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  1. dbriggs

    Rt 15 traffic alerts

  2. dbriggs


    here in WNY, schools start in the days following Labor Day; end mid-June. those are the el-hi, colleges start end of Aug
  3. dbriggs

    ROC gonna miss DCA

    I'm hearing (on here? FB?) it's all bleacher seating. few pics I've seen aren't close enough to tell, but SEEM to corroborate. if so, that would suck
  4. dbriggs

    ROC gonna miss DCA

    in the video part of the report, Allen Buell says that Williamsport ponied up a 40k cash incentive, that ROC couldn't/wouldn't match
  5. dbriggs

    ROC gonna miss DCA

    Mapquest tells me 2:38, city to city
  6. dbriggs

    I&E At Williamsport info?

    think it's in a theater
  7. dbriggs

    ROC gonna miss DCA

    saw conversation couple months ago about rooms being slim; they weren't kidding. booked mine the other day; barely got to be in town
  8. surprised to see this item on the news tonite http://www.rochesterfirst.com/news/local-news/drum-corps-world-championships-leave-rochester-and-head-to-pa/1130338406
  9. dbriggs

    Wport tix...

    all sorts of padding and even seats with backs you can get to bring
  10. ... ordered at last yrs finals arrived in mail today. yeeha.
  11. haven't checked today; may have changed again - lol
  12. nope, last year. Capelli Stadium
  13. I could be reading this wrong, but the tone suggests you have in mind a place, or 2,3, that doesn't. could you elaborate? just curious
  14. ... 'cept when the little black & white kitty showed up. LOL
  15. only been to 5 of them, since 96, but like them all for different reasons. Annapolis for the city, Allentown for the parade and I&E downtown, Scranton for the I&E (when not cold), the lot concerts, and the Italian fest, Syracuse for the stadium and the carousel mall, Rochester cuz it's home (and the lot concerts before they were nixed). voted Annapolis edit - oooh, forgot; Red Hot & Blue in Annapolis