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    Can I get this off my chest? I love Crown. I'm a brass player and they make my socks roll up and down. But that singer...Bless your heart darlin' and I know you're trying but...
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    or alternatively, we could wait to see the shows first before drawing judgements and conclusions on its messaging values to us. But maybe thats asking to much, and instead we should make judgements and assessments on the unknowable at the moment. That certainly would seem to be far more quicker to do at the moment anyway. And making snap judgments on things IS faster and quicker, if faster and quicker is valued more highly than measured and patient reflection on something yet unseen would be.
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    Saw this come through the Cavalier's newsfeed on FB. That's MY young man busting it for the Cavaliers!
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    When you have the best brass line on Planet Earth, why would you ruin it by using it to back up a pitchy singer?!?!?
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    So first of all, as of hitting submit on this post I haven't read any thoughts, seen any recaps, or really talked to anyone in detail since I left for the theater two and a half hours before the show. I'm forming my own opinions and insights without any outside influence. I'm interested to see if I agree! Sorry @Lance, it's pretty long again this year. Hehe. Disclaimer, there were two shows I feel like I kind of unloaded on......these are just my opinions. I'm not stating my thoughts as fact, and I think a lot of it has to do with personal taste. I'm not taking away from the INCREDIBLE performers performing these shows. You're all awesome! I had a two hour car ride home to really think about shows and what stuck with me as opposed to me coming home within twenty minutes the last 7 years and immediately typing away. Anyways, my way too long review of the first show of the season. Crossmen - The Enigma Five Things I Liked Opener was super fun. Love the percussion writing, incredibly fun to listen to. GREAT guard. Great brass. This Radiohead ballad is fantastic. Five Things to Wait and See On: …...not sold on the visual program. Especially… …the props. They get in the way, are IN FRONT of sections when they’re being featured multiple times, and are hardly utilized beyond the guard just kinda stretching around in them. Took a good few minutes before anything was done with them. The “A Beautiful Mind”/”Miranda” section doesn’t really do a ton for me musically or visually. Nothing really connects or evolves. It has its moments but as a whole it just doesn’t have the cohesion/energy that last years show did yet. This is obviously a finalist level corps. But I’m not sure the show is. Overall Thoughts - So last year I saw their show the first time and was blown away. Incredibly energetic music, fast drill, a million colors and excitement from the guard, fantastic brass and percussion, and it was all packaged with a simple but easily accessible theme that was maxed out by finals week and they really made a statement. I’m getting the great guard, great brass, and great percussion again, but not any of those other things yet. I really question the props in this show. They are not really utilized a ton and when they are not in many ways. Guard stretches in and out of them a few times, brass plays in them, and they stage moments. But a lot of the time they just felt in the way. There were times with guard/percussion that highlighted moments were happening behind them or as a prop was moving in front of a featured section. Ballad was the highlight of the show, very cool arrangement of a great Radiohead song, but on the two hour car ride home I had a hard time placing my finger on anything else musically or honestly as a whole. Question marks were also about the only thing I could pick up thematically. This is a corps full of fantastic brass, percussion, and guard talent. Fantastic instruction going on. Just not sure this design is firing on the level of the performers. Maybe they have more planned and it just isn’t clicking for me yet. As always I’m open to getting my mind changed. Reaction - FANTASTIC corps. Just don’t know about the show. Blue Stars - Star Crossed Five Things I Liked: Brass has a fantastic ensemble sound already. Especially… …the mellophones. They get their own bullet. The HUGE notes in the opener, the soaring lines over the arrival in the ballad, and the sustains in the closer that sounded sublime. Wow. First 2/3rds is pretty strong. Ballad is already one of my favorite musical selections of the year. Uniforms and costuming are phenomenal. Five Things to Wait and See On: The last 1/3rd of the show kinda meanders around. Lots of empty moments and filler sounding stuff. Have a feeling it’s just not layered/finalized like the rest yet. Wondering what else they’re gonna do with the tables. Story line/lines aren’t SUPER noticeable yet, but I can see guard staged for moments that will probably come later. Shapiro guard book is insane once again. Needs the whole season to mature. SUPER difficult visual program, needs lots of time to clean. Overall Thoughts - I can safely say this is the best Blue Stars corps in terms of performance I’ve seen early on in a good while. Brass especially has a lush, full, tight, and just beautifully balanced sound. LOVE it! Percussion is solid and guard has another beast of a show to tackle all season long. This show is once again not an easy mountain to climb but it feels more attainable than a lot of their previous offerings which IMO is a good thing. I think this one can REALLY be maxed out. First two numbers were fantastic, tons of HUGE musical moments and that ballad…….wow. That arrival gave me some serious chills. Last 1/3rd is definitely not as solid/finished in terms of body/guard moments/story arc so it remains to be seen how good it’s gonna finish but I have faith. They know how to layer a show over a season. I think this has more potential down the road in terms of proficiency than they’ve had in awhile, just needs the right design choices to highlight that and allow them to score in the bracket I think they are EASILY performing in. I thought they were way under scored tonight. Reaction - Best start in awhile from them, just needs the right layering and finishings to use that talent. Brass is taking my breath away! The Cadets - The Faithful, The Fallen, The Forgiven Five Things I Liked: Great drum writing and performance. Already SO much more cohesion than last years show. Shockingly enough, the look with the skirts was my favorite. Boy they sure dedicated to the shows visual aesthetic. Loved the first “Simple Song” impact. Beautiful! Five Things to Wait and See On: Drill design……hmm. The way, times, and just how they used uniforms and changes seemed SUPER clunky and not super effective or done in spots that made sense. I noticed the singers, but not a ton. Balance of the three sections feels really off, lots of time for the first, about as much for the second, and the final one doesn’t get a ton of time to develop, even with an extra minute I still feel like the balance is pretty front heavy. It’s a super literal show, and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination. They cross every t and dot every i. They say every amen. By the end where we have someone literally telling us they sinned and want to be forgiven…….it just felt like they were literally beating me in the head with a bible at that point. I get it. I more than get it. And by the end I feel over saturated with all the symbolism, props, narration, EVERYTHING. I cringed a lot to be honest. Overall Thoughts - So I think this show is already WAY ahead of last year in the conceptual department. Lots of faith/believing in the first part of the show, we sin a TON in the middle, and we are forgiven in the end. Boom. TONS of set pieces this year. None of them get in the way and they all look decently well made, already a step above shows like 2013, 2015, 2016 in that regard. Uniforms. Wow. The aesthetic of this show changes a TON. And the changes happen all over the place and not very gracefully, the corps just kinda peeling out of them kinda singing going into the closer felt super awkward. My big issue tonight was the polar opposite of 2016. They spoon feed you every. Single. Thing. and you don’t really get to think or interpret it at all on your own. It lacks any kind of finesse/restraint. I feel like they’re going to opposite of last year where it was super vague/not easy to follow and going the polar opposite by beating you over the head with pews, prayer, crosses and fishes, choirs, and the list goes on and on and on. Performance wise it's maybe not as solid as the last few years but they're fine. Brass has a great ensemble sound, percussion is very solid, and the guard seemed like a HUGE step up this year. Great performers, I'm just feeling pretty overwhelmed by this show already. Reaction - Polar opposite of 2016. I get it, but then they beat me over the head with it. The Cavaliers - Men are from Mars Five Things I Liked: Once again this corps has members that are totally buying into their show already, and it made this performance electric, entertaining, exciting, and I’m sure many other good words that start with the letter E. The color guard staging, usage, and performance to my untrained eye seemed INCREDIBLE. This is the best the Cavaliers brass have sounded early on in a long time. The closer……this might have been my favorite moment of the night…….so fun. SO FUN. This show felt complete but with still a TON of room for growth. Five Things I Will Wait and See On: There is so much going on in this show I think I need to see it about ten more times to take it all in. Balance of electronics, I don’t know about live but in the theater they were QUITE loud. But I still enjoyed their usage. Refining/clarifying/layering certain moments of the show, especially in the middle sections. The ballad felt short. I wanna see them milk the ending even more come finals. Overall Thoughts - I knew it. I knew that performance on Tuesday was not a good representation of how good this corps and show is. HOLY CRAP they blew me away!!! I think performance wise this is the best Cavaliers corps I’ve seen out the gate since 2011. This is a corps that believes in their show and is already performing it at an incredibly high level in terms of energy/confidence. Proficiency will come, but the brass and percussion are off to a fantastic start. I’m not a guard expert. Maybe I’m nuts? But the color guard blew me away. The 20 yard flag exchange in the circle surrounding the brass right before the ballad actually made me gasp. As a show this is pretty clear to me even if the guy hadn’t explained it. It’s evolution of man. I think it’s an incredibly hilarious, entertaining, and interesting commentary on what we think a man is/was/will be. It might need some refining but I thought the DUDE section was HILARIOUS. This part of the show isn’t taking itself super seriously and is just trying to be funny and be entertaining, I loved it. The Steve Irwin-esque narration complete with a CRIKEY was a hit in my theater. Visual and music design is great, I thought the closer was a phenomenal mashup of “Mars” and “My Way”…….Cavaliers sold me on a singer. I don’t know if he was live but leading into that final bras push I loved the usage…….When it comes down to it this felt like a Cavaliers show. Incredibly athletic, ridiculous drill (kudos to Mr. Hinshaw!), insane guard, great percussion, and a super masculine and entertaining vibe the members sell in spades. Brass deserves some recognition, I think they’ve made incredible progress. I’m getting long winded on this one……..but that’s cause I loved it. I cannot wait to see where this show goes. Reaction - INCREDIBLY high energy, entertaining, and complex show that I think I am in absolute love with. Excited to see how they adjust/refine/balance/etc. throughout the season. Carolina Crown - It Is... Five Things I Liked: Fantastic brass performance. Percussion is very solid. LOVE the first guard look and corps uniform. "No One to Know One" quote before the ballad is a very cool moment. Some nice Sacktig drill moments. Five Things to Wait and See On: As a whole it feels......a bit empty despite there being SO much to it. Cohesion.....feels like I'm watching three different shows that don't quite fit together. Singer usage, not ability. Closer is pretty.......schizophrenic? So much going on, being pulled onto the field, etc. to the point it just seems messy. There wasn’t a ton of focus anywhere. The show feels like it is leading up to something/tries to say something and it never says it. And not just because it’s obviously not done at the end. Overall Thoughts - So I definitely get this show. They deconstruct the field/what they think of as normal drum corps and build it into something they think is new. But.......hmm. It's the beginning of the year so I think an "I feel like something big is missing" reaction is probably okay and/or normal. I can't put my finger on what, it's just leaving me REALLY cold right now. Proficiency wise the brass is bonkers as always, percussion was solid pleasant surprise, and guard doesn't seem quite as strong as the beginning of the year last year but they'll be fine. Singer is great in ability, not sure if I like the usage/overabundance of it in the latter part of the show. The closer is.......a lot. I know it’s the nature of the deconstructed part but it was so chaotic it just felt unfocused. Maybe it’s just not my cup of tea this year, usually I have an INCREDIBLY emotional response to Carolina Crown, even in 2015 I loved “Organ Symphony” early on and saw that it was really empty and they were gonna layer it. I’m not sure how much more stuff they can throw into this one besides finishing it. I dunno. I’m certainly open to having my mind changed, this is of course an incredibly talented group of kids that are absolute animals being able to perform such a hard show. Reaction - Wait and see. Fantastic corps, just maybe not for me. Bluecoats - Jagged Line Five Things I Liked: No. Weaknesses. This could very well be the most enjoyable musical show I've ever heard from them. Best I've ever seen their color guard in June. I think this is the best drill they've ever had. Their performance value and energy is ELECTRIC. Five Things to Wait and See On: I think I like the uniform in context, it's pretty dang simple. Will wait and see how I feel about it. The choreography/show aesthetic is very interesting to say the least, feel like I need to see it from the box and different angles. I definitely get the show and prop usage, just feel like there is a lot more to come...... ......but where do they go? Every year in June I feel like the show is done and then they layer the crap out of it in ways that never crossed my mind. Excited to see where they take it. I need to see and hear the ballad live. I can't form an opinion on tonight on that part of the show. They did it again......every year since 2009 whether it's the whole show or just a moment, they find a way to blow me away. I really couldn't care less if they win again or not......when they give me full body shivers like this show did multiple times I don't care. People are gonna say it's too similar to the last few years......it's gonna peak......blah blah blah. So what. This is a corps with no weaknesses, a show that is both SUPER complete but with tons of room for growth, and performers that bring it to life in a way that is unique to them. They are Bluecoats. This is them through and through. Musically.......holy crap. This is their most straight forward music program since gosh.......2013? Electronics are more laid back this year and they just let the full corps shine. There were many times tonight where corps felt like they had obligatory brass moments thrown in.......Doug Thrower once again totally respects the source material and just simply adapts it to the field. He doesn't over writer it but there is still TONS of content. "Psychopomp" and "Zomby Woof" are especially fantastic......just two pieces of music given a few minutes to be what they are. "One Study" was a fantastic percussion feature as well, and those drums.......(Zomby) WOOF. (that's a good thing). Brass was fantastic and seemed to get a TON more full ensemble time this year. Color guard to my untrained eye again looked incredible, I think this is the best their guard has ever looked out the gate and the way Vanderkloff stages them is sublime. This is the best drill program I think they've had too......lots of modern stuff but also just tons of super hard stuff that they play super hard stuff while doing, for example that SUPER fast follow the leader near the end of "Psychopomp". So kudos to Vanderkolff. I am going to wait on "Grow Til Tall" until I see it live. I feel like I didn't get a good read tonight solely because of how the mics were picking it up for the broadcast. That's not on the corps. Prop is cool, that first brass moment with them on top of it was really cool, they use vertical space again this year but in a different way. The drill cutting under the prop and not letting it be a hindrance was SUPER cool. I bet they have more planned for it. All in all......bravo. You have me again. Win or lose this show hits every single tick mark of what I love about the activity. Over the last three seasons they have completely re-instilled my enjoyment in the activity, I feel like a little HS kid seeing his first show again every single year. When that "Psychopomp" reprise happened at the end I thought I was gonna need to be resuscitated. Reaction - They take my breath away year after year after year after year. I don't care where they end up when they make me feel this way. One moment from every corps I loved: Bluecoats "Psychopomp" reprise in the closer. Carolina Crowns "No One to Know One" quote going into the ballad. The Cavaliers final "My Way" push. The Cadets first "Simple Song" impact. Blue Stars "Young and Beautiful" ballad arrival. Crossmens "Exit Music" ballad arrival. Overall I LOVED two shows, liked one more, and need to wait and see on the other three. I love that I can pick six moments that were all musical moments. No show tonight felt too far gone/like it was gonna peak. These will all grow. I totally agreed with placements, not necessarily spreads though. But who cares. AWESOME shows. I think we're in for a fantastic season!
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    After an incident that happened in Allentown I believe two years ago where a "fan" who did not like a show made a snide comment about a performer that was pretty loud and crude (he was removed), within earshot of the young man's parents (I believe this incident made DCP), not all shows will be to everyone's liking, be passionate but objective, and when it comes to individual marchers, they are kids, twenty two tops. They may be mature, motivated, and talented, but they're still kids compared to most of us, and the person they call Mom, Dad, Grandma, or Grandpa may be sitting next to you. And even if the parents are not in earshot, don't ruin it for everyone else.
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    Lol idiots? Kinda extreme. Probably should talk to those who are there recording the rehearsals.
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    Stay off of social media places like this and reddit during the season. There's toxic people and arguing with fans isn't a good look either. Have fun and keep doing what you're doing. We are mostly old cranky people unable to march now and can argue anything from the way a plume faces to the angle of someone's foot. If you start commenting people will never let it go so for the best stay away. You will be welcomed back with open arms in August. Sincerely Crazy old people
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    How recently did he take over? So not everyone likes his taste in uniforms. Who cares? I had more fun watching drum corps last year from Bluecoats down to Les Stentors than I ever had. And part of that is what he's talked about over the last few years. Every corps has a voice. Every corps has something in their show to get us on our feet. And IMO he has had a part in that, and for that I'm very grateful to him on what he's done for the activity. He always seems incredibly passionate, excited, and just like he loves the activity. It's so easy to pin blame on him for what we might not like in shows, but when it comes down to it corps themselves made that decision. I wish him a happy retirement and all the best. I'm certainly not gonna trash talk the guy from behind my keyboard as he is finishing up a pretty big part of his life and I imagine he's pretty emotional about this being his last season. I hope Mr. Cesario has a great 2017 drum corps season.
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    Greetings from ADA, OHIO. Well, that broadcast was not what we expected was it.? Let's just say I did not take the time to personally review the plans, the setup, and the technology in place for the presentation this Sunday evening. As my accountant friends tell me " Trust ... but verify" I did not follow that advice. Indeed, I arrived at the facility about 7:20 pm. Not a good idea. So now what ? Well, we are going to repeat the presentation When? This Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evenings. The improved feed will be available to any member of the maroon and gold club. You can watch all three nights ... one night ... it's up to you. And if you missed it, NOT that you missed much, you can still join in. We will continue to run the campaign. In the interim, tomorrow we will work with the team to figure out the issues, to work around the interference from the windmills behind the stadium, and to insure the presentation looks and sounds at least at a level of reasonable quality. More tomorrow. We will be working with the Allentown team tomorrow to straighten out what we clearly less than should be expected. Happy Sunday evening. I am sorry to all who were disappointed. Hop
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    Positive thoughts and prayers for the safety of our young marching members as this season begins. We appreciate you and know the sacrifices you make. And please, wear sunscreen!
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    oh my head. This production in my opinion misses the entire spirit of the Mass. The work supposed to be a big joke with a few serious moments that meditate on life and spirituality, while throwing in observations about politics. First clue: It's a Catholic mass written by a gay Jew. It's laced with whimsy and challenge and irony and outright social subversion and except for a few short minutes has almost nothing to do with Catholicism at its core. Watching the Cadets, you'd think that they were playing Missa Solemnis.
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    Goodness sakes...I guess I'm getting soft in my old age, I felt bad about saying something about the Crown singer, bless her heart. But I don't think I could work up the kind of vitriol for anything besides a terrorist perhaps, that I've seen on DCP. Life is short. And a lot easier if you accentuate the positive and keep a handle on the negative. I'm not singling anyone out in particular but it's early. Let's give them a chance.
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    From what I've been told - the staging isn't complete and there are things that will be done to make her look less out of place. It's easy to criticize now, but let the show take shape. As for the name calling (Judy Jetson) is that really necessary? The performers read these boards too and I'm sure they don't appreciate it. If you have an issue with the design team, take it out on them. But have some respect for the performers who spend 12 hours a day in the hot sun practicing to perform for YOU. There is absolutely no justification or excuse for it, period.
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    Yeah, what sort of idiot gets attached to drum and bugle corps and expects to hear brass and drums?
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    As a Scouts alum, I wish the superman suit would still be the thing. But I realize that to stay relevant and thrive in this activity, you have to adjust to the times. The dinosaur in me says "keep with tradition". But the realist in me wants the Scouts to once again be a corps that kids dream of marching instead of an afterthought or a stepping stone. Whether I, or other vets, like it or not, this is where we're at with DCI. And if you want to survive, you do what you have to. I'd rather my corps fall in line with what DCI has become and keep going than become irrelevant and ultimately shut down.
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    This is literally night and day from last year. BAC doesn't give a f*** this season, which is a great thing for all of us.
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    I went in cold, that was my first viewing or listen to Bluecoats show this year. I'm impressed. To me, THIS show is the natural evolution of the great old Blue Devils and Madison Scouts shows of the late '80s and early '90s. Undiluted jazz, screamers, with some onions behind the music. The Blue Devils have become more jazz-ish/symphonic/jack-of-all-trades with their show designs, but last year and especially this year Bluecoats have taken a 1990s show theory and brought it into the 21st century (and I mean that as a compliment). I think it's loads better than Crown's design, although I do think Crown's brass is tighter at this point and has a harder book. It's interesting: Crown's show is about how different DCI has become, and the Bluecoats show seems to be almost about how drum corps is still drum corps, just tuned up a bit.
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    Grohg. Haven't heard this since '98 SCV. They may have one upped it. Seriously, this corps is firing on all cylinders. Visual is clean for the first show. Drum line is throwing down. Horns are pounding our ears with their sound. Guard is intense and clean.
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    Hey, all. I will be at the show tonight to do live coverage from the press box! I plan on arriving about an hour before start time. If you'll be there, feel free to find me. I'll be the guy in the DCP staff shirt and DCW pass. See you tonight! posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Welcome to the first season of DCI: Drum Choir International.
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    Plenty. Especially those that are comfortable and confident enough with who they are, rather than needing to hide behind an outfit that society says is masculine.
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    Any male that isn't a chauvinist pig, I'd recon.
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    Klesch is great and all but he is not the only one over the years who has given us marvelous brass arrangements...in no particular order... Jay Bocook, Wayne Downey, Scott Boerma, Jim Ott(RIP), Gail Royer(RIP),Jim Wren, Key Poulan, Richard Saucedo, J.D. Shaw, Doug Thrower, Brad Kerr Green, Will Pitts, Ryan George, Michael Martin, Chuck Naffier, Robert W Smith, Andrew Markworth, Frank Dorritie, Timothy Salzman, Ken Norman, Emil Pavlik, Frank Williams, Larry Kerchner, Sal Ferrera, James Wedge, James Elvord, Jim Prime Jr., Sandra Opie, Truman Crawford, Jack Meehan, Hy Dreitzer, Ray Baumgardt
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    You aren't "overly proud ". You're exactly the right amount of proud.
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    I clicked on a Blue Devils thread and a Cadets thread broke out.
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    Kevingamin is the next best thing for us DCP'ers who can't be there, and when the show is not on livestream. Thanks for all you do, Kevingamin.
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    Heh. They put her in the stocks for singing in drum corps. :D
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    I hear one of the judges laughing because of how much the corps is blowing him away right now. Holy crap! Scythian Suite is awesomely harsh, discordant, and loud! Boston really is on a mission!
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    lol I might not like a uniform but here we go again with outdated ideas of what is masculine and appropriate for a "man" to wear. Give me a break......
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    Dave Glyde and I wrote solo's to have the members audition on, then once the soloists were selected, the members were allowed to create within what was there. When you hear the show in the summer, the solos will be consistent night to night, because visuals and other music are written to match what is going on solo wise. In the end, they are written with some improvisation inherent in the end product.
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    This is a page where where the announced uniforms for the 2017 season will be posted. Please do not take this down as it is not part of the uniform discussion, but a page where we can see all the uniforms organized. If you have anything to add to it, please comment it. Only uniforms officially shown by the corps will be put here, no leaks. The Academy Blue Devils Blue Knights Blue Stars Bluecoats Boston Crusaders Carolina Crown Cascades The Cavaliers Colts Crossmen Genesis Jersey Surf Madison Scouts Mandarins Oregon Crusaders Pacific Crest Phantom Regiment Pioneer Santa Clara Vanguard Spirit of Atlanta The Troopers
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    Now that we know about the awful facebook group @DrumManTx told us about, it seems likely these were the kind of people CC had in mind, rather than people like you. People complaining about uniforms in a really homophobic way, for example, under the guise of "nostalgia." I know that a few people here feel it's out of line for a drum major to speak out like this, but honestly? It's 2017 and the internet can be vicious: it seeps into peoples' minds and morale. No one knows that better than young people. His desire to dismiss it publicly, on the internet, seems reasonable to me. I do want to get back to another of your points, though, about "biting the hand that feeds you." I get that we invest a lot of time and often money into these corps. But I think we should remind ourselves that they don't owe us anything—beyond performing their hearts out. You choose to invest. If your support is contingent on the MM acting only to your standards, is it really support?
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    Hey DCP moderators...the season has begun. Time to boost the bandwidth.
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    Hey, @flammaster and others, there is a SUPER toxic Facebook group called "I Don't Support DCI" that has come to the attention of a lot of people in the activity lately. It's filled with some older alums and participants of the activity and to be frank it's pretty disgusting. Incredibly mean spirited and disgusting comments that include comparing a member of Carolina Crowns 2015 guard to prostitution and stuff about sex slavery and the list goes on. They got ahold of BDs uniform too and I won't give them more attention but I've been told by someone not on DCP that his tweet was in response to this group. His tweet was not inappropriate in response to that sad, incredibly disgusting, and terrible crowd. I don't think a BD drum major would tweet something like that if it wasn't in response to that group which is honestly the equivalent of pure hate speech about the acitivity and it's members.
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    Caveat: I am a percussionist. Vantage point between the 40 and 45. Top row of the bottom section. I moved for Bluecoats to the bottom row of the 200 level. Still at the 40/45. Crossmen - missed. Sorry y'all. Blue Stars Their brass sounds better and fuller than ever. They are moving a ton but too far from pulling it off. Their percussion score is legit. Definite growth in percussion. All groups are still heavily editing, but it is very apparent that there is a lot missing in this program today. My verdict remains suspended until there is more meat. One thing that is apparent ... in 2017, this is basically old-school drum corps story-telling show. Cadets I was torn on this. Some of the choices and their approach I just loved (mostly musical). But the things I did not love had the opposite affect. I appreciate that they are trying to evolve but they don't really seem to have their arms around how they are doing it. Unlike many voices around here, my optimism for their potential growth has been tempered by so many staff and designer shifts. I know they are all experienced and proven folks, and some of then experienced within the Cadets system, but they made a lot of changes and that is hard to overlook. This is the result. I feel like the percussion ordinals are just about right although overall spread might be a bit much. As a frequent main offender of overblown electronics, Cadets have improved slightly. But their output implementation lacks the sophistication to make up any further ground in really massaging and helping to nuance what is being pumped into it. I'm talking speaker diversity and placement here. They also need to work on isolating background noise from bleeding into the choral section mics. Battery was getting picked up quite a few times. Cavaliers Being up front here, this show is not my style. I'm not saying it should score poorly. On the contrary, I love that DCI today can consist of so much variety in styles and that are all are capable of succeeding. It is just a little schlocky for my own personal tastes. Moving on. The flag work was fantastic. And they have done a great job designing around that strength. The color and staging kept this drummer fascinated. Mac and Miller crafted a great percussion book. A little frustrating that the snares had struggles with some basics, rolls, etc considering all of the tricks they are doing ... splits, hand-to-hands and what-not. I'm sure they'll clean that up. And that is probably why their Achievement ordinal was 3rd. Other than a problem getting one synth-cart hot to start the show, their electronics are off to a much better start than 2016. Crown We all like live shows better than video. But I have to say this specifically about Crown. This show comes across MUCH better live. Significantly more so than most corps. Of course the brass is stellar once again. The first very sincere wild crowd on their feet in rapture moment came from that opening hit. And it happened more than once. They need to figure out what to do about a 3rd Act that seems like an abrupt shift and has a rudderless feel. And not rudderless in a way that creates freedom. I'm sure they are working on it. They all are. A week ago the vocalist was overpowering the brass. This week, the brass washed her out quite a bit. Evidence that staff knows what is happening and is working it. Percussion has lots of notes and a new swagger but they also have a rare problem for a Hannum unit. They hit the drums real hard. A lot. In last night's stadium setting, they seemed to get no quieter than the rare mezzo forte and it was definitely noticeable due to being sandwiched between two more dynamic groups. Bluecoats We watched some rehearsal yesterday before final ensemble got rained out. Talked to a few folks and learned some details that definitely affected my interpretation of the opening performance. They are behind where they were during opening day last year (my words). Which is fascinating. There was much more last minute work going on. Discussions after the rainout revealed they had only had 4 full run-throughs before last night. And the 1 full dress run through they had did not included the closer because they weren't done learning it yet. Last night's performance was the first "complete" full dress run. Not sure what the theater was showing at the end, but the battery hype ... shouting, screaming, tears ... was legit celebration of a true accomplishment. There is a lot on these kids' shoulders and they went for it hard. I'll let everyone else break this show down because obviously I'm biased. But one thing I mentioned in the official Bluecoats thread that I should repeat: The ballad will only work live. I just don't see how the DCI/Flomarching production crew has the capability to capture and share what is really going on there musically.
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    I still remember Phantom's guard move in 1991 (YOU know the one) and Blue Devils' guard in 1992. These guard uniforms are about 25 years too late to be "shocking."
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    Some concluding thoughts about 2017 Bluecoats' Spring Training: 1) There was a poll recently which asked which is your favorite Bluecoats show. As I recall Tilt won. I was thinking about this on the way home tonight, and I think this is my favorite. I'm serious and this isn't a caught in the moment kind of thing. I really love this show. 2) This is the anti chop-and-bop show. Prelude / Psychopomp, Grow 'Till Tall, One Study and Zomby Woof are all fully developed pieces. Bloo takes its time to flesh out the tunes fully and richly. 3) Steve Roninaro last year remarked after seeing Bloo that there were no weaknesses in the corps. Guess what? This year, there are no weaknesses in the corps. It is the total package. 4) There is a lot of buzz about BD's guard and BAC's guard. After Thursday night there may be a lot of buzz about Bloo's guard. I am serious. They are very, very good. 5) Ditto the drum line. This is vet loaded line that will turn some heads. 6) Drill is not dead. There is a lot of raw drill meat to munch on with this show. Yes there is a ton of body movement and choreography, but there is some excellent run-and-gun, clocking over 200 bpm. 7) Yes, I am hyping the show, and I will keep on hyping it until I get my Blu Rays hopefully in November. Edit: 8) Especially if you experience it live, the ballad will bring tears to your eyes. 9) Yes, there is the kind of soundscape you have come to expect from Bloo, but there is no gratuitous thunderous sub-woofer goo. In many ways, the electronics are tastefully subtle -- until they aren't, but when they aren't they are very purposeful and not gooey. You will understand what I mean when you see (hear) it, especially if you experience it live.
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    Thank You Scientist concert was AWESOME. The corps loved it! So exciting to hear the lead singer talk about the band hearing the full run. Said "That was the BEST musical experience OF MY LIFE." The guitarist told me "Hearing our music performed at this level had some of us in tears!" The band played about 90 minutes, then did a question/answer session with the corps. What a tremendous experience, and a deserving Thank You, for the members.
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    The way the Boston Crusaders introduced their new uniform reveal here is so professional, organized, and classy. They introduce the uniform to everyone with a well done video clip that explains the 2017 uniform and the thinking behind it. This could become a model to other Corps as to how one should do the proper roll out of a new uniform for the season with the public.
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    ...and I think they are going to have a great season. First pass of the show is almost on the field. Which I'm sure is the case with all the corps. But got chicken skin listening to the ballad tonight.
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    This is one of those times I'm glad most people have never heard of drum corps.
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    Et Tu, George? You want deleted the posts you don't agree with? Look - I have kids, several of them. And on more occasions than i want to remember, something like this appeared in an organization they were involved in. I'm hyper sensitive to it. It's bad stuff. So should we censor discussion and pretend it doesn't exist? My church tried that to its great failure and never ending shame. And it keeps happening and the initial reaction is the cover up (ex: Penn State). I pray we never read about any further issue with this subject that's been discussed over the last several pages here. I don't want that stain associated with the drum corps activity I love. You see, with me it has NOTHING to do with the Cadets. If this were any other corps I'd be here posting the same post. But go ahead and delete everything because the reputation matters more than the reality. We are dealing in fact here. Something that actually happened. Not some heresay or rumor. Ugh. I want to move on here.
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    When I want answers to provocative legal questions, I post them on public forums. In my experience, there is no better source of information than anonymous internet posters.
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    so - about last night's Johnstown, PA performance... A GREAT crowd in the stadium for Cadets first "public" performance High school stadium was pretty full, I was quite surprised It was a nice night with puffy white clouds, a setting sun and a 15-20 mph "breeze" that seems consistent in hilly Johnstown, PA Around 7pm they announced that the program would begin at 7:30pm and that folks were welcome to "come down on the field" to watch warm up if they wanted Battery entered in two ranks followed by the guard - guard headed to side 1 end of field to warm up Battery headed down to a field on the side 2 end of the stadium - both groups in view of the crowd. Battery comprised of 5 bass, 9 snare, 5 tenor. 13 in the pit including 20 keyboards played by 10 talented keyboardist across the front of the pit each with a marimba to their front and vibes dividing them into "pods" sideways. Brass was in a warm up arc back behind the visitors stands facing the adjacent apartment style dorms, they played typical warming/tuning sequences off in the distance. Brass numbers 70 for 2017 - with 12 on tuba, 8 euphoniums and 16 bari, rest trumpet/mello Guard wore black unitards, Percussion battery/pit in maroon "spring training" t-shirts and matching maroon/gold shorts. Guard did stretching / spinning / then. Guard marching 36 plus 6 alternates. Brass wore the same maroon t-shirt along with their maroon "practice skirt" used to mimic the long costumes used in a portion of the show. Pit was set up directly in front of us stretching from the 40 on side 1 down to the 30 of side 2 - so shifted 10 yards towards the right 24 dark stained, simple wooden benches were set up in six titled rows of 4 on side 1, each with a "book" on them The 8 Vocalists (and "choir loft") weren't present today. We were told they join the corps on Monday in Ada, Ohio (corps is heading there today after free time in Pittsburgh). Also, we were told the large backfield "setting" props (large panels of stained "glass" windows) were on the truck to Ada already. My guess is those travel on the 3rd tractor trailer the corps is using this year (along with the loft) Cadets using 3 DM this season - 2 front side, 1 rear At 7:30 the program was set to begin and the corps entered the field by sections and began setting up for the run. Guard members placed their equipment, and the bari who all double on 24 trombones at one point in the show placed the bones under the pews on side 1 Before the run the crowd was briefly introduced to the corps by Mike Pfeil who is the YEA Director of Performance Ensembles. Mike is one of many returning to the Cadets this year. He was the merchandise manager in 2003 and 2004 and then operations director of The Cadets and The Crossmen in 2005 and 2006. Quick description of the show without giving too much away: Chaos: Cadets start in a massive cross shape titled at a 45 - the entire corps kneeling with their right arm outward and hand bent upward so their palm faces forward, forms the shape in alternating colors of gold (guard in gold skirts) and maroon. This dissolves into a full field "scatter" that resolves itself into a sphere in the middle of the fifty as the brass spins and collects. The guard is on silk and wraps around the corps proper, percussion to the rear of this form. Music ends in a loud chord from the brass and a loud extended "chime" sound from the pit. Mostly here we have pit and battery playing (with voice?) with an "add on" snare feature. The piece is an abrupt beginning to the show, loud and confused sounding. In the middle portion of the scatter two "crosses" are briefly formed and then dissolve back into the chaos - comprised of about ten brass members each. One on side 1, one on side 2. Watch for those Simple Song: Following immediately after the "Chime" sound we have the intro to the shows only ballad "Simple Song" start from the pit, then a trumpet solo (staged near the pews - a bit lost right now, a probably move or in need of a highlight down there) and then a mello solo and then the quiet introduction of the brass ensemble. Guard begins the program with a feature on silk wrapped around the brass and then working their way down front. Drill is first a scatter in "pods" with the brass in clusters "posing" and then resolves itself (backing into the stay-set of course!) as the music climaxes with the 70 brass forming a large shape of a Ichthys (but with a closed tail). Tune ends with brass moving into ranks behind the pews playing the final quiet notes while dancers and the battery move to the rear of the field on side 2 and end in the shape of a doubled cross. Yes - the drill is loaded with religious references during "Part One" Agnus Dei: Brass (still in practice skirts) move to mid field in a large block and do a feature "monk dance" (you'll have to see it) interacting in pairs and between the ranks and files while the music begins in the pit (with vocals soon I would imagine). The playful "dance" ends with a thud as we have the battery (re)enter from the back of side 2 (corner) with 12 guard on rifle (guard removed the gold robes). The guard do a large unison toss (six) that catches with the entrance of the battery and a large note from the pit. Agnus progresses into fast angular drill with portions "folding off", blind pass throughs, some mini features from the battery interplaying with the pit and the classic tune also featured in 1983 by the Cadets. Guard comes front and center interacting in a long rectangular "block" with 24 on silk wrapping the rectangle with the 12 rifles down the middle. Some very nice equipment work and interactions in this part and ends in another unison "6" catch by the rifles. "Part 2": Part two begins with the baris making their way to the pews on side 1 while a mich'd trumpet solo occurs and changing over to trombones. Music starts in pit, then an angry/defiant sounding entry from the 24 trombones (loud!) and the battery in a block (with the tubas) marching toward the middle of the field from the back of side 1. Rest of brass enters and adds in from the back of side 1. Guard with what looked like 16 on sabers, rest on silk. Some angular boxes in the drill pit as the battery moves forward and we are treated to a first a tenor feature, then the snares, then the bass - then the entire battery wrapped by the 16 sabers. A few angry stabbing sounds from the brass and this is where the "marching" portion of the show concluded Last set learned? 105a (about 7 minutes on the field) - corps then arced up and played their entire program to the crowd as a standstill. This time introductions from their principal arranger Dr. Drew Shanefield who explained a bit more of the musical "thought process" of the program and it's 3 acts The show will then progress with a jazz portion of "Part 2" featuring several solos on trumpet, mello, Bari as well as some wicked runs in the brass (Part 2 is 4 minutes long in total) and then a quiet interlude (original?) bridge featuring keyboard (and voice) named "Almighty Father" which last around 15 seconds (a costume change?). Part 3 concludes the music (lasting only about 1 and a half minutes right now) as a building "marching" regally and majestically building with an organ-like sound as well as chime sounds coming from the brass, pit and electronics. The tune ends with what one can imagine is a large company front similar to the Cadets 2011 "Angels and Demons" program. Word on the street is the corps have about a minute more to add musically (mid-season) with an expected fast/up-tempo tag to bring the program to an enthusiastic an exciting conclusion Thoughts: 1. Drill/visual much improved for 2017 over 2016. Great use of the full-field, staging of the instruments and solos, very good visual transitions (i.e.: brief), improved integration with the guard, as others mentioned already several memorable "sets" and other visual "moments 2. Program makes great use of the extremely strong percussion - both battery & pit. They are featured musically and visually throughout. Pit are great "performers" which isn't always the case with a lot of pits, emoting, hiding out of view when they focus should shift to the field and even a little dancing and vibing to the jazz section of the show. GREAT keyboardist! 3. Brass is strong. A different (more 90s) take to the arrangement. Perhaps not quite the # of notes as the past few years (or quite as aggressive dynamically) but the challenges are there to hit the top box. Runs, many styles of music, great solos, small ensembles, triple tonging, lots of interplay and even some of that "run and gun" the Cadets are famous for. The sound is a little darker and less "bright" than the past several seasons. More 2011 but frankly reminds me a bit of 1995/96 4. Guard is further along than last year and much more confident as performers. Less individual breaks that appear only "mental" (which plagued last year’s guard). Guard is better staged; the work has a more "whole body" and "modern" feel to it. The book is less busy and more effective. It will be great watching their program develop this summer 5. Show itself - an entertaining and fulfilling "arch" to the music. The opening sets an immediate "mysterious tone" to the show, the "Simple Song" segment as well as "Agnus Dei" should prove popular with the audience. Part 2 is the real "question mark" in the program - once fully developed its payoff with the audience is KEY to the success of the 2017 Cadets. Last year's 2016 program started strong and quickly "lost steam" in the stands as they moved into the "Mackey" portion of the program - not because of the performance so much as the disconnect musically and the staging visually. This year’s program is dependent on "Part 2" selling and further drawing in the crowd once the "Set Up" happens in Part 1. Part 3 can easily suffice as a "fulfilling conclusion" ending with a big standing ovation IF Part 2 sells. Competitive outlook: The program should score better from a visual standpoint. Musically the Cadets remain strong. Percussion is an obvious strength and they will vie (with SCV?) for the Sanford this summer Brass will be top six - the gap between 1 and them will be determined by their growth this summer GE - show could do well, time will tell. Sell PART 2 is my suggestion/key to success for the corps. Think 2000 Cadets in this regard, as great as the corps was the show wouldn't have been as effective without the wonderful "show and tell" section of the program. This show needs that as well. Finally - as others have mentioned the show is BIG. BIG props, BIG sounds and BIG thematically. The members own performances will need to stand up to the scale of those props, the vocal/electronic sounds and thematic material. Otherwise the performance will feel "small" in comparison. So, a very high level of performance will be required. And confidence. And a real connection to the theme. The members must "get" the religious theme of part one, the calmness and fulfillment. Part 2 we must feel "angst" and "anger" and a bit of unhappiness and rage through their performance. Part 3 must feel "at peace" and regal and "resolute" As a fan, I'm just hoping the members have a fun, safe and rewarding summer. I think they will!
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    info@cavaliers.org Please contact them with your design pointers, I'm sure they'll see the error and put you on staff for next year.
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    Wow a lot of groaning and moaning in this thread Cadets member are in Indy today and tomorrow at a great indoor rehearsal facility. They had an improved run thru last night, highly enjoyable to watch, (and they seem to enjoy performing) and are working on big picture things to have a good performance tomorrow night its not fair to judge the 2017 June 20th Cadets by August finals 1987 standards. That was a great time and place and a whole bunch of pieces fell in place to create, literally, magic on a foot ball field 18 seasons later in 2005 Cadets swept all captions at finals and set the highest score ever (at the time) dominating not only captions but all subcations. Another 6 seasons later they brought the LOS crowd out of their seats for a huge standing O for the final TWO Minutes of their program. Wow! A younger corps this year with some new staff and some return folks. Let's give them our support and some space to learn and grow and breath And remember - it's not where you start it's where you finish! This show will start dirty with some rough parts. I see it surging in August! Have a great seasons Cadets!
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    Masculinity so fragile that what you wear defines you as a "man". Give me a break...
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