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    LOL... I did that at a show once. Microphone was out for one corps.... I stood at about the 50-yard line, apologized for the audio situation, and basically shouted the corps' intro. Then some wise guy at about the 20-yard line yelled out, "I can't hear you!!!" So... I trotted down closer to him and said "Sir... buy a better ticket next year so you can!!!"
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    7:30- National Anthem 7:42- Crossmen 8:01- The Cadets 8:20- Phantom Regiment 8:37- Blue Knights 8:34- INT 9:24- THE CAVALIERS!!!! 9:41- Bluecoats 9:58- Blue Devils 10:15- Santa Clara Vanguard 10:32- Carolina Crown 11:14- Scores I remember, literally, 10 years ago when I wanted to see The Cavaliers live. Sadly, they were not performing in the Houston show (I was still in high school and limited on money)... and I was disappointed. After these 10 years one thing has been obvious, I am a fan of music, knowledge, and easily a BIG fan of The Cavaliers. No matter what, I am excited to see the 70th anniversary corps live!!!! GO CAVALIERS!!!! Let's kick some butt!
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    IT'S SHOW DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YEEEEEEE HAW!
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    I love how in the new BD 360 episode, members of BD visit the art museum in Chicago and see the actual Nighthawk painting. So cool!
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    Over/under how many people say in the San Antonio show thread tomorrow night that they don't understand BDs show, even though the Devils put out their 360 episodes week after week, year after year breaking down that year's show lol.
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    Nitpicking, but there have in fact been deaf guard members, drum majors and drummers in DCI corps.
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    So you’re proposing that all the DCP folks are at the same pool at the same time? I can see the headlines now: “Blue Devils 2012 fans found dead in Houston area pool. Old school lifeguards refused to rescue them. Carolina Crown fans still upset about 2012 and 2009 for that matter, main suspects.” Hook’emCavies, don’t let us near your pool unless you want to be evicted!
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    Check out the new BD 360 episode that on YT. It explains the transition into Natural Woman, and introducing another character, which is the guy behind the counter in the painting. Basically a Soldier who is coming back from war, see's a woman, falls in love with her, than the smooth criminal character comes in and fights the soldier, trying to take the woman from him. I keep saying this show has a 2015 feel to it. Standby for a late season push from BD. Will SCV win? Maybe. But you best believe BD will make them earn it.
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    Well I watched it on Flo and I liked Pacific Crest the best last night, so there’s your winner.
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    It is the ultimate letter.
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    90 then 03 then 15 - the Z pull that uncoiled and then coiled into a S pull (for drill guys Zingali to Sylvester)
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    I fainted, vomited, blacked out, froze in shock, had heart palpitations, and started hyperventilating A perfectly natural reaction on my part!
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    the Z pull is back! Heck, the Cadets are back! was surprised they put that out there tonight, thought they were waiting until post SAT, but hey, no time like the present
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    It is incredible that during the glass breaking portion (after the chorale) has no distinct counts!! That is absolutely incredible. All those sounds being made live means that the corps doing the choreography and the guard doing their tosses have to actually listen in very carefully since there will be small variations in the timings of those sounds each show. Now that’s the definition of hidden difficulty! Hopefully they have someone with a broom cleaning up any glass shards that may escape the tub they’re throwing cups in
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    Linking it here for those who are too lazy to look it up. Highly recommend you watch!!
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    Quick thoughts - The heat was worse than expected. Got dizzy just walking from the visitor parking to the bus lot and back. Not sure how in the world the kids did it, especially the early corps. Once the sun started to go down, it actually became fairly pleasant, but rehearsal clothes was the right choice. The rehearsal gear actually went down pretty well with the crowd. It gave the contest a more intimate feel, though the crowd was kind of subdued. Almost dying of heat exhaustion early on will do that to you. Of course I thought Guardians did well, but I was also pleasantly surprised by Genesis, Spirit, Pacific Crest and Oregon Crusaders! Fan-friendly, charming shows that translate way better live than on video. Oregon in particular has a brilliantly constructed program that if you know The Shining has a ton of easter eggs hidden inside. Boston's amps and electronics are overwhelming down low. Also, they left two mics aimed at the field in case any hornlines wandered by and needed amplification - I think they were the only corps that did that. All in all, it was my annual reminder that live drum corps beats video-ed drum corps every day of the week! Mike
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    Not gonna lie, I legit lost my cool at the z-pull. My poor wife.
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    I don't know, Boston spells all kinds of things. I'm not sure the Cadets can compete with just one Z...
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    I would so love to be a dust mite on the hornline bus tonite to listen to the mms reactions on embracing another part of Cadet lore. This gang is so hyped to be part of something larger than themselves and to do it well, honorably and with excellence. This is going to be fun to watch in the next few weeks remaining. (I don't mean to neglect percussion, guard, or Holy Voice. I'm just more aware of the hornliners motivations they have expressed personally and genuinely.)
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    Anyone else feel that Xmen are getting underscored?
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    Just watched BD's run from Broken Arrow on YT. I am really starting to get excited. This show is slowly coming together.
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    The boy said it is incredibly hot. ...and he comes from a place he marched in 115 heat (dry, yes, but still) Just heard the show won't be scored and they'll be in rehearsal gear. Hoping all these members stay healthy, safe, and focused <3
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    BK was going to add a bunch of water features and fans to keep them cool on the field, but it turned out to be a pyramid scheme.
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    Correct. Top 6 Corps all have large ageout numbers most seasons.. and medals winning Corps oftentimes have even more. SCV had 65 ageouts last season.. Bluecoats as well. BD always has either lage ageouts, or marchers still age eligible, but decide not to return ( as they won a ring ). Corps in the TOP 6 generally are considered what is termed " Destination Corps ", not " Stepping Stone " or " Feeding Corps ". Top 6 Corps generally receive older and experienced marchers influx each off season from other lower tier DCI Corps, irrespective of the age outs they had the previous season. Crown is a well established Top 6 Drum Corps with an outstanding reputation for brass line quality. As such, it has no issues typically in drawing outstanding older and experienced brass auditioneers to their camps each season to fill their age out positions in Brass. Thus, if its being reported that Crown's 2018 brass line is a young brass line and/ or has a " young trumpet section", that appears a bit unusual for Carolina Crown to go out this season with allegedly young brass marchers on the whole or in their trumpet section. That said, even if they are younger than Crown is accustomed most seasons, they still play very well, imo
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