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  2. Full-field tarp?

    yeah, the performance level is going nowhere but up, imo turning the field into a giant WGI stage is a natural progression
  3. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    One of these two Sam Robson arrangements as a ballad for Phantom Regiment, please.
  4. Full-field tarp?

    I am here in St. Louis right now live, I got the awesome chance to live blog for this event! Long story short, this show is unlike anything I've ever seen in terms of the scale. And not just the tarps, in the choreography and whole visual design as well. And, well if you didn't read my comments I loved it. It was absolutely enthralling, I want to watch that show 20 more times just to catch everything. That is close to the most fun I've had watching a marching arts performance, and the music. That show has left a HUGE impact on me. Think the activity is dying because of it? No. The buzz created by this show is something else, we can't stop talking about it here. And ditto from the guy next to me. :)
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  6. Full-field tarp?

    Well, they do seem to adopt the WGI model...
  7. Drum Corps Europe ceases activities

    This may be too soon, but... Would picking up the pieces of DCE's sudden withdrawal be DCI's chance to expand into Europe??? DCUK would probably be better able (culturally and proximity-wise) to keep things going, but... I dunno... would DCI even be interested?
  8. Seattle Cascades 2018

    Yeah. That sucked. My kid is still pretty vocal on his unhappiness on that.
  9. Full-field tarp?

    just a matter of time for dci
  10. Full-field tarp?

    Finals is on Flo tonight if you still have a subscription from this summer. They're (O'Fallon) on third to last.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Over the summer Three Rivers High School alumnus Chase Dechnik (Class of 2014) took his snare drum and marching talents across the country with Jersey Surf, Drum and Bugle Corps, a “World Class competitive junior drum and bugle corps.” Dechnik, who was also a member of the TRHS Marching Band and Western Michigan University Marching […] View the full article
  13. From the moment you take your mother’s hand for the first time, until the last time you are alive, our hands play an indispensable part of our lives. We use our hands to communicate, create fantastic things like art, make music, defend ourselves, communicate feelings through the written word and, most importantly, show emotions. Each […] View the full article
  14. The Phantom Regiment is excited to announce the visual staff that will be working with the 2018 Regiment. Get to know them below! Audition dates and information at Read full staff bios on each staff member at Read the rest of the article here. View the full article
  15. The Blue Stars are pleased to announce the member leadership of their 2018 hornline. These members were selected based on the recommendations of the instructional staff. Their appointment to these leadership positions is a reflection of their superb level of performance and of the respect they have engendered in staff and peers alike. “It was […] View the full article
  16. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Boston Crusaders has as a goal recruiting motor marching members which I think is great, and Troopers coming to Boston is a good idea. I think the New England area is overlooked but has lots of talent. While Boston Crusaders recruits nationally, Spartans and 7th Regiment are both strong, largely local, and the two corps show there is interest in drum corps. I do know some believe the band activity is not as strong in New England as in other parts of the country, though there are some excennt high school marching bands and an active local circuit, not to mention some that compete in USBands. Of course music education is more than a marching program, and there are some excellent music programs in the Boston area even though they do not have competitive matching bands. Finally, there are many great colleges in New England not to mention Berklee and the New England Conservatory. While I do run into kids who march and go to college in Boston, there has to be lots of potential candidates.
  17. I know it seems impossible to believe but.. yes there were supposedly some folks who had a "feeling" but with no concrete reason why. THis really was, in essence, a complete bolt from the blue.
  18. Full-field tarp?

    OMG! For those of us who don't Twitter (shame on you, N.E.), this is STUNNING! Honest to God, I'm so utterly close to just walking away from this whole gig, and now THIS?! I...I'm not sure what to say. I want to see the whole show in real time, with music. Help, someone... Oh, wow. This...this could change everything. I was really prepared to say "This is it. The Bando has beaten me to a pulp." But, WoW!
  19. They have been doing this with live recording for decades. When I have recorded live orchestra concerts, I ALWAYS record the rehearsal as well. If something goes wrong during the live recording, I always have something I can pull from to fill in the gap. With digital audio, it is nothing more than a copy, insert, and click.
  20. You are still limited by the original source. There is no way a digital download at the low bitrates we see can compete with the higher bitrates we see on Bluray disc...even if you copy it to a Bluray disc. Our eyes can easily dismiss low resolution visuals(we loved DVD), but our ears cannot always escape the digital artifacts of low bitrate highly compressed sound. This is why MP3 is dead, and lossless CD quality sound rules the audio streaming market.
  21. Boston Crusaders 2018

    We will be in the Tampa area during the auditions. Excellent. We’ll stop by for a couple of hours.
  22. Full-field tarp?

    BD used the tarp and then it went away. And it worked. Agree on Crown, too.
  23. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Agree to disagree
  24. Nothing here suggested the finances at DCE were in trouble, only a concern about maintaining health, which is not to say they are unhealthy. They are not stating it is about money. They're saying money is a consideration among others.
  25. Phantom Regiment 2018

    but do "they" listen to him in the Rockford design studio???
  26. Cadets 2018

    Joining Cadets with Holy Name and Crusaders with Most Precious Blood, are the Troopers going Jesuit?
  27. Full-field tarp?

    and of course Crown did that after seeing Boston Crusaders use it well a few seasons previously. BAC's wonderful baritone soloist certainly helped the effect.
  28. Cadets 2018

    I thought those were thematic decisions, as a reference to the power of ten, and to the influence of religion on the monarchy as in "off with our head".
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