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  1. OldBones

    Audubon bon bons

    Like Fran, my old drum corps competed against the Bon Bons in the mid 60s thru the mid 70s many times. They were always always an excellent show, full of class. Loved their uniforms as well. Shame there are no more All Girl Corps anymore.
  2. OldBones

    2018 Show Announcements

  3. OldBones

    2018 Show Announcements

    Raiders have announced their show. Beowulf, Rise of a Legend Accompany the Raiders on a journey of Ascension and Triumph in their production of Beowulf, Rise of a Legend. This epic hero’s tale as told through original music.
  4. OldBones

    YEA Board of Directors

    What was done was done. Im not a supporter of The Cadets but I have to say that the new BOD looks to be working hard to upright their ship. Giving the town hall speech I'm sure was not easy and Mr Rutherford did an excellent job giving his report to all the members of both corps. I wish them a lot of luck. This will not be easy.
  5. IF this was to ever happen (this has been discussed several times over the last several years), DCA corps and DCI Open Class should at least be the same. A plus would be to combine schedules and have a lot more shows. DCA shows could be combined with some Open Class touring shows. If the DCA corps want to tour, they can with the Open Class Tour. This year there are some Open Class shows with only 4 corps competing. DCA could keep their championships but offer more performance possibilities to their members. Just a thought.
  6. According to the Nation Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month. https://www.nsvrc.org/saam How Ironic.
  7. NO. I did state Raiders had financial issues. Raiders did go on tour those years and safety returned. Issue is DCI did not care to evaluate them at that time. Only when they changed board and administration.
  8. Yes, Raiders also had financial issues in the past. All taken care of and heading in a totally new direction now. Unfortunately, the members are ALWAYS the ones who pay for poor decisions made by Admins and Boards. You dont have to look too far back in DCI history to see corps folding on tour. Unfortunately the DC Community did not reach out and help them. I seem to remember a lot of ridicule towards them. I feel sorry for the members in Cadets, and only the members. Hopefully YEA passes the eval, that WOULD be a good thing.
  9. Raiders went through a full evaluation last year because we had a new board and a new administration. We run 4 different programs and DCI wanted to see the books, the business plans and the future plans for each program. This was to insure that Raiders would not suffer due to the running of the other programs. I would expect that YEA would have to d the same. I think ALL corps (organizations) should go through a full evaluation every 5 years. Just my opinion. Look at Legends last year on Drumcorpsplanet. They did the most unserviceable and outrageous act by spending over $100,000 by mid tour and announced they would fold in the middle of tour if the DC community did not help. Lucky for them they did. I personally thought, they should have paid the price. Many corps have over the years. DCI should look at them very closely this year to make sure they don't repeat history.
  10. DCI will not only look at Cadets but also will want to see the books for US bands, Cadets 2, and his Dance Program. This is to ensure none of the other programs will not be hurting Cadets in the future. All programs must have a solid business plan, a 3 and 5 year growth plan and a solid plan to relieve the debt all programs may have. Hopefully all books are current and the new board isn't scrambling for info on any of the other organizations under YEA. I truly wish them the best of luck.
  11. Does find this to be close to the Bill Cosby accusations and proceedings? I think if you follow that we will see the future of Hopkins, that's if anyone of the victims were to actually follow through and take him to civil court.
  12. "And as far as I can tell, nothing has been said by the following corps, nor do they have harassment and/or whistleblower policies anywhere easy to find: Bluecoats, Boston Crusaders, Bushwackers, Carolina Gold, Cincinnati Tradition, Connecticut Hurricane, Crossmen, Fusion Core, Gold, Golden Empire, Govenaires, Guardians, Hawthorne Caballeros, Impulse, Incognito, Legends, Louisiana Stars, Phantom Regiment, Pioneer, Raiders, Reading Buccaneers, River City Rhythm, Santa Clara Vanguard, Shadow, Skyliners, Spartans, Spirit of Atlanta, Stentors, Vessel, White Sabers Let me know if I missed something. And if you are affiliated with any of the above groups, on the first list or the second, maybe check in with them and make sure you feel what they're doing is good enough." Each corps is handling this in their own way. I believe every group in DCI, DCA, Soundsport and WGI have policies in place. If not, shame on them. Raiders stand by not only the victims but with all alumni and current corps members as this tragedy unfolds. We have not placed a public statement here because we know the current members are reading all the comments, good and bad, which is, in my opinion, making it very hard for them. Raiders have a strong harassment policy, and always had, and it is in each members, staff, admin and board contract. We are now in the process of putting together a harassment hotline. We also released a statement to everyone on our Alumni, Friends and Family mailing lists.
  13. According to DCI policy, they must go through a full evaluation as if they are a new corps coming into DCI. My corps, Raiders, went through this last year because our board resigned and we had a new administration in place. DCI needed to make sure all aspects of our organization was strong not just the drum corps. Accordingly, they must have 1 member from the old board stay on. This was told to us by DCI. We went through the evaluation and passed. Does DCI hold YEA to the same standards? Lets see.
  14. I agree with Garfield as well. Each corps should have their own policy set up to prevent this. At Raiders, we have this policy and make all our staff, administrators and board members pass a background check before they can be in front of the members. If Cadets do not have this policy then whatever happens to them is on them. I feel bad for all the MM as well as YEA office workers, YEA Marching Bands and all other programs under YEA. Sad day for all.
  15. Since PSU was removed from playing in a post season bowl, should Cadets be removed from championships? This has a lot of the Bill Cosby saga in it. True or not, the ramifications like the possible loss of sponsorships, parents pulling kids from their programs, schools pulling out of YEA band shows, etc., could be very damaging. If the board did cover up, not saying they did but some of the board has been there for quite a while, could they also be facing charges? So irresponsible in so many ways.