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    I think there is reason to anticipate/be excited about everyone...... Bluecoats - I've been a fan since they gave me my first live drum corps experience in 2009. It's been an uphill downhill rollercoaster but the last three years have been nothing short of amazing being a fan of them. Again and again they put out a show that seems to hit everything I love about drum corps. Every year they are supposedly getting stale, the competition will be too much, the shows just don't have enough in them to finish well...and yet they keep on climbing. They keep finding a way to refine, perfect, and evolve their craft. But I'm excited to see them for the real reason that matters, win or lose, I know I can always count on them for a show that will entertain, interest, and excite me. Success isn't only defined by a championship, but by the impact you have on the audience and they've packed a helluva punch for awhile now. I don't see that stopping. Blue Devils - They're absolute masters at their craft. If I don't love their show I can at least respect the hell out of it and am always in awe of what they seem to attempt and achieve every single year. I haven't been a huge fan for 2 years now but that doesn't diminish the fact that they're an amazing corps, organization, performing ensemble, people, and whatever other measure you wanna throw out there. And an anniversary year? Hell yeah. Carolina Crown - One word. Brass. If there is a corps I can always count on for some amazing musical moments it's Carolina Crown. I'm very interested in how their staff shake ups change their approach. I think it's a great time for them to refresh their identity a little bit. Santa Clara Vanguard - In terms of drum corps history this is one of my favorites form every decade. Last year they gave us an incredibly beautiful and accessible show that was a fan favorite in pretty much every circle. Their brass continues to improve leaps and bounds and the Rennick's just keep on being absolute masters of their craft. Throw a huge anniversary on top of that and I can't help but feel like we are in for something incredibly special in 2017. The Cavaliers - Last year was the first time in about 5 years where the Cavaliers felt like the Cavaliers in all regards again. That incredibly entertaining swagger, fantastic visual program, incredibly entertaining guard, fantastic drums, and an incredibly cohesive show that had audiences laughing and screaming on their feet at the end. They seem to have reset, and if that's the first year of that reset I cannot wait to see what they have up their sleeves next. The Cadets - They feel like they're in the middle of a metamorphosis right now. And even if last years show design kinda flopped, I couldn't be any more excited to see where they head next. If there is a corps I'm incredibly perplexed by for the upcoming season, it's them. Blue Knights - While last year was a bit of a miss for me personally that doesn't change the fact that in 2014 and 2015 they gave me some of the most emotional, beautiful, unique, fresh, and exciting drum corps in my time as a fan. Their approach to every aspect of a show now is so distinct and recognizable, and when a corps reaches that level of knowing who and what they are and what they want to portray some pretty amazing things seem to always happen. That's exciting. Phantom Regiment - There were hints of greatness last year, and in bringing in a visionary like Cartwright along with some great changes that were implemented the previous year like Will Pitts I can't help but wonder what kind of show we will be getting. This corps has the members, talent, and emotional punch every year, they just need a guiding voice and show that can channel that into some of that old Phantom Regiment magic. Blue Stars - Another corps I've been in love with since my introduction to the activity......and they're bringing the old gang back together in terms of design. Sullivan and Ford mixed with a master educator/brass caption head, amazing percussion staff that has had years of success, and the absolutely bonkers/wild/incredibly brave work in the guard caption and I can't help but feel like they're going to be the corps that I fell in love with back then, but in a new way with new staff members working with them on the performance side of things. They rebounded from a slight stumble in 2015 last year, and I don't see that stopping. Crossmen - My favorite show from them in years last year. They've developed some fantastic consistency across all captions, and their show last year was incredibly fresh and exciting despite my major doubts prior to the season. It was streamlined, seamless, and incredibly accessible. I feel like their members are ready for a show that's another few steps above that one even. I can't wait to see what they do. The Academy - Another corps I've always loved, their ascent from 2014s incredibly entertaining and cute show, to 2015s incredibly accessible and entertaining Mary Poppins portrayal, to last years incredibly emotional and perfectly designed for that membership show, it's been a helluva journey to watch. It's that 3 year ascent that makes me think they won't just be a flash in the pan. And while I can understand worries about them topping such an amazing show, the direction of Michael Townsend, Klesch, and their other amazing creative minds has put those worries to rest for me. Another corps that seems to have found their niche and is blossoming and exploding as a result of that. Boston Crusaders - In my time on DCP there were three names I and seemingly everyone would always look forward to in terms of their work. Gino. McNutt. Townsend. Over their tenure at their previous homes they gave us incredibly powerful, articulate, and just #### loud brass. Amazingly clean, rudiment-ally proficient, and hauling ### like no one else beats. And incredibly emotional, clean, and inspiring guard moments. I don't know why them moving somewhere else seems to have diminished that in the eyes of some, but I could not be any more excited to see what their collective mind will come up with. And the fact their teaser they released seems to implicate a show of......darker themes? They have me eating out of my hands in anticipation. Combine with that a membership last year that clawed their way into what seemed like an impossible position? That's a dangerous combination. Madison Scouts - If there is a corps everyone can count on to flat out entertain them, make them scream, and just is impossible not to love it's the Madison Scouts. What happened last year sucked, it would for anyone. But I'm confident in their staff hires this off season and I think they'll be just fine. If there is a corps I know will not sell out just to earn a few extra tenths it's these guys. Keep being you. Everyone loves it. Troopers - They've been right on the cusp for 4 years now. Of finals. In every other regard they're a massive success. Last years show was incredibly bold and outside their comfort zone but worked so well. While it might not have reached finalist status I dare you to find me more than a few shows that reached the level of emotional impact that closer did. I'm always excited to see the Troopers. Much like the Madison Scouts they're hard not to love. Colts - While last years more serious and reserved show didn't do a ton for me I absolutely loved the musical moments they created. Really great guard and brass combined with some great drill made for a show that despite its flaws had tons to love in it. I'm very interested in where they go next year. Mandarins - Their last few shows have been incredibly well designed for where the corps is at as a membership collective. I'm not surprised at all last year they broke a corps scoring record. The show was incredibly cohesive, their brass and drums brought the musical side of that show to life, and that color guard is one of the most improved sections in all of drum corps as of 2016. The designers seem incredibly in touch with what this corps is capable of, and that can only lead to great things. Oregon Crusaders - Bold. Exciting. Not cliche. They're risk takers. Those uniforms and that combination of music last year? But it worked so much better than I think people thought it would. They always amaze me at their musical power and infectious performance energy. Their shows are so fresh and exciting. And their annoucned rep. for 2017 floors me. I cannot wait to see what they do. If they can just kick up the visual side of things a notch we'll have a new name in the conversation for finals because they're there in most other areas. Pacific Crest - After a few years of uncertainty they did exactly what they needed to do last year. They picked a theme that was simple and had tons of possibilities, and executed it fantastically. I really thought they were under appreciated and even a little under scored last year. No weaknesses and they rebounded back after a pretty dismal 2015. I can only see them improving. Spirit of Atlanta - After a lot of off season uncertainty last year they chose to do a smaller tour and be smart about what they were doing. They did a show that was incredibly distinctive of their heritage and just entertained us. It wasn't the best, cleanest, or best designed show but it was entertaining as heck and the members looked like they were having a blast doing it. I think with some direction they could have a hit of a show. Seattle Cascades - They continue their "New Cascades" ascent. This is another corps that seems incredibly in touch with what their members are capable of and how to design a show around that. 2016 was no different, pushed the members, and they delivered. They have a strange knack for making me love music I should be absolute sick of hearing on the field. They're fresh, in touch with who they are and what they can do, and I expect that to continue in 2017. Jersey Surf - I wasn't a huge fan of last year but they seemed to mature quite a bit in many areas last year. I hope that continues in 2017, and I hope they find their voice. When they do like 2012 magic can happen. Pioneer - While the numbers may not show it I think they've made huge progress the last two years. Their guard has really developed very well, the shows are more cohesive and better designed than other recent offerings, and their captions are improving. It's tough battling an exploding Open Class but I think they've made huge strides in 2015 and 2016. Genesis - I couldn't be more excited that they're in world class. Short of winning they're so ready not just as a corps but as an organization, there are more measures of a corps and organization than numbers. I love their programming and approach to show design, it's incredibly exciting and powerful and they are starting to match that in the performance captions as well. Their announced show for this year provides some incredibly interesting mixes of music and will certainly not just be another generic show. Welcome, and I hope this move gives them a push to that next level that they've been oh so close to. Open Class - They continue to explode in quality, size, and as organizations as well. Last year they had a field of incredibly entertaining, proficient, and just fantastic shows that were among my favorites across all categories. I can't wait to see what they do in 2017 as well.
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    For the record, the fact that the "proof" came out in a matter of hours proves that the poster could have waited until actual proof was in hand before inflaming a thread of rumor. That said, so what? It's a CONTRACT. According the THE CONTRACT, the recipient of a scholarship owes it back if said MM changes corps. Under what terms? Who cares? It's a CONTRACT and it was signed by TWO parties. If contracts are no good, then how about we change the gate entry requirements when you're holding a ticket to get in. Nope, that contract in your hand in the form of a ticket is not fair. We're nullifying and ignoring it, and SHAME on you for having the temerity to expect me to uphold my end of it. A kid went to BAC, he owed money from his scholarship contract. He knew, he left. The end. Pay the money - move on. And don't forget that it will be DCI that declares the MM unqualified, because the directors wrote these rules. If BAC is dead-set on taking him, let them pay the monies due. That's the way it works. And please don't have the presumption that any one of us here are either qualified or entitled to tell a World Class drum corps how they should run their business. If you're right that this should be condemned, the market - that echo chamber of potential MM's - will take care of it. We here get to run our drum corps the way we want. I would direct any further inquiry to the Crown office but, please be sensitive to the fact that staff members are PLANNING A DRUM CORPS SEASON and are not obligated, nor presumed, to spend a minute of their time addressing a disagreement with how their corps is run. EDIT: To clarify, each of us here who donate funds to Crown, volunteer for Crown, support the group in any way even to the casual fan who refuses to buy souvies, can all express our dissatisfaction with the notion of Crown enforcing its contract by withdrawing that support. That's also how the market works. Whether or not your contribution is sufficient to weigh on the Crown Executive and BOD is dependent upon each contributor.
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    Boston Crusaders Oh, come on ... it's funny!
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    So finally, corpsband, your true colors are out in the open for all to see. About time. For the record, Liahona is correct about the show boycott, prompting a visit from Dan A to Boston in late September. Also for the record, Boston did not simply "come into some cash". The BOD has invested years in cultivating ties to the City of Boston, Commonwealth of Mass, and the city's financial district. It has been a long, arduous process for all the folks involved. Your disdain for BAC is now front and center. I just can't think of why you are so preoccupied with a corps who just "squeaked into 12th".
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    Blue Devils 1996. Up close and personal... and LOUD. Madison Scouts 1975.... that huge hit to start "Slaughter" from a mile away on the back sideline.
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    OMG, who F-ing cares?? I taught the Glassmmen hornline back when they first made finals. Of course I wished they'd all stay, and I taught them about loyalty and building their own brand. Most did. But the few that went on to higher-placing corps remained my friends, and I was very happy for them. My first go-round with Bluecoats brass (2006-2011) saw similar things, except the retention was much higher. Again, for the 1-2 members who switched (and not always higher!), we remain friends and I was happy for them. Then I taught SCV 2012-2015, and back at Bloo in 2016, where I met one member taking the corps switch to a new level: three years of SCV, then 2016 at Bloo, and this year at BD. I'm certainly going to miss her, after investing 4 years in her drum corps development, but I don't begrudge her one bit. I wish I had done the same thing! In fact, fundamentally, if we were to REALLY put the member first, we'd ENCOURAGE corps switching, just for the sole purpose of learning the diversity of ideas out there.
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    My question: Why is Crown signing members to multi-year contracts, and why on earth would any member accept that sort of clause? Drum corps, by design, is a year-to-year activity.
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    Honestly I don't care how terrible it was. Drum corps had it's own TV series. That fact alone is pretty incredible. Bring on season 2 of the terrible drum corps tv series!
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    Hi Everyone, My name is John and I have just taken the time to read through the 13 pages about our corps THE COMPANY Performance Ensembles visit to the USA in August this year and wanted to thank all for their input I just wanted to give a bit of an update in terms of schedules and let you know where we are The Ensemble arrives into the USA on Monday July 31 arrive JFK mid afternoon and we will be staying in NJ Tues Aug 1 Open Rehearsal Day in NJ (we will confirm the venue as soon as finalised) Weds Aug 2 Rehearsal in morning then compete at the American Tradition Workd Class Show at Harrison NJ Thurs Aug 3 Free Day in NYC we have many members who have never visited the USA and we are excited to take them to NYC Fri Aug 4 we will be rehearsing at and competing at J Birney Crum Stadium in Allentown PA for the DCI Eastern Classic Sat Aug 5 we are looking forward to competing at the Shoreman Brass Classic Open Class Show at Avon Lake High School Sun Aug 6 we will be rehearsing in Michigan City (we will confirm once the venue is finalised) Mon Aug 7 we are competing at the DCI Open / International Class Prelims Show Tues Aug 8 we hope to progress through to the DCI Open / International Class Finals Weds Aug 9 we move down to Indianapolis where the members will have some down town before a rehearsal in the evening (We will confirm the rehearsal site once finalised) Thurs Aug 10 is a huge day for us DCI World Class Prelims at the Lucas Oil Stadium Fri Aug 11 is TBC and we have plans dependant on results from Thursday Sat Aug 12 we will performing at the SoundSport International Music and Food Festival, we have both a DrumLine Battle and SoundSport production and we cannot wait to finish off our final performances at such a great event before moving across to LOS to watch DCI Finals Sun Aug 13 we will be travelling back to NYC before flying home on Mon Aug 14 To give some background to THE COMPANY we were formed in late 2009 and have won the DCE Championships in 2011,12,14,16 and DCUK Championships in 2013,15,16 in 2014 we marched 74 members with an average of 25.2 years, we will march our largest Corps to date this year at 100 with an average age of 22.8 years We are an Open Age unit with some members over the age of 30 but we also have many members aged 14-18 (my son is on Auxiliary Percussion at 15) we are working to reduce our age profile but need to be inclusive and supportive of those who have supported us Our Musical Designer is Andrew Markworth (of Crossmen and Carolina Crown fame) and Andrew has been designing our full musical productions since our inception in 2010 Why are we coming to DCI and not DCA? We have nothing but respect for DCA and the Corps that chose to travel and compete there When planning the tour and before we decided where to go, we visited DCI in 2015 and was blown away by John De Novi and all the DCI team in terms of how much they wanted us and how we could make the tour work We travelled again to DCI Finals 2016 to formalise plans and have recently travelled to Atlanta to the DCI Annual Meetings which have been amazing and incredibly informative The tour is all about giving our members the best possible experience of travel, interaction and performance opportunities and they will have a minimum 6 DCI shows plus SoundSport and DrumLine Battle events in a 14 day tour which is fantastic We have had so many offers of help and support from the Open Class and World Class Corps and we are humbled by the welcome we have had We are excited to perform with and against all the DCI Corps and we we will keep those who are interested in us informed via our web page www.theco.org.uk or our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/theCOuk/ Sorry for the length of this post and crashing the World Class Forum byt we look forward to seeing you all soon John McNamara
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    Well yeah... it's the direction the activity is going. Ten, twenty years from now this will be the norm, and the traditional West Point style Cadet uniform would stick out like a sore thumb if it was still around. Everything changes. You can fight against it, resist it all you want... but you will eventually lose.
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    Often when these questions get asked you will see many say things like "it was no big deal," "it was just the electronics," or "they didn't change anything, it was another corps." Sorry, but the Bluecoats have designed three very modern shows over the last 3 years. I have called them Future Corps on a few occasions. Was this past year's show a continuum from their Tilt show of 2014? Yes. It's been obvious to see the direction they have been moving. Was this past year's show the most innovative to date? Maybe. It depends on your definition of innovative. Was it the most modern show we've seen in a long time? I think so. Will their 2016 show have an effect on the activity? Absolutely. How much is hard to tell. That chapter has yet to be written. For history sake, let us consider Star of Indiana 1993. Many have argued this show was one of the changing moments in DCI history. Yet, did we see all guards begin using poles only in years after 93? No. Did we see music arranging move toward something as complex as Bartok? Only with a few. The shift that took place after Star 93 was more subtle. Drill design, body movement, uniform, show concepts, how to showcase the horns and drums differently, and things like that were the effects of that show on the activity. But it was subtle. After Garfield 82, 83, 84 did we see everyone move to whiplash drill and killer, demanding music arranging? No. And as good as 1982 and 1983 Garfield was, I actually consider their 1984 West Side Story show to be the Bellwether show. Star of Indiana 1993 was a Bellwether. The Cavaliers 2002 show was a Bellwether. And I definitely think the Bluecoats 2016 Down Side Up show was a Bellwether. To me, Bellwether shows are not just about innovation, but they are about finding a unique and mostly new combination of elements that get used in a creative way on the field. Consider the Apple iPhone. In 2007 there is little doubt that phone changed a lot about smart phones and the direction of mobile apps. Now, was the iPhone completely innovative? No. Touch screens had been around since the late 80s. Often we would sign for packages with UPS or Fed Ex using a stylus on a touch sensitive screen. Software that played music had been around (iTunes and others). Small, mobile apps that allowed users to check email had already begun to show (Blackberry). The concept of the iPod had already been around since 2000, 2001. Visual voice mail was a nice feature that had not yet been really explored. But basically the iPhone was not entirely innovative, yet the combination of features, parts, and the re-imagining of all those tools put to use in one device made it innovative. The iPhone was all about convergence. A smattering of technologies coming together in one device in a way never before seen. So good was the concept, especially considering the earlier versions had poor audio/talking quality, that almost from day one you had a sense that Windows CE phones, Nokia phones, and Blackberry phones were about to be obsolete. Now they are. Well, drum & bugle corps is not quite as obvious when we see Bellwether shows that change the activity. Changes are more subtle. This is in part for 2 reasons. 1) A corps is not trying to capture market share like a consumer product. 2) Every new summer is a chance for each corps and their staff to try and create something new, something unique, and to innovate when they can. So there is a natural tendency to avoid copying others in drum corps. Having said that, what the Bluecoats have done in the last 3 years has had an effect. We've already seen it with numerous corps. You just have to look closely. They have certainly pioneered electronics and soundscapes. But don't overlook what they did with costume, props, and staging (for which this past year's show goes even further than what I have seen from Crown or BD). Also considere music arranging. They have taken minimalist music and exploited it's natural constructive style to help feature sections and show elements in ways I have not yet seen in the activity. If the nature of innovation is to bring many elements into a whole in a completely new way in order to create a final product that is unusual and perhaps never before seen, then the Bluecoats show was innovative. It's the most modern thing I have seen in this activity. Is what they do and how they do it to everyone's liking? No, just like with Star 93 or early Garfield Cadets. People often made fun of the late 90s, early 2000s Cavaliers for playing easy effect music (like underscoring to a movie) while marching their kaleidoscopic drills. The nature of innovative will not appeal to everyone. It will anger a few, and some will wish to deny it's greatness in order to prop-up their own favorites. The fact that Bluecoats 2016 show was discussed to such a level by so many, and the fact that it has incited so many conversations both for and against is a sign of its' innovative qualities. Other Bellwether shows (IMHO): 1973 SCV, 1974 Anaheim Kingsmen, 1976 Blue Devils Other shows I thought came close to being Bellwethers are as follows: Santa Clara 1988 - they had done theatrical productions before, and while this was not as well performed as their 1987 show, it was a stunner from a conceptual and programming/staging standpoint. You can argue that it should be considered a Bellwether and that most modern theatrical productions have been affected by, and taken ideas from, SCV's 1988 show. Phantom Regiment 2008 - for obvious reasons Carolina Crown 2013 - also for obvious reasons
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    The best thing about finals week 2015 was when BD took 4th in quarters due to penalty, and BD fans said technically they took 2nd, BD haters said they took 4th, and for all BD fans to deal with it. 48 hours later BD wins it all, BD fans congratulate them on going 4th to 1st, BD haters come out and say "Well technically BD was in second the whole time ya know..........LMAO!!! Classic!!!! Do whatever necessary to keep BD down lol.
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    Since I'm in the Cadets thread, I am focused on the Cadets' usage of props, which over the past few years, haven't been effective.
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    Hey guys, this thread is supposed to be a resource for potential 2017 marchers, please stay on topic dont turn it into another BAC debate.
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    Good gosh, I keep peeking into this thread today and I still see dumb comments from DCPer's, who seem to have abandoned all logic. I implore you all who are trying very hard to make this a BAC vs Crown thing to knock it off. It isn't that; no matter how hard you try to make it look like that. What it IS, is an issue about the validity of language and a financial demand stemming from a "scholarship". Which in and of itself should be fairly clear cut, but apparently this particular one MAY or MAY NOT have a stipulation requiring a long term commitment. THAT has several other ramifications. What for certain is NOT KNOWN, are the details of the contract the MM signed and the scholarship offered. What is NOT known is the language and if there is anything binding the two documents to one another. So all the BS being spewed forth by DCPer's saying the BAC should shut up and pay the fees owed need to understand; NO ONE, not one person on this thread had provided any conclusive evidence of a contract or scholarship. No copy of a document to show if there is a custom contract or a DCI standard contract. No one has provide even language of a contract or scholarship, to prove what the MM commitment was or if money is actually owed. DCPer's being adamant there is money owed need to PROVE their contention. They haven't yet and can't but they can keep itching for an argument as they have been throughout this entire thread. Ridiculous statements like "these kids need to read their contracts and know and fulfill their commitments and pay up". Grab hold of reality and review a contract with a kid and you'll realize they are kids. easy for us adults to lay the blame on a kid who supposedly didn't read a contract. Has anyone here ever signed a contract to discover there was a clause that didn't favor you in any way? This IS a bigger issue that begs clarity. First how does a scholarship for a youth activity is demand payment scholarships when someone moves to another organization. Were SERVICES RENDERED for the past competitive year that the MM did in fact fulfill? If it were my kid and a corps tried to demand payment for a scholarship, I'll see you in court and I'll sue your butt off. If the corps demanded payment for fees owed per the contract, I'll send you a check. No question those fees are owed. And I don't think anyone has been contesting that; so again get your information right. For the record and if I read this correctly, the Executive Director of BAC called CC and asked if the MM in question owed any fees to CC. He was told there was a revoked scholarship money was owed. That is part of the story that has been downplayed in this firestorm and is an integral part of the question about scholarships. So unless you know specific details, stop spewing all you "know" about what occurred/transpired, because you like me and everyone else on this thread, KNOWS NOTHING FOR CERTAIN about the contract and scholarship and who owes who what. Thanks for indulging me and now back to my beer. Hope you all are having one as well. If so, heres to you.
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    Having a kiddo going through the rigamarole of audition, callback, callback, ad nauseum has really narrowed my focus this offseason. I care much more about my one corps than I do all the others combined. That said, in general the Cone of Silence is maddening, especially with such an insular product as this. When roughly 60% of your tour and operations costs from sponsors, public, etc., it feels like you're tying one hand behind your back before you even start. Mike
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    Although I enjoy hearing about shows in the preseason and show announcements, there's also something to be said for the element of surprise. If a corps decides not to make an announcement I do not see it as disrespect or disregard toward fans. For me, what I envision a show to be after hearing an announcement rarely turns out to be the case. I do like knowing what music will be used ahead of time, especially if I am not familiar with it.
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    Howdy everyone We are moving Forward See you soon
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    That was me :). Well, I was one of the people making that claim. And yes, musically what Blooo did after their opener had a lot in common with a 1990s Madison Scout horn book. That was one element combined with an ultra modern visual program and show concept. When all these elements came together as they did it created a super modern and innovative show without sacrificing entertainment value. And I do stand by what I said...Bluecoats 2016 was absolutely a Bellwether show.
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    Well, let's be honest, Crown basically pulled an Atlanta Falcons with that lackluster finals run (compered to the amazing prelims and semis runs). You leave a door wide open, and the Blue Devils will come through it like Kramer entering Jerry's apartment.
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    And 2009...and 2012...and kinda 2013 for that matter. Oh, look what happened when they went prop crazy in 2014 to their visual program.
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    When I was drum major of Windsor Guardsmen, I got a kiss from Miss Canada.
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    With a cone of silence, and rumors flying everywhere, its just impossible to tell whats real and which is witch.
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    *Season Hopkins just posted on FB. Seems like we get our full recaps back!
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    Well, if the last two pages don't get the thread closed ...
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    Paul Rennick when he moved from Phantom to SCV, right? Decimated Phantom's drumline. Oh wait. Non-G7 corps. Right. Cause the big guys never do that. Mike
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    2016 Santa Clara Vanguard
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    Clearly biased because you weren't hanging crusader molding.
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    I read the entire thread; took an hour. Already covered: 1) DCI's policy on switching corps. 2) Crown's payback policy. Not covered: 1) what happens if BAC allows member to march knowing the outstanding debt exists? 2) does the member have recourse against Crown since - for all intents and purposes - Crown's instructional leadership had changed so drastically that the member can claim "bait n switch?" IOW Crown is an intitely different organization as far as the member is concerned (esp if the rumors are true that said instructional leadership was instrumental in recruiting said member) Might render the contract unenforceable.
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    Great point! While we're at it, let's have Boston rise their fees by $2000, then give every 2017 member a "scholarship" for $2000, have them sign the "scholarship agreement" wherein they can't march anywhere else the rest of their life?? If they switch, they must pay it back. Think of the $$ BAC could make!!!
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    My turn at role play; Crown Contact: “pages and pages of legalese nothing specifically about going to another corps and repaying a scholarship but way down at the bottom ‘scholarship may be revoked requiring retroactive repayment as deemed necessary at any time by Crown organization’ Kid: what’s that at the bottom there, what’s that mean? Crown staff: oh that’s nothing kid; it’s just legal mumbo jumbo we have to have to protect us, it’s never been used for anything but you need to sign if you want to march Kid signs Months later Evil Crown Staff: how dare OUR staff go to another corps after we made them!!! We’ll show them. Wait, what, they also took OUR marchers? Evil Crown Staff while stroking their Snidely Whiplash mustache: “Destroy them. Invoke the catch all clause.” The Good Moral Crown Staffer (because there is always one): But sir, we shouldn’t. No, please don’t, won’t you think of the children? Evil Crown Staff: Punish them, punish them all. Punish our treacherous staff, punish BAC for stealing them and punish those marchers. Demand that scholarship money back and block the traitors from marching BAC or anywhere else in DCI. If those kids needed money to march in the first place; there is no way can they afford to repay us or to even hire a lawyer to crush our poorly worded, vague, misinterpreted contracts
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    Enforcing contract terms, apparently.
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    I've stayed pretty quiet on this one but my only thought is this. If it's part of a contract they signed, so be it. They can ask for their money back. But the idea of asking for money back you gave someone to help them march with you because they go somewhere else doesn't sit well with me personally. I dunno. Also it is interesting that yesterday they didn't give out scholarships which based on this they clearly do. Those are my only thoughts on this and all I have to say.
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    So, after demanding "proof", you then dismiss it. Ok..fine. No, it's not the Salem Witch Trials....just a terrible way to run a youth activity. And for the record, this is not just "one kid".
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    I feel like Bluecoats have been proving the previous year wasn't a fluke for 3 years now.
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    Cadets front ensemble in pods...
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    The Boston Crusaders are shaping up nicely this offseason. Info on the Corps show, theme, music, etc will be publically released as Mgt. sees fit. That is entirely their perogative and in their domain and I will respect that decision.
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    I don't get the entitlement some folks seem to have regarding any corps' repertoire. No drum corps is under any obligation, indirectly or not, to divulge anything about their show until they put it out on the field in June. If anyone is that hell bent on knowing what Corps X is playing, just jump on a plane and fly to a camp and help feed the kids or work on the fleet of trucks. Then, you'll hear and see first hand what they are doing. Back when I was alive, we relied on scant info in Drum Corps News and Drum Corps World all winter and spring. Sometimes, there may have been a standstill show in April somewhere...otherwise, we'd all wait until the first show in June. Every drum corps now is focused on learning their shows. In my mind, they have no responsibility whatsoever to the fan base until the first actual show. (As a Patriots fan, I DEMAND to know what Belichick is going to do in the Super Bowl....) :) Right....
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    My work productivity just went down this summer.
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    Don't feed the troll. Drum corps died in 1971 to him.
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    Garnering your 15 Minutes of Fame for this is XtraordinarY, xandandl (... haha!)
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    I hate coming on here after a few days, seeing that the number of pages on the thread has increased substantially, thinking that some information must have been released, only to find that it's either a discussion on arugula vs. waffles... or the latest episode of Honks vs. Haters. Then I remember... this is DCP serving its most cherished off-season purpose and I go back to counting down the days until we can ##### about actual shows instead of theoretical ones.
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    Wayne is a great writer, but he has not been the sole writer since the early 2000's. John Meehan arranges a great of the shows over the last decade or so, and much of the brass book is written/arranged by Dave Glyde with orchestration by WD or Meehan. Basically since 2004 it's been a team effort, with WD "creating" the least amount of each program.
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    In 2013, I thought they singlehandledly redefined the role of a color guard in drum corps. A color guard is supposed to be used, first and foremost, to push large towers around a football field.
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    Guess you never competed in or watched a track meet. And by all means, never watch a ballet.
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    The IRS considers donations to a general scholarship fund to be deductible as long as it's shown that the class of those eligible to receive those scholarships is broad (and not pre-selected). A member sponsorship, where a specific individual benefits from the support, would be considered a personal gift, rather than a donation to the charity. It's the same difference as between donating to a local food pantry (which is deductible, as long as they're a recognized 501(c)(3)) and buying a specific homeless person a cheeseburger (not deductible). The end results might be similar, but the mechanics are different.
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    http://www.hawthornecaballeros.org/2017/02/01/hawthorne-caballeros-recap-122-brass-rehearsal-announce-2017-music-selection-horns-for-sale-and-schedule-update/ Some info on the show's music selections
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