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  1. Genuflexion sounds like a great show concept
  2. I almost mistook that for BD's uniform from the 80s/early 90s! On a side note, I never got to wear that uniform. But, if I'd stayed in a few more years and become an Enlisted Band Leader or Drum Major, I'd have ended up wearing it constantly during Birthday Ball season.
  3. yeah, those are great questions. it's going to be really interesting to see what bloo comes out with.
  4. it must be pretty rad. love it.
  5. some might read that as the year they took the biggest risk and truly innovated with their uniform design was the year they won the whole thing. and it was a perfect complement for the overall show design. i'm slightly dino in that i much prefer run and gun to the choreography-driven shows that are consistently winning for the past half decade and more. i'm not advocating any change just for the sake of change. i'm just saying that if a new uni design fits with their show choice, then there's nothing wrong with that. and it would do nothing to tarnish the identity of such a great corps.
  6. I don't think anybody said or implied anything similar to that. I've seen people say that a change could benefit the corps if they try for a more modern show, which like it or not, revolves far more around choreography than marching than ever before. My point was that a uniform change being seen as identity-shattering in any way is an insult to a great corps like The Cadets, who have constantly helped define what's "real" DCI/drum corps for decades with their creative choices.
  7. it depends on how you define "based on"
  8. i'm entertained can't ask for much more on a sunday night 2 weeks til spring break
  9. i've wanted to hear this arranged for brass choir for a couple of decades now
  10. i'm assuming the people making the comments about bd uniforms actually posted them 2 saturdays from now, and there's some crazy time warp that made us see them today.
  11. The great thing about The Cadets is that when they really innovate, in many ways, they redefine what "real drum corps" is activity-wide for half a decade and more. If going with a new uniform is identity-shattering to any degree, then the identity was pretty weak to begin with. Exactly no rational adult would say that about a corps like The Cadets.
  12. Gavorkna Fanfare
  13. Love what Saucedo did in 2000. Was very much an example of a great arranger taking the music of excellent composers (McTee, Daugherty) with similar aesthetics to his own, and creating a great DCI brass book. And the visual created a perfect balance, again, for me personally. Just a perfect DCI show.