Stanford thread... I didn't get to see the broadcast. But I think it's worth noting that Regiment brass always struggles early on and they just typically don't play this level of brass book. (I'm not justifying their early season struggles, as it's bothered me for a few years that they don't perform at a high level until the end of the season, but perhaps it can give some hope) Despite all the criticism (that I'm sure is justified), they were only a point behind BK.
  6. Innovations in Brass Pittsburgh, PA | Tuesday, June 27, 2017 All times local venue and subject to change. 3:00 p.m. Box Office Opens 7:30 p.m. Welcome & National Anthem 7:40 p.m. Genesis - Austin, TX 7:58 p.m. Spirit of Atlanta - Atlanta, GA 8:16 p.m. Troopers - Casper, WY 8:34 p.m. Colts - Dubuque, IA 8:52 p.m. Intermission 9:10 p.m. Crossmen - San Antonio, TX 9:28 p.m. The Cadets - Allentown, PA 9:46 p.m. Bluecoats - Canton, OH
  7. They have 3 out, but will return soon. As for flags and props -- be patient. Word from folks I know at the stadium leads me to believe FloMarching's mic placements didn't do PC any favors.
  8. Summer Music Games in Cincinnati LINEUP & TIMES All times local venue and subject to change. 10:00 a.m. Box Office Opens 7:00 p.m. Welcome & National Anthem 7:15 p.m. Exhibition Unit 7:25 p.m. Cincinnati Tradition - Cincinnati, OH 7:43 p.m. Pioneer - Milwaukee, WI 8:01 p.m. Colts - Dubuque, IA 8:19 p.m. Troopers - Casper, WY 8:37 p.m. Intermission 8:57 p.m. Boston Crusaders - Boston, MA 9:15 p.m. Crossmen - San Antonio, TX 9:33 p.m. The Cavaliers - Rosemont, IL 9:51 p.m. Carolina Crown - Ft. Mill, SC 10:09 p.m. Bluecoats - Canton, OH
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  10. Going to try to make Cadets ensemble tonight and Bluecoats ensemble Wednesday as well as the show.
  11. SCV with guard, brass and percussion. Aw snap. posted from the DrumScorps app
  12. Friday, June 30th Muncie, IN 01. Bluecoats 78.20 02. Carolina Crown 76.75 03. The Cavaliers 76.50 04. Blue Stars 75.075 05. Boston Crusaders 72.50 06. Madison Scouts 68.00 07. Troopers 66.95 08. Pioneer 62.00 09. Music City 56.95 Allentown, PA 01. The Cadets 73.30 02. Crossmen 68.25 03. Colts 65.25 04. Jersey Surf 60.95 05. Spirit Of Atlanta 60.75 06. Genesis 58.00 Oceanside, CA 01. Santa Clara Vanguard 77.95 02. Blue Knights 72.95 03. Phantom Regiment 70.00 04. Mandarins 68.25 05. The Academy 67.25 06. Pacific Crest 64.35 07. Impulse 55.45 08. Gold 54.25 09. Watchmen 53.00 10. Golden Empire 51.25 11. Incognito 49.95 Saturday, July 1st Lisle, IL 01. Bluecoats 78.75 02. The Cavaliers 77.50 03. Blue Stars 75.00 04. Boston Crusaders 73.25 05. Madison Scouts 69.25 06. Troopers 67.95 07. Pioneer 62.50 08. Colt Cadets 48.95 Pasadena, CA (Rose Bowl) 01. Blue Devils 80.00 02. Santa Clara Vanguard 78.50 03. Blue Knights 73.50 04. Phantom Regiment 70.50 05. Mandarins 70.00 06. The Academy 68.10 07. Pacific Crest 65.10 08. Impulse 57.00 09. Gold 55.75 10. Watchmen 53.75 11. Golden Empire 53.25 12. Incognito 52.10
  13. I hope this will be coherent. I actually was able to attend the show tonight but I had to switch shifts so I've been up since 3am at this point, LOL--I missed the first half of the show but got in during intermission. The sacrifices we make to get our faces blown off by drum corps. Overall: This is likely the best live show I have ever been to. I really enjoyed pretty much all of the shows. Too bad this will be my first and last show of the season to attend live. Pacific Crest - Golden State of Mind - Loved the music! It definitely felt very California but it seemed like a rather simple show conceptually. But 10/10 would watch and listen to again. Mandarins - Inside the Ink - Props were huge and looked pointedly phallic, especially when the ink squirted out. With that said, I definitely think it's one of their best shows I've seen from them. Really enjoyable and I look forward to seeing them advance this season, which is a great possibility--considering the scores. Academy - By A Hare - Very straight forward theme--gave me a WB Elmer Fudd v. Buggs Bunny feel. In a word, I thought the show was very "cute." Not as great as last year's product but it was rather refreshing to see a show with lots of comedy. Blue Knights - i - They just keep improving year after year--I think they can be the next Bluecoats down the line. Conceptually a very complex show with some great music and great drill. Phantom Regiment - Phantasm - So I'm going to be honest here--I got really drowsy during this show. Been up for a VERY long time and this show just didn't do much for me. I like their new unis and the guard unis (at least the full robes with red masks, were pretty cool looking. SCV - Ouroboros - (Warning, I'm a homer): I probably say this repeatedly over the last few years but this is seriously the strongest I have ever seen SCV. A huge departure than what we are used to from them. Gone are the days of the classic and pleasant SCV of yore. This sh## was downright aggressive and incredibly powerful. So many times, my companions and people around me were just like, "woah." The drill was absolutely fantastic and the music was awesome. With this show, they have finally stepped into the newest era of DCI and while I may miss the designs of the last few years, this is most definitely something to look forward to. Even without their aussies, these guys just look so big and intimidating on the field (higher pants line and shoulder pads(?) probably helps)--and I am perfectly fine with that. Now I don't have a trained ear to critique the music but their brass just seemed so strong and on point tonight and their defeat of BD in that department is evident of that. They are playing so many notes too it seems and moving so fast. The prop movements, while smooth and very integrated wit the program, still needs to be cleaned up but that's a given. Reminds me Crowns show when they took gold. I think this one might just sneak up from behind come finals. BD - Metamorph - Well what can I say? BD is simply just so impressive year in year out. I love their uniforms for the first half--has the modern flair plus a cool take on the classic jackets. The sleeveless colorful spandex shirts plus arm thingy looks a bit silly but that's just me. It's early in the season and Blue Devils' programs tend to be quite different between early and late season so I'll chalk up my dislikes of their show to it being an unfinished product. The flow of the show was rather rough and, when compared to SCV going first, they didn't seem to move nearly as much, especially while playing. I understand that marching while playing is no longer a driving force in today's activity but it's what I personally like. Even my friend who was a first timer asked me why they didn't really move much. Honestly, it just looked like placeholder "drill" for me so again, these critiques are probably there because the final product is nowhere near finished. Now with the show being a "Metamorph" I have a feeling that each and every show, they will add something to it, going from caterpillar to cocoon, then finally morph into a beautiful butterfly. I think it would be interesting to see a comparative analysis of each run at a major event. I know corps changes shows all the time but I have a feeling their subsequent changes and additions will more substantial than little changes here and there--hence the name and theme of the show. SCV Alumni Corps - To put it simply, I teared up at a live DCI performance. Never happened before. I hope they come out with a recording/video of this--I will literally tell SCV to "shut up and take my money." And from my understanding, they will be performing during Finals Week in Indy and DRILL will be included!! Wut. I can only get so erect. (Sorry NSFW) For corps proper - SCV, hands down, had the biggest ovation of the night. Nope, that's not the homer in me speaking--I was there and honest to God, it's true.
  14. 2 shows this weekend coming,1==Carolina Gold,AC,Fusion Core ,Cadets 2 second show Exceliuor ,Hurcaines,Skyliners,L.I.Sunrisers Best to all completing corps Can Hurcs & Sky improve there numbers from last week?
  15. June 25 - Week 1, Day 1 Results Michigan City Stanford Total 1. Narrow 33 23 56 2. Flguardman 32 23 55 3. Poppycock 29 23 52 4. ZachDrumCorps 31 20 51 DrumManTx 32 19 51 6. jimthetuba 30 20 50 DCI-86 27 23 50 HybridxKingz 32 18 50 9. 3PoC 22 24 46 10 FaustianMachine 21 24 45 barigirl78 22 23 45 12. PopcornEater1963 21 23 44 13. Ex VK DM 20 23 43 ForTheCommonGood 23 20 43 15. kinetic inferno11 23 19 42 16. cfirwin3 29 11 40 17. geluf 18 16 34 18. WVCorpsPhan 15 18 33 19. PamahoNow 20 12 32 20. BoaDci 15 11 26
  16. Alrighty, quick thoughts on the show tonight! PC: Not much to say, it was an average show, I don't see them moving up with this show design, but I don't see them moving down Mandarins: Cool effects, the show design is well done and I can see this taking them far. From a brass standpoint they sound very solid. I was not terribly surprised to see them over academy, since they were really firing on all cylinders. Academy: Cute show, but didn't really do much for me. I enjoyed the opening a lot. I think they are trying to fight the shadow of 2016, and loosing. Guard needs some cleaning. When the hunters had the bunnies in the ropes, the guy behind me commented "What is this, the bondage movement?". Blue Knights: I always love their soundscapes. The show needs some more fleshing out, but I liked the uniforms more than I thought I would. The stereo brass runs were awesome. Hide and Seek was cool, but I feel like they are killing their momentum with the pauses. I see them in the top 6 this year. Phantom Regiment: I don't think the brass sounded that bad in person. Some serious struggles though with the flugelhorn. Show just felt flat. The opener had promise, but then it just felt like the same show phantom has done for the last 4 years. can't seem them in the top 7 this year. Vanguard: So disclaimer, many of y'all know I am a huge vanguard homer, but holy #### this show was electric! From the beginning I was hooked, and it just kept going. The hornline sounded amazing in person. HUGE step up from the last few years. Prop usage was very impressive. I almost cried when I saw that weber/gaines drill. You can tell its weber, but that Gaines touch is there also. Opener was awesome. Ballad was awesome. Closer felt eerily similar to 2015 closer (Look at the prop formation for the final movement), but still was awesome. I'm so excited to see them grow!! Blue Devils: Impressive for sure. But honestly, seeing them live at this point, I don't see them taking the gold. I loved the opening drill. Very very cool. The uniform change needs much more flair. I didn't even notice they changed the uniforms for a few minutes. When this show gets fleshed out and cleaned its gonna be a monster, but right now, especially after vanguard, I understood why they won, but I wasn't sold at all. I do appreciate though that the music is much more accessible this year!
  17. What I guess you would call the ballad in this show is otherworldly......ethereal? (I'm talking about the Bhatia section). I can't get enough of this, there are so many things to look for and listen to....... Michael Gaines influence was obvious and he's probably the final push the AMAZING staff they already had needed to get in contention for a medal. My only question is which one? Also, props could have went SO wrong but they're written in MASTERFULLY.
  18. SCV on fire. Those Alumni though, wow, nostalgia on parade.
  19. And I believe they have a HUGE set of 1st year rookies this year (like, half or more), which makes it that much more stunning.
  20. Not surprised eye brows were raised. I saw a Facebook photo which was probably not what it looked like, but i found myself asking the question "If this were my daughter....." Academy is not alone. At the theater I attended last Thursday, a few comments were made about Bluecoats colorguard too.
  21. We even had exhibitions the night before finals weekend at one time. One was at Reading Municipal Stadium. I remember that one from 1982 and or 1983 for a specific reason. Frank got Pepe to come out with him and he listened on the sideline 50 to a rather razzed up Westshoremen hornline that really wanted to light it up for him. His comment to Frank-- "Dose kids can play!!!" Most of us weren't tilted to the box, the horns were tilted at him. Meant a lot to all of us- even though we might be a buncha farmers from out in da Midwest. scores the night before prelims at one point in history.
  22. The show appears to have been written for 12 - so they have 5 holes - ouch!
  23. This show has tons of super key awesome moments in it: That opener drill with the brass looking like they're ink coming out of the pens is so cool. And the brass at the end of that opening statement is SO tasty. The ballad is very cool, what the guard is doing with the black fabric is super cool and I could see them doing lots more there. And again, musically the climax of this is great. The Patsy Cline drum break......this is textbook amazing Ike Jackson, the way the vocals are woven in is SO WGI in the best of ways, it just works. Bringing him on......that was a fantastic move. Not sure how they wrangled him away from The Academy but great pick up. The closing statement from that unison guard toss to the end is just oozing GE.......the Rorschach test drill is SUPER cool and clover. That guard, very strong. I remember when they were by far the weakest caption of the corps. And there is still a ton of dirt for them to clean, tons of moments they could flesh out, and more. This show has fantastic bones and members who are selling it, when they refine and start performing it they're gonna cook this year. Not gonna make a prediction in terms of placement just yet (outside I think top 15) but wow. SUPER cool show this year.
  24. I start looking the following mornings..
  25. Great audio on this clip - 4:34-4:55 is slaying me. The writing and playing are top notch once again This is a pretty chunky Rarick book, like the Thrower book, some great full ensemble passages this year.
  26. I don't understand either...with that putz's contentious, bloviating rhetoric He didn't mention the performances. We have always had opening shows that were exhibitions and I'm also not a big fan of people who hide. PS: Ajlisko, remember Evening With The Corps?
  27. Wow! Just got done watching. BD and SCV are both phenomenal shows. And thank you to both corps for some beef in those arrangements. Brass is playing their tails off this year in both corps and I love it. Favorite moments in SCV have to be the entire opener visually, but moreso the closer and how they are playing it. BD;s arrangements and the way they are being played are just off the charts this year. Big shout out to the SCV Alumni Corps as well. Their performance was very entertaining.
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