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  1. tween mods strike again back next year
  2. lol, like this being a BD topic will keep them away what a top 2, though, right? i personally preferred SCV, but cannot disagree with the result tonight next year is going to be amazing
  3. also, good for the cavaliers quite a rise they've had the past few years
  4. One of my favorite parts of the next couple of weeks will be seeing all of the babies whine about BD's win. First I'll get a laugh off of them. Then I'll get equal pleasure from blocking them. Hey, it's just a mesage board, so I have to capitalize on the fun, right?
  5. Not even my favorite show of the year, but holy MOG, the performance level was remarkable. Powerful.
  6. i don't think the choreography they're doing is less difficult. just a very different kind of difficulty.
  7. every time the camera switched, there was something amazing going on the performance level is just incredible
  8. the only answer to the question in the thread title is yes i've never been a wgi fan, but i'm learning to adapt the choreography we're seeing rewarded instead of drill isn't "better" or "worse" than drill, and it certainly isn't easier than drill, imo. it's just very different. get onboard, or bask in memories past with dvd's/blurays/CD's.
  9. i wish social media had been around in the 80s so we could see "purists" who marched in the 60s and 70s freaking out
  10. imagining the vein popping out in your forehead as you were typing this made me crack a smile, not gonna lie
  11. most people don't care about the sanctity of acoustic brass anymore, i've found. i expect what dinos perceive as a problem is going to become the norm more and more. brass sections are going to get smaller over the next few years. scv is at the vanguard (see what i did) of the brass amplification as much as anybody, so it'll be really interesting to see what they do regarding section allotment over the next several years.
  12. i'll always be a fan of 1997 BD and 2000 SCV's endings.
  13. i'm sure everybody else in here will have advanced market research to support their opinions, but all i have is anecdotal evidence. i used to have to drag family to dci events. now they're the ones asking me when the quarters theater thing is. thanks.
  14. i was skeptical about Bb back in 2000 then i heard BD live in the stands at quarters, and i felt better THEN i heard the Cadets opening hit just a few minutes later, and I was just fine with the switc
  15. i basically start off with "could you see yourself ever becoming a marching band fan, even if the performers were professional quality?" if the answer is no, i stop trying to explain. if the answer is yes, then i'll tell them about the rehearsal schedule, level of performer, the fact that you can actually hear all the instruments, etc.