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    This might be the most douchey post I've ever read. Good lord are you making a *lot* of assumptions.
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    Anybody taking a job in that organization will be in over their head, because they will not be enabled to make decisions, they will not be supported financially, all problems will be blamed on them, by GH. So you can say this guy took on a job he couldn't handle. I tend to think the reason he couldn't handle it was not the nature of the job, but rather the nature of the boss he reported to.
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    Retention rates don't matter as much at the top corps as does recruiting the best "one and done" talent. I mean, great for them if they can hang on to as many of their 18 year olds as possible, that bodes well for a longer-term rebuilding effort, but bumping past three solid corps ahead of them in one year isn't likely, when those other three corps will be closer to the nucleus of the most talented 20 year olds auditioning this fall. More to the point, if whoever signed off on Stripper Jesus in the 2017 show is still in charge of making artistic decisions, the struggle to regain top status will be even harder.
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    Alright, enough personal attacks and non-staff-changes-related stuff. Let's get this thread back on track. Like I said in the OP, I don't want this thread to become "Staff Merry-Go-Round 2018 Part 2, This Time With Even More Dumb Posts."
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    There are two ways I have looked at this: 1) BDB and SCVC should be placed in WC due to their financial stability and competitive prowess; ie they are way too good to be in OC; or 2) if an OC corps can hang competitively with BDB and SCVC while being financially stable, that is a litmus test in which the corps is ready for WC. At this juncture I lean toward number two.
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    50 years ago ( 1968 ) this summer ( 2018). There is always an optimistic tomorrow.... always.
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    If all you expected to get was a video made by a guy in the stands with a single camcorder, that would make sense, but DCI's modern videos represent hundreds of man-hours of expert work and they're not going to provide the end product for free.
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    A touch ironic...
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    Amazing. Absolutely amazing. Most DCPers will know Kevin as the Crown Narrator, "John, do you love me?" and later, "Col. Tom." I know him as the quirky, creative, funny and most talented h.s. kid from Immaculata in NJ who wanted to march Jersey Surf and would hold concerts and fun nights in the parish auditorium at the church where I went to Mass while caring for a relative. Then he went on to Crown with his brother, became horn sgt. there, and did great work all the while going to Rutgers in NJ. At Crown, he and the Harloffs became fast friends; he did his student teaching at Avon HS and lived at Matt Harloff's house during his Indiana term. He has a great, loving Mom and Dad and younger sister, the three practically fed everyone who marched at Bristol, RI show and Allentown show; how else do you celebrate a LoBoeuf's birthday? After aging out of Crown he has been out in LA doing grad work and UCLA band stuff while returning to Ft. Mill as a brass tech for Crown. That Kevin and Moe Smith let their "adopted son" go is quite the testament to his talents and stature. Amazing that he left his second family at Crown. Anyone asking "Where's the Beef?" with Cavies' horn line will have to look no further. Great Add for the green team from the cream team. Leader, friend, musician, and creative personality. PS, yes, he proved himself with Aimachi in Japan.
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    Good luck with #1 Since I was so publically a supporter (for many years) I felt is was appropriate to announce publically I was no longer supportive of the approach and direction things were being taken in. Many others have done the same.
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    I can't go through another Hopkins inspired stretch where now the "choir" is the answer Last time it was voice and we as fans suffered through 2006, a lost championship in 2007, 2008 Can't take it. The show last summer (even with the young corps) was dumped on with late season "additions" by Hop - "can I get an amen" "mass has ended go in peace" the gospel "singing" etc... naked Jesus, the tarp with the jackets -- and very little time spent on cleaning the show. The resources poured into that should have resulted in much more come finals. Can't take it anymore. Sorry! It's terrible. Girlfriend hired as guard caption head and 7th and 8th and STILL HAS A JOB?? Ridiculous Clearly the BOD has zero power.
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    In a way, yes. Someone is holding a gun to my head, and I don't like it. If I want to stay apprised of the discussion about the Cadets in 2018, I have to suffer the malice of the many who use this thread for mayhem. Oh, they may pause occasionally for honest reaction on artistic topics. Mostly though, they're here as prosecutors of the inquisition - an inquisition that predates DCP and in which there was no crime and is no guilt. Blame DCP if you want for this stupid - and it is stupid - catch-all thread approach. I never understood why y'all thought this was a good idea. Then again, I don't agree with most of what transpires on DCP. The persistent negativity here makes me doubt whether y'all actually like drum corps. But that's where we are. If I want to know what's being discussed on DCP about the Cadets, I have no choice. You should be ashamed of yourselves. HH
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    I can see why you thought that way Jeff Ream.
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    Well, now you've crossed the line. You, sir, are the one who has been full of it all along. Period. I'm going to dissect everything. At first I thought you were someone wanting to reach out. I've concluded you were looking for folks who just want to sit and shout at the rain for making them wet. That ain't the way it rolls here. People here do what they can to keep this activity alive instead of grouse that it's not exactly the way they'd like it to be. Corps of every decade have been "so real". Define what you mean. Be specific. Can you do it? Maybe I can. Do you mean provide a great 'experience' for their members? Do you mean to provide chances to perform for enthusiastic audiences? Do you, heaven forbid, mean that learning and personal growth takes place on multiple levels for the membership? If so, Corps post 1972 are "real". Quite, quite real. I've also been offended by your rotten and nasty attitude towards any of us who participated in the activity that ended up getting Music Education degrees. Heavily offended and totally insulted. Has it occurred to your thick skull that maybe my experiences with the Westshoremen were a heavy influence on me to become a Music Educator? Then again-- according to your thinking, I never marched in a "real corps" since I was with a corps that had mallet percussion, tympani and later on- much later on I used a 2 valve bugle. The real legacy of the corps I marched with wasn't the 1996 Championship. It's the fact many of us went on and taught local High School bands and passed on our knowledge and enabled them to be insanely successful. Many of us also went on and became adjudicators, again, passing on our knowledge to others and helping to keep the marching activity alive and vibrant. I was an "everyday kid" in my era. How dare you assume otherwise. I was fortunate to have grown up with very supportive parents who made sure I got away from some difficult and painful family situations by traveling with Westshore and doing somehting I loved and believed I was good at. A place where I could compete against any DCA corps extant at the time and have a shot at beating them- and over the six years I was there- we did just that. I never received any college credit during my six seasons for my performing with Westshore. No one did. And, may I ask, what would have been so wrong with that!? Explain, if you can why that would be so bad. I dare you to try. You're gonna come up empty. I've been on record here as saying I felt my experiences from a fantastic instructional staff should ###### well have been worth at least 6 credits a season in terms of Phys Ed, Music Performance, and Music Theory given I did less and learned less in most of my college performance courses in terms of work and preparation for those earned credits. So, please explain what that would be a negative. Hmm? Do it! I know you can't. It strikes me you have some kind of serious envy for any of us lucky enough to attend college. I humped hard to get scholarships to afford it and take financial burden off my parents. I happened to have learned a lot about working pretty hard in corps and it gave me an edge over those who did not. Wow! You shouldn't have the jealousy you do towards anyone with college credits. Society's evolved, too. One needs post- high school education of some sort today unless they want to flip burgers, toss boxes, or do the checkout at Wal-Mart. Whether you like it or not, Corps is not dead, and if you can get it through your thick skull, and I unfortunately doubt you can- it evolved to survive serious threats to its existence as a whole. Otherwise, it would be nothing more than some amusing curiosity in a few towns that would come out and stumble around for Christmas and Memorial Day, sound awful, and be embarrassing next to the local High School Band. Finally: Let me tell you, pal, I played my freakin' heart out every time I went on the field with the Westshoremen or on stage with the Westshoremen Alumni. I compete. Hard. There are those who know me here that will back that statement. I find it incredibly offensive you would think otherwise about me, or frankly, ANY individual marching in DCA or DCI right now- or in your perspective, since 1972. You can tell me I can't play worth a wick, I can handle that. I'll practice harder and prove you wrong. You might tell me I can't march for s##t- and you might be right on that, I heard that a lot as a kid. I got better at it. But don't ever dare insinuate that I didn't go out there and throw down hard every freakin' time I set foot on a field for a number. With your lame attitude, I could still prolly compete against you on any field, any time. Name your poison in terms of a low brass bugle- G-D, Piston-Slide, Piston-Rotor, and I'll lick you by 15 points with a week of practice on my lunch break sitting on the rear bumper of my VW working it out. And it won't be because I have a degree and you don't. I have way more moxie, period.
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    No need for the gratuitous insult there. We all have our opinions. No one here is "full of it." Fact is... the landscape has changed forever. Either we accept that, or we don't. You apparently don't. That's okay. That's entirely your call. The thing you're missing, or refuse to acknowledge, is.... the essence of drum corps is the same today as it always has been. Members getting a great experience marching with a corps, and forging relationships and friendships, some of them lifelong, along the way.... and fans coming out to cheer on their favorite corps. That's the same as it was when I marched, when you marched, when anyone marched. Just as "real" as it's ever been.
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    you mean someone will stay employed there long enough to take over?
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    Depends on what you think Open Class is there for. If all you see is between the yardlines, then you see little value, considering they don't score well against World Class corps. If you look beyond that, then the value is evident. (And while I think BD/VC's monopoly on the top 2 is ultimately bad for Open Class, I certainly don't think it's bad enough to warrant any changes to the system. At some point, someone will just have to beat them on the field.) Mike
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    Dan Farrell was present in some capacity ( Marcher, Brass Caption head, or Program Coordinator ) during many, if not most, of the top placing DCI years with the Phantom Regiment. Phantom Regiment has provided Drum Corps fans some of the most entertaining shows of ALL time. Iconic, unforgettable shows. Shows over the years that got thousands of fans up and out of their seats, cheering loudly in appreciative approval for the show. Shows that not only were huge fan favorites in the years that they were performed, but shows that won medals and/ or titles from the DCI judging community as well. Thus, by any measure, Dan Farrell's influence and overall body of work throughout the years with the Phantom Regiment was a huge monumental success. We wish him well in his new endeavors now.
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    I know Dan has been a polarizing figure for some here on DCP, but he defined what it was to be a Regiment hornline member and helped shape that characteristic Regiment sound so many of us fell in love with. And he was The Godfather of the Buicks. (He also bought me my first legal beer when I turned 21 on a free day when we were on tour.) Thank you for your years of service to the corps, and best of luck.
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    The problem I have with designating any time period an "era" of drum corps.... golden era, whatever... is who decides when the era began, and when did it end? LOL Let's say someone declares the "golden era of drum corps" as being from 1960 to 1975. Does that mean drum corps was not worth watching up until 1959, and from 1976 on? Quite a change in one year, on either side. Seriously.... I'm not saying there haven't been time periods of great change in the activity. Of course there have been. Just not sure I personally would use the "era" label. Semantics, perhaps. I also find it interesting that some of the folks who marched during those times of significant changes in drum corps... like the 1960s and into the '70s, with the advent of contra-bass and mellophone horns, the valve/rotor configuration replacing the valve/slip slide as the standard for drum corps brass, tuned bass drums and other tonal percussion, use of keyboard instruments, females being added to horn lines and drum lines (and in many cases, color guards), people of color being welcomed into more corps (sadly, not all corps during those years), etc... those same folks now reject out of hand the changes of recent years.
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    Stu kills another thread by throwing in opinions on a fact thread and debating facts on the opinion threads. What a way to beg attention. His certainly must be a lonely life not thinking with the mainstream or usual fringe, and playing the victim with such comments this off season as "all DCP posters vs. Stu.". What was the old saying? "Empty barrels make the most noise." Congratulations to Spirit on the new hires. Best of everything to the brass line and those given the opportunity.
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    Great day, maxed out sponsors & golfers - over $40,000 in sponsors and 140 golfers. A good mix of sponsor golfers and alumni. Looking forward to next year!
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    That's ok....I'll do it for you...'cause I don't particularly care if people get ticked off (you can always do the same for YOUR fave corps, y'know).page From a post on my Facebook page (written for those who aren't corps people) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those who know me and who are NOT drum corps people...let me give you a not-so-brief list of stats of the group I am an alum of...the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps (who won their 18th world championship yesterday). After reading this, you might start understanding why I have drum corps running on my laptop in my office so often. Buckle up...this is long, and for good reason. ---------------------------- BD competitive stats (updated August 13, 2017) Since 1973 Caption wins (captions basically being section awards for best general effect (how you "sell" your show), brass, drums, marching & maneuvering/visual, color guard): GE: 16 Brass: 24 Drums: 13 M&M/Visual: 19 Guard: 18 Note that I could not FIND guard results on the recaps for 10 of the 45 years we've been going to finals. The first guard award I show is 1978. I found no record of guard awards for 73-77, 80-83, or 90. If anyone knows those, let me know and I'll update the spreadsheet. Interesting to note that the guard did not have their own separate caption points until 2000. Prior to that they were lumped in with the vizh scores. Ave placement per caption (all 45 years) GE: 3 Brass: 3 Drums: 4 M&M/Visual: 3 Guard: 2 Ave placement per caption (Finals only) GE: 2 Brass: 2 Drums: 3 M&M/Visual: 2 Guard: 2 The improvement in caption placement from 1973 to 1974 was amazing GE: 22 to 7 (9 in finals) Brass: 27 to 8 (12 in finals) Drums: 16 to 9 (7 in finals) M&M/Visual: 32 to 13 (11 in finals) Guard not counted in that time frame. Most caption wins in a row: GE: 4 (07-10) Brass: 4 (79-82) Drums: 4 (83-86) M&M/Visual: 6 (12-17) Guard: 8 (08-15) Additional stats: The corps has only placed out of finals one time – the very first trip in 1973. Has not placed lower than 5th since the 9th in 1974. Last time they finished out of the medals was 2005. They have failed to medal only 9 times since the first trip to DCI in 1973. In 46 competitive seasons of Drum Corps International, BD has won 39% of them. 7 of those were undefeated...2 of THOSE back to back. The average performance season is between 25-30 shows...so those 2 back to back undefeated seasons were 51 wins in a row). In the 42 seasons since (and including) winning their first title in 1976, BD has taken 2nd place 10 times...by a TOTAL point differential of 5 points. The average margin of victory over BD in those 2nd place years is 0.5 The largest difference was 1.85 in 2002 -- the ONLY time the point differential was over a point....the lowest was 0.025 in 2008. Of those 10, only 4 were over half a point. Yet MORE proof that to beat BD you have to bring your "A game"...on steroids. I can't imagine that any other corps in the DCI era can match this record. Un-effing-real! Quite frankly, you’d be VERY hard-pressed to find a major pro sports team or other competitive org in a large activity with a record anywhere NEAR this. Couple this with the fact that BD loses a fairly large percentage of their membership (about 35% on average) to ageout (meaning those members have reached the maximum participation age of 22) at the end of every season – 60 members aging out after 2017 ALONE (that’s 40% of the corps...no WAY a major sports team could recover from that between seasons) – yet they continually maintain the competitive quality year after year after year and it’s pretty #### clear that the Blue Devils are, across the board, quite possibly the most dominant competitive organization in any large-scale competitive environment....period. (For my fencing friends...BD is probably more dominant in their field than the Italian fencing team is in theirs....and THAT says a lot.) A large part of that is the very solid financial ground the org sits on. Another large factor is the consistent staff, especially at the top – no revolving door at BD (a lot of corps changed major staff positions on a frequent basis, looking for that magic formula...BD found it years ago and has not had a major staff change since the mid 90s). And, of course, there’s the fact that success breed success, with hundreds trying out each year for those coveted spots...BD can afford to select the best who come to audition.
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    Y'all are severely underrating Troopers 2013 (Magnificent 11). That sunburst... (Side-note: I know I cry relatively easily with drum corps, but that was a good year for shows-making-you-cry, between the sunburst in Troopers' show and "Never Walk" for Madison. And probably a few others, but those are the two that come to mind immediately.)
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    I thought they would deconstruct them.
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    Or in the case of most DCP posters, not-having-any-first-hand-knowledge-of-the-reality-going-in-design-meetings is still-grounds-for-complaining-that-every-bad-thing-is-Hop's-fault
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    We play 3 quarters of stand music and drum beats to support the team and cheerleaders and fans (3rd quarter we are off after half-time for snacks). What is wrong with doing our one and only field show for 8 minutes at half-time? The cheerleaders practice their hearts out to perform their best, the team practices to play as well as they can. Yet you think it OK for the band to perform a half-baked show of the lamest music, set to the lamest drill possible, with the cheesiest drum beats, with almost no rehearsal, as the best representation of the instrumental music department at games. Sorry, in our moment to shine, I would want us to put our best foot forward.
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    I just want say, as a member of a high school marching band currently, that football games are definitely not just about the football team where I live (Texas). Honestly, Fall is more about marching season than football season, though my school has been getting better the past couple years, so my school is getting more pumped about football lately. Every Friday night, we go to the games. No matter if they're home or away games. We always play stand tunes and pep music in the stands and then about halfway through second quarter we leave the stands to get ready for halftime. Performing on the field during halftime with all those people, even when we're at away games, is such an amazing feeling. It prepares us for what it's like to perform in front of large crowds, which we wouldn't get to experience before our first contest if we only did our competition show during rehearsals. Plus, it's such an awesome feeling when you just performed your heart out and you look up in the stands at an away game and half the stadium is standing and cheering for you. It's even cooler at home games because almost everyone stands and cheers, and it's so cool because they're all doing that for us. If all we did for halftime was pep stuff, they wouldn't be cheering for us but for the football team. What would even be the point? We already do all that pep stuff when we're in the stands anyway. This was mainly just me rambling and I can't believe I finally made my account to post in this stupid topic, but whatever.
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    Someone has entirely too much time on their hands waiting for the first show announcement.
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    If the Cadets could find a way to make money based on the number of posts in their thread, they'd never have to worry about money again.
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    What a bunch of wash women some of you are lol... Whining for years about GH.. "He did this to this one and then he did this to that one". Holy Beejesus already find something else to do!! This thread should be closed and start fresh talking about what maybe the cadets can do to better their results from last year. This GH garbage has to stop. If they go under I will be very upset but I won't die or stop breathing because of it. Try to be positive for the members sake. Cadets are what they are right now and all you #####ing won't change a Frigging thing. I realize some of you are drooling and hoping the Cadets go under so you can whine about their demise on some other thread. Grow up.. Get a life and don't ruin this place for everyone. How would you whiners feel if total strangers posted stuff about you trying or hoping you lose your job and your company of 40 years goes under??? Enough already.There.. I feel much better now.
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    the corps can only do with what they are given, both administratively and with design. I still remember the rumor floating around Allentown in 11, with the corps apparently texting people asking for food when they got there. i dont know if true or not, but I do know a parents group organized a mass pizza order for after the show. The member I knew just said " i dont want to talk about it, I have a week left". Got their ring, never marched again even with a few years of eligibility left.....and still won't talk about it. Trust me, I marched in a talented corps that went from champs to basically dead in 2 years despite the members best efforts.
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    Most of my likings of shows come from the music, and so much of the early to mid 2000’s Cavies shows don’t really do it for me. With that said, my favorites include 1995 - a classic. I wish they had a better hornline for it, but great show regardless 2008 - musically so cool, loved the exploration they did with unique percussion instruments 2013 - I love the music book for this. It was another weak hornline from them but doesn’t matter to me 2014 - Probably my all time favorite show from the Cavies. No narration, minimal electronics, and just a pure show that put equal emphasis on music and visual rather than skewing one way. 2017 - just pure fun. If this is the future of the Cavies, I can’t wait to see more of it
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    I'm sure everyone who works at YEA is super impressed to read poor George the martyr wax on about how unappreciated he is and how hard he works for just for the kids. Maybe if he could look beyond his ego and see there are others with actual good ideas more than eager to help, and showed a teeny bit of gratitude, things could be so different in a good way.
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    Just watched BD 2017 for the 20th time since finals and finally decided that it is my favorite of all time, overtaking Filliniesqu. Blue Devils are simply awesome, year after year. Can't wait for 2018 to see what magic they produce (and they will!)
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    I am sorry that you feel this way. I started marching in '63 and haven't really stopped since. I am glad that "drum corps" has evolved. I am glad that "local" and "community" now mean "global" due to the wonderful evolution of the "telegraph and phone". Although I marched with one of the top DCA corps in the '60s and 70s, which pushed the boundaries of what could be done and what was allowed, I am really glad that those efforts and that creativity became today's equally creative drum corps. Today is the "golden era" and all the future will be the golden age, i.e. "The Golden era has died, long live the Golden era". Respectfully, Bob P.
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    don't talk logic. this is drum corps
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    I'm definitely biased on this one... 1990 Boston Crusaders
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    From their recently revamped website, here's the link to the fans page that has the 2013 closer. It is under Videos, From the Archives and is titled "2013 Color Guard Judges Tape" It would appear that the much maligned Ms Torchia dug the closer and when one listens closely, so did the other judges in the box who can be heard in her recording. https://www.troopersdrumcorps.org/fans
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    In the end, no matter our disputes, agreements, etc... its ALWAYS about the performers that we fans/ staff/ alums/ parents, etc appreciate with the all these performers efforts and their dedication, no matter the placements/ shows.
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    You are correct, my post is too long, the result of a sleepless night due to a car alarm that went off for about two hours. "BAC homerism?" Yes, I am a Boston Crusaders fan, I am thrilled we still have one WC corps in the Boston area, and respect those who have kept the corps alive. That being said, I never marched with BAC, I never instructed the corps, and most of those closely associated with the corps today know me through friends of friends and in two cases, through my professional life. I am hardly a Boston Crusader insider, just a long time fan. If that makes me a "BAC homer," that's fine. I do know that there are hard feelings between some associated with BAC, Crown, and Cadets, but any time a Boston Crusaders fan critiques Cadets it is not bullying. I can't remember Cadets not getting a warm reception in the Boston area shows, and I have never sat on my hands after a Cadets performance, including this past year. Most years I enjoy Cadets shows and respect their artistry. Judging from what I see at Boston area shows, Cadets have a huge fan base with people who also love the Boston Crusaders and root for them.
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    Stu, of course, being the Michael Bay of high school band show design...
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    Some random thoughts... - There is a very large percentage of high school marching bands in this country who do not compete at all and therefore whatever they play for halftime is whatever they play for halftime. Playing "artsy fartsy fru-fru" shows (or whatever hyperbolic reference one can think of) is not really an issue IMO - There is also a percentage of high schools in this country who don't even have marching bands, whether it's because the size of the school can't support it, or there is lack of interest, or the programs were eliminated due to budget cuts, etc. This whole halftime thing is obviously not an issue here either because there is no band - Of the bands across the country who do compete, only a small percentage of them are "BOA bands," and by that I mean the ones who dedicate focusing their season around BOA regionals and/or Grand Nationals events. Even when you factor in the other bands who do compete in BOA but only to fill out their schedule and try and give their students a different kind of educational experience, and the non-BOA bands who emulate those top BOA bands when it comes to show design, it is absolutely impossible to state with any reasonable degree of accuracy how many of those shows being performed (which are different year to year, let's not forget) would fall under the "AFFF" type of shows mentioned above. Many of those shows are exciting and entertaining and filled with life and vitality and have appeal to folks watching the football games as well as competition audiences - Let's also acknowledge that the opposite can also be true whereby there are many shows designed specifically for the football crowd which can be boring and stale and as unappealing as any AFFF show, whether it's due to poor design or lackluster performance or just complete apathy from the crowd, most of whom aren't paying attention or are off taking a leak or buying hot dogs Point is, there are so many variables here, it's impossible to describe with authority that only one thing is happening at these halftimes across the country. And even if one focuses on the AFFF teams, it stands to reason that we're talking about a very distinct minority - As to that minority, if fans at these football games are complaining to the principals and superintendents about it, and the band directors decide to ignore those complaints, then I can see why people would have a problem with that. If you take a job at one of these high schools, even if your competitive resume is strong, you still have a responsibility to put time and effort into the football side of the equation, complete with energetic rah-rah music for the stands during the game, touchdown or victory music, perhaps playing the school's alma mater before and after the game, and of course the national anthem. But if fans aren't complaining, and they are generally OK with what these bands are doing, and the principals are OK with what these bands are doing, and the superintendents are OK with what these bands are doing, then frankly who are we to complain when we're nowhere near being involved? - In regards to the nitpicky often-times pedantic "letter of the law" stuff (which some people like to focus on by demanding that others cite their sources and quote chapter and verse), I'm going to go out on a limb here and say that I can't imagine there is anything stated in any high school football federation or league rulebook that bands are even required to perform at halftime in the first place. I'd be perfectly happy to admit if I'm wrong on that. But I further can't imagine that these rulebooks would then go on to dictate what types of shows the bands are required to perform, not to mention dictating what the band's purpose for even being there is supposed to be. That kind of thing (issues of roles and expectations) is established by each individual school, and I say again, if the fans and principals and superintendents are OK with it, then really...who the eff cares?!?!
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    I thought they should have been in Semis.
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    I hope they do On the Waterfront.
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