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  2. I'm hearing Enigma and we've been getting it out of order.
  3. I heard they sound like feline royalty
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  5. one notecard, front and back, for the entire season
  6. I live in the Boston area and I usually go to different theaters each year, depending on my schedule. I've seen the theater reasonably full, and rather empty. I don't think the first season show has the draw that Big, Loud, and Live has, and probably attracts only those who know drum corps. Also, there are usually a good number of theaters presenting it, all within a close range, but they are not the same chains of cinemas (Showcase and AMC). For Massachusetts It would not be too much of an issue for two Showcase cinemas: Dedham and Foxboro to show it at one venue and would probably attract the same number of attendees. I do not believe that other nearby chains offer it. Lowell and Revere could potentially combine, but could lose customers if the AMC theater in Burlington, about midpoint for both, showed it again. You also run into the school issue. This year most schools will still be in session at that point due to all the snow days we had. I have seen kids studying between shows. Not sure it's the best idea, but I say that as a 54 year old who at 16 would have done the same thing if I had the opportunity. The years I've attended Big, Loud, and Live have had healthier crowds and more venues showing it and some sell out prior to the showing, but it is easier to get non drum corps people to attend, there is a rather mixed crowd with quite a few high school kids, lots of back in the days folks too and if only for one night the old rivalries come back to life but there are no rumbles in the parking lots.
  7. Nice zipper drill dodging into the shoe store there at the end.
  8. Hint #5. If this is the last hint (which it probably isn't), the letters we have so far can spell a state in the far Northeast (Maine) and an Asian animation style (anime).
  9. The final dca meeting .rraw for postions to see who goes oo where and who\s completing in what shows .Plus hopefully a word on the new corps out of the Pittsburg area.Legacy .
  10. The final dca meeting .rraw for postions to see who goes oo where and who\s completing in what shows .Plus hopefully a word on the new corps out of the Pittsburg area.Legacy .
  11. Less than two weeks!
  12. I heard the chior sounds heavenly. Just sayin...
  13. This I believe...
  14. Completely new electronic design and engineering team this year.
  15. What do we search for on Snapchat?
  16. Shoot, I'm just going to go to Indy. :-)
  17. hahaha
  18. The vocalists have control of the Cadets snapchat today. They sound so good
  19. This styling salon octet should be twice as good.
  20. C'mon. Cadets always do really well with voice, spoken or singing.......
  21. The crowd that usually shows up at my Bay Area theater for this skews somewhat old. Not sure they'll be expecting most of the uniforms unveiled that night...
  22. Honestly the efficacy of the vocal ensemble will mostly come down to the volume of their mics. If it's soft enough to blend with the rest of the ensemble, I'm all for it. But Cadets have a pretty poor track record with appropriate amplification volume, to the point where the brass and percussion become muted in places by whatever is coming through the amps.
  23. nah. He wanted a barber shop quartet with staw hats and all but couldn't get the licences from SPEBSQSA
  24. The reasons Cavaliers dropped in 2012 were design and execution. You can't attribute that fall simply to design. The talent level between 2011 and 2012 may have been the same but that doesn't mean the execution level was the same. It wasn't. Not even close.
  25. An eight person vocal ensemble. Lord, help us. Someone needs to stop allowing George to play with the design team.
  26. There are times too, when we really don't need a lot of info, music,... and that should be pointed out too, imo
  27. truer words were never spoken..LOL
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