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  1. i'm a big marco beltrami fan. he doesn't give a you know what about soundtrack "rules", and just does his own thing the logan main title is f'ing brilliant and i've posted this before, but it has BK written all over it
  2. hard to imagine a corps not doing some of this at some point doss's harmonies are gorgeous
  3. Cadets 2018

    or spring awakening
  4. Cadets 2018

    it's when their show titles have a lot of monosyllabic words that's actually the problem i made an equation that proves it, but i'm trying to patent it now, so nobody gets to see it srry
  5. All time shows: Bluecoats

    2014 that is all
  6. I know SCV did Miss Saigon, but has a corps done this piece? It's f'ing amazing.
  7. It would take catastrophic arranging for me not to play a show with Symphonie Fanstastique and Harold in Italy on infinite repeat.
  8. i don't want no synergy, i just want jetpacks and fancy lasers
  9. why would anybody ignore you...except for extreme cadets haters, maybe
  10. none same as last year still love going to events and watching theater events. i marvel at the talent of the kids, which is better than ever
  11. lol, not every page is 90% blocked for me, but when a few people really get going in ANY of the threads, it can definitely get like that from time to time
  12. i like the yearlong threads. i would get the 10-15 crazies on here mixed up when we had 5-6 threads on BD, and 5-6 on Cadets, etc. when the yearlong threads started a few years back, the crazies got herded into one or two spots, and it made it easy to keep track of who to put on ignore. if anything, it has improved my experience on here. lots of great input from good people. when i click on a page for the cadets 2018, for example, and it's 90% people on my ignore list, i don't feel like i'm missing anything at all.
  13. probably a tie between yowza and the sequel whose name i can't remember to cadets 2005