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  1. speaking of baroque/indie/electronic pop, most of the songs on Passion Pit's album Gossamer could translate well to dci, imo. any of the neighborhood songs by Arcade Fire, too. one of my side projects is to arrange Spektor's "Human of the Year" as a ballad. i'll probably get around to it this summer. lots of really great source material out there that's at least somewhat popular, and i'd easily put it on par with most of the original compositions and wind ensemble pieces that get done all the time.
  2. each corps has its own eccentricities when it comes to management, touring schedule, fundraising, goals, etc i'm not sure they'd all want to get rid of open class more to it than who wins
  3. not as big a fan of gaines as i am of webber. gaines is amazing, but the way webber visualizes complex musical phrases is mind-blowing. gaines is the master of taking saucedo-type music, and maximizing it visually, so this will be very interesting.
  4. 2018 Uniform Thread

    too many logistical advantages to the onesies, plus they have no negative impact on scoring from what i can tell and BD's show was all about change/breaking boundaries, so i expect them to be at the forefront with the wgi uniforms in the future
  5. I kept on seeing Snarky Puppy thinking it was Skinny Puppy. That Collier kid is a modern Brian Wilson.
  6. That's in my initial post for this thread. LOVE it. The way it builds reminds me a bit of "The Canyon" by Glass.
  7. When did halftime get hijacked?

    this thread is a winner
  8. When did halftime get hijacked?

    Rough for the kids when they work so hard. They get excited to perform for their peers, and it saddens me to hear they're valued so little in your community. Something I've (thankfully) never experienced as a performer or as a staff member for my school's band.
  9. When corps do go the pop/alternate genre route, they almost always do pieces that are classically/symphonically oriented if you really think about it. Everything Bloo has done with popular genres since Creep (and including creep) have been pieces that are highly complex harmonically. They sound great because the arranger has something great to work with. Same thing with Crown and what they did with Rach Star and such. Heck, even "great" classical pieces are really hard to get sounding great for brass and percussion. I'd say that a lot of the reasons you'd apply to the genres above so rarely hitting the field are the same as French impressionistic music not getting done very often. It's a tightrope, and even Wayne Downey and Michael Klesch's powers extend so far when there's not a lot of harmonic structure to the music or it's incredibly rubato, for instance. And if it's just downright stupid (like the K-Pop stuff), we end up hearing pre-recorded samples instead of hearing the brass and percussion do their thing. This is making me sound like I don't want more pop/other genres, when I really, really do. So I'll stop now.
  10. first time on here in awhile, come to see what's up with scv, and instantly find an adolescent dig at BD. how is that even possible? all the talk about 12/25 made me think of not the nutcracker, so i'm going to go ahead and pop that in. can't wait to see scv's 2018 rep.
  11. Thank you! I'm a little surprised about Sullivan being replaced by the Blue Stars. His writing seemed pretty inspired to me, especially the opener.
  12. i'm just here to see if there are any staff changes kind of hard to find in 72 pages of bickering anybody with a tidy little list of changes by any chance?
  13. highly derivative of nimrod, but i've messed around with this, and the viola solo on french horn would be f'ing amazing in a ballad
  14. The Columbians did this, but I want to see either SCV or the Cavies do it. The possibilities for brass are obvious, but there's some amazing opportunities for percussion and guard here, too.