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  1. Please do not take this the wrong way. . . If the corps can not show a multiyear world class budget and ways to sustain that type of money flow during the evaluation, they will not move up. I do wish them the best of luck and hope they pass the evaluation.
  2. It will be interesting to see what happens when the new education budget is slashed and see how many HS Bands survive. I have a feeling that New Jersey will be hit pretty hard. I certainly hope the cuts do not become too deep that it effects all of the marching arts.
  3. Thank you Fran. They hold a great show (and do a great job with their turkey dinners).
  4. During the spring, alumni corps in the PA area hold standstills shows. Ive been to Reading and Reilly Raiders shows and have really enjoyed listening to them. Is there some sort of published schedule for these shows?
  5. Many corps advertise "learning life lessons" as part of what they offer. I was wondering what life lessons have those who marched (Dinos to present day) learned in the corps they marched. I know I have learned several things that has allowed me to enjoy my life. I met my wife through my age out corps, 2 of my 3 children marched in real small corps while all 3 enjoy the marching arts activity I stay really focused on a task. Never give up. Multitasking. Push myself to be better than I am and learning to pay it forward. No bashing, just lessons learned please.
  6. Didn't Kilties hornline start their show in the early 70's (72 or 73) sounding like bagpipes? Sounded pretty close from what i remember.
  7. Chris Holland: I dont know if these scores will hold up against the WC groups. If they do, watch out. OC is on the hunt. Jim Burnell: Only recap I have heard is Raiders guard came in 8th last night. Of the 12 member guard 10 never march drum corps before. An amazing job by the entire Raiders Guard staff. In another thread, someone mentioned that this may be Raiders Swan Song. Overall this corps literally came from the ashes and rose as a phoenix to accomplish their 10th place finish. Congratulations to the entire staff, administration, the parents and volunteers and the new Board of Directors who worked super hard over the last 3 weeks to make this happen. Raiders will be back next year and are looking forward to bigger and better things.
  8. We will get a much better gauge on scores and placements starting next week when all the corps are going head to head. This is going to be great year for Open Class.
  9. When is the start time for the show? Start time is not listed on the poster. Saw somewhere there were 2 start times. Told by Raiders they are on around 2? ????????????????????
  10. Langhorne PA theater about 1/4 full. Same sound issues as everywhere else. Not much applause all night (except for the end of Bluecoats and Crown). I agreed with all the final placements. Unlike most, I have not watched any of the previews on social media. My take Boston - It was a very good kickoff to 2016. Better show and performance than last year at this time. Major electronics issues in the front ensemble ruined it for me though. Lets see how this show develops throughout the season. Cavaliers - Showed more visually this year than last. Had some nice parts hornwise. Drumline was OK. Really liked the guard. Too early to judge. Phantom - Was better than Boston. I think its way too early to judge this show. Really liked the arrangements. Needs work visually and GE. I really would like to see how this show develops. Again too early to judge. Cadets - What we saw last night is not what we will see in August. I'm sure they are already planning some changes. Hated the violinist. She did a nice job, from what I could hear, but does she really add anything to the show? Loved Pines of Rome. Hated everything after that. Nice use of the french horns. Not so much with the trombones. Lets see what come out in August. Bluecoats - Created real excitement in the theater. Extremely ready for the first show and it showed. They hit on all cylinders tonight. Don't know if they will finish on top, but they certainly will be in the thick of it all season. Crown - Did a typical Crown show. Great hornline, excellent guard, and what should help by August, an improved drumline. I felt their energy level was a little low tonight though. Overall, not a bad first show of the season. If last night was an indication of what we will see with show concepts and performance levels, add in the new (no slotting?) judging, it should be an exciting year. Unfortunately I will not be able to see any of these shows live until DCI East. Thank you to all the members of all the corps for a real fun night of entertainment. Good luck to everyone this year and safe travels.
  11. That got a big laugh from some at the theater in Langhorn PA
  12. I was there when they opened the boxes and warmed up. Horns are very light and produced a very nice sound. The new brighter sound will fit their show extremely well. They are still looking to fill the last couple of spots in the trumpet and Tuba Lines. Its going to be a pretty exciting year.
  13. You are correct, competition is what we do. Bottom line though is to get to the next level, first raise the needed funds to get there. My statement is that too many corps try be be more than they are without gathering the funds first to be competitive, so they can do what it takes to get to the next level. If the funds are not there, be creative or accept your lot until you can raise the necessary funds.
  14. I personally feel there is too much emphasis on winning. Trying to be at the top of the ladder costs way too much money. If you have the money, use it, get the best of everything and go out and compete to be the best. If you can raise that kind of money, my hats off to you. Unfortuanately when a corps has limited funds, they must work with what they have and be sure to give the members, staff, support staff and anyone else traveling with the corps the best possible summer. The last few years (including this one) corps are begging for money while on the road. I have talked to a lot of kids throughout the years about how after they age out, the turn their back on the activity due to the pressures and did not have fun. Too many corps have vanished due to the pressures to be a dci touring corps or trying to be a finalist or trying to get that gold ring. Nothing wrong with trying to be the best, but know the parameters you are working with so you do not go belly up. I personally perfer just to be entertained and see a corps last 25-50-75 years and more than win a championship and be long gone 5 years later.