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    As the territories in recruitment expand to the outer reaches, its only a matter of time before Corps hold auditions on some of the other Planets. And when it happens, it just HAS to be the Cavaliers that'll most likely be the 1st. Afterall, what DCI Corps is currently more familiar and comfortable with The Planets than the Cavaliers ?
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    What the F does this have to do with Cadets 2018? Some of your guys' obsession with Hop is pitiful. Something happened THIRTY YEARS AGO and you still have a grudge. Reveals a lot about you. If you want to start a Hop bashing thread, by all means go ahead. However, I'm more interested in what is happening this year, right now. Glad to hear camps are going well
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    Day Two of November camp has come to an end....
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    I like his bus. I can imagine the "just making a statement" jawboning as a corps pulls into a lot with these.
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    This is a cool way to spend the off season with everyone. These responses make us very humbled. Awesome Thanks
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    Congratulations to the inductees and honorees!!! Well deserved!!
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    Should be out sometime next week.
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    New corps starting up out of San Diego....nice staff, too. https://www.vesseldrumcorps.org/
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