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  1. Would this really smell as sweet as a more beautiful species of rose?
  2. If anybody posts Justin Bieber, I'm going nothing at all. Except maybe complain on a message board.
  3. This is for what you think represent great recordings of pieces that have been used widely (okay, maybe even in excess )in DCI over the years. So like Appalachian Spring, Elsa's Process, West Side Story, etc. I'll start. There are a gazillion arrangements of "Elsa's Procession" out there, but this is easily my favorite arrangement and recording of it. The President's Own can almost be too pretty/perfect at times, but their low brass really push it at the end of this recording. Stunning, IMO.
  4. I've wondered why a lot of this soundtrack hasn't shown up for Div I for years. I assumed it was some sort of licensing/arranging problem, but since you did it, I guess that's wrong. Definitely would love to see more corps tackle this.
  5. On the subject of folk music, I've become a little obsessed over the past year or so with Estonian folk music by Cyrillus Kreek. I think this is beautiful. The way he works with harmony reminds me a little of Grainger: And here's another version I've posted before:
  6. Jin Boyang of China skated a La Strada program this year that had about 90% of BD 14 in it. Even his costume reminded me of their show.
  7. For "Search", click composer, and type in Richards, Johnny and/or Kenton, Stan. I think 91 BD has something you're looking for.
  8. Fad Dance Derby Of The Century: From Hokey-Pokey to Twerk
  9. There's a big difference between what I said and the Cadets "totally giving up" their identity. It's a matter of degree. I agree with most of what you said, just not the rather absolute nature of the way you phrased it. There was a point in time where virtually everything we consider "signature Cadets" constituted significant change for the activity. That's when they're at their best. I choose to celebrate it. It's fine that you and people who agree with you don't.
  10. DCI was definitely a gateway for me into classical/instrumental music. The first show I saw in person was BD 93, so that probably accelerated it a bit for me.
  11. lots of pentatonic stuff. gets old real quick. but i'm a big fan of creative folk arrangements like this, and like grainger created. drum corps needs more of it.
  12. I guarantee you already have seen it. Also, whether you were being ironic or not, I hope it's not really that unpopular for DCI fans, lol. Unpopular opinion: fans of 3rd place corps oftentimes feel very threatened by 4th place corps.
  13. i grant everybody the right to sleep
  14. Not sure I agree with this completely. The Cadets are at their best when they take risks and create new traditions and create ripples in what is and isn't possible (allowed?) in the activity. 2005 and 2011 are great examples of breaking with some traditions and creating new ones that paid off. I do prefer the Cadets way of handling retreat compared to most others, don't get me wrong. Not what I was really talking about.
  15. I'm sure that's very unpopular, but I agree. From 01-06, there were only a handful of shows I liked. I almost fell completely away from the activity. 07 turned things around for me as a fan, despite Napoleon Dynamite's narration in the Cadets' show that year.