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    How can anyone "blame Penn" for "overreacting"? We all nodded our heads in agreement that we haven't seen the end of this, and that working their way back into the public trust will take time. So now this is an example of that. We all said we knew more repercussions were coming, so let's not feign disbelief when they do. Penn is doing what they feel they have to do. Don't be surprised if more things like this happen. Much as we would like the reset button to be pushed when Hopkins and the old BOD were flushed, others are taking a more cautious approach. Stop blaming them, those of you who are.
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    It's pretty much pointless to try reasoning with him. Cowtown has always shown his bias against Cadets so it's nothing new. It's funny how one can sit anonymously and judge others because they chose to become part of an organization with which he disagrees. Regardless of what GH did to these people, he neither defines Cadets nor does he define the people who marched, instructed, volunteered, and donated to the corps. To sit behind the comfort of anonymity and judge us, call us "borg" or whatever Cowtown wants to do, because we love that organization does nothing but bleeds judgment and sanctimony, in which case, doesn't even deserve the time wasted on even reading that post. I wonder how many Harvey Weinstein movies Cowtown has seen. I wonder how many politicians for whom he has voted who have done the same thing. I wonder how many Kevin Spacey movies he has watched. I wonder if he still "supports our troops." The sad fact is, this problem of sexual assault/harassment is pervasive throughout many sectors of our society. Cowtown wants to imply that anyone who has ever been associated with the Cadets are complicit; I hope he is willing to look himself in the mirror and ask if HE is complicit given his constant commenting on Cadets threads. Cowtown's moral superiority is irrelevant since I'm sure there is at least one organization he has supported in which this crime has been committed. I marched Cadets and I am PROUD of it. I am not going to get bent out of shape because some random internet person wants to judge me for it. He's never marched Cadets so he does not have first hand knowledge of what it is like to be part of that organization. Regardless of what GH has done, I will never regret my decision to march there and will never be ashamed of it, Cowtown's judgment notwithstanding. To answer the poll, if this story had come out while I was of marching age, I would only march there if they made the necessary changes to ensure they were trying to prevent this from happening again. I am sure my parents would definitely have a say in it. They would probably have their qualms about it, but they have never prevented me from following my dreams. And although they would be more involved if they had this information, they would have still allowed me to march there. GH is gone. The old YEA board is gone. Cadets are rebuilding. I am looking forward to see what happens with them in the future.
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    Wait until you guys hear the Bruckner opener. From the opening that hornline will grab you by the balls and unleash the power of the drum corps Gods. Kinda like they’re saying, “Eff this, we’re just going to blow your face off from the opening downbeat, hope you don’t mind.” Much percussion, many many tympanies, extremely majestic, and oh my God powerfully loud. When I heard it at the January camp I nearly wept.
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    Meet The Academy is a fundraiser where the corps introduces their uniforms and the show design and concept. They ask that nothing be leaked about either and I will completely respect that. So no spoilers, but I would like to add my impressions on things I saw and heard. 1. Uniforms - You will know right away that you are seeing The Academy. Their deal with Fruhauf means they get new uniforms each year for the life of their contract. This is the second year and you will see a look that says "Academy" but also fits the show theme. The members who wore them for the event tonight love the new fabric that Fruhauf is introducing. It has the structure of a traditional look with the flexibility of the lycra bottoms we have seen the past few years with Crown and BK and Scouts and BD last year. I am not sure, but I also believe the same fabric is being used for the guard costumes as well. That should tell you how well this new fabrics stretched to allow extreme movements. I expect to see Fruhauf make an entry into the Winter Guard and Drum Line costuming arena. 2. Show concept and music - My husband and I have been around the corps since 2009 and tonight knocked my husband's socks off on how it connected emotionally to him. A 2016 type of connection. Its early and we only heard the first three movements by the brass line, but I think that once again, the audiences are going to enjoy it - and hopefully buy lots of t-shirts! 3. Lindsey Vento - She blew us away! What a great addition to the design team. I spoke with one of the BoD about her and they said she blew THEM away during the hiring process. Her passion for this show was evident. As someone who has been associated with the corps for awhile, I was especially struck by her explaining how important it was for her when she was hired to learn as much as she could about the corps' history and the corps' core values. I really appreciated that. She knows it is important to the corps that the shows are relatable to the audience. They want to create shows that engage the audience and entertain them while at the same time competing to be last Saturday of the season corps and she has incorporated that into her show design process. And finally... 4. Mark Richardson - The founder and Executive Director has grown so much over the past 10 years. He's still passionate but he is a much better leader now than he was when we first saw him in front of an audience all those years. He's created a great culture here in Arizona and drum corps as an activity is better for it. The corps' motto is "Building Great People Through Great Performances" and you can see he believes it be not just a motto but a mission. In all our dealings with Mark, he has always struck us as a man who understands that doing the right thing isn't always easy, but it is the best thing to do and he tries to do it. He comes from a highly respected and influential family in the Arizona Marching band community - third generation - and is doing a remarkable job carrying on that legacy.
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    In 1979, three finalists played Children of Sanchez. I was sick of hearing it by Birmingham.
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    Positive to positive, negative to ground.
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    Let's face it, the process was NOT an ordinary one... the prior entire board resigned so the situation is unique Almost as if a brand new organization drafts an original board for the first time When a new organization is formed a board is "recruited" by folks interested in forming the new organization - that's probably how this process worked also I believe this board is considered "transitional" - meaning they will serve for a time and then a more normal nomination/voting process will be put in place I believe "they" used various resources (including DCI and others) to help recruit/select this current board The board membership seems to be well-selected and doing a good job so far Watching the town hall video (Doug Rutherford) is really a breath of fresh air and professionalism So grounded, realistic and well-presented Bodes well for the future
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    I think the most spectacular example of keeping a show theme under wraps and absolutely wowing fans on opening night in Indy was the 2016 Bluecoats. I had no idea what they were going to do and it was about the most fun I’ve ever had watching a show. I said to Jim nobody is beating that. I think BD did a couple of times but they won on the last night.
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    After the 71 season, Garfield fired our marvelous drum instructor George Tuthill, at which point a good portion of the drumline quit and joined the Cabs, where George was also the drum guy. None of us were aged out of Garfield...not even close, actually, I was 18 in the fall of 71. I left with them and checked out the Cabs. George had me slated to play double conga, along with at least one other Garfield tri-tom player who came along. In fact the Cabs did a Giant 1/2-time at Yankee Stadium (the Giant's home at the time) that fall, and I got to march the show (71 show) and carry around the congas. We sat on folding chairs out near the monuments in center field. I decided that with my college music ed classes and other stuff, I would rather stay in Garfield, so I went back and picked up baritone. Don Angelica was our primary brass instructor. I decided not to play drums for the new guy who Don had hired to be Bergenfeld HS's band director. Don was Bergenfield's personnel director at the time, which made the job placement of this new guy easy. I mean, who would want to play in a drumline taught by this new guy Fred Sanford?
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    Stop piling on poor GH? There are two sides to every story? Sure. We've heard Hopkins' side since about 1982. Now you don't want to hear the other side? Yeah. Whatever.
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    I am SO glad that the grown ups are in charge now. Professionalism.
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    Excited to hear the Cadets' take on Holsinger's Ballet Sacra, 25 years after its inclusion in their championship-winning "In the Spring..." show.
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    I will put this here also since it is getting buried in the issue thread and is pertinent to the 2018 Cadets
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    here, lemme help you out. go back to page 1. read that. then go to page 2...read that. then 3,4 and you'll actually learn a few things
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    Without knowing all the details it seems like a smart decision given what we do know a grown up type decision
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    Our last camp concluded with a moment of unity as members and alumni spanning over 50 years sang O' Holy Name together. It was a special moment and we are very humbled at the amount of support this weekend.
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    Had to chime in here. Close to 3,000 innocent lives were killed and another 6,000 wounded on 9/11. And while the current GH/Cadets/DCI situation is bad, if you really were stationed at the Pentagon, you would have to know how utterly irresponsible, if not down right offensive, it is to equate both situations. Equate it to Cosby, yes! But equating it to the 19 suicide terrorists, Osama Bin Ladin, and the 9,000 killed/wounded, NO!!!
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    Does anyone else remember last year at this time when Boston was being as stoic as they are now...and some dcpers were nevertheless insisting that BAC couldn't possibly live up to "all the hype"? (And all they had done was announce staff...) Yes, BAC might finish a place or two higher, etc etc etc. Can't wait to get to Vermont next month......
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    You are forgetting about compounding interest, he would have significantly more than $250k. Either way, the whole $175k salary thing is the biggest red herring in this mess. Yeah, it is good money, but he isn't rich and given the number of hours he worked it isn't an absurd amount of money. Whatever else he is, he was the director of one of the most successful drum corps in history and was compensated as such. The thing about a lot of the responses (not the one I'm responding to, just responses in general) to this whole mess that makes me really uncomfortable is how many people are using it as vindication of all their dislike of rule changes, show designs, uniforms, and anything else they didn't like about GH. Some people seem happy to see GH go down because they don't like his effect on drum corps more than they are glad that a serial rapist has been exposed.
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    You'll be happy! ZERO singing.
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    Full disclosure. My kid marches in the Cavaliers and I bleed green. With that noted, I wanted to recognize just how much I enjoyed the 2017 BAC Show “Wicked Games”. I literally just finished watching it (again), and I thought this was one of if not the most entertaining shows in Finals last year. True to my “PopcornEater” moniker, I really don’t understand all the scoring. And yes I do know good technical brass lines when I hear them. Boston’s brass sounded great in this show. But the show design, the vocals (gasp!), the voice overs, the props, and the theme overall made this a top flight entertainment experience overall! Best of luck to BAC in 2018! Hope my Cavaliers bring their A game! I’ll now return to being a Cavaliers “homer” :-)
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    Nor am I. And as for jsd''s assertion that some of us have no "dog in the fight," I disagree. As damaging as this has the potential to be for the entire activity, I say that anyone who loves the activity has a dog in this fight.
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    FYI, the 2018 DCI schedule is now available within the app (corps repertoire data is not available yet but will be ready in time for the season). We will be releasing an update to the app in the coming weeks with some further improvements for the 2018 season.
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    risk taking is the fools way. You do what BD or Boston have done....you build up a solid support system and infrastructure. You find ways and ensembles to help make the organization money. Too many drum corps ran on risk, and where are they now? this isn't Wall Street where risk can be parlayed and losses made up fast.
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