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  1. haven't checked today; may have changed again - lol
  2. nope, last year. Capelli Stadium
  3. I could be reading this wrong, but the tone suggests you have in mind a place, or 2,3, that doesn't. could you elaborate? just curious
  4. ... 'cept when the little black & white kitty showed up. LOL
  5. only been to 5 of them, since 96, but like them all for different reasons. Annapolis for the city, Allentown for the parade and I&E downtown, Scranton for the I&E (when not cold), the lot concerts, and the Italian fest, Syracuse for the stadium and the carousel mall, Rochester cuz it's home (and the lot concerts before they were nixed). voted Annapolis edit - oooh, forgot; Red Hot & Blue in Annapolis
  6. what's an airgram? google was no help
  7. Missing!

    I guess - except (at least this) old farts don't know or care who Radiohead is
  8. I was in 106, favorite previous hang-out for the staffs. none this year - yea!
  9. Missing!

    Statesmen, Renegades, Heat Wave.... <sigh>
  10. so a different area of fans get to experience it?
  11. Labor Wknd weather

    now that we're close enough, gonna add hourly; goes about 2 days forward https://weather.com/weather/hourbyhour/l/USNY1232:1:US
  12. Labor Wknd weather

    that's ok; plenty of sweatshirts at the souvie area - lol
  13. Labor Wknd weather

    good, hope it works. that ten-day has been changing daily.. hourly even. this am it said rain (40%) both days, now just Sun. maybe it'll move to Mon by the time wknd rolls around
  14. Labor Wknd weather

    Aah. the old weather-forecasting, piece of rope - if it's moving, it's windy; if it's wet, it's raining
  15. Labor Wknd weather

    10hrs old and already changed, from pm to am rain Fri, and now none Sun. stay tuned