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  1. 1973-75 SCV really changed the expectations of the musicality of drum corps. During this time the music SCV played was (IMO) considerably more complex than anything prior. 1983-85 Cadets really changed the concept of visual design. The Cadets during this time redefined visual design into something much more interpretive and complex than anything prior. 1993 Star in one year really redefined the expectations of the musicians, with musicians assuming more visual responsibility of musical interpretation. 2016 Bluecoats was really the first corp to utilize electronics as an encompassing design element, rather than something added as an after thought.
  2. Trivia....again!

    1. I think 2000 BD only competed 15 times. 2. Squires and Precisionaires. I remember the Precisionaires because through out the season they were getting beat by the Vagabonds, Argonne and Pioneer. And then they ended up 14th place. 3. Capitolaires 4. Bon Bons
  3. Championships Seating

    I couldn't find a detailed seating chart online. I seem to remember the 641 or 639 sections and such go to row 21, correct? So in those sections I should only look at seats in rows 1-14? Thanks for the help.
  4. Championships Seating

    Thanks for the link. We bought tickets at the last minute last year and I can't remember the section. We were in the last row of the section and there was a rather severe overhang. It sounded horrible and got really hot to the point we had to leave. It may have been in section 437. I'm wondering if any of the seats in the 600 sections have an overhang.
  5. I'm looking at tickets for championships. Are there sections to avoid, maybe with overhangs? What about the 600 section?
  6. Get on your dot. Just get on your dot.
  7. When I was teaching marching band, we used entirely a dot system. In fact, since we practiced on a parking lot, we painted the sets. Students never had coordinate or drill sheets. When we wanted to start at say set 5 of the opener, we told them to go to red 5 (every song was a different color). The only potential issue is when drill had to be changed, which was very rarely.
  8. Most groups will give out the members drill prior top teaching it. In many groups the members are required to combine the drill coordinates and music onto cards. This way they can find their spot and understand what the music is happening. I think the guard work is taught in two different ways. For staging features the work is written prior to teaching the drill. For transitions (especially tight areas) the work would be written after they learn the drill. I think a more interesting question would be who uses the dot method and who uses the form method in teaching and cleaning drill.
  9. Video edits 2017

    How is medley defined?
  10. Everyone received penalties during that era. In fact, in 1979 only 4 of 43 open class corps didn't receive a penalty. With no penalties Crossmen would have tied Troop for 12th place. We were very surprised we beat Crossmen at prelims and Troop was that close to us. Two days before prelims Crossnen were over 4 points in front of us. Of course the last time we saw Troop before prelims was 4 weeks earlier and we beat them by 10 points. Crazy end of the season.
  11. And the Crossmen have the distinction of being the one and only champion of the Associates Championships.
  12. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Rumor had it at the time they also used girls in the American flag section at VFW Nationals in 1980.
  13. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    1976 ( what a drumline) 1979 (I have to include this year) 1985 ( the planets, version 1) 1992 (Gavorkna Fanfare) 2006 (Machine) 2016 (propaganda)