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    I got it. 4 people = cymbal lines for everyone!
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    I found a story about this online...although it doesn't answer your question..I suppose some newer folks have not heard the story...apparently they had another "new" ending that GZ wrote that he hated...they were in Massachusetts according to the DM account for this new ending cross to cross...
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    Literally one of the very few fantastic uses of a vocalist ever in the marching arts... How dare they...
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    I just learned one of my students got a call-back. As a FMM, I couldn't have been prouder.
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    Well...found out on Thanksgiving day that my Cavalier earned a contract at the Texas audition. Year 2 of Cavaliers coming up this summer, and I can't wait!
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    so Hop is going be there too?
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    The new site is slow and difficult. Lots of "500 Oops! page not found". Is FLoMarching now running the DCI site???????
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    Today I learned 2002 is "old drum corps".
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    It's not just the newness. The schedule now takes up 12 pages instead of one, it's no longer possible to view individual corps' schedules, and half the show pages don't load.
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    I lucked out and found the entire collection at my local library.
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    Thank God for piracy.
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    I suggest you look up DCI 1988....
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    Sad day, another year without pyrotechnics. I just want my Rammstein show to happen. :(
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    I'm with you on this. It's nice to chat with the folks near us, as long as we're not bothering them and they're not bothering us. At DCI East this year, we sat next to two guys who had never seen drum corps before. They asked us a bunch of questions, and we were glad to answer them!!!
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    Actually, as far as top 2 finishes go, since coming into their dynasty during the Ford administration, it was the first Bush who they fared the worst under. They didn't even make the top 3. Apparently winning a medal would not have been prudent at that time. Top 2 finishes by president: Trump 1/1 Obama 8/8 Bush 6/8 Clinton 4/8 Bush 0/4 Reagan 5/8 Carter 3/4
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    1. BD. Placing them here by default because they are BD, but it will be hard for their 2018 show to top Metamorph. Also, with Jim Wunderlich gone, I'm not sure how the percussion program will respond. But all these are relatively minor concerns. 2. Bluecoats. 2017 was fun, but may have stretched the envelope a little too far. I believe they have the potential to fix what didn't work and keep up what does work. It will be a bit like Crown 2015. 3. The Cavaliers. Design-wise, I didn't like MAFM either, but that show would be nothing without the mature membership they had to pull it off. They already have a great design team, a great percussion and a great color guard - now they are getting a great brass caption head that has worked with some of Japan's best marching bands. I think the time is now right for them to return to the medal stand. 4. SCV. Design and percussion will be strong again, but they also lost 50+ ageouts. I'm not sure if they'll be able to retain the talent level of 2017, which is why I've put them here. 5. Boston Crusaders. There's no doubt in my mind that they'll continue to climb up the rankings, but I think the corps above them are too strong for BAC to overtake them... yet. 6. Carolina Crown. I will always love Crown's brass, but I think their time near the top is done. I think talent levels will suffer across the board after last year's poor design choices. 7. Blue Knights. BK did not fix the one big issue I was hoping they would (colorguard), but their musicality will keep them near the Top 6. 8. Phantom Regiment. They had some big staff shakeups this offseason, so it may take them some time to adjust, but I think they'll be on their way back up the rankings after a few years of slipping. 9. The Cadets. Their last two shows have looked and felt NOTHING liked the Cadets I've always loved. Until Hopkins leaves forever, they'll be slipping down the rankings. 10. Blue Stars. I think the design will be better and the colorguard and brass will be strong once again, but they have a new brass arranger to get used to and a young percussion section. We'll see, but for now I don't see the Cadets slipping to the double digits. 11. Crossmen. They tend to have their best shows in even years, but then again so do the Blue Stars. No doubt the talent levels in Texas will keep them in. 12. Mandarins. Yes, I believe their membership and design team will be strong enough to push them into their first Finals. 13. Madison Scouts. Only reason I'm putting them here is because I'm not sure the talent levels will be ready for another Finals appearance. They also have a number of new design team members/caption heads this year that will take some getting used to. 14. Colts 15. Troopers 16. (insert Open Class Champion here) 17. Academy 18. Spirit I don't really watch the rest closely enough to know how they'll place.
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    For those interested in viewing the full 2018 schedule on the new DCI site without having to go through 12 separate pages, here are two URLs to use: https://www.dci.org/events?limit=115&page=1&viewMode=list&sort=startDate (for the list style display) https://www.dci.org/events?limit=115&page=1&viewMode=grid&sort=startDate (for the grid style display)
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    What the F does this have to do with Cadets 2018? Some of your guys' obsession with Hop is pitiful. Something happened THIRTY YEARS AGO and you still have a grudge. Reveals a lot about you. If you want to start a Hop bashing thread, by all means go ahead. However, I'm more interested in what is happening this year, right now. Glad to hear camps are going well
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    Pointing out people getting carried away with rumors and speculation in a thread titled "2018 Show Announcent(sic)/Rumors?"
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    I don’t like the first four. I’m good with the rest. Jim likes the ordinal proposal. Fine. I’ll let him stay here anyway.
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    Mandatory full judging panels for ALL DCI shows. Halfazz size early season judging panels with no Percussion judge.. or no Brass Judge... or no Guard judge... or some combination lack thereof, sends a message of... small time. Its just dopey to attempt to properly judge a Drum& Bugle Corps competition with no Brass or Drum judge for these specific captions. DCI never used to allow this either. DCI Corps have a kazillon people on their payroll in staffs now... The Corps now are big, big,... BIG...in every way imaginable these days now too. But in order to penny pinch, they allow the kids who are busting their arse to be judged by SMALLER judging panels now that would never have been permitted in previous DCI eras ? Whoa, I know most seem ok with this, but its just so...... small time..... to penny pinch on the costs of the judging of the competitions, imo. The kids pay a lot of bucks now to participate in these scored competitions. The least DCI and the Show Sponsors and the Corps themselves should do is have the adults in charge match the kids and their families commitment to see to it that DCI halfazz size judging panels become a thing of the past, where someday the next generation will look back and ask..... " what the hell were THEY thinking ? " ( on the ridiculousness of allowing the usage of halfazz size judging panels with no Guard/ Brass/ Drums judges in scored competitions. )
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    C2 isn't a step back IMO. i know the distance isn't friendly for him, but DCA has some ###### good stuff going on, and C2 has some ###### good people in front of the kids. I'm sorry if i've offended, but i'm soooooo tired of the elitist "DCA is a step back" stuff. Many...MANY...kids made their bones in DCA then went on to win rings, as well as march in many DCI corps over the decades.
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    From DCI website today, edits are listed. Over 2 minutes of Blue Knights, Cavies, and Boston shows are cut, and over 3 minutes from Blue Stars...42 seconds of BD as well. We can discuss the licensing issues ad nauseum, but honestly, this all just stinks. Something has got to be done to fix this so that everyone gets paid appropriately and the shows still stay intact. Probably will never happen, but it just seems wrong to not see full shows after the kids and staffs work so hard. So frustrating...
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    i dont mind talking to others...you can often learn stuff. however if they are the super homers, who talk down anyone not wearing their colors, i'll ignore them
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    Just in case at camp this weekend the members are given any info or music for next summer, this may be my last chance to post while completely in the dark about the 2018 show. And no - don't even ask me for inside knowledge after this weekend. You'd think after all these years that you'd realize I'm not going to divulge info until the Cadets make it public! So that said, these are some of my hopes for next summer's show: summer of 2018 is the last opportunity for a WWI 100 year memorial show, though it doesn't look like any corps have been interested. No chance? I would love for a show ending with Ravel's "Le jardin féerique" from Ma mère l'Oye. For that matter, I'd love to hear his La Valse on the field finally - maybe in a show about a crazy person (and then they could use his Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré as the ballad). Or maybe go old school with a collection of Alborada del Gracioso, Rhapsodie Espagnole and Vocalise-étude en forme de habanera. And of course, all of those works are public domain, so no Tresóna bills, or people looking over your shoulder if you have to change your arrangements. More meat in the Brass book, whatever they are playing. Brass should carry the show, not be backup. Get them down front more often in the drill. But don't interpolate Arban exercises just for the sake of demonstrating technical prowess - trust the original music which you chose BECAUSE it was so good to begin with. Never forget that it's the music that drives the emotional connection to the audience, and it's what they come for. Lose the 4 singers. The idea for a choir was justified last year given the source material, and in some sections was wonderful ("Almighty Father"). But as the season went along, the musical focus shifted more and more onto the singers than the brass, which did not better the show. If we want to hear a Broadway musical we will go to NYC, thank you very much. Lose all electronics for that matter. Yeah, I know it won't happen, but a guy can dream, can't he? I seriously believe that the amplification of anything lessens the overall acoustic product appreciated by our ears. #DCIUnplugged Bigger drill forms, and less scatter. The focus on small pods tends to look sloppy and is under-whelming to the audience. No concept is one thing, and would be ok. But if you have a concept or a story, it better be well thought-out and planned from day one, with a recognizable arc from beginning to end. Don't wing-it when it comes to visual moments, or fail to know the exact motivation or visual image you're trying to evoke from the members. in other words, if it's in the show design, there needs to be a reason for it being there, and the members have to know that reason so they can convey it. And then, of course, if it's still not clear to the audience, adjust it until it is. No overcrowding the field with props and gimmicks. They're musicians, not moving men. [I still feel sorry for some of the brass members at Santa Clara who seemed to spend the majority of the show pushing around those circular props] And if you do use any, make sure they are professionally designed and manufactured. Cf. the detailing of Crown's Helen Hess stagecoach with Cadet's statuary platforms (i.e. the wedding cakes). It's the same lessons you teach to the members: if you're going to do it, you cannot settle for less than your best effort. I'm not even sure what to wish for in uniforms. Every year DCI seems to go further and further down a path of over-design that only marginally ties to the show in any meaningful way outside of the minds of the designer/salesman. It's not that I want a return to the old wool coats. After all - why are Napoleonic hussar coats and shakos any more an ideal uniform for marching musicians in the 21st century than what the Troopers wear? or what the crew of the Enterprise wear, for that matter? I just think that there is a lot of crap being foisted onto the corps these days [my eyes still bleed over 2013 Oregon Crusaders], and I believe they need to rethink what image they want to project, and what an appropriate UNIFORM would be. But most importantly, I hope for the same thing that everyone wants from every show every year: that it makes me jump to my feet applauding and shouting for joy. Time for you to thrill us, Cadets.
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    https://www.drumcorpseurope.org/newsitem.php?id=15276&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=facebook I realise that this isn't DCI specific, but there was a big thread about this not too long ago. For the uninformed, Drum Corps Europe, the sanctioning body for all drum corps activities in Holland, Germany and the rest of the European Continent (The UK has DCUK and is separate, although British corps do compete in Europe as well), unexpectedly and suddenly ceased operations immediately after the 2017 DCE Championships. This left Europe without a sanctioning body and show organiser, as well as without a Championships. It has been announced today that a new organisation has risen from the ashes of DCE in the form of the European Drum Corps Association. Details in the link above. Furthermore, if rumours are to be believed, word on the streets is that Kerkrade has again been secured for the hosting of the EDCA championships and there WILL be a championships THIS year in the end of September.
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    Don’t know how the activity survived this long without singers. Blue Devils show would have been a lot better with a singer.
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    Interesting to me that every year TOC shows start to look a little more like regular season shows.
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    i think it's great it's opening up to all
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    I gotta go with 89. Their 04 show was special too!
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    The DCI new website is a work in progress in terms of listing by Corps their schedule of shows for the upcoming 2018 season. So for fans/ alums of the Boston Crusaders anyway, here is the Boston Crusaders schedule of shows for 2018 in a quick and readable format.
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    I see nothing has changed.
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    The new website is horrible!!! It is useless for an educated man to use and has stupid aspects like beginning with z and ascending to a.
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    I LOVE YOU DCI!! TOUR PREMIERE AT FORD FIELD!! About time Michigan got a show again.
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    I’m not sure you would be able to field a competitive guard going that route. While I grew up on traditional drum corps, there’s no argument that the quantum expansion of guard has fundamentally changed the activity. I don’t see kids ever choosing to go back to the days of marching and twirling.
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    I’m a product of the ‘70’s and I think it would get old quick. I stopped going to the alumni show at DCA because I’ve seen it all before and done better. But it’s a fun thought...
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    Could you imagine Stu picking apart a dci policies and procedures manual? That alone would be reason enough to keep it in house.
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    I see Stu's on a roll again. Good to know another topic has captured his fancy. Now if you'll excuse me I'm going to remove the tag from my matress. You know the one. And maybe wash, rinse my hair, but not repeat. Or perhaps place my garbage can on the curb before 6 pm for tomorrow's pickup. That would be three violations in quick succession.
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    Last summer, we saw the "Mad Max" uniforms up close when we walked past some Scouts in the park in Allentown. That changed my mind about those unis, which I first thought were... well... weird. LOL. But up close... they looked awesome. The attention to detail was really cool. Looking forward to what the Scouts put on the field in '18!!!
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    My favorite video of today's Dome implosion was from The Weather Channel...
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    Congratulations to the inductees and honorees!!! Well deserved!!
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    The only thing I would change is having a drum majors retreat on Friday night and announce the scores at the end of the show. And possibly start Semifinals about an hour or two earlier. Friday night tends to run on way too long.
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    Not DCI, but Kidsgrove Scouts are doing "24601 - A Les Miserables Story" in 2018. Design staff includes, John Meehan, Scott Johnson and Sean Gordon. Unfortunately we won't be coming to the STates this year, but this is gonna be an amazing show. We are fully expecting to march another full sized corps with a brass line expecting to top out over 50 members which is huge for Europe.
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    CT won DCA Class 'A' in 2017 without competing in a DCA show prior to prelims. In fact their highest DCI score was used for seeding in prelims (first corps on). CT provides DCA sheets to the contest director - judges understand the DCA sheets for evaluation. I have to disagree that DCI scores don't help DCA corps. CT embraces the opportunity to compete and perform in both DCI and DCA venues. CT will have four (4) DCI shows and two (2) DCA shows in 2018 prior to prelims. Summer Music Games 6/25, DCI Northern Kentucky 7/14, Legends Drum Corps Invitational 7/29, Soaring Sounds 39 7/30, and two DCA shows, Columbus Ohio and Atlanta Georgia with dates TBD. DCI venues provide CT members with the opportunity to perform with DCI's best World and Open Class corps, many are peers with CT members. In addition, excellent recruiting opportunities, large crowds of enthusiastic fans (very well attended), highest level of adjudication with remarkable feedback , and within reasonable geographic areas to Cincinnati at a minimum incurred cost to the CT organization. It's a win-win and the approach has paid-off in allowing CT to grow in talent and increased membership. IMO a good philosophy by a experienced administration. I'm looking forward to their staff and show announcement, and/or their plans for the up coming 2018 season. I believe we will all be surprised.
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    One of the Guardians 2017 contras got a contract at Cavs this year! So cool. Mike
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    Well...I'm definitely a Cavaliers "homer"...no doubt. But with new brass staff infusion from Carolina Crown, Blue Stars, etc. my son felt like he had to "prove it all over again" and kindly asked me to fund a trip to Dallas rather than doing a video audition so he could "look them in the eye". Evidently they liked what they saw. Contracts weren't very abundant, as would be expected at a season opening audition. So...never a doubt in MY mind...but HE's the one that has to do the playing and marching. :-)
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