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    It was at the Westchester show... it was dark, and there were woods at the end of the stadium, so the black-painted door just kind of disappeared. I was sliding left, trying to look through the contra/tuba on my shoulder to find the door when *WHAM*! I bounced off of it, quickly decided to try and run to catch up with the form, and ran blind, relying on muscle memory. I made it, and finished the show, but it was super scary! It took 10 years as a band director before I allowed props on the field in our shows! :-D
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    That describes my love life, and it hasn't killed me.
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    "Terri Schehr Awakening"
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    If this is the show title, I'm good with it.
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    Like Seinfeld, I like shows about nothing. Shut up and play.
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    I really would like Flo to let the show stand for 24 hours so it can be watched and/or re-watch for a limited amount of time.
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    From what I've heard, Brandon Olander is not only back in the line....but has achieved the quadfecta of BD drumming. Win DCI: Check Win the Sanford: Check Win snare I&E: Check Become Center snare: CHECK! Wondering how many others have done that....pretty sure ScoJo did.
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    i said this on DCP the Facebook page, I'll say it here. if those in the Madison organization and alumni are ok with it, who cares? It's their family. It's like every so many years drama when Phantoms guard flips from coeds to Phantomettes. It's their corps, it's their call. Sit back and watch the show and like it or not like it for what it is.
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    i still haven't. then again, I watch NASCAR for the wrecks
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    What Guardling and others have said about the Troopers' signature "Sunburst" visual. For that era, that was the real deal, no doubt about it. In an era when most drills were of the "file and column" variety, a circular/curved move like the Sunburst, executed at such a high level, was stunning.
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    So enough with the Tease,... I have it on good authority that Boston's 2018 Show Theme/ Storyline will be..... " Amelia becomes a Castaway on Skull Island in the South Pacific and both She, Noonan, and some Shipwrecked Pirates of the Caribbean seeking El Dorado are all killed by King Kong there ". ..... or else. it really is a show about Gilligan's Island, and my sources are probably just Lost somewhere in the Bermuda Triangle on all this.
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    I think it’s about a girl who falls in love with a fish man...oh wait...
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    I ran into that door once....
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    On the field, from Allentown Pennsylvania, The Cadets! Drum majors (names here) is your corps ready? Drum Corps International is proud to present The Cadets! Really that's all that's needed.
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    I want more cheesy narration. Extra credit if it tries for some deep meaningful message. I also want more thunderous goo. Loves me some electronic generated sound so loud it drowns out the entire brass line. That's drum corps!! And can you please get me more props. Like tarps covering the entire field, or various jungle gym-like structures taking up lots of space. And for something new, because "evolving" = good, how about reaching into the BOA ranks and bringing some go karts to the field.
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    I have just learned one of my students was offered a contract this past weekend. As an FMM, I couldn't be more proud. I look forward to seeing him grow in the marching arts with one of the finest organizations in the activity.
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    Quiet is the way Bloo likes it.
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    A Cavies championship!! Woooo!
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    unless they cook him across the street at Phillips
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    None of us probably would have noticed had the reference not been made lol...
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    Could we be so lucky as to hear some ABBA on the field this summer?
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    It would be hugely ironically funny that if, after all of these years of Cadets saying they're doing Pearl Harbor and changing it, Boston just went and did it first... Mike
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    Dams can leak for weeks, months... water flowing through.... without breaking. LOL. So... regarding the semantics of "member" or not... we'll find out at some point, right? Until then... perhaps we can just enjoy this moment and wish this young woman well?
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    *me sitting under the Sorting Shako* "not Cadets, not Cadets, not Cadets"
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    Positives: Not retracing the exact same tour as the prior two years Not competing head-to-head with the same corps nearly every show because they are also on the same tour as the last two years Seeing a part of the country not familiar with (even if it's just off in the distance, or from a bus window) No Florida (and its sulfurous drinking water) Giving my brother in Seattle a chance to see his nephew Giving my son a look at some of the locations he might be going to college in the fall Negatives: Clifton show will probably take a hit in attendance No chance for my son to get mango pie at a certain restaurant in one of the Disney parks in Florida
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    Cadets post on Facebook today talks about the high number of vets returning (more than half the brass, for instance) as well as design team all coming back. I think the quote is: Talent is great. Vibe is great. Sounds good to me. Huh.
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    see those are the folks that entertain me to no end.
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    Tell me about it! ...haha
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    Sleeper pick: little Jeffrey (Goeffrey?), with the Red Queen in the mix. Maybe Sarah as a dark horse. Good grief, the cringey characters he's placed on the field.
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    What's in a name? Why is the name such a big deal anyway? That's less important than how they execute/design their show anyways.
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    You meant to say Trumpets right? LOL
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    get one before they're gone! https://imgflip.com/i/26emc1
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    Backflip Jesus, someone spinning wrapped Christmas presents or random mannequins appearing in the end zone are also key indicators - and of course Oprah banners are a given
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    I had one of those cool random DCI encounters tonight when eating out at Mod Pizza. Two of the guys working behind the counter are current marching members, one in BK and the other in Boston. I was good, and didn’t harass him for the theme... but I did get a hint. Two, actually.
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    All’s been quiet with Bloo this winter. Looking forward to creative and innovative stuff from them in 2018.
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    That is true, but the initial Toy Soldier idea was pretty cool. I know this from a friend of mine on staff that year. The show turned into a mess when George had his ideas incorporated...just saying.
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    When I watched them play and heard more of the show, I wondered how they were going to pull off playing AND marching some of this music on the field at the same time. This brass book is just insane. Definitely one of the hardest books ever to come out of Rosemont that I can remember. Of course this is only at this time. ...and they keep adding difficulty in ways that maybe I'll explain after they announce their show. I'm super stoked about how much this hornline is playing. Right now, difficult passages aren't being sent to the pit ( this was a brass only camp), and there weren't that many empty sections where the hornline was tacit. Anyway, I'm hyping a little bit, but it's our 70th anniversary, and so far things are going very well musically. I can't wait to hear them next month and then finally in the summer!
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    One of my favorite moments is watching the PR contra in 08 with his eyes closed, sweating, and soaking up the crowds reaction to the performance. That is priceless for a mm people.
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    hey if it provides more performance opportunities why not? with the old school 'host invites who they want" approach anything is a help!
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    I think they’re just going for a general Lost/Bermuda triangle theme, but not a specific event. Kind of like how Wicked Games was loosely based off of the Salem trials but was it’s own thing
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    You have been a member of this site longer than me and I’ve seen your posts for a long time and I never noticed that your username is ran into the door oh my gosh I’m STUPID.
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    Presenting their Program "SO(n)S of a Beach"
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    1. 2015 - Kinetic Noise My hands-down favorite show of all time. It has everything I could ever want. It makes me bob my head. The ballad is gorgeous. There's a stereo contra feature. I'm sold. 2. 2005 - Caravan Loved the music. Really fun concept that married the version 1.0 Bluecoats with Blood 2.0. Right show. Right year. 3. 2017 - Jagged Line Lots of attitude in the visual program. Though I usually FF through the ballad, Psychopomp and Zomby Woof are 2 of my favorite arrangements anyone has ever done. If anyone out there hasn't listened to the Thank You Scientist album that Psychopomp comes from, check it. One of my favorite current bands, and a potential killer source of more field material in the future for some groups. 4. 2016 - Downside Up I'll never forget seeing this live for the first time in spring training and thinking how the entire activity was about to change forever. The last 30 seconds of this might be my favorite 30 seconds ever in a show. These guys came out every night like a cross between rock stars and super heroes. If I could get a time machine and march any show ever, this is it. 5. 2001 - Latin Sketches The winter camp where the corps read through Red Cape Tango for the first time was the moment the corps shifted for good. Guard choreo. in the ballad was gorgeous. Honorable mentions: 1999 - The Music of Chick Corea (got me hooked with Armando's Rhumba) 2008 - The Knockout (ballad and closer... YES) 1998 - Four Seasons of Jazz (gratuitous screaming and maybe the Autumn Leaves that's aged the best) 1986 - untitled (Hungarian Dance no. 5... only jazz? Really fun to listen to) 2000 - Threshold (because I'm definitely gonna end this list on a biased note. Also, the closer w/ duet)
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    Two guys in Kilties all-age quit because they let me in the brassline. I wouldn’t have blamed them if they’d quit because of the female they let in after me that season. I spoke to the corps before they voted and said that they should do what they want. It wasn’t the end of the world if they didn’t let me in. It would have been dumb to not let me in however because I was a much better brass player than most of them. Just sayin.
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    So to pull this back a bit to the topic itself, I would believe that a featured performer, female or not, or female participating in the endeavors of a primarily MM male organization, is a member of the organization simply due to the times we live in with liabilities, waivers of liability, indemnifications, MM contracts, associated MM responsibilities (tour fees, camp fees, etc.), codes of conduct, 1 of 154, and all that comes with that. The person identified as a featured performer, performing in all competitions is a member. In the eyes of the fans, alums (most anyway) the org's. administration, competitors and DCI itself, that person is a member. I'd say the Madison is dipping their toe in the pool of inclusion but it seems they may only be in up to their baby toe. Good for them and good luck to them this year.
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    or those who have a solution LOOKING for a problem
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    Congratulations Megan! https://www.flomarching.com/articles/6118922-megan-hutera-makes-history-as-madison-scouts-1st-female-brass-player
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