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  1. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Not DCI, but Kidsgrove Scouts are doing "24601 - A Les Miserables Story" in 2018. Design staff includes, John Meehan, Scott Johnson and Sean Gordon. Unfortunately we won't be coming to the STates this year, but this is gonna be an amazing show. We are fully expecting to march another full sized corps with a brass line expecting to top out over 50 members which is huge for Europe.
  2. Clearly you haven't seen The Company, Kidsgrove, Jubal, Juliana, Unity etc.. because, yeah.. none of those members work their backsides off to put on entertaining shows or anything like that.. instead they all get high and ride bikes. I'm gonna stop giving any time or consideration to you and your ridiculously flippant remarks before I have to warn myself for a violation of the community guidelines.
  3. Well heck Stu.. pardon me.. clearly YOU know how to fix EVERYTHING... Perhaps you should pack your bags for Holland and come sort this mess out yourself.
  4. Stu.. let me explain this to you in terms you may understand.... IT IS NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. DCE IS/WAS FINANCIALLY SOLVENT. This was purely about the fact that 3 of the 6 board quit / retired / resigned / and were not replaced. The remaining 3 carried on and burnt out. Nobody stepped up to take their places so they shut it down. End of....
  5. I know it seems impossible to believe but.. yes there were supposedly some folks who had a "feeling" but with no concrete reason why. THis really was, in essence, a complete bolt from the blue.
  6. DCUK was always separate from DCE. The only affect on UK corps as of now is one less show.. Kerkrade.. which by all accounts, the various corps are working together to ensure a European championship this year.. it just may not be in Kerkrade is all.
  7. You got it in one.. DCE was totally internal, with NO corps representation within the organization, hence why it only lasted 15 years.
  8. Nobody knows.. further to that, none of the board members were listed on the website and that website is now offline
  9. Euros actually... Apparently (so I am told..) this has NOTHING at ALL to do with money....
  10. Yeah.. neither did we...
  11. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Thanks.. can't wait to see the book...
  12. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Not DCI, but Kidsgrove Scouts (DCUK / DCE) released the following press release today...
  13. Japanese all girls marching band

    They aren't an all girls group.. the school they are from is co-ed.. it's just that in Japanese youth culture, band is not seen as being particularly masculine.. hence the high percentage of girls...
  14. FloMarching makes a funny

    Well, over here in DCEuroland... Beeches (a corps from the UK) has scratched the drum corps scene here with the pointy end of the wedge with a flute soloist in their ballad... and you know what? I'm not that bothered. In fact it fits nicely into the show and isn't actually all that offensive. My skin didn't fall off and I will still wake up in the morning.
  15. 2017 DCA Finals

    Now I have to be careful here, because I am a Kidsgrove alumnus and I am marching next year... this is MY opinion only and I do NOT speak for the organisation... but.... Is the contest not called the DCA WORLD Championships? Furthermore, Kidsgrove works just as hard or even HARDER than most corps in DCA as A, the average age at Kidsgrove is actually quite high (average age in the hornline is probably low thirties or even higher) when compared to other DCA corps filled with DCI aged members, and B, there is no high school or college marching band scene in the UK so therefor you could argue that UK members are behind the 8 ball from the off... we simply do not have a ready made supply of experienced marchers over here. Basics in the early winter are pretty brutal to be honest. DCUK, DCE and DCA rules are exactly the same with regards to age and instrumentation. We start rehearsing in October. Once DCE is finished, the corps takes about a three week break and then we are back at it every other weekend with only a small break in the end of the summer. The members of Kidsgrove Scouts all sacrificed greatly in terms of time, money, being away from family etc... why should a European corps (or any international corps for that matter) that plays by DCA's rules, expect to take a backseat to an American corps simply because of the postcode where their mail gets delivered? They are playing by the same rules and judged on the same sheets and should be rewarded as such. If that means someone gets displaced that would have made it otherwise... oh well.