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  1. feels like 40 years is enough time to pass before another top corps does it, right?
  2. crown's semis performance of inferno is an all time great for me, so that's my answer.
  3. Waltz of the Mushroom Hunters by a top 6 corps pretty please?
  4. doubt i'll ever watch or listen to 16 again never get tired of 14
  5. What goes around comes around

    one of my least favorite cadets shows, but i understand the sentiment of the OP
  6. Yeah, it's particularly awful. Thank goodness JohnD takes DCI's garbage content and makes it accessible to us. Why would a niche activity 100% dependent on people showing up for events make it so difficult to navigate a schedule of events? What tween intern created the UI, and why was a tween intern put in charge of it? These aren't unreasonable observations or questions, especially where there are hundreds of free templates available online.
  7. not sure if anybody else mentioned this, but the new dci website is very poorly designed
  8. really excited to have the cadets out in my neck of the woods
  9. since there seems to be no limitation on what a "moment" is in this conversations, i'll go ahead and go with all shows from 2000-20012.
  10. how about these 30 seconds of pure contra bliss? And how about this moment from a not so popular SCV show? and lastly, probably the most beautiful brass opening i've ever heard for a show
  11. Best DCI Ballad Ever

    i can't speak for "best ever", just my favorite. and as many ballads as i've loved, none hold a candle to phantom 93 i know it's been recorded several times with Bb horns since then, but the G arrangement just shines:
  12. Sign the Petition

    I haven't read much of this thread. Would it be draconian to have a standard operating procedure for all dci corps when it comes to the results of background checks? Aside from that, what are some precisely articulated ideas about which sources of information should be relied upon to judge the validity of accusations of adult misconduct by adults towards minors that weren't addressed by the criminal justice system? And again, should there be an SOP that all corps have to follow for those cases?
  13. units that big on the field look like a mess to me
  14. $35K for the jagged line seems a little stiff to me, but $2000 for one of the 2016 slides? I'll have to think about it.
  15. 97 BD had a sample from the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom soundtrack. lasts for about 10 seconds