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  1. DAvery

    Soundsport Schedule?

    I know when it starts and where, I just want to know who is on when.
  2. So I was thinking of going to the Soundsport performances on Saturday, but I am unable to find a schedule posted anywhere. Does anyone know the schedule?
  3. DAvery

    meteoric rises of old

    SCV 80-81 7th to 1st i always though 27th from 73-75 was interesting. 8th to 20th to 4th. Or Kilties 75-77. 7th to 28th to 12th.
  4. It has been this way every since I can remember. I talked with several knowledgeable drum people in the 70's and one of things they were always talking about was the amount of time the drumline played. The unwritten rule was if drumline went more than 60 seconds during the show without playing, their score would decrease.
  5. DAvery


    If the accusations are true, at what point does DCI step in and notify Pioneer they can no longer participate in DCI until the director is replaced? Didn't something similar happen to Capital Regiment during the summer?
  6. Which must be why they are dying.
  7. If true, then snare drummers must dying at a tremendous rate from heart disease.
  8. DAvery

    2018 Drum brands

    Who was the last to use Slingerland? Ludwig? Ludwig I would guess would be Spirit. As far as Slingerland, maybe SCV?
  9. I'm at SK this week. Actually been here all summer.
  10. I think it has to do with the designers trying to stay relevant. I suspect this is happening now, verses 10-15 years ago, because of the rule changes allowing electronics. Another trend that has re-emerged is the plethera of songs in a show. Reminds of the 60's when corps would play 8-10 songs in a show. The good is we get a lot of variety of styles. The bad is we get very little development of a musical idea.
  11. The Bridgemen falling down at the end of the show in 1976 was dreamt up by members during practice as a gag for the staff. At least that what I always heard.
  12. I'm not defending Hopkins. At no time did I say I believe he is innocent. I am however defending due process. And if the justification for removing him from the HOF is “being a pompous narcissist who has entirely disgraced the organization while driving off scores of valued and talented members and staff” then he should have been removed years ago. As far as I can tell right now, this is several cases of "he said, she said" and while it may be a "near statistical impossibility" he is innocent, it is still a possibility he is in fact innocent. And because of that, at this moment, I refuse to presume guilt.
  13. i tried to go back and find these, but most seem to be behind a firewall. I was hoping someone had a link to an article where Hopkins confirmed any of the accusation of sexual abuse. I did find an article accusing Hopkins of directing a YEA employee to stop doing the legally required background checks on employees. If true, this by itself would be justification for termination. Could this also be the justification for removal from the HOF.? Doubtful, unless something more severe occurred because of his order to stop the checks. As I have said, I do believe his removal from the HOF is premature. Just to recap, as far as I know there has been no confirmation by Hopkins of any sexual abuse, there has been no public release of any independent investigations, and there has been (so far) no legal proceedings. Has anyone actually seen the release stating Hopkins has been removed from the HOF? There is nothing on the YEA website. Was there any reason stated for removing him from the HOF?
  14. Where does it say "minor"? Your post said "member".