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  2. I am really pushing for BK to be the new dark horse and I hope Academy keeps in finals.
  3. OMG WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP SAYING THIS? No one (well at least I) am not saying anything about the silence being a competitive advantage. I'm simply saying that sometimes it is better to stop putting out so much information because it's like giving away the plot of a movie before someone has had a chance to see it.
  4. I'd just like to know some show music and maybe show theme for the year. Nothing more than that. We can save the behind the scenes for the tour video, I guess. Is that too much?
  5. BDB has been predicted to make finals at some point for about four years now, and it's not out of the realm of possibility, and if any organization could make it happen, it would be Blue Devils, but it could also backfire. The rivalry that could well up in the organization could tear it apart. Some have said, and I think I tend to agree that if Blue Devils wanted two corps in finals, it would have happened by now, and that might not be what the organization wants. That being said, if I am sitting in my seat at prelims and at about 2PM a score is announced that is the top of the Open Class competitors, which most likely will be BDB, and it is not until 7:30 PM while corps are being broadcast in cinemas that that score is topped, and they maintain that place the following night, it would be exciting.
  6. (Not aimed at the Cadets, just in general...) I don't know why you'd want to engage your current and potential donor and sponsor base. It's not like they're responsible for about 60% of the touring costs of your year-round arts organization. Better to pretend your end product doesn't exist for 9 months out of the year. Mike
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  8. Hawthorne Muchachos 1975 Hershey Pa video on you tube. Was show day after they were disqualified from DCI. What a performance they put on. They were no longer a top 12.
  9. Flower smell reactions as to what is " sweet " or not, and to what is " better " smelling, is likewise a function of personal preference. Perfume, derived from Flowers, is a good example of what smells great, or smells ok, or smells putrid. All 3 descriptions of the perfume can be deemed " correct, accurate ". Thats because smell reactions to perfumes, flowers are wholly and completely in the personal preference domain, and nothing more.
  10. There were more " Music Majors " doing Drum Corps prior to DCI , than " Music Majors " doing DCI today. The sheer volume of a few thousand more Corps in existence back then, makes this statement true. So its true, that there were both more talented musicians and less talented musicians doing Drum Corps BITD than in DCI today. Again, the Law of Large Numbers ( a physics/ mathmatical phrase ) makes this statement as well to be undeniably true.
  11. Would this really smell as sweet as a more beautiful species of rose?
  12. Partially true. Because of advances in better technologies, the brass instruments of today are far better constructed in aerodynamics, materials utilized, tubing construction, etc. Proper intonation is both a function of the musical instrument's level of quality, as well as the level of musicianship quality of the person blowing air into the musical instrument. Also, the pitch of the instrument will automatically make the brass instrument different ( notice, I said " different ", not " better). As such, a brass instrument pitched in the key of " G ", right from the outset, will by the laws of physics itself, sound different than a brass instrument pitched in a different key, for example, pitched by manufacturing at the factory in a Bb Key. The reason brass lines sounded " different " in earlier decades was because the instumentation was different than today. Today in DCI, just about ALL the DCI units sound unlike one another even today for the simple reason that Corps are now utilizing far wider mix of instrumentations than ever before in DCI.. As such, when we talk about " proper intonation" today, we are just as apt to be discussing the vocal chords emission of air. For example, some of the current singers used by Corps as soloists were FAR worse in their " intonation" issues than any brass soloists I can remember from BITD. While some of the singers " intonation " is quite good, more than a couple of Corps utilized singers that frankly appeared to my ears to be singing way off key, and a bit flat in their pitch and intonation with their solos.
  13. If anybody posts Justin Bieber, I'm going nothing at all. Except maybe complain on a message board.
  14. This is for what you think represent great recordings of pieces that have been used widely (okay, maybe even in excess )in DCI over the years. So like Appalachian Spring, Elsa's Process, West Side Story, etc. I'll start. There are a gazillion arrangements of "Elsa's Procession" out there, but this is easily my favorite arrangement and recording of it. The President's Own can almost be too pretty/perfect at times, but their low brass really push it at the end of this recording. Stunning, IMO.
  15. I've wondered why a lot of this soundtrack hasn't shown up for Div I for years. I assumed it was some sort of licensing/arranging problem, but since you did it, I guess that's wrong. Definitely would love to see more corps tackle this.
  16. For sure. I was there 97-99 and we had some, but not nearly as many that are marching now. I'd say each year, we probably have about 20-25, which is pretty low out of 128 people.
  17. On the subject of folk music, I've become a little obsessed over the past year or so with Estonian folk music by Cyrillus Kreek. I think this is beautiful. The way he works with harmony reminds me a little of Grainger: And here's another version I've posted before:
  18. Should have said mid-90's or so, but I marched with a LOT of guys at Scouts that weren't music majors...same for Colts.
  19. Well, if it's going to be a competition... 1. Blue Devils 2. Carolina Crown 3. Bluecoats 4. Cadets 5. Santa Clara Vanguard 6. Cavaliers 7. Blue Knights 8. Phantom Regiment 9. Boston Crusaders 10. Crossmen 11. Madison Scouts 12. Blue Stars Rational: Starting from the bottom, I think that Academy deserves a lot of credit, but it was their first time coming into finals, and I think Madison will fight tooth and nail for that spot. I think Boston will be really good, but I'm not sure they'll jump more than four places. I think that there's a chance they swap places with Phantom on this list, but that it'll be tough for them to get past BK. SCV has its 50th anniversary, but in terms of performance, they've been hovering around 5th for a pretty long time now. I don't see them going any higher than 3rd. Not because they aren't great, but because there are a LOT of great corps gunning for 1st. It's cool that out of the top 4/5 or so, I genuinely have no idea who'll come out on top. A lot of people rank Cadets low, but we have to remember it was their first time in a decade or two not being in top 5. It would be incredible if Hop let them slip any more. Worst case for them, I think, SCV knocks them into 5th again, but Cavaliers will have a hard time following up on their show from last year (in my headspace) and it was a combination of a fantastic year for them and a terrible year for Cadets that let Cavies naggle past. Bluecoats aren't going to win again with the same show from the last 3 years. At least, I hope not. From what Crown junkies are saying, the staff changes haven't hurt them. If I were to change them on this list, I'd either put them in first or 3rd/4th. Having the new staff is either going to be really good for them, or there will be a few bumps this season as they find a new identity (it occurs to me that Jeff Sacktig's signature style is very different from what Crown usually puts out. I can see that causing issues for them). Rule #1, Blue Devils win.
  20. as bando as this may sound, I would love to see/hear the Blue Devils do 'La La Land'.
  21. I tried compiling and analyzing a few years back. The problem I found was that there were a number of posts where people would only list a few placements, or they would put something like: 12. 27th Lancers/Star/VK Which made it difficult. Maybe there could be a cut off date, like the first show. Then the only predictions accepted would be ones that are clear cut, 1-12 with one corps for each position. Then average and figure out where things fall. BoaDci, interested in taking that on? You're very active on here, and I think you might enjoy?
  22. I dont know how you would organize it. If we do it Im playing SUPER safe (sorry SCV, not sure youre gonna medal)
  23. Welcome SW to DCP. You can insert any corps for "Colts" and any staff for "Howard W." from any DCI corps and just about never hear or read about a negative thing about their corps, especially during the off season.
  24. It would be fun, but I seriously doubt that anyone would ever get it completely correct. It's never happened before.
  25. They made a rookie mistake.
  26. I just made it up. The posts here do have an Super Bowl office pool quality about them. But hey, maybe there is some creative way to recognize anyone predicting the top 12 perfectly.
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