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  1. Does that really shock you, given the situation?
  2. They cover that in the actual article. The victims were scared that coming forward could damage or even sink the organization they loved so much in their youth. They wanted Hopkins gone. They didn't want The Cadets to suffer because of what they did to them.
  3. Unfortunately, Hop *was* YEA. ...and probably still is.
  4. Attitudes like this are partially responsible for making victims of sexual assault feel reluctant to come forward in the first place. All they’re met with is scorn and distrust. This is not a sad day for George Hopkins. George Hopkins is not the victim here.
  5. I mean, that press release was literally victim blaming. what on earth...
  6. That’s why it took so long to come out. They had a crack team of lawyers and linguists working around the clock to de-Hoppify the statement.
  7. This would be so unfair to the members. What about the 2018 age-outs? Kids who worked their way up for several seasons to finally finish their drum corps career with The Cadets? It's April. Drill is on the field, spots are assigned. It won't be simple to move to another corps. And what if their dream was to spend their final season wearing maroon? Nah. The 2018 Cadets shouldn't have to suffer for this. This is on George.
  8. "George Hopkins has resigned his position with YEA. Official statement forthcoming." Someone hire me, apparently I'm a PR mastermind.
  9. When your CEO is accused of rape, potentially rape of minor(s), you drop everything else in your life and deal with that immediately. Nobody cares about who's on spring break or who wants a conference call. Oh, and Cadets have camp this weekend. Like tomorrow. This needs to be handled yesterday.
  10. I've wanted George Hopkins to resign for many years... but not like this. Not with victims left behind. So sad.
  11. My heart aches both for alums and current marching members. They don't deserve this. I'd hate to see this take down the entire organization. George needs to resign yesterday.
  12. I guess we had a good run.
  13. 2018 Rules proposals

    If anything, less corps should be making finals these days given how few corps even exist. I'd support a drop to "top 10" for finals personally.
  14. We kinda did this in 2005. Lowest finals placement in corps history. So...