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  1. A nice non-drum corps video

    Have tickets to see Dudamel conduct his Venezuelan Youth Orchestra at Wolf Trap in September!
  2. Pioneer 2018

    The Irish themes are a newer theme for them the last couple decades. I remember them back in the 70's and early 80's and they did a variety of shows that had nothing to do with being Irish. I think they need to lose the Irish already. Just MHO
  3. Are they really singing?

    Saturday night in Allentown the Cadets singer that opens the show must have got the wrong pitch or something and she started 1/2 step low. She corrected as soon as the brass came in.
  4. Are they really singing?

    Colts singing seems to be prerecorded. At least I never noticed a live singer on the field. Cadets have their choir of 8 who are singing live.
  5. Owings Mills MD just outside Baltimore.
  6. Carolina Crown 2017

    If you take away the yard lines doesn't it become like early drum corps with one yard line on the 50.
  7. Semifinals- who makes the cut

    Originally, corps 13-25 were called "associate corps" and it was considered an honor to make that group (at a time when there were a LOT more corps). Then when they went to the quarters, semis, finals schedule it became 17. Now it's back up to 25.
  8. Weber Grill restaurant. Very nice. Everything is of course grilled!
  9. Genesis 2017

    Enjoyed this show. I thought they would score higher. Very nice entry into World Class!
  10. Carolina Crown 2017

    The performance level is great and I understand their placement. I don't get anything from the show theme; personal preference.
  11. Favorite shows of 2017

    SCV, Bluecoats, Boston, Academy, and Spirit in that order.
  12. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    Loved this show in A-town. The fire at the end was a great dramatic touch. I'm not a fan of singing in drum corps but Boston's singer is definitely the best this year.
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    Loved the brass line. Loved the first half of the show. Didn't care for the second have of the show. Didn't relate to or care for the theme. I generally don't like singing in drum corps and Crown had too much of it. Didn't understand a single word she sang after the ballad.
  14. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    LOVED this show!!! Wasn't sure how I would like the props as am not generally a fan of them, especially when corps move them around. But these were well designed and very versatile.
  15. Looking forward to my annual pilgrimage! Always in the stands for all the shows.