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  2. none same as last year still love going to events and watching theater events. i marvel at the talent of the kids, which is better than ever
  3. All time shows: Pacific Crest

    Before I begin, I have a couple of things to say about PC: (1) I wish I had seen more of their shows from the past; (2) They are a corps in high need of a breakout show so that we can start really talking about them. That being said... Favorite: 2012, Spectrum. Easily some of their best musical moments ever came from this show. Least favorite: 2015, The Catalyst. I liked the ballad, but the ending was an enormous downer. Also, why did the design team think a show about a box was a good idea?
  4. The one recent year BD tried incorporating more drill (2016), they finished 2nd. Obviously, it was more than just the drill, but still.
  5. The Raiders is pleased to announce the brass instructional staff for the 2018 season. The team is being led by Mr. Tyler Schwirian, who serves as a performer, educator, and adjudicator in the New York City area. “It is great having Tyler on board and leading the way in our next phase of growth,” said […] View the full article
  6. Charlie Dolar

    The Bushwackers are very sad to say goodbye to our friend and alumnus Charlie Dolar. Charlie came to the Bushwackers in the early 1990s and marched in the percussion section with his brother Jim, who was also taken from us too soon. Primarily a bass drummer, Charlie also marched cymbals and snare, was on the […] View the full article
  7. Yea, me, too. SMH and roll my eyes. And I'm sure other do the same with me. No biggie - it's just band.
  8. Good chance more drill may not happen since the BD seem to do a great job writing a show based on the judges sheets.
  9. Moving to a top 4 corp

    I have to agree BD will be in the top 4, 6 other corps have a legit shot at top 4 spots.
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  11. Moving to a top 4 corp

    Let's be real. Right now it's the top one. Then about five in the next group, any one of which may catch lightning in a bottle and win. But heavy odds are with that one corps.
  12. The Cadets thread would be 95% shorter if there was another dedicated trolling George Hopkins.
  13. I agree with the first two lines, but not the last two lines. I really enjoyed SCV and Cavaliers. I do wish Cavaliers played more of the ending, but I know that's fixed for this year... I enjoyed Boston a little less, but that had to do with the brass arrangements and singing... I didn't care for the Blue Devils show as a whole. So, Blue Devils - Change direction. I'd like to see more drill. SCV - Good direction. Maybe cut out the small group of brass, BUT after listening to a cam of one of those guy's, the rest of the hornline had mad notes too... These guys didn't play as much as the whole line. Crown - Change direction. No singer, no wooden planks. They sound great already, so they'll be great this year. Cavies - Slight change. It's an anniversary year, so it will be different direction. Hornline much improved so far. Percussion vet laden. Bluecoats - Keep being you. Last year was a wonderful show, but that middle section was a little down. Clean up the individual technique. You guys are going to be awesome. Boston - Keep on truckin'. Maybe no singing this year? Cadets - I enjoyed the show, but the singing wasn't my thing. I don't know what it is about the design. I liked some of it, disliked others. It ended up being meh with all the little cheesy things thrown in by the end of the season. Blue Knights - Keep on with this direction. LOVED it. Maybe tweak the guard program. Phantom - Please switch directions. Possibly my least favorite show from you ever. Also, you need to learn how to mic your brassline, if that's what you're into... Blue Stars - Different direction please. HATED the singing. I don't think I loved the way the show flowed, but keep that brassline. Crossmen - Different direction, please. I wasn't a fan of the deconstructed/reconstructed arrangements. Didn't love the staging of the props. Madison - Different direction. I did love the visual improvements you made last year, but that type of show is something that should be done only once in a while. I heard you're going in a different direction anyway, so it was good enough to get you back into finals. Mandarins - Keep going. Just make everything tighter. Academy - I bet you going to change directions. Troopers - I think you really need to change directions. The props were not a good idea. The music didn't work. The uniforms didn't work. Spirit - Keep on keeping on. Pacific Crest - Same. Just improve the execution Seattle Cascades - Same Oregon Crusaders - Great show. Vanguard Cadets - Great direction Music City - I didn't care for this direction. It will be exciting to see how they do in World. Pioneer - Great direction, just get some more members. Blue Devils B - Good direction for them. Genesis - Great direction for them. I'd say just improve execution.
  14. Moving to a top 4 corp

    Really, it isn't just a top 4 these days. I'd say that it's back to top 6, or at least top 5 as it has been historically. I say that your child should go where they are the happiest and where they are the best fit. It's ok to try new things too.
  15. If nothing else, this OP seems to have assisted (at least temporarily) in the white noise of the Cadets thread.
  16. i dont have an ignore list. i just ignore
  17. lol, not every page is 90% blocked for me, but when a few people really get going in ANY of the threads, it can definitely get like that from time to time
  18. Moving to a top 4 corp

    Jacob -- Academy's mello soloist in 2016 -- went to BD last year. And this is nothing new...plenty of people have moved to top 12 corps from ones out of finals....and sometimes -- like me -- you can DEBUT in a top 4 corps.
  19. Moving to a top 4 corp

    I don’t think there is a top 4 as it breaks differently, I read it as Dream Corps that placed in the top 4 So if it’s a dream corps, you gotta try
  20. What you want for 2018

    I’d like less pit as currently it’s all pit all the time and they are turned up to 10. It’s fatiguing. There is no space, they never stop which results in a very limited dynamic range. They are overwritten to the point of being noisy filler And yeah, they’re picking up way too much of what should be in the brass, review SCV 2004 vs 2014
  21. Brass Lover echoed my thoughts but to add Likes Blue Devils, fully developed music in their ballad, allowing a song time to breathe, develop and resolve. Funny / sad but they displayed a wider musical vocabulary than most by playing a song SCV, a focused visual program that relied on drill to generate effect. Unlike many others, the visuals mostly had a point and reflected the theme, very little gratuitous posing and box checking Crown, loved your brass in the first part and um Cavies, some good guard moments, nice field integration with the brass at time Bluecoats, marchers sold the show Boston had the most complete, unified package in the top 6, all section were integrated towards the theme. It made sense and was easy to follow, mostly avoided cheese or talking down to the audience. I saw a show, not designers’ egos. Dislikes Originally, I did this corps by corps but it became a long winded rant on the designers poorly utilizing their toys so we’ll just shotgun it as a general statement Over reliance on amps, sound effect patches, and synths to generate music GE at the expensive of composition and playing resulted in incoherent musical books with limited replay value Stale visual programs showed the flaws of the recent movement trends. Visual programs were boring, disconnected and unengaging with too much emphasis on individual, sectional and pod visuals and not enough drill or full ensemble visual moments. Shows looked like they were practiced on 3 fields, integration was forced. Dirt was abundant on finals night Overall, I felt like I was watching designers trying to be cleaver and wasn’t all that entertained. We may have hit the point where there is not enough musical performance to sustain my interest. The marchers need more musical responsibilities otherwise, I might as well watch Mass Games
  22. Bluecoats - whole show Cavaliers - whole show Blue Devils - from the ballad on (I skip straight to 4:30 in) SCV - ballad ... that's pretty much it for me. Mike
  23. Musical synergy. Good thing? Or bad? Discuss...
  24. You could make a fair case our year-long threads are discussions about nothing
  25. I'd like to see more corps follow SCV's lead visually. Their program had a very logical flow to it that made it both easy to follow (they made sure you were looking where they wanted you to) and full of "wow" moments. I'd like to see more corps follow Bluecoats musically. Let's have fun with drum corps, you know? BD caught on this year - their ballad, while a bit of a throwback, was totally in line with Great Gig in the Sky, and the two of those tower over pretty much every other ballad in DCI those seasons. More jazz, more prog rock, more pulling modern music into drum corps and lets all get blown away by how awesome all of that music is! Mike
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