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  1. Cainan

    Pioneer What Next?

    What I am about to say may come across as harsh. It is absolutely NOT meant in ANY way to demean the members at Pioneer or their efforts. They work just as hard.. and probably harder... than virtually every single corps out there. THIS is aimed squarely at the admin team at Pioneer and specifically at Roman. Then what's the point of having judges? Why bother having a Top 12.. Heck.. why bother ranking corps at ALL? Let's just give everyone a participation prize and make the finals open to anybody who shows up? Like it or not.. this is a competitive activity. We have two divisions.. Open and World class. What pioneer has provided it's members is NOT a World Class experience and that has reflected in their placement which is anything BUT World Class. It is blatantly obvious that they absolutely do NOT look after the health and wellbeing of the members. Add to that show design that would be an insult to give to many high school bands... these kids, no matter how good they are can only do so much turd polishing. This year, Pioneer just BARELY would have made Open Class Finals, let alone being anywhere near competitive in World. It cannot be a fun and rewarding experience to know you are gonna come in last virtually every single night. I have said for years that being in World Class should not be solely based on your bank balance, rather a whole host of things... World class should include in my opinion... World Class administration of the said organisation... to include a stable BoD and finances World Class educators World Class show design World Class logistics... to include nutrition and transportation World Class physical care for members including FULL TIME, QUALIFIED sports trainers THESES are the MINIMUMS I expect from an organisation purporting to be WORLD Class. To these I would also add competitive placement.. one similar to European football (soccer) whereby there is a promotion and relegation system. Say the bottom 3 from World is relegated and the Top 3 from Open is promoted. The promoted corps should have already proven themselves to be financially and administratively stable by DCI prior to setting out on the road anyways. Specifically however, the OP asked what should be done about Pioneer... Personally, I think Roman should be deemed unfit to run the corps and should be removed. I also believe that Pioneer should not be allowed on the road in 2019. AFter a year off to clean house, I think they should be dropped to Open Class until such time as they can actually provide their membership a World Class experience. Once they have proven themselves to actually BE a World Class corps, then and ONLY then should they be allowed back on that circuit.
  2. Cainan

    Pioneer Member Rant

    Had the story not gone public... NOTHING would have been done. It was only due to bad publicity that any semblance of "action" was taken.. and from what I can see, DCI didn't really do sod all... The Cadets alumni are the only ones who seems to actually do anything!
  3. Cainan

    Pioneer Member Rant

    As a moderator, I tend to stay out of commenting on these "hot" topics, but this one I simply can't... What will it take for DCI to ACTUALLY DO something? Does a member have to get actually raped, seriously injured or God forbid KILLED before DCI as an organisation pulls their collective heads out of their backsides??!! And don't give me this BS that DCI "is the individual corps"... THAT is half the bloody problem! They are at MINIMUM a $10+ MILLION a year organisation. The organisation needs an INDEPENDENT board that is not made up of yes men that are so closely involved with the individual corps. As the organising body for the junior corps activity in America, they have a moral responsibility and obligation for ensuring member health and safety. At the end of the day, no student (if we are an educational activity... that's what the members are.. students)should have to expect that they will be physically endangered or abused in order to take part in this activity. If that means that Pioneer is made example of then so be it in my humble opinion. I'd rather have one less corps than one dead kid.
  4. Cainan

    2018 Uniforms!

    I quite like these actually... Plus, marching in Adidas.. Hell YEAH!!
  5. Cainan

    2018 Uniforms!

    I'm pretty liberal and accepting of costumes.. I really am... in fact, I like many of them... Bluecoats totally fits their show.. Mandarins.. pretty ######... Blue Knights, esoteric and colourful befitting the corps recent image.... But.. MADISON... I simply have no words. I am literally speechless (and not in a good way)
  6. Cainan

    2018 Uniforms!

    I'm not that bothered per se about the Blue Stars costumes, but I hope for their sake that their feet are clean... Those yellow shoes and pants bottoms will expose a plethora of sins...
  7. Cainan

    2018 Uniforms!

    They look great. I am assuming that modern day drum corps no longer is the place for the slightly portly contra players of old...
  8. Cainan

    2018 Uniforms!

    I think they are pretty dope.. my only criticism of Crown's costume (and that's what they are and not meant to be derogatory in any way.. this is modern drum corps) are the hats.. I simply think they are an odd shape.. I think a taller shako with some sort of plumage would be far more effective
  9. Cainan

    2018 Uniforms!

    I like it, but I do feel as if it's missing something... Having a hard time believing this is the final product...
  10. I think very high.. In fact, I think there is a good chance that The Cadets do not weather this storm at all for 2018.. and possibly forever. I am an absolute believer in due process. Nobody is guilty of a crime unless they admit their crime, or are found guilty by a jury of their peers. If this ends up there (which I will be highly surprised if it does not), then whatever the outcome is.. so be it. That said, the court of public opinion is not so lenient. If I am a parent with a kid in this corps right now.. with this current corps leadership.. and I am talking from the YEA board all the way down the chain.. there is NO WAY in a million years I let MY kid anywhere NEAR this corps. I think they will pretty quickish lose any and all members under the age of 18. If my kid is over 18, and I am funding their drum corps career... and let's face it, a LOT of mm's use the trusty old First National Bank of Mom and Dad... again, I wouldn't let my kids near this corps. If I am an advertiser, I want NOTHING to do with YEA, The Cadets or USSBA. If I am a sponsor with a worldwide brand recognition, say.. I dunno... YAMAHA... again, I want nothing to do with this corps. Once this corps loses sponsors.. it's game over.
  11. Cainan

    Favorite year as MM

    Freelancers 1987... We folded in 1986. We weren't supposed to be any good. Our average age was something stupid like 17. 90% of the corps was rookies.. not Freelancers rookies... but rather rookies. We had total faith and trust in our staff and leadership because, well, we simply did not know any better. We started first tour with over 20 holes in the brass line. And then, we got pretty good. Ended up finishing 19th and set up the run of finals appearances in 89, 91 and 92. Awesome year.
  12. Honestly? I'd move Finals to Bloomington. Perhaps make it a sort of regional affair. Bloomington is only an hour south of Indianapolis. The one and only Finals to be hosted there had something that ALL of the finals at Indy have NEVER had... Atmosphere. That stadium essentially makes for a WALL of humanity. I remember playing there at Preview of Champions in 92 and I remember thinking then.. "God I hope DCI sees some sense and hosts finals here..." Perhaps keep Open class in Michigan City and use the Downtown Indy area for stuff like I&E, Drumline Battle, Soundsport etc, but as for Finals? Move that to Bloomington. Lucas Oil is a dreadful venue. The acoustics are truly terrible. I know I will not even consider going to DCI Finals while it's there. Short of all that? Open the roof.
  13. Cainan

    2018 Rules proposals

    My initial reactions upon reading.... 2018 rules proposals at-a-glance Proposal: Increase maximum membership to 154 Proposed by: Brad Furlano, Blue Stars Summary: Currently set at 150, this four-member increase is proposed as a way to give corps more flexibility to set the number of performers in each section as they see fit. On the record: “Designers and caption heads [would] no longer have to lobby for the desired numbers for each section. Corps would be able to have 80 brass and 40 guard without having to sacrifice a standard sized percussion section or conductors.” Meh... what's 4 more members and it kinda makes sense on the surface of it.. we were held to 128 for YEARS so it's not as if we haven't had odd numbers before.... Proposal: Extend World Championship Finals to 15 corps Proposed by: Michael Cesario, outgoing DCI Artistic Director Summary: Since Drum Corps International’s founding in 1972, the top-12 scoring corps have advanced to the World Championship Finals. This proposal looks to extend that lineup to the top-15 advancing corps from the DCI World Championship Semifinals. This proposal is designated as a procedural change. As such, it may not be “voted on” by the instructors caucus, but it will still be discussed amongst that group and their feedback will be shared with the directors who will ultimately consider and vote on the proposal. On the record: “To allow recognition of the level of achievement in all corps, especially those currently in the 11-15 positions. To give added status to corps for use in local fundraising and general recruitment.” Everyone is a winner... let's not hurt anyones feelings and give EVERYONE a medal! ABSOLUTE CODSWOLLOP!!!! Hardly anybody in the world wanted Mandarins to make Finals last year more than me and I was GUTTED when they missed out... but that is the nature of the game. Last year will make Mandarins THAT much more hungry this year. Keep it to 12. Proposal: No scoring before July 1 Proposed by: Will Pitts, Phantom Regiment Summary: For all contests before July 1, no scores will be given. Corps will be "adjudicated" with recorded commentary and critiques, but no scores will be assigned or announced. On the record: “There are numerous moments in the summer where designers and teachers are encouraged to make adjustments to the show to create better clarity/definition. If these comments can be made during a no-scoring period, corps are able to make adjustments before their performances have competitive implications.” Garbage... yes scores can be skewwhiff early in the season, but I still think it's important that corps get a number AS WELL as feedback.. It's all good for a judge to suggest changes, but a number gives designers an idea of just how wholesale those changes should be. Proposal: No scores – ordinals only Proposed by: George Hopkins, The Cadets Summary: Instead of scores, this proposal calls for corps to simply be ranked by ordinals (1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc.). The order of finish will be determined based on ordinals, with General Effect judges as the exception. The effect judges will still assign scores, however, those scores will only be used for tie-breaking situations. On the record: “This eliminates the ability, more or less, for someone to spread big or someone to make no decisions. All decisions are equal. Now, if someone wants to put someone in fifth in brass … OK … that is a substantial decision and that decision will weigh into the total.” I'll have some of whatever George has had.. this is ridiculous and is a suggestion made by a guy that has teed off just about everyone in the activity who is directing a corps that is most definitely travelling in a Southbound trajectory... Proposal: Annual Rules Congress Proposed by: Kevin Shah, Blue Knights Summary: Changed to a biennial process in recent years, this proposal calls for instructors and judges to come together on a yearly basis to discuss rules changes as part of Drum Corps International’s annual winter business meetings. The proposal specifies that even-numbered years would be open to rules change proposals from the corps, while in odd-numbered years the Rules and System Task Force will be able to submit rules changes to allow for adjustments, amendments and clarifications. On the record: “We should allow our system to evolve at the rate of the activity. If there is a proposal that is passed but needs adjustment, currently we need to wait two years before addressing it.” Agreed... Proposal: Brass amplification limitations Proposed by: Michael Martin, The Cavaliers Summary: Currently with no limits, corps are free to mic brass musicians as they wish, either individually or as a whole. This proposal calls for a limit on the number of brass musicians who can be amplified at any one time to be set at six. On the record: “This rule change would still allow for amplification of soloists and small groups (enough to represent every instrument and two more), but would prohibit groups from being able to amplify entire brass lines, which dilutes one of the great identifiers for each brass section.” Agree 100%. I am not against amplification and done right with innovation this is something I genuinely believe is good for the activity (see Bluecoats Kinetic Noise and Vanguard last year). THAT SAID... we are in danger of overegging the pudding and destroying that pure brass sound that makes us unique. Proposal: Add a “Brass 2” judge at large shows Proposed by: Michael Martin, The Cavaliers Summary: The brass caption is currently judged by a single on-field judge at DCI Tour events. This proposal calls for an additional brass judge to evaluate corps from an “upstairs” press box position at large regional events and the DCI World Championships. On the record: “A single brass judge cannot accurately assess all of the strengths and weaknesses of a brass section in a single performance, particularly overall sonority, balance within the brass section, and ensemble.” Wholeheartedly disagree... I'd go the OPPOSITE direction and take the judges OFF the field altogether... they are a visual distraction and with the speed of modern drum corps, are a danger to not only themselves but the performers as well. The game has shifted so far to GE anyways, that pretty much everything can be judged from the stands anyways... as a midway alternative, I would perhaps have designated places on the front sideline where field level judges could be, but NOT oon the field. The last thing I think we need is another green shirt on the field. Proposal: Percussion adjudication and music analysis Proposed by: Kevin Shah, Blue Knights Summary: This proposal packs two pieces into one. The first: Remove the Field Percussion and Ensemble Percussion judges and replace them with a percussion judge who will evaluate performances on the field. The second: Utilize a Music Analysis 2 judge at large regional events and the DCI World Championships who has a percussion focus. On the record: “After much discussion in the percussion community, there is a growing consensus that these evolutions will lead us to a more desirable system for all. We should, through policy or education, instruct the Percussion Judge to stay safely out of the way of the performers yet position themselves in an advantageous way to experience the percussion performance.” See above... my thoughts on judges are pretty unflexible. Proposal: Update the music analysis adjudication sheet Proposed by: Kevin Shah, Blue Knights Summary: This proposal calls for the Rules and Systems Task Force to update the criteria used by adjudicators to evaluate Music Analysis based on discussion and feedback from the music caucus at the upcoming DCI Rules Congress. On the record: “As trends continue to evolve, we should review the music ensemble sheet for potential updates. Include updated verbiage to account for specific feedback as it relates to electronics/amplification/percussion/brass.” Agreed.. if we are gonna use electronics.. be them amps, keyboards, electric instruments.. whatever... and as they are such an integral part of modern drum corps, they should be judged accordingly... to include balnce and hornline "enhancement" (half the corps may as well have not bothered marching tubas last year) as well.
  14. For the record.. I am in fact an American citizen. Born and raised in California, now living in the UK. And yes, there will be some border restrictions, but this is no longer the 1970's or 1980's. The Troubles are over and have been for some time. Many of the people involved from that time are either dead or elderly. By all accounts, it is believed that there will be relatively free passage of travel after Brexit. As it stands, when the British corps go outside of Britain into the EU, passports and border checks are already carried out with one notable exception... Northern Ireland into the Irish Republic... so really, not much change. Britain has always maintained it's own currency and laws. Britain does not use the metric system.. they drive on the other side of the road... they have ALWAYS maintained border checks even for those travelling in from other EU countries. I maintain that Brexit will have little to no affect whatsoever on the drum corps activity over here. Furthermore... British and European corps do a hell of a lot more than "imitate" American drum corps. I take great offense at that flippant remark. Perhaps you failed to notice that Kidsgrove and The Company came to America and not only participated, but beat many American corps along the way.