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  1. ironlips

    Audubon bon bons

    In their prime, the Bon Bons were a perennial Top 5 Drum Corps, at the national level. It's true that their drum section was exceptional, and Rita Macey (Bernert) (World Drum Corps Hall of Fame) won the National Individual Snare Drum Championship, defeating the best of the day, some of whom went on to write for and teach other national champions. But their brass section was equally prodigious, and the arrangements, by Hall of Famer Rip Bernert (Rita's future husband), were among the most creative and skillfully constructed ever to appear on the field. There have been other great "all-girl" corps as well, like the ND-Ettes, Les Eclipses, St. Ignatius, and earlier, the Bengal Guards of Orange, Texas, but Audubon was consistently the most dominant of them all on a National level.
  2. ironlips

    Been a Long Time....

    So many Junior Corps kids were at that show. Their seasons were over, for the most part. It was "date night". Reading won, deservedly, but the Hurcs represented the home town fans with a very strong challenge, based on superior marching, if I recall. Personally, I thought NY was best, but I was always a sucker for Dreitzer charts and Tommy and Bucky solos. No one knew it yet, but the whole world was beginning to change because Juniors were figuring out touring, with the Troopers in the lead. Once that became the norm, the old guys, who only rehearsed once a week, would eventually be eclipsed skill-wise by kids who went on the road for a month at a clip. It took a few years, but was inevitable. Still, that night, the giants still ruled the earth, and we all knew it.
  3. ironlips

    Been a Long Time....

    Probably not. DCA was a closed club then, with a championship for just the founding members, I believe. The following year, '66, other corps, among themThe Sunrisers and Hawthorne, were permitted to compete in DCA shows, including the championship.
  4. ironlips

    Been a Long Time....

    Good detective work !
  5. ironlips

    Been a Long Time....

    Were there not a couple of jr corps exhibitions at that first DCA Championship, or am I lust having a hazy '60s flashback?
  6. ironlips

    Been a Long Time....

    Ok, Andy, but for those of us from NYC, anything north of Yonkers was "Bridgeport". I think you're just attempting to steer us away from what some of the Skyliners perpetrated on Sousa's music that evening. About half the lead sops tried to play the piccolo obbligato in Stars and Stripes, and that was after several helpings of "soup", I think. Let's just say the resulting sound was something never before imagined on the field. It was positively psychedelic.
  7. ironlips

    Been a Long Time....

    Probably just preoccupied. Were any of you present at the first DCA Championships in Bridgeport in '65 to witness the retreat fiasco, when the plan was to have all participants play "Stars and Stripes" as they marched en masse from the back sideline? Of course, few of them had actually bothered to learn the piece, so there was lots of "improvising". The result was a kind of "Charles Ives meets Sousa at Thelonious Monk's House". Indescribable chaos. A drum corps Electric Kool Aid Acid moment.
  8. JFLB, I also sent you a PM on this. FD
  9. This group completes a very impressive Class of 2018, especially when added to the previously announced Chick Corea (who marched with Jim Wedge in the Scarlet Lancers), Diane Nicholeris of the San Francisco Symphony (Sir Thomas Moore), and Erik Julliard (Top Secret). Congratulations to all.
  10. This should be a treat: the 2018 World DC Hall of Fame inductee playing first violin on a drum corps standard. West coast SCV and Cavies fans in particular will dig this scene.
  11. ironlips

    Sync rights.......

    Robert W. Smith's explanation is spot on. It figures. He's not only a premier arranger and composer, but a highly respected music industry educator.
  12. Last chance to catch the World Drum Corps Hall of Famer before he heads to Europe for a month: Charlotte, NC • 04/17/18 Chick Corea with the Davidson College Jazz Ensemble • Duke Family Performance Hall • 8:00pm He's playing better than ever, even though he long ago swapped his soprano for a piano.
  13. ironlips

    Star '91 Question

    George Zingali was not of this world, and his apostles were no slouches, either.
  14. We can all be justifiably proud that drum corps produces the likes of these two.
  15. Something for drum corps folks to be proud of, no?