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    And why someone would chastise another person's choice of where they choose to march without knowing that person or having any first-hand experience of what marching with that corps is truly like is beyond me. To each their own, I guess. All I know is that nearly every single one of the Cadets alums who I know (and there are quite many) are stand-up people with tremendous work ethic and strength of character and have their Cadets experience mainly to thank for helping them get to where they are today. And I realize that people are free to like or dislike whatever corps they want for their own reasons, that comes with the territory. But I would also like to think that underneath all that, there is a fundamental respect for anyone who chooses to march in drum corps, period. No matter where they choose to march. Sadly, I find that fundamental respect lacking in what you've said here.
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    Yes, I would let my child march in the Cadets. There are many good people involved with this organization...and the problem has been removed! I'm excited to watch the Cadets thrive without Hopkins.
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    Your point is well taken. I was on the first flight out of San Diego on the 14th traveling to Atlanta. I remember three things: The captain went down the aisle and eyeballed every single passenger on the plane before we pushed back from the gate. When they passed out the plastic silverware for the meal all the knives had been removed. As a group we were ready, willing, and eager to defend the plane if anyone tried anything. The Cadets will be just fine and, dare I say, should be able to grow out of mess that was GH quite nicely.
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    Forgive me but I don’t care how he feels. He put himself in this predicament.
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    I have an idea...he should leave the vehicle on the street and mail the keys and then say in a note ...LQQK outside...LOL
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    With regard to the vehicle and the laptop and whatever other physical property he may still have, I would imagine he could argue that since he hadn't been fired until yesterday, he didn't not see an issue there. I understand the publicity, the way it looks, the situation and everything else discussed... but, is that not par for the course for him? Has he not, for a period of time, shown that he does not have that filter or care to even acknowledge that that filter exists, let alone care what others think? He's a yam bag. Nothing that may come out in the future will surprise me. Karma, Earl
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    I wouldn't have before the news broke. Now with that person out, i would.
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    Ohio State was punished far more by both the NCAA and the B1G for tattoos for trinkets. Look it up. PSU had their scholarships restored while Ohio State scholarships were still under suspension. Now they have a full time tattoo person and put them in the Woody Hayes [Athletic Center]. Either way both schools recovered just fine, hopefully so will Cadets. https://www.ncaa.com/news/football/article/2011-12-21/chronology-ohio-state-scandal https://www.newsday.com/sports/college/college-football/ohio-state-gets-bowl-ban-loss-of-scholarships-1.3401982
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    I never would have wanted to march there anyway. Even before it came out that Hopkins was a rapist, they were infamous for eating and sleeping less than anyone else, and as a result having more people either getting hurt or burning out and leaving early than pretty much any other corps. And their lousy show design lately certainly didn't improve my impression of them. I do know people who left my corps to go there, but why you'd pick the Cadets as the corps you want to make finals with over literally anyone else is beyond me.
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    Related, Dan Achesons nephew: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2018/04/11/chaos-mason-band-leader-investigated-sexual-harassment-inappropriate-touching/481875002/
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    Word is Russian hackers who support Putin had the references removed as a way of meddling in the affairs of DCI.
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    Madison actually gave them a 2.3 point whooping on 6/28 - 78.1 to 75.8. I remember that because it was so shocking. Star was the clear leader at that time, so a 2.3 point loss was huge. I always wondered what happened that night. I gather nothing out of the ordinary since the next night Star won 79.3 to 79.2. So for a moment in time Madison was arguably the best corps in 1991, or one of them. Madison also beat everyone that year, at least once. One of the few times that's happened. The only other loss Star sustained in 1991 was a 0.6 loss to the Cavaliers on 6/27. So two losses in a row, then nothing but wins. I didn't appreciate that show during the 1991. I appreciated 1990 Star from the first viewing, but not 1991 (or 1993). It wasn't until like 15 years later when I pulled out the CD and was completely awestruck by 1991 Star. 1993 would come a year later. Huge Star homer. Miss them every year. They were utterly amazing. I consider 1991 and 1993 to be two of the absolutely greatest shows ever. That 1992 hornline, I consider the best ever.
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    I'm pretty sure I remember GH talking about Elk's Parade in a derogatory way. I don't think he would have ever wanted them to play that again. So, in some ways, maybe it would be fun for them to bring it back, in a modern way!
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    There's zero evidence this was a broad cultural issue or a situation with many guilty parties IF and when that happens, you can talk about "an entire culture" Until then, your bias is just showing - as noted by your "less Cadets top 5" quote. So now the success of 2018 members (who are 100% innocent in every way) should be negatively impacted... Gotcha.
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    Dump the depressing show theme and music. Bring back Elk's Parade. (yeah, in some parallel universe maybe)
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    I think a better question is: Would you allow yourself, your kids, or your friends to march with the Cadets march in a drum corps after the recent events that occurred? I think the GH thing is the canary in the coalmine that signals a systemic issue in drum corps as a whole. It just so happened he was the director of the Cadets. Just one person's opinion.
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    No matter what happens, I doubt that "this will be the end of Drum Corps". I wish I had a buck for every time I heard that this or that over the decades will " be the end of Drum Corps", I could buy Bermuda. There will still be a need for summer competition in the Marching Arts, performers who want to perform and enhance/ learn new skills when schools close, and instructors to want to help teach them when the schools close for the summer, and fans who want to watch their development,/ shows in the summer, and sponsors to sell them instruments, unis, vehicles, & stuff, and schools /organizations that want to use the summer shows as their fund raisers. After the purge of any remaining bad apples, the economic laws of Supply and Demand should still prevail, imo. If the need is still there, the supply to fill that demand should likewise continue to fill the need/ demand.
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    Penn State got a lot back because in the long run, it was a SCHOOL issue, not a FOOTBALL issue.
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    Not true. Ohio State had to vacate wins. PSU had games that were vacated and were reinstated later. Ohio State allowed players to transfer but none did. I would suggest you not spew your lack of ignorance on the subject You are very misinformed. I hope you know more about drum corps especially the Cadets.
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    Stigma and/or reputation need not develop into a long term or crippling problem unless the organization is seen as ignoring or making light of the factors that led to that stigma. I firmly believe that those now in charge, alumni, and the current marching members will do what is needed to insure that going forward, the reputation and integrity of the Cadets need not be of concern, and they will continue to be thought of as a highly desirable corps. The honor of the corps did not, and will not, end because of the shameful actions of a single individual.
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    Thanks for posting that very interesting article.
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    I completely agree that this will likely be a very closely monitored corps and possibly one of the safest for awhile. Having a currently eligible marching member and knowing some who are currently in the Cadets, I can tell you they are commonly called to a corps for reasons much bigger than one person. It's about their own personal mission and how that corps fits in to that mission. It's about a feeling, a dream, a goal, an experience, etc. Some are Cadets because that is what they've always wanted to be - call it their dream corps. Those I've spoken with haven't changed their dream corps, even with all this going on. Quite the opposite actually. They are terrified they may have to walk away and want nothing more than to have a successful season. On the flip side, others are simply not drawn to particular corps, for whatever reason. My particular member had no interest in being a Cadet - it just didn't call to him. He tried a couple different corps and was blessed to be able to choose the one he felt best fit him. It's such a personal experience and I truly hope the current members can continue to push forward and rebuild the true meaning of being a Cadet!
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    We will mark you down as a definite “maybe” lol
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    Agree. Paul Simon wrote the song, and even he is not sure what he meant at the time. It's been beautiful music for over 50 years. To me, the song speaks to the lack of communication between people, which (if you are going to go down that road) seems highly appropriate under the circumstances.
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    Cadets have cleaned house. I look at this sort of like air travel after 9/11. I have always thought the safest day to fly was the day the airlines resumed flights after that fateful day.
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    These are all theories that I’ve been hearing not from DCP but from people who are involved in the marching arts.
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    I like the commenter who said “you can never escape cosmic justice “. Pure gold. The next season, he was making fun of the Midwest and cornfields.
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    Looks like the south has not forgotten... http://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-news/2018/04/band_director_who_insulted_oce.html
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    I read the article. The advice the entire faculty received at a district I worked for from 1989-1991 in a presentation by the district lawyer was to NOT touch students. PERIOD. There are ways to demonstrate and get things done without touching, and you need to develop those skills and use them. If I can do it, anyone can. It takes some thought, and maybe some more effort. But, it prevents situations like that from happening. If it meant the band missed out on a BoA medal because I didn't touch anyone... I'd rather still have my integrity hanging around my neck, thank you very much.
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    They’re still mad Vanguard didn’t win in 87
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    Ok - that does make sense. Better idea - For 2019 Cadets could do a show using music from 'Sunday in the Park with George', but change it to 'Sunday in the Yard with George'. Maybe 'Jailhouse Rock' in the pre-show?
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    zero chance he will successful petition for and win an unemployment hearing
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    "balls in the air" might not be the correct visual, given the situation ;-)
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    Maybe the car is en route to Arizona where Hopkins and Cosby will plunge it into the Grand Canyon in "Bill and George", a sequel to "Thelma and Louise" that will garner only 3% on Rotten Tomatoes.
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    More fall out: "Dear Alumni and Friends, The events of the past several weeks have been gut wrenching for the entire marching arts activity. The Crossmen Drum & Bugle Corps and the Crossmen Alumni Association want to express our unwavering support for the brave women who have come forward and shared their stories. The Crossmen family has been both shocked and saddened by the allegations that have come to light and we stand with all victims of sexual assault and violence against women. We value the due process built into the US legal system. However, membership in the Crossmen Hall of Fame is a privilege and not a right. After careful consideration, and with the overwhelming support of the Crossmen HOF Membership, the Crossmen Alumni Association has revoked George Hopkins’ membership in the Crossmen Hall of Fame effective immediately. -Crossmen Hall Of Fame Committee"
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    This is UT- Arlington. We went to watch them rehearse that evening. While we were there, GZ told them that he wanted to try having them do the second cross 4 steps in front of the taped form. They tried it one time without adjusting the tape, and absolutely nailed it! It was a jaw-dropping experience for me.
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    The big difference between the two is that Plantar fasciitis is way less painful than Planar Analysis.
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