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  1. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Rumor had it at the time they also used girls in the American flag section at VFW Nationals in 1980.
  2. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    1976 ( what a drumline) 1979 (I have to include this year) 1985 ( the planets, version 1) 1992 (Gavorkna Fanfare) 2006 (Machine) 2016 (propaganda)
  3. DCI trivia question

    Mid 80's were a pretty bleak time for Crossmen, scorewise. I was thinking maybe 90-91, but still could not find an instance. Really, the question is which current corps beat Star, but have not won a DCI championship.
  4. DCI trivia question

    After I posted that I went looking for when Crossmen beat Star. I couldn't find one.
  5. DCI trivia question

    Blue Stars never beat Star. Troopers sound good. Maybe Crossmen? Troopers and Crossmen.
  6. A 59.1 would have been 7th place at open class finals?
  7. I guess I am one of those "seat poachers". My wife bought the tickets late this year and our seats were the last row in the top section, about the 20 yd line. I didn't realize (and maybe most of you don't either) these seats have a partially blocked view, as there is a rather large overhang. After two corps the temperature had risen about 15-20 degrees under this overhang. We found a couple of seats about ten rows in from of our seats and sat there the remainder of the show. We fully expected the owners of the seats to appear and we were prepared to return to our seats, but that never happened.
  8. Will the souvenir stands be open after the encore tonight? Don't want to miss an opportunity to buy some swag on the way out.
  9. According to the recaps, no penalty.
  10. Did they announce these scores at the show?
  11. Man, Greenwell is tough on GE performance with the Cavaliers. http://recaps.competitionsuite.com/44d6fbb3-ac63-47f8-8ea5-ce8fe595256c.htm
  12. Nope, they are in Oxford, OH today. Next Friday is Metamora, IL.
  13. Why do people keep saying they are in Alabama? The schedule says they are in Oxford, OH today.