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  2. Cavies didn’t steal anything lasr year. The door was wide open for either of them to snag 4th. The only thing that is 100% is that SCV is going to medal. BD is about 90% likely to medal. The last medal will be a dogfight. Bloo has been coasting on their early success and Crown’s wheels have just gripped the road. Cavies and Boston will still be darkhorses. The door closes slightly after San Antonio, but as Cavies showed last year, anything can still happen.
  3. If you want to get a real sense of “bad percussion” in a top flight drum corps, listen to ‘81 Blue Devils at Finals; their drum solo is simply ghastly. I’m just a horn guy, but it’s that obvious. I was in Montreal in the stands, and you could hear the train wreck as it unfolded right after opener. BD took High GE (with SCV a close 2nd), High Brass (another close 2nd for SCV), and were only .05 in back of SCV for High M&M (aka Visual, for younger readers.) SCV took 2nd in Percussion that night behind the Bridgemen. Here’s the kicker: BD percussion was so bad, SCV incurred a 0.2 penalty (can’t remember what for) and *still* won Finals by 3 tenths.
  4. Uh... SCV won visual over BD at Riverside and Pasadena... the most recent two shows with BD before this one.
  5. bribay2a

    How bad is this year's percussion?

    Your comparing finals scores to early july scores. This yr scores are going to go up by finals. I dont get it
  6. Nooooooooooo! Don't do it! First Star and now...ohhhh I thought you meant... Never mind.
  7. Have fun going a member of the Blooo team!
  8. Was wondering the same. Going from beating someone in a caption to being down by a point in less then a week. The joys and frustrations of dci judging.
  9. That's what I get for typing while I'm watching Face Off.... my multi-tasking leaves a lot to be desired.
  10. Before I started following the activity, that’s for sure.
  11. Cavs fifth in percussion after beating Devils a couple of times less than a week ago. I wonder if someone’s drum fell off and other guys dropped their sticks and played with their fingers. Or if they just had a really rough run. I’m banking on “really rough run”
  12. When was the last time prior to this season that SCV beat BD in brass?
  13. Yes I know, I’m not saying SCV doesn’t deserve it. Just that it’s wild to see.
  14. no doubt in my mind that vanguard wins.
  15. I am (and have been) a Visual Performance judge for a few band circuits on the Mainland (I went through an evaluation process, yes) and I am a Music judge/clinician here on the Hawaiian Islands doing mainly indoor venues. On the music judging side I’ve worked with top educators and composers (there are two judges per competition); one was a horn instructor for Blue Stars in 2017. Here’s what helps me: — I recognize my limitations; I would never consider myself qualified to judge Music at the DCI level. — Judging is a way for me to give back to the activity, and I’d like to think most judges (band, DCI, WGI, etc.) share the same philosophy no matter where in the country they may judge. I am not out to “get” a certain group or come off as Lord Vader (“I find your lack of step awareness...disturbing...”) I get very positive feedback on my judges tapes because I don’t “talk” to the staff per se, but to the performers. All my tapes have the same opening spiel, that being, if the director has time, I encourage that he or she let the students listen to as much of the tape as possible. It is all about the kids, after all. — The ability to compartmentalize for future recall. —- The ability to spot errors but communicate effective solutions for those errors in a positive manner *on the fly*. — No biases toward band x or y. — I’m not a Negative Nancy. — I’m concerned for the performers’ safety. (On Tape: “Note for the band moms! With the backup technique the students are using I highly advise checking pant length in the ________ section as their heels are very close to getting caught in the cuffs, and that can lead to nasty falls.”) — The ability to think fast. Really fast. Best example I have ever seen was Alan “The Flash” Christensen saving the Crown snare drummer’s age out performance by running that dropped snare drum aaaaalllllll the way back to that drummer in time for the big hit. Drum handoff at 190 bpm— a perfect 10! (Drum remount on harness: 11!) And then Alan kept on going....doing his job. Then he went back to check on the drummer later. Judges are human. I have inquired about being a DCI judge and keep a phone number handy; I understand the training is thorough and I’m a huge fan of learning no matter how old I am. It would be a way to give back to the DC activity and now that my son (3rd year SCVC trumpet currently) is in college and my medical issues have subsided, upon reflection perhaps it’s time to pull that trigger. Think about it: this is a chance in some small way to help a performer do ______ just THAT MUCH BETTER next time, and then when all those ”that much better next times” are added up and multiplied by the number of performers....what a payoff. I’d like to think other judges see it this way too. Sorry for the length.
  16. Current Week #5 Standings Tuesday, July 17 1 Narrow 376.750 2 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 369.550 3 ↑1 TheAngryBavarian 360.550 4 ↑1 AutomaticBloo 357.525 5 ↑1 MarchandPlay 352.075 6 ↑1 CarolinaCrown 351.425 7 ↓4 wever34 344.975 8 ↑1 FaustianMachine 335.250 9 ↓1 3PoC 329.625 10 Jim Schehr 312.855 11 barigirl78 256.675 12 queenanne_1536 112.187 13 brassboy 110.575 14 BostonLUck 74.000 15 markt1960 55.300
  17. Why should that blows your mind ? SCV brass been phenomenal this season. There's nothing to be suprised about.they have exchange that caption with eachother but Scv been more winning that caption more than BD. So ?????
  18. It’s not SCV beating BD that blows my mind. It’s SCV beating BD in brass.
  19. Well until then they still dominant in visual... and been so in every meet up with Scv and with Bluecoats too and it aint gonna dwindle down.. only gets stronger.
  20. BRASSO


    Thats the rub. Changes are not done in a vacuum. Others Corps are doing so as well. Like I posted above, when Corps are neck and neck, the changes the respective Corps do can make a difference if executed well, and judges collectively believe it improves the overall presentation compared to its pecking order, peer Corps in that season. But do Corps jump over multiple Corps with changes and rewrites ? Not very often. Its definately the exception to the rule if we use history from the last few decades as our guide on these matters.
  21. That season was weird, BD and SCV started their season at the Walnut and Riverside in June, then, SCV head to NM and AZ where the Bluecoats joined SCV at the New Mexico show.
  22. Tour of Champions - Oklahoma 1 markt1960 55.300 2 kalad's_phantoms_regiment 54.200 3 CarolinaCrown 53.900 4 barigirl78 53.700 5 TheAngryBavarian 53.350 6 AutomaticBloo 53.275 7 Narrow 52.700 8 FaustianMachine 52.100 9 MarchandPlay 51.325 10 Jim Schehr 43.385 11 3PoC 38.450 12 wever34 31.175 max score: 70.000
  23. Yep.... I've been reminded it was their Imagine show..... which I really liked!. Well, here's hoping they make the trek again sometime soon!


    Correct. it is also about adding another dimension ( layer ) to what already is being done, an added responsibility,
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