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    I have two or three of these per season. That's my young'n finishing off the Cavaliers show in Minneapolis last night. Couldn't be prouder of all the work he's put in to be there. For the record, I wouldn't care if he was wearing a pink tutu and playing a C-natural kazoo ( he probably would, but you get my point). I'm just glad he's out there living a dream. I feel like the top 6 are going to really heat up as we roll towards August...and I'm also sentimentally keeping my eye on Spirit of Atlanta, a family favorite from way way back. Would love to see them back in Finals!
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    Since my position is known on here now, might as well share my 2nd article with you all! Pages 50 - 52. (And just read the whole thing while you're at it). https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2018/july/#page=50 It was really hard to try and summarize that month into two pages, and I definitely did it on the fly when I had (very little) down time. But I think I captured the important things I picked up during that month. Oh my God the people here are amazing, the environment that is created for the members is incredible, and while this is probably the hardest and most committed I have ever worked on something, getting to be on that field on opening night and watch all of that come to fruition made it all worth it and was something I'll never forget. Enjoy! Getting to interview some of the members and various other people in the corps was a blast.
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    We got to see @DrumManTx the last couple of nights. posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Of course I gotta say Bluecoats.......so many moments I just love to death. So much variety too. - Fake out company front and the proceeding mello feature. First time I saw that like my first day at ST they got me good. - The Bird and Bela trumpet feature. - All of part two, but specifically the low brass fugue and the company front that collapses into itself into the block. That part makes me wanna deck someone it’s so exciting. - Dry Cleaner. The contra solo and of course the singer. And that “it’s just luck” tag at the end is just awesome. - First time I heard the ballad in ST I high key cried. Doug Thrower’s ballads year after year just let a piece of music breathe and be what it is. The soundscape and mood of it are just......ethereal and sublime. And the subtle layering of “God Bless the Child” on top of that is just......UGH. So good. The sung part into the last hit will be something I love for the rest of my life. That’s got a special place in my heart. It never gets old and it never will. Getting to stand in front of that almost every day is incredible and I’m so lucky. - And the closer is just a party. Love the trombone stuff and the straight up face melted ending is just awesome. I have not had a chance to keep up with shows as much as I’d like but of what I have seen of everyone else: - SCVs ballad is incredible. - BDs ballad is also incredible. - Carolina Crowns Bruckner opener is fantastic. - I love love love the way Cavaliers weave Bolero throughout their show and just manipulate and morph it into everything - LOVE the Salvation is Created hit in BACs show right before the drum feature. - The Cadets ballad is pretty stunning. - Phantom Regiments mega tenor feature is great. - Crossmen make Tchaikovsky 6 slap. And their hornline is powerful. - Blue Knights take on Rite if Spring is great, and the percussion is as killer as ever. - I love Blue Stars opener. Beautiful stuff. - Mandarins whole show is incredible. It’s a type of show I have been begging for for a long time. I can’t pick a moment. It’s all great. - The Academy doing a ballad closer again is awesome, beautiful stuff. - Spirit of Atlanta’s whole show is a blast, but I particularly like the opener. - I really enjoy Madison Scouts opener visually. Some cool drill. - Colts have a beautiful music program. - I love love love PCs La La Land ballad. Whole show is great. - Troopers sunburst is always great. - Music City’s closer is awesome, very emotionally satisfying. Still need to see Oregon Crusaders, Jersey Surf, Seattle Cascades, Genesis, and Pioneer. But IMO this is an incredible year for drum corps. I like all shows to some extent which doesn’t happen a lot. Can’t wait to see them all!
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    I really don't care about placements this season. This Cadets corps is an inspiration and these kids are all winners! The Cadets did not just survive a serious tragedy, they have the best corps they have had for several years. The 2018 Cadets have already proudly made a statement and left their mark. God bless the 2018 Cadets!
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    I need to sensor my words very carefully here... which is extremely difficult... especially because I'm not a Scouts alumni... and the Scouts are usually very... exclusive... I don't get it. Sure the Scouts were champions at one point. Sure the corps may now go in and out of finals and/or top 10. Oh well. That does not diminish the STILL amazing talent and hard work that is done by the members of THIS YEARS SCOUTS. EVERY corps is useful and deserves support. Sometimes I think certain groups forget that... no needs for riots and coups or denouncing the activity or my alma mater.... (deeply sorry if I just INSULTED some users here) *gasp...
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    Saw the show live! Great crowd. Lots of excitement in the audience. Pioneer - A corp in uniform, marching onto the field. A rare sight these days. Everyone knew from their intensity and focus that this is now drum corps we are watching. The dragon prop is fun. Their season likely gets started later than the others at this show. Warmly received and very appreciated by the crowd. Their show is young, and needs more time to mature. They had good moments in the show. Muscle memory and endurance are still being developed. They definitely have enthusiasm and that was imparted onto the crowd. Spirit - Spirit is for real and they set the standard for all who followed. The brass line is clearly ready, well-trained, and (Yes!) good. Percussion and guard were good, but do not shine as much as the brass. The front ensemble brings vigor and energy to the production. Everyone on the field exhibited great showmanship and the show was very well received by the crowd. Interesting to watch and listen to. Did I mention that the brass line is actually really good??? Madison - Fresh, new look. Last year's savages have been civilized! Brass is improved over last year. The female soloist is excellent. Wind like a cyclone and perfect technique. The rest of the brass line needs to rise closer to her level. It's not that they are bad, but that her sound is so pure. The contrast will likely be refined in the coming weeks. The show is good. Easier to follow than last year. The brass line was holding back a bit. It's going to take them time to get the musical "conversation" between soloist and ensemble to gel, but they are on the right path. It's a very enjoyable show. By San Antonio this show will be approaching full bloom and it will be memorable. Cadets - Warm welcome, more than once. There was applause from the moment the block began its journey around the field to their entrance position. Props are tasteful, versatile, and well utilized. The uniforms look great... metallic Jackson Pollock dessert plates... the front to back contrast creates great effects. The staff must be coordinating well because all sections were strong. None stood out as particularly better or worse, and it was easy to appreciate the quality in each. Speaking of quality, this is the best design they've had in a while. Serious demand. Quintessential Cadets moments all while fresh. They currently have a weakness, and it's marching/maneuvering. The drill is difficult and there are many sets and direction changes. Marching technique is evident, but not consistent. With the sections all strong, it will be important to smooth the visual progressions so that dips in posture and body line breaks don't stick out. It is reassuring to know that it's still June, there is serious content in the show (across the board), and they will actually clean the good effects instead of forcing maniacal rewrites. Their content-to-achievement trajectory is steep, but that's what made them champions. Boston - This is one of those times when it was a total shame there was not a full judging panel, because Boston had a really excellent run. The brass sounded incredible, percussion was on fire, and the guard delivered to their usual high standard. They did not run the fire prop continuously after "ignition" (thank you), but let it smolder and re-lit it toward the end. Made it so much more interesting. Boston is solidly in the top half of finalists and, like Cavies 2017, might spend most of the summer on their own scoring island (sure, pun intended). Hopefully they'll escape it sooner than Cavies did. The production is very strong. One thing that needs to improve is the musical progression into some of the big brass hits. The big double-tongued section, when they're condensed near center field, doing the progressive pose changes could have been better. The moment seems to sneak up, and is over before one can appreciate it. It's a challenging tempo. The focus is likely on locking down the pulse, then they will adjust these brass moments. The drill is tough, and there is room for improvement to make reshapes more readable. Overall though, Boston had the best run of the night. A full panel might have cast a (more) giant shadow on Bloo's lead. Bluecoats - Bloo was good, but the first half of the show did not astound. Once the singer began her thing, it got a lot more captivating. It's possible there were electronic issues at the start, or maybe they were tired. It just was not as tight as Boston. Obviously, Bloo's brass line is very good. Visual is also strong. The props are much cooler in person. This is the kind of production that gets the activity attention. They did their job tonight, and the crowd was very appreciative of the creativity and passion coming out of Canton.
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    Today's the anniversary of Jim Ott's death. Spirit of Atlanta are to wear black arm bands in commemoration of the man and his legacy. May it inspire all the hornlines tonite.
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    This Spirit mom can't stop shaking!!! So ridiculously happy for them!
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    Great job for Spirit breaking 70!! They didn't break 70 last season until the San Antonio Regional on 7/22/17 So happy and proud of my corps! <(
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    Cuz it's frickin cool! I assumed you never played a mellophone. Those rips are awesome and generate so much buildup. As a horn player, you live for those rips.
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    Nice run Crown! Thanks Fred for the Periscope! Boston and Bloo looked amazing tonight as well!! What a great year of drum corps this is!
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    Joel's line from "Risky Business". But tonight, with a million things going on with my business and my business partners, I just decided to stake the week between San Antonio and Atlanta out, booked a flight, hotel, and bought a show ticket...and will be driving the Cavaliers Souvie Truck back through Texas, Arkansas, Tennessee to Atlanta. The last week of July is some great Drum Corps. So what if I have to drive 4-6 hours per night to see it. I'm now officially stoked!
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    folks amazing grace sung by male vocal... wow... I just got chills... ironic I just posted about it.... haha posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Good luck to all of the corps tonight ... and a special shout out to Spirit for their first show of the year. Texted with my son earlier and they are super pumped.
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    I guess the "We never attack the members, just the staffs and admins" spouted by some doesn't apply here.
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    Yes. They're winners! However, I want them above 6th place so keep on pushing Kadets.
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    I did say I wanted them to have stripes on their pants again, so I guess I can't complain
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    Hey Queenanne, I think your observation is fair but maybe not complete. You need to consider many things ... one of the things that both groups had in common was maturity/talent. With Star in 88 & 89 I pushed for design that would lay down a technical foundation -with hopes to retain membership so we could then leap to the next level once we added our design direction (see 90, 91,92 and 93). The first couple years at Madison were designed to re-establish the Madison DNA. In 2014, it was time for them to establish a technical foundation that is why I chose the show that I did. It was not the same as the “other” Scout shows I did for them but I knew it was what was needed to move them forward to the next level realizing they might take a baby step back to be able to really move to the next level in 2015. I regrettably wasn’t able to continue. The corps did place higher that next year, so I think the strategy would have worked. Good luck to you and thank you for your comment.
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    A few initial comments from being at the show live. It was a great show, great venue, and there are things to enjoy about everyone. From a live perspective my placements would have been as follows: Bluecoats Carolina Crown Crossmen Phantom Regiment Cadets Genesis I will write a more detailed revue for tomorrow, and I must mention the Sound Sport group that performed tonight sounded excellent. Forgetting the name but they had some excellent brass musicians and fun music. Also, Bluecoats alumni corps performed very well and pulled out a few new twists in terms of repertoire. It was nice to hear some of those older charts. The soloists were all excellent with the alumni group. Great stuff! This may be one of my favorite Bluecoats shows ever...even over Tilt and Downside Up. Once you see Bluecoats live you are drawn into this show and taken for a ride. It is fantastic in every sense!!! The brass is one of their best lines yet. Percussion will improve and lock in, and the guard was much improved over the YT video I saw from Detroit. The drill is perfectly staged and flows so well with the music. The props are used well, and all in all I feel this may be a potential Gold Medal show. It has that kind of potential. A must see this summer. Carolina Crown is another fantastic show that screams unique and daring, and also has that edginess to it that you would expect from a show called The Beast. The music is wonderful, staging is also amazing, and I just love watching the colors mix as they move to that drill. This is another show you must see live. This show also has medal potential and should be a strong contender down the stretch as they finish the closer and fine tune all the details. Loved it! To say that the Crossmen put on a show would be a understatement. I honestly would have had them 3rd, but I am sure that the excitement factor helped me put them there. They are playing some of the best music on the field this summer. The drill, guard, brass, and percussion are all solid and will mature into a killer ensemble come Finals. But it's the GE with this show that I feel may push them up the ladder once cleaned. A super fun show! Absolutely one of the best shows of the summer and you simply must see them live. Phantom Regiment is definitely stronger for this time of the season vs last year. They should finish strong. This show has legs and much room to grow. Visual and GE will need the most work. The brass sounds very good already. Guard is beautiful and staged well. I love the music and feel with the right changes to visual and staging that this should could be a top 7 show. Not wild about the props. The Cadets are interesting to say the least. For starters they got a wonderful reception from the crowd when entering the field. Fans are genuinely happy to see them out and performing. I'm happy for the MMs and hope they have a fantastic summer. We are all rooting for them. Competitively, however, the staff will have some structural work to do. The show feels unorganized and choppy for the first half. I imagine all the changes they had to make in the winter has slowed their progress. The best part of the show is the closer which is really nice. I am not wild about the uniforms. I had them in 5th for tonight but they have plenty of solid material to work with. Genesis continues to grow and mature and they put on a fantastic show tonight. They have a rich, dark sound and feature the guard and percussion in fine fashion. They have a big sound and yet I felt they held back some. Very controlled, and I liked that. I actually really like the uni they are wearing. I am not wild about grey, but it was dark enough to really present the corps.
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    My five-year-old is undecided between joining SCV and being an astronaut!
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    The Bluecoats " beatnik " 50's singer is fabulous. She's got the look, the vibe, the moves, the voice, the costuming down pat.
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    BD is very strong. They’re only going to get better. No one in BD, SCV and Bloo league. It’s a pick em.
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    Cadets gave a very spirited performance home crowd cheering them on - standing O before the performance the program is quite strong in many aspects good balance across the captions right now brass much improved over last year, but guard might be the caption that pulls away - in today’s DCI that’s a good thinf highlight of the program right now is the ballad and closer good job Cadets!
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    So happy to see the cadets back and making the most of this season (and I’m a BAC guy)! For a first show.... it was really good! Love the uniforms and the props were not overpowering like so many others are. Brass killed it! I don’t have any critiques for tonight, right now it’s just about celebrating the cadets being back in action!
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