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    So as of last week, after 28 years I am no longer a DCI Fan. I am officially a DCI Parent. <applause> That said, as we've gotten closer and closer, with callbacks and video assignments and camps and talking about drum corps EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for 18 months, I've found that my perspective on this season - and DCI - had changed quite a bit. Really, without me even noticing until now. First, I could give a flying ... leap... about the other 40+ corps in DCI this year. So what if the Cadets are coming out in hot pink? BD playing Taylor Swift in their drum feature? Madison's relocation to Tulsa? No big deal. I'm sure it's all great, but I'll be honest - all I care about is my kiddo and how they're doing, how they place and how they feel about their corps. I probably will be one of those parents in the stands for only one corps, to tell the truth, even if they are likely to be near the front of every show. Sorry, fans who don't like transient crowds - sure I'd like to see the Cavaliers live when they go undefeated and stomp everyone this year, but I'd like even more to see the kiddo and hear how they felt their run was. Second, and probably much more significant, I'm suddenly very amazingly more tolerant of DCI's recent creative explosion. As they say, it's all fun and games until it happens to you. (Or is it until someone loses an ear?) My kiddo is going to be doing some fairly novel stuff in an avant-garde way, and I couldn't be happier. Because this year of DCI was made for them - this is theirs and nobody else's. You had your La Fiesta and Candide and Medea and Bjork and even your Justin Bieber, but now it's my kid's turn. To be brutally honest, as of now my kid's version of DCI is more important to them (and me) than your DCI. So best of luck, other corps, even if I'm only watching with half an eye and listening with half my brain. My focus is on one group of kids - one kid - and what I already know is going to be the best summer of DCI ever. Mike Ok... let's make this an actual discussion instead of some kind of a narcissistic blog post - parents, what did you find changed for you when you made the same switch from fan to parent?
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    Why are marching Cadets and Cadet Alumni so loyal to each other? How would you answer this? While I was out in Indianapolis awhile back a number of people asked me why our Cadet Alumni are so supportive of our corps. I found it hard to explain in a short conversation just what having worn the iconic maroon and gold Cadet uniform, or sharing a history and heritage, or having shared values and a work ethic that we learned as marching Cadets, or singing The Holy Name hymn knowing that it has been sung by many thousands over a period of 83 years means to us. I thought back on some words that George Hopkins said at our 75th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee. To paraphrase, "We are not here to celebrate ten American Legion National Championship or ten DCI World Championships. We are here to celebrate and to honor every Cadet who has worn the maroon and gold over our long and rich history." In essence what I think he was saying, and what I firmly believe, is that we are all part of the Cadet tapestry. Our history is not simply about competitive achievement...though we value that as much as any other corps. Winning can be defined in many ways though, and through good years and bad we have always "won," through success, through adversity, and through challenges that have molded our character. If you have a conversation with a Cadet alumnus and you ask "why are you so loyal," more times than not he or she will tell you that everything they are, and everything they accomplished in life, was built upon the experience of having been aCadet. We are all forever linked, to the Cadets who preceded us, the Cadets we marched with, the Cadets who followed us, and the Cadets yet to come. FHNSAB...For Holy Name shall always be...pretty much sums up why we are so loyal and so supportive. We want to ensure that we all do whatever we can to ensure that those words...the final words of the Holy Name Hymn...and the promise to our corps' future that is embodied in those words...never ring empty.
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    two words Belshazzar's Feast
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    Hello all in the "DCI section" of Drum Corps Planet. I've been here the last two years in the DCA Boards while my son was marching with Atlanta CV. He auditioned for and contracted with 2017 Cavaliers, so I'm moving to this section of the website for time being. Love all the insight gathered from watching all the fans discuss! Can't wait for the season!
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    I've held my breath as long as I can with this nasty back and forth. 1. Your bluster could be simply stated: one poster (Tobias) expressed an opinion with which you differed. Another poster (George Dixon) insinuated that not all was always perfect in the interplay of faculty personalities. That's 2 posters from all Cadets, alums, fans, and posters. You disagree but have drawn out the disagreement probably in your boredom and need to sound righteous, disrupting this thread the way you disrupted Crown's thread and other threads this pre-season. You even got suspended from DCP for your behavior. 2. Gino never marched with Cadets. He, a Florida native, marched in Florida Wave at least. He has taught in Florida, California, New York, Pennsylvania, and now Massachusetts. He is passionate about his craft and his students. Like all of us, sometimes his greatest strength may become his greatest weakness. Life is a wonderful challenge and mystery where the dynamics of relationships give us growth, grace, and sometimes heart burn. 3. Tobias is also a passionate poster and Cadet fan; he is a Cadet alum but is not a corps spokesperson, just as I am not. He bases his posts often on his experience as a marcher and through information (gossip sometimes) he has heard from others he knows there including some whom he has sponsored. It may be that sometimes that info is not accurate. Since any corps today involves hundreds of persons as admin, MMs, faculty, support staff, volunteers, donors and fans, there will probably be many differences of perspectives and opinions as no two humans are clones no matter how identically the Cadets try to present their visual performance. My opinion differs from his, just as my experience is different from his. One of Jeff's strengths has always been having the right horn players, drummers, and guard in the right spot at the appropriate time of the drill. Yes, reviewing almost twenty years of drill writing as the principal drill designer and previously as an assistant to the principal drill writer(s) for the Cadets, he has repeated forms and transitions of sets. But so have Gaines, May, Ryan, Vanderkolff, Weber and just about every major drill writer who has been with any DCI corps for more than two seasons. But so often for the MMs who marched those sets, this was a first time experience. This struck me so clearly when realizing that thos e who aged out two seasons ago and now are 24 were never alive when George Zingali was alive. In short, you and I are old. As George Dixon tried to remind subtly, Jeff has been dealing with major life and death issues in his household the past two seasons. To me, criticism and counter-criticism even under the guise of pseudo-fandom is insensitive and of no solace to him or those who knew his deceased. As I am dealing with something parallel, I am not going to respond further.
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    Welcome to DCP, where opinions are easy to come by, but there is a drought on forgiveness!
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    Hey, I'm a MM in the mellophone section for Surf this year. It's my rookie year of drum corps, and I can already tell, despite my lack of marching experience, that Surf is a very, very special organization. Not a single person involved in the organization is in any way, shape, or form worried about the progress we're making this season thus far. We all love how it's shaping up to be and are all so thrilled to see what the rest of the season holds not just for us, but for the rest of the drum corps community. I saw someone said on the first page that maybe we and the staff are getting a little tense due to our performance level, but that's not true at all! It's a very chill environment, actually, and we're all just having fun with the music. We aren't coming into this season with a crazy goal of how many corps we can beat out, though we are hoping to make it past Thursday night this year :) And there's no doubt we'd be a little bit 'better off' if we started earlier. Our season starts a bit later than other corps because many of our members are still in high school and late graduation, finals, etc can get in the way of spring training and potentially prevent some of us from being able to march with the corps. We'd much rather start a little bit later than risk taking the experience away from some of our members. After talking to some parents of returning MMs, I've learned that one of Surf's biggest issues is the fact that a lot of members only stay for a year or two before going off to another higher ranked corps. However, we do have those members every year that age out with us having spent their entire marching career with Surf. I can promise you, you have no reason to worry about us, if you are at all!! We're not worried even a little bit, and our show is going to be great and we love it, so hopefully you will all love it, too. :)
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    Am I imagining it or have you posted this like twenty or thirty times now just reworded it time? I'm pretty sure we understand your take on it lol
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    The uniforms were not meant to be reflective of cowboy attire, and I'm surprised that you're arguing from the angle that they were. I'll do my best to help you understand-- the design team for Crown over the last 3 years has clearly been using a template uniform whose color changes to match the mood or theme of the show. Some easy examples: red for hell, bright blue for sci-fi, and a dusty brown for the West. The color complimented the props, flags, and atmosphere of the story they were trying to tell. You seem to be arguing from the angle that the uniform was somehow a bad cowboy costume, which I can either interpret as you deliberately misrepresenting the corps to try to weasel your point in, or as you not having visited the eye doctor for the last several years (being that I assume you're a dinosaur, it's a 50/50 shot at which is the case). So, now we get into the meat of the conversation. Were Crown's uniforms "ineffective" when it came to portraying a wild west themed show? For that, we would have to compare their uniforms to others, and decide which would make more sense in that context. I'll make a simple chart for you so we can decide together. Which of the following is more effective in a "Wild West" themed show? Crown 2016 uniforms vs Crown 2015 uniforms vs Crown all-cream uniforms (circa 2012) vs Cadets M&G West Point uniforms vs The Academy's uniforms vs The Troopers' uniforms Hopefully you can follow my thought process in the selection of these uniforms for us to look at together. I first compare this year's uniform to last year's. They're both the same style with different colors. Did changing the color make the uniform more effective in this show? I argue that yes, it did. The dusty brown is much more reminiscent to an arid, western setting than blood red. I then compare this year's uniform to the "traditional look." Does the dust-colored costume work better in the context of the show than a monotone-cream band outfit? Personally, I think so, but if you feel like that's more western feel free to interject. Now we break into some more obvious ones. Obviously Cadets and Academy have very different uniforms, and I postulate that neither even have the capacity to do a Western show based on what they wear right now. You will insist that this is because I'm lacking in imagination, but we'll get to that in a bit. I threw in the Troopers because it seems like your argument is that "if the uniform REALLY fit the show, Crown would be dressed like cowboys, and that the only way for the uniform to fit the show is for these people to literally be dressed broadway style like cowboys." I think that's a silly argument, and I know you think so too, so why waste time and energy making it so that I have to refute it? I don't want to bother, but it's annoying that, in a conversation, you're constantly interjecting and putting things in other people's mouths that nobody is saying. You spent about 5 pages so far acting like people are saying things that they haven't. The whole crux of your argument is that "Crown did not dress like Cowboys and therefore their uniforms did not reflect their show theme." I think it's obvious that Crown tries to use color and minimal interjection to try to draw you into the story, and I think that's really cool. It's an effective strategy, and one that nobody has been complaining about for the last 3 years up till now. You further postulate that any uniform can be used for any show, with some imagination. I agree, but the effectiveness of that show is questionable. If I'm trying to make a show about the wild west, why would I use vibrant colors when I'm going for a more gritty angle? I wouldn't. It makes no sense. Every performing art that uses any visual elements whatsoever changes their costuming depending on their show. Dance, theater, all of them. There are only very rare exceptions (a la rockettes), and guess what? They put on pretty much the exact same show every single year because their military uniforms confine them to military movement. Yes, the rockettes could do a wild wild west show, but it wouldn't make much sense when they all look like a bunch of toy soldiers. I hope that this explanation of uniform colors, styles and their impact on show design has been helpful to you.
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    As a hornline member from 16', I was hesitant about seeing the new visual and design staff come on. But now the new visual and design staff this year is absolutely incredible! I wouldn't want anyone else on our visual and design team! I can assure you that this staff is even better than the last year. Nothing has changed from this last year, except the level of detail we have been digging into and its getting better and better every camp!
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    Personally speaking, it's just a sign of the times. As much as I wish they wouldn't change the traditional uniform, I have conceded that the powers that be do not take the uniform to be paramount; shows nowadays are full-blown production filled with costuming, etc. And after last year, I am more concerned with their being competitive as opposed to what they're wearing.
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    I have just a few thoughts to share on this topic of fundraising. To my knowledge, all of this is in the public domain now so I don't believe I am betraying any confidences. I think one of Boston's first steps was to increase dramatically the size and scope of their BOD. I think it is at or close to 50 members now, and it is a great mix of Boston area drum corps people and movers and shakers from the corporate and financial world in the city of Boston. The corps established Inspire Arts & Music, with the mandate of increasing the organization's outreach in the city. Staring first with establishing a series of high school music festivals, then on to acquiring other, existing festivals, establishing a FREE brass program and a FREE percussion program for local city kids run out of the new corps hall in Hyde Park, aligning itself with the Blessed Sacrament WGI organization, and more recently, 7th Regiment and acquiring the recording studio and Fleetwood Records business. They also opened their own musical instrument store, which is not just a mail order operation, but is actually a physical walk in retail space in the same building, which also houses a working community theatre. Now, you might ask where does the money come from if most of these activities are free to the local kids? That's where the corporate involvement comes from. You can't just ask a successful company for money...you have to SHOW what you do with it. So, if you, say, are able to present a powerpoint to a ABC Investments, XYZ Mutual Insurance Group, John Smith Financial Group, the City of Boston, etc and SHOW how you are impacting kids on a local, regional and national level, that yields results. So much results in fact, that several other drum corps ask you to show them what you have done (and some folks here would be astonished to know which corps). When I was last involved directly with the corps, I remember working the bingo in Cambridge. That was fine for simple cash flow at the time, but the folks on BAC's BOD deserve tons of credit for their work in diversifying both Boston's financial reach and operational depth. I have seen on other threads comments about BAC "coming into money". Nothing can be further from the truth. It has been a painstaking, multiyear process by the BOD who literally have the motto "We will never die". There is nothing wrong with car washes and bake sales, but at the end of the day, it is all about community outreach and engagement. It is the long game that matters.
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    I would hope that there is more than a uniform/style that makes a corps.
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    As a parent to a returning Surf MM, I can report that the corps has alot more MMs coming back this year, so hopefully that will provide some more backbone. The show is shaping up to be really interesting and more challenging than in years past. Surf does start later than most corps (though by the time of move ins, they are rehearsing every weekend). They had one free day last summer (San Antonio) and a few laundry half days - that's it. They also have a small budget, which impacts general effect - no big ramps or annual uniform changes here. But, they do have the best food in DCI! My MM claims that the open class corps tend to score better at finals because they are judged all summer on a different scale, so when they get to finals they are competing on a blank slate. The MMs definitely wish they were scoring higher and not making semis last year was pretty hard on them. I don't think the show, though pretty good, resonated. Stay tuned for this year - definitely more contemporary.
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    46 years as a BD alumni an my 5th year as parent of same corps. I have learned more about music as a parent then I ever did in playing. My son has been a HS instructor since the day he left HS. I hope he instructs a drum corps next year.
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    Congrats. :) Where I didn't march I hope some day I can experience it the same way you are. A primary reason I'm not very critical on here is because I know the last thing I want is a parent or a MM reading some nasty crap someone is throwing their corps way, that just doesn't sit well with me.
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    Pretty cool to see another composer supporting a drum corps. Dobson, by the way, has been performed on the field before: Crown played his "Journey of the Lone Wolf" this past season.
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    Just saw this on Reddit. Looks pretty legit to me - from Simon Dobson's Facebook page. He's the composer of "Crystal". Here's a good video of Crystal:
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    You're right on the money. Just because "it never affected them in the past" has no bearing on whether it affects them now -- in today's DCI. The Cadets have resisted the move from "body" to "dance" that the rest of the activity has embraced. The military design of their uniform makes that sort of choreography look a bit odd. There's no logic in "it never hurt them before". This is NOT before :-)
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    Great talk with the staff tonight. No specific show details but lots of information. Drew says they are going with a larger tuba and baritone section. Will be marching euphoniums as well
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    What I do know I can not say. I will not disrespect the org or embarrass my son. Trust me when I say this hornline is off the hook!
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    Yes we are Larry. We passed evaluation. Rochester will get to see the Southern Knights this year!
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    lol Tekk's cone of silence is showing it's first crack!
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    If the Cadets decided to do a show about DCP, it would look exactly like this thread. #### is all over the place.....
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    I hope he knocks it out of the park. Great guy and a huge talent.
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    I absolutely cringe when people say the cadets implosion was the reason The Cavies moved up. Not so long ago the Cavies were in the top 3 all but one year (4th in 2009) from 1999-2011. So can't the arguement be made that the reason all these other corps have done so well was because the Cavies had opened the door. Michael Gaines left, and we see what happened to the green machine. Last time I looked both Crown and Cadets replaced key pieces in their staff. Also rumors abound of vets going to other corps as well. I think the top 3 in 2017 may be a little more open this year, giving a corps like SCV or Cavies the opportunity to get back into medal contention.
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    I've long claimed that Joel Alleyne of Etobicoke Oakland Crusaders (DCI Worlds Finalist 1975-1977) was the best and most crowd-oriented drum major I've ever seen. I've written such in a column I do for another website.
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    Its difficult, if not impossible, to ever attempt to try and pigeonhole the Blue Devils. They are never wedded to anything for very long.. and thats a good thing, imo
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    I predict that people are going to be surprised what BD does this year. It's very different from their normal style in a good way.
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    More like page after page of people bringing out their private pissing contests.
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    City of Boston just donated a 15 passenger van to BAC/IA. posted on FB.
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    A lot of those great drill segments of the 2000s were born in the eighties and nineties. Brubaker wrote spectacularly.
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    Shouldn't Foreign Language film go to any percussion section, and anyone not a percussionist trying to figure out the "drum speak"
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    I'll say this...I've spent some time at camps, and I think you're completely correct. Granted, I'm a super fan when it comes to Madison, as an alum, so my opinion may not be respected on the subject due to that. That being said, I think the 2016 corps was very talented, and I truly loved the show, but there were design issues that many in the judging community could not get past that led to them being 13th in 2016. I believe 2017 will shock and surprise people in the best of ways, and that the corps will come back with a vengeance.
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    HOLY SMOKES! What a great compliment! I am humbled by your kind words! It has been a LONG WHILE since I've logged onto DCP. Yes! I am involved with Solaris Drum Corps. NO :-( we are not getting a DCA evaluation this year due to timing constraints. But YES! We will be competing in SoundSport this year with performances at DCI Orlando, DCI ATL, and DCI Finals! And if anyone is still wondering, Solaris is the direct decedent of Sun Devils. As Anthony stated earlier, the admin/staff split off from the SD Board of Directors to create Solaris Performing Arts. SPA is an umbrella group that currently houses Solaris Drum Corps and Solaris Percussion (FFCC/WGI). If someone wants the whole story, I can tell you offline. I am an open book. Although we (Solaris Drum Corps) are disappointed that we are not getting evaluated this year, we are very excited to still be able to do this activity in front of the people that matter the most, the fans.
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    Cadets bus on The Walking Dead!
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    Surprised more Grainger hasn't been put on the field.
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    I KNEW someone was going to hit me on that. And guessed it'd be you lol. You are correct, the kids don't have much say in design. Or anything. But they have a choice of where to audition. So I would think it's in the best interests of the staff to try to appeal to today's youth in order to generate excitement and buzz
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    Yes, and No. The Corps marchers who pay the adults to make the decisions on costumes (and its colors, designs ) are not involved in what " fabric " they will wear . A handful of AARP qualified adults make the choice of the outfits. and the youth are kept in the dark on it until the adults tell them to.. " go over there, and put these on ",( whether they like them or not). As for the shows themselves, the adults write the scoring sheets that increasingly reward the adult friends they know on the scoring sheets,where the adult created show design is increasingly rewarded on the scoring sheets more than the youth performance execution levels are. The adults think so little of the "youth" that today the adults think its proper to judge " the youth " in Drum & Bugle Corps competition without a Drum judge, or without a Bugle ( Brass ) judge... or without a Guard judge, or any combination lack thereof, and for half of the" youth " competition season too. Furthermore, Most fans know the names of the" youth " stars in college basketball, football, and other collegiate sports. But except for a name here and there, lets face it, the " stars " that everyone knows in DCI are the adults, not the " youth " busting their arse in performance competition. Unlike most " youth" sports, all the Hall of Famers in DCI are all " adults " too. There are no " youth " in the DCI Hall of Fame,, and they all were voted on by other adults. Some of whom never marched in ANY uniform, nor competed in DCI in any Corps in their" youth". Some of the DCI judges are over 70 years old now. They are well past their " youth ". ( haha!) So be careful when you bring up that DCI is foremost a " youth activity " when there is ample evidence that its not quite the " foremost " that'd you like us all to believe... lol!
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    Regarding the traditional uni: It needed to be updated, for it does not work well with the choreography that, much to my chagrin, is a visual requirement nowadays. It gladdens me the corps colors are making a return, but as Tekk said, it's more about resuming the corps' competitive position that we've grown accustomed to. Great marching just is not enough anymore.
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    Personally, I think "shade" or whatever you call it, and dirty laundry should not be made public. That's how relationships permanently end. I would imagine if the same airing of dirty laundry had occurred between GH and Tom Aungst, Tom would not be back with Cadets this year.
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    In my opinion, Crossmen trilogy of 92-94 > Blue Knights trilogy of 14-16
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    We are so spoiled with the productions from Tom Blair...anything else is an amateur showcase...
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    My iPhone fell on it.
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    I'll tell you this; even though I have been relatively pleased with the fact they have been relatively silent, I'm starting to get a little antsy. I can't wait for the season to start. I wanna see what these new uniforms look like.
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    You're not going to hear an argument from me. He's such a huge part of Crown's rise. He creates wonderful drum corps moments but at the same time so thoroughly respects the original composer's work.
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    in honor of this being international thread necro day, a thread worth necro'ing
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    Pencil, paper, ruler, protractor, compass, eraser (yup, lots of erasers). That was our drill writing software BITD
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