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  1. True. They were to teach what for centuries was a mostly illiterate population.
  2. Watched in the theatre. Just a few comments. Crossmen: Props seemed like someone thought "everyone else is using props so we will too." They didn't add to the show except for guard equipment storage. Good music, but as others have said it is visually a mess. Could easily be challenged by Madison/Troop/Colts. Blue Stars: Good show and music. I thought the theme came across better this year. Great brass sound; think they could handle more than given to do. Cadets: Not sure. Trying to hard? Seemed overdone to me. I don't like the last uniform; it doesn't make sense and looks like a onesie. Keep the coats on!!! Cavaliers: Field looked cluttered with too much stuff. Great guard. Was VERY disappointed in the Mars arrangement. Crown: Great brass; and high performance level by the entire corps. Liked the first half of the show but not the second half. They lost me; didn't get the theme. Lose the singer. Liked that they had minimal props. Bluecoats: A prime example of "less is more." Black and white with some nice color from the silks. Nice clean look and enjoyable music.
  3. And an original tango. Will be interesting to see how the two are done.
  4. 1 SCV 2 Blue Devils 3 Bluecoats 4 Crown 5 Cavaliers 6 Cadets 7 Phantom 8 Blue Knights 9 Boston 10 Blue Stars 11 Madison 12 Academy
  5. Regardless of a traditional uniform/costume or a contemporary one, there have been and always will be ones that work and don't. I like Boston's guard uniform and the pants of the main uniform. I'm not a fan of the top half. I've never liked gray as a uniform choice. I think gray looks washed out and blends into the field to much. We'll see how it works when it's on the field.
  6. Madison 1975 US Open Phantom 1981 Finals
  7. I prefer Allentown by far. I like drum corps outside and It's such a beautiful setting.I also enjoy walking through the park watching corps prepare. On the way back to the car after the show you can tell members/staff how much you enjoyed their show etc. Lots of East coast FMM have picnics and reunions. There's no place I've been with same positive atmosphere. There is a certain thrill being at finals. However, I HATE the way drum corps sounds in the oil can! I went to finals in Indy for a second time last summer and didn't enjoy it very much at all. There are some nice restaurants but the city is boring to me. I don't plan on returning anytime soon.
  8. I agree with those saying something new!
  9. Crown Blue Knights Cadets Madison Troopers Phantom- While I enjoyed the show they weren't my fav this year which the ussually are, but when you redo favorite pieces, the arrangments need to be as good or better and they were not. HM: Academy Colts
  10. I don't have that strong of a prefernce either way for the corps proper. However, I hated the original guard uniform. Red and Maroon do not look good together! New guard colors are a huge improvement.
  11. Crown SCV Blue Knights Madison Troopers Shout out to the young ladies who sing so beautifully in Troopers, Colts, Crossmen, and Boston. If you're gonna have singing you need talent like this!!!
  12. Thanks for the clarification.
  13. The last part is truely a concern. With so many corps to house, many will end up in smaller towns. Getting enough housing is alread a problem. This gives schools another reason to say no. I'm not as concerned with the hotels and eateries in the downtown area; many of which are part of national chains and are used to a variety of customers and are more concerned with profits (not that it couldn't be happen). I think the small towns on the way to and from Indianoapolis would be more of a concern.
  14. I don't think anyone is telling you WHAT to believe, only we should each respect the other and LET each other be who we are. Respect and Tolerance