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  1. my biggest problem is when i lend voice to thought when i'm drunk i'm drunk right now, btw
  2. I agree. It's nice at work to just click on some random stuff I've never heard before. Anything that's really great percussion-wise is especially good for me since I know so little about it.
  3. one of the few shows where my jaw dropped pretty much the whole time on a first viewing in june
  4. So many factors in this from what I've found. I've done arrangements for brass quintets and woodwind quintets where I had to transcribe up or down from one group of instruments to another because it would sound dead otherwise. I'm sure there's a mathematical/music theory way to describe it, but for me, it's a purely aesthetic decision. One thing that I noticed with trying to go from G arrangements I've heard in DCI to Bb is that perfect octaves almost always sound more vibrant with G. Klesch can almost get the same power with Bb instrumentation with the way he structures chords.
  5. this behavior shows that personnel in this particular non-profit pay very close attention to social media, and have zero idea how to harness its power and use it to their advanage
  6. all i know is that BD sounded completely different live
  7. also, i'd like to point out i asked the kinda the same thing before these other 2 threads came up
  8. i wish social media had been around during the transition to asymmetrical drill. would make the amp freakout a decade ago look tame, i'm betting.
  9. it's why i think we're going to see a lot of corps transition to bloo-style "uniforms" in the very near future people got mad at me for suggesting it, but with what they're being asked to do on the field, it makes sense to me doesn't mean i like it, either
  10. i'm thinking the amount that the cadets are going to have of it this year is what will make it something i've never seen. that's what i mean by throughout a show, but i didn't phrase it very well.
  11. if it's an 8-10 person group singing throughout an entire show, then i sure haven't seen it before. whether you call it innovation or anything else, the cadets have been doing something in a way other corps haven't when they won their last 2 championships. actually, i'd say that about most of their championships. not sure i'll ever be onboard with a dedicated vocal ensemble, but i've felt that way about some of my favorite shows...until i actually saw them.
  12. awesome. i teach IB TOK and IB Literature at my school. the EE is a beast. glad you found a topic you'll enjoy researching.
  13. maybe i'm thinking about what i heard years back, and it's changed of late if it is interns getting an idea of what to look for, it has resulted in focusing on somebody playing a theremin for 30 seconds at a time, so i'm not sure it's a whole lot better to be honest.