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    Hats off tonite to the Cadets. Missing 16 marchers, holes everywhere, thats a daunting task. But they never pulled out of the show. They pushed thru it all. No quit in them tonite, and those that were healthy in their Corps, or at least somewhat healthy, went out there and competed and performed for the audience, no matter what. Some of us notice these things. And we tip the hat to the 110% effort the Cadet Corps gave out there tonite under such trying circumstances. Some " wins " arn't found in the scores. Tonite... with the Cadets... is an example of such.
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    So I’ll admit thatit wasn’t that long ago when I thought that so many changes in drum corps were not good for the activity..... Move to Bbs, electronics, new instrument allowances, amplification. To me- these took DCI from the pure form to something else.... And now? I don’t think DCI and the individual drum corps and products have been better. This season totally shows us how much parity there is in this activity. It also shows us how much the equipment used, staffs, writers and members mean to each group. I watched from the 50 yard line on Sat in SA in 3rd deck so many magnificent performances and designs and was glued to my seat the entire time. There truly wasn’t a corps that I didn’t care for. When hearing the Troopers I was amazed at the quality of their hornline, and they’re 17th—WOW 17th??? But it’s legit as the Colts, Madison we’re all equally or more impressive. When Spirit came out, wow- how is that not a finalist, and the Academy performed— OMG, how is that not a finalist, then Crossmen and Mandarins and you say- man those are undeniable! So many shows and corps are performing at levels I don’t ever remember seeing and it’s refreshing. You could make the argument that Boston just 5 years ago would medal with their current show, Crown same thing.... BK, BStars, Cadets all Top 6 level performers but can’t and won’t move up because of the quality above. If you would’ve told me 10 years ago that almost every drum corps was going to shed their uniform identity for costumes I’d say- I hate it? Now? No way, it enhances in so many cases. SCV has such a tough look though I do miss the Red and Green and the hats, but then again- they have such a great look, sound, design and the costume picked eximifies and allows for the creation to come to life. I will say this- I’m a purist at heart, but I have to admit, the state of drum corps is fantastic and membership seems to be thriving. I find at this point experience, correct staffing and designers are really the difference when it comes to being a finalist or not, but either way- The drum corps not in contention for finals are not to be missed, you will regret not seeing some incredible corps for sure!!! My 20 cents- Thoughts? Wesley P
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    JMO I think the entire 2018 Cadets should be inducted into the Cadets Hall of fame for what they have done on and off the field this year. They stood by their corps when many would or could have bailed. They fought and focused when many doubted They didn't listen to all the noise caused by many They proved many decades of Cadet DNA is alive and well and maybe even have gotten stronger. They embodied EVERYTHING that the Cadets way back to the Holy Name days are and who also fought for their existence when many thought it was over. They, against all odds and staff changes, proved they can still overcome, succeed, thrive, gain even more respect. AND let's not forget with all the drama and a great focus produced an outstanding program. THIS 2018 Cadets IMO have earned a special place in the Cadet history as did the Cadets who fought to exist during the Holy Name change, the 1969 entry of females into the corps, the 1st championship win ( pre DCI ) the re-entry of a champion in the 80s and NOW the corps who saved the Cadet history and hopefully set the example as past Cadets did for the future. IMO....... the 2018 Cadets already won. Best of Luck
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    It is no secret I have been a vocal critic of the corps for at least a decade, mainly because of one persons vision becoming their mission. Tonight, in addition to the response they got coming on, the crowd went up at the ballad and as the Z hit. Tonight I saw THE CADETS do ashow that was all about THE CADETS!! To quote myself “ that performance was a total final purging of all things him”. in this thread I predicted getting back to home turf would do them well and it did. The G logo. Holy Name all over the place. Hearing little hints of things past in the show. Kick ### percussion and mello runs to die for. The end of the balled was Philip Bliss worthy. RPH at the Z pull got my eyes wet. They wont win finals but they e won something far more precious: they’ve won the soul of their corps back. They’ve won fans back. And alumni feel welcome at home again. Scott, admin team, Bobby, Drew, TA: thank you all and congratulations on making the Cadets THE MOTHER ####### CADETS again!!
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    Caught up in a pyramid scheme no doubt.
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    Excited (more than anyone can imagine) that I will get to see my son perform live in competition for the first time this evening. Should be quite a big crowd, hoping it will be a very lively one as well. Aside from the fact I'm not qualified to comment on how good (or not) any corps' performances are, I suspect I will only to get to see a few corps perform before Spirit as some face time is on the agenda. The very best of luck to all of the corps this evening - stay hydrated and have great performances one and all!
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    Performances in the previous century were programmed for crowd reactions. When Michael Cesario was program director with the Cadets in the mid-80's, he'd actually write on the show script and music book: "And the crowd goes Wild!!!" (Saw it myself several times.) This century, shows have become "art" and we don't interrupt the artist until the program is completed. Might miss those subtle electronic voice-overs thrown at us, the suicide that occurs on the back forty, the hanging on the lower front, or the stark silence the "artistic director" wants us to "experience" in isolation and solitary bleakness in his black clad doom-and-gloom dark shows that have become too common. Case of major depression at work if you ask me.
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    Just a few very brief thoughts after a great show. Mandarins give me a visual show that makes so much sense and a drumline that throws down. Next year, Mandarins, is the most important year. So, so hard to maintain your position. Stay hungry. Crossmen had an energetic run last night. This is a very good hornline that does some very technical and expressive stuff well. It takes guts in this day and age to put six minutes of a Tschaikovsky symphony on the field. In the main, it worked. Blue Knights are another corps that do atmosphere so well. As Kevin Gamin said, most faithful presentation of Rite of Spring that's ever been put on the field. Some of the arranging, especially for the low brass, was really tasty. Beautiful flag moments as always. The Cavaliers had a great fan following last night. I especially liked 'Orawa.' An extremely assertive, dramatic, and full-throated presentation. The winner of the 'We let tubas play tuba' award. Boston Crusaders have topped last year. They seem to have taken the 'tongue-in-cheek' humor caption from The Cavaliers. That drumline! Wow! The vanishing act will be a moment that is remembered for decades. Carolina Crown wins the most aggressive corps award. Their drumline and their hornline both were championship-worthy. And we need to get off the guard's back. These kids are great, their design is great. This show happens to be up against three monster drum corps for a medal this year. Vanguard has 150 musical and visual soloists who are performing and engaging the audience in a way I have never seen on a football field. It's what they do, but more importantly it's how they do it. The only show where the crowd was out of their seats before it ended. Bluecoats have the best show in their history. Better than Tilt, better than Down Side Up, and it won't win. Suffice it to say that from the first moments they took me to a different world. These are things I want. I want more T's and hats that say 'drum and bugle corps' on them. I want people to know what The Crossmen, The Vanguard, The Bluecoats, etc., are. I want no more recorded vocals carrying a melodic line ever. Ever. EVER. EVER. I want to see the Blue Devils live, but I can't. I want Death characters to take a year off. I want to go again.
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    From my chair: Yes, SCV is capitalizing on innovations and standards set by those mentioned earlier. And, this is of course how the activity progresses and how you win. I believe the show has and will continue to set new standards between now and Saturday. That stated, I am not sure it is innovation standards or simply really smart programming using full knowledge of all tricks of the trade old and brand new and excellence standards that equal or surpass those from which said tricks have been garnered. 1) vertical alignment on a new level for the longest amount of sustained time, and amazingly flawless at that 2) best front ensemble in the history of the activity considering the tools currently in the designer's and performer's toolbox 3) the development of moving props a million times and doing so in character, with purpose beyond moving something that needs to be moved so something new can be done (This has bothered me for years. Thanks SCV. If I can see you, it is judge-able, right? An opportunity to be creative and artistic.) 4) Soloists that are equally as good as any ever in the activity, but perhaps a bit better considering the wind range of skills shown, and not two or three folks. 5) Pitch control at all volumes and in key centers beyond B-flat and F (yes, others have done so, but I am not sure such has been done with the percentage of excellence considering some of the key center and harmonic language challenges) 6) It is rare that we get a corps that is not only firing on all three main areas of effect, intellectual, aesthetic, and emotional, but has been doing such since day one of tour. BD came close with INK and Fellini-esque as did Crown with E=Mc2. But all summer? Every night? Every tune? Every beat and bar? That's my take. Oh, and plus, the unexplainable "IT" factor. This production has that in spades. It just clicks. It speaks to your heart and gut. It makes you want to see it over and over and over. It is raw and passionate, gritty and gutsy, confident and bigger than life." It" is what made all of us become addicted to this unexplainable, niche, odd, crazy activity.
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    To Liaahona: SCV may, or may not, top Ninety-Nine Six-Two-Five. But, you, may friend scored a PERFECT ONE HUNDRED tonight for the geat pictures. A BIZILLION POINTS TO YOU TONIGHT! I couldn’t make it to the show, but you helped make me feel close to the action. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Well so ends my live drumcorps tour... I hope everyone enjoyed the photos... so it ends.. a bit bittersweet posted from the DrumScorps app
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    well a 3 1/2 hour ride awaits.... what a night.... next stop lawrence mass tomorrow posted from the DrumScorps app
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    After all these years of face peeling comments here on DCP, and when the Corps oblige, now you want soft???
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    I don't know, personally I think they got a Ra deal.
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    $600 in plane tickets, $400 for the hotel, $125 for the rental car, $50 in tickets ... getting to hug your daughter in the lot instead of seeing her perform in Allentown ... priceless. OK , not really, but it is what it is. I can now cross Allentown off my Drum Corps bucket list. I can honestly say that I got misty eyed walking into the stadium. Tomorrow night should be fun.
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    I was having a hard time understanding that so I decided to use google translate and this is what I got
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    A year ago today me and my son flew to Massillon just for this show. Today he gets to perform their with the Blue Knights posted from the DrumScorps app
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    Thanks @Liahona for the pics tonight.
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    So the only show you connected with was about being stranded, lost and needing help?
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    Well, no more flo for me. We’re off to Indy Wednesday. So one more drunk camera shot for the road.
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    Plain and simple ... I want to be a Cadet again. Thank you 2018 Cadets for bring that feeling back.
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    Some of this will come across as extremely opinionated and perhaps offensive to some fans (who are easily offended, needlessly)... But hey, that's kind of what the question is asking for. These are broad comments about concept and design in general. It seems to me that there are a few types of contending designs, each places a focus on a different area of engagement. The first type prioritizes adjudication (a monochromatic theory of GE). The second type prioritizes the audience (a contrary monochromatic theory of GE). And the third type prioritizes the show itself (a high-risk theory of GE). I'll just deal with the top 4, but one could easily import this analysis to the others. I'm not suggesting that one type is inherently better, because any concept can win if the show is technically solid, well performed and favored by the judges. Crown - this show favors the judges. It depends on an esoteric drama rooted in a theme... like so many shows in the past, across related idioms of competitive field band and indoor troupes. It's a proven way to contend, but it's success depends more on what others are doing. I personally find this type of show to be tired and cliche, but plenty of fans will carry on endless high-brow conversations about artistic meaning, concerning this type (and find great enjoyment in it). Bluecoats - this show favors the audience. The section rankings (especially the percussion) demonstrates less of an interest in 'features' and more of an interest in corps entertainment. This puts most of the eggs in its own theory of GE. Even if/when the group is very technically proficient, the focus of content may frequently fall short of other groups that put adjudication as a higher priority in design. In my opinion, this is where Madison should have tracked to by now. Crown came closest to this type in 2011. It's important to note that Bluecoats and Crown have both won championships by performing these types respectively. Blue Devils - they kind of balance the two, but probably favor adjudication over the interests of the audience. Personally, I think they are totally "phoning this one in". But it's a proven formula that has won them a ton of championships. In spite of their proficiency and mad, mad skillful ability to engage both the audience and the judges... They are a cliche of themselves. It's like Elvis being his own best impersonation of himself... if that makes sense. Vanguard - this is the third type... and ironically this is the type that Vanguard has contended and won with in the more recent past. It's only after falling victim to what seems to me to be an obsession with the late 80's and 90's thematic versions of itself that Vanguard has found the way back to the present. This type of show is extremely selfish and vain, for all the RIGHT reasons. A show like this cuts all the proverbial fat and gets down to business, at the high risk of disenfranchising the audience and the judges alike. The result starts to look minimalist, and technical... with any emotion only being derived from the performance and phenomenology itself. HOWEVER... when the risk pays off, it has the capacity to have both the audience and the judges in the pocket. So in the end we have BD, juggling everything (as always) competing evenly with SCV (who is juggling nothing). But Bluecoats giving the strongest challenge to GE as a scoring block with Crown giving the strongest challege to the sectional scoring blocks. It can really pay off as an expansion of content and engagement to have the least "accessories" going on in the show. This is doubled by the unanimous approval and investment by the marching members in the masterful design that's there. So in the end, some groups will give the audience more to hoot, holler and smile at, others will give people more to think and talk about... but Vanguard is having its cake and eating it too.
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