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  2. cadet93

    2018 Predictions

    My guess is we will see the following clusters: Title Contenders BD, SCV Medal Contenders Crown, Boston, Bloo, Cavaliers 7-10 Blue Knights, Phantom, Cadets, Blue Stars 11-12 Madison, Academy, Mandarins
  3. cadet93

    Cadets 2018

    Well I remember us having a bad show in Hershey haha. Don't think the drumline had a bad show that year though. It was a tough field to march on and far from the stands as I recall. Not a show you wanted to march on a bad field.
  4. More... as related to this topic- should DCI be more proactive in terms of what it does in this regard as a whole?
  5. Brass Lover

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    At least Boston will announce it by the concert in the park. I'm convinced SCV is joing Bloo in the "not announcing it until an hour before the first show" party.
  6. Yeah, just want to clarify I don't think it's not important or completely unrelated. Just think pages of two people trying to convince one another woman are or aren't given equal opportunities gets a little out of hand.
  7. Today
  8. Liahona

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    They can join the proverbial ranks of Bluecoats and SCV in this regard...
  9. Yup. They were ok that he withheld information from students and parents since 2012.
  10. I just brought up the worthlessness of the rules. Allowing dci to continue to self police is incredibly stupid. They’ve proven they can’t police themselves
  11. Barneveld

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    My guess is that the program announcement will come sometime between now and Concert in the Park. edited to add: Just saw that last year's program announcement was posted on the corps' website on May 19th.
  12. LabMaster

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Hoping with ST underway that a program announcement is forthcoming soon. Real soon. There has been much speculation on the program "theme" including an Amelia Earhart inspired program. Maybe an announcement will come out next weekend for Memorial Day? Planning on going to Castleton in 2 weeks to help out with whatever. Anyone going around then? Craiga? Brasso? Liahona? Beuller?
  13. The number of women in leadership roles is continually cited as relevant to the proliferation and continuation of the important issues these threads relate to, so I'm not sure it is a derailing. Many people see it as a factor, which naturally leads to discussion of whether and how it should be changed. That said, maybe it should be it's own thread.
  14. Thank you! Very glad to hear that. There's one... Are there more.... I'd like to think and hope so.
  15. As for the 'derailings'... Well, the lack of women in higher positions of corps management and staff (beyond color guard) is at worst somewhat related whether people want to admit it or not. There's a problem involving how women are treated in this workplace in several aspects. It deserves to be discussed.
  16. Vicki McFarlane is Colts corps director.
  17. There are 2 current female corps directors in DCA I know of. Any in DCI, especially the top 12? Other than Color Guard, just for instance, starting with Brass... After Sandra Opie as a Brass caption head... can anyone think of anyone else? How about Percussion? The closest I can think of is in DCA where I believe the Skyliners Front Ensemble head is a woman. Please, give me some names, educate me, because I'd love to see more women represented in those kinds of positions in DCI and unfortunately can't think of them.
  18. That's not why. I think when something hits too close to home, rather than more discussion, some would prefer to silence it.
  19. Now JimF, be fair. You know I said nothing about the metoo movement. Go back and read my post if you can bear to, as you seem to think it was so horrible. I said, there's been a war on men and boys going on for a very long time. I'm talking decades. I say this as a father of girls (that's plural) AND boys (that's also plural). I've experienced it first hand and will just throw a few things out here so this doesn't get long and preachy: example - the movement to medicate boys with Ritalin for ADD or ADHD etc., whether real or perceived. Pressured by the schools. Boys are too out of control. Example - "toxic masculinity". What does that mean to you JimF? Do you think masculinity is toxic? Bad? Is gender a social construct? Is masculine nature something to be eradicated? Example - "mansplaining". The height of bigotry. Men's thoughts are to be dismissed and belittled, because, well I guess because they're men. What hate. So, JimF, that's where I'm coming from. A place where one of my daughters with a lower ACT gets in the college that one of my sons with a higher ACT did not, where both attended the same high school and had very similar backgrounds. That's my reality. I'm sure in the spirit of inclusion you will validate it. You will never build someone up by tearing someone else down. That doesn't work. And when I say "you" I'm speaking society in general not you specifically JimF.
  20. this is did it get to women and jobs....maybe whoever started it thinks it has to do with women and respect in general... sorry for my part in it, thought i would add my actual experience in it but sometimes doesn't mean anything anyway.
  21. These derailings are why these topics keep getting closed.
  22. I'm not even saying you are wrong in some of your thoughts BUT the part you aren't listening to from those who make many offers to females is that many do not want these jobs. I can say from 1st hand experience besides the many dozens of staff people ( female ) who will not commit to what might be needed, won't take the job period. There have also been a few women asked to head a board ( and said no ) I even know of 2 that were asked to either be director and asst. director, both laughed and said ( exact words ) are you kidding? thank you! Are there people out there feeling just as you say BIAS toward a woman? Of course but a lot less than ever Women have for quite sometime offered positions and as I have stated in the past IMO they are smart and say no.
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