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  1. 2007 Cadets should have taken gold.
  2. Not really in MICHIGAN CITY

    In their world the air is so polluted that supplemental oxygen is required to sustain life. Haven't seen the show, but that's my guess.
  3. Whitewater Rapids

    *edit* I was beat to the punch.
  4. Best military/patriotic shows

    2002 cadets with 02' Boston just behind em'
  5. Historic Possibilities

    If the Blue Stars top bk and phantom for 7th (and obviously aren't caught by anyone below them),it will be their highest finals placement in 39 years.
  6. Looks like the adverage age of most Olympians is a bit over 21. If you are active, your body can operate at a high level for a loong time. http://holykaw.alltop.com/age-range-of-us-olympic-athletes-by-sport
  7. iiidk, they both were in an arc with other tuba players.
  8. I saw 2 tuba players on the field without horns last night in Hamilton.
  9. Feelin' Fresno!

    Phantom did drop a couple points when they came back east though. Also, they were either scoring higher than, or within a point of cavies, but ended up getting 3 pointed by them in their first head to head. But yeah, there are probably 101 reasons why this happened. (different shows/w.e)
  10. Intrigue In Indy

    No beer at Lucas Oil :/
  11. 2016 Uniform Thread

    i think Madison might be staying in the same uni as last year. but yeah, everyone else has either made some sort of alteration or has new unis all together.
  12. Most traditional 2016 shows?

    not completely true. corps have had flugelhorn, marching french horn, marching trombone, and other unorthodox sections/groups of players in the past. same goes for the battery. Did the cadets win the Sanford in 2003 because the finals percussion judge likes the sound of cowbells, or was it because they played the instruments they were given at a very high level? Obviously I still get what you're saying, but I hope for the sake of the activity the judges are less bias than that.
  13. 2016 Uniform Thread

    These are the sharpest uniforms I've seen since Bluecoats most recent uni change. Really wish the rest of the corps were in these.
  14. 2016 Uniform Thread

    Soooo baggy
  15. Official 2016 Blue Stars

    Now, if only they posted more vids of the hornline..