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    My prayers are with Dr. Dan's family, Rick Valenzuela and the whole Regiment phamily, and all who were touched by the life of this DCI HoFer. Since last January the Regiment has been through some great tragedies and yet has found the inner character to turn these into opportunities to grow. Dan Richardson, an original member from back in the days when the corps developed out of the local Catholic high schools and veterans, was such a force in molding the spirit and persona of what we now call the Phantom Regiment from Rockford, Illinois. He also molded many lives through his work at the Medical School in Chicago and the patients they tended and even often tended along tour. I' have fond memories of our lot conversations over the years and his always graciousness to me even when we were competitors. May God bless Dan eternally for his goodness and give consolations to the Regiment. May DCI continue to have such good strong people to develop our youth on and off the field.
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    I just read it as well. Terribly sad news and a loss for the entire Phamily. A great man who had an impact on everyone who marched in this corps. He WAS the Phantom Regiment. RIP.
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    i'm sorta in agreement with you. there's been a lot of bad. the years 13-16 saw a lot of improvement. 17 was a step backwards
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    Just read on Facebook that Dan Richardson passed away. An important figure in the Phantom Regiment organization for decades.
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