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  1. i'm not the type to get up and hoot and holler for anything at a sports venue i usually wish they'd sit down and shut up so i could hear and see what i was paying to watch
  2. still no idea how this hasn't been done by a top 6 corps
  3. just to be clear, the theater i go to only seats about 50 total
  4. Tickets just went on sale today, in my area, anyway. I don't even bother going to the Fathom Events website...I just go straight to Got my tickets, and the theater is already about 50% sold out. Just FYI to everybody.
  5. if bloo doesn't come out with jetpacks, it means they just don't care about their fans
  6. i didn't like it on stream at all. and yeah, i loved cadets 07, too.
  7. 2007 Blue Devils at finals. i had only seen it on stream before then, and it was like a completely different show live.
  8. please tell me this is the lauri anderson song they're doing
  9. hoping that the johannsson piece is "kangaru" from the soundtrack for the arrival. i hyped it on the music corps should do thread. The whole soundtrack is good.
  10. everything on that richter soundtrack sounds like cavies through and through
  11. Is this a death knell for Blurays? If so, I don't really care that much. I haven't wanted a hard copy of more than a couple of shows per year for the past 5 years. I'm worried that the quality of the streams will go down since it's pretty much the only way I can watch DCI shows.
  12. i've never gotten into maslanka or whitacre maybe i have a defective gene or something
  13. i was skeptical about Unmasked, too, and ended up really enjoying it as well there's no bigger fan of their 14/15 shows than me, either i watched 16 once, and i doubt i'll care for a +100000% increase in the things i didn't like we'll see, though
  14. just found out about Bloo's show, and i predict i'll watch it once and avoid it thereafter and i'll hope my prediction is wrong
  15. your brass line was great that year i liked the show a lot better than 98, which totally deserved to win, don't get me wrong