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  1. I guess we had a good run.
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    If anything, less corps should be making finals these days given how few corps even exist. I'd support a drop to "top 10" for finals personally.
  3. We kinda did this in 2005. Lowest finals placement in corps history. So...
  4. Right. Maybe they could sell some more Flo subscriptions with archive videos serving as free advertising on YouTube? I dunno.
  5. I mean, I get it, but... I can watch finals performances of every 2017 corps on YouTube right now. DCI just isn't benefitting from it. If they hosted the videos themselves they could at least use YouTube's monetization systems. I'm just saying, they probably need to find a different way to recoup those costs. They'd benefit more from putting this stuff out there themselves.
  6. I'm not saying they should provide them for free. I'm saying they might make more money through other avenues if they provided them for free. Kinda like how every music video that represents hundreds of man-hours is made available for free. The artists and record labels recoup those costs in other ways - the YouTube videos are essentially advertising. DCI could use some more exposure.
  7. Honestly, DCI should pivot and just provide all the videos free on YouTube. Use that as promotion for show attendance and streaming subscriptions. They can't be making much from selling physical discs anyway, and in they'd definitely benefit from young people sharing/liking/retweeting the shows on their social media accounts.
  8. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    I for one am super pumped to see a Gaines drill book back in DCI. Double pumped that it'll be SCV marching it. Such a perfect fit in 2018.
  9. Yeah, corps have always been able to choose which performance of the 3 nights goes on the "tapes" (to include DVD, Blu-ray, etc.). Most just choose to use the finals performance for obvious reasons. In situations like Crown 2017, the semifinals performance will almost certainly be used.
  10. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Just say it already.
  11. BD narration

    Sucky thing is I really like the music that year. I wish there was a recording with just brass and drums, no cheese.
  12. Favorite shows of 2017

    I still find myself humming BD's show, so I'm gonna have to go with that one as my favorite. I also really enjoyed SCV and Cavaliers this year.
  13. Experience for Auditions?

    Go to the Bluecoats audition. Practice hard from now until then and see how you do. There will be people from all skill levels there. Nobody's gonna look down on you if you're not as good as them. If anything, that's what everyone at auditions is hoping to see: people not as good as them. Heh. You never know until you try. You can plan on marching with an open class corps or a lower tier world class, but still go to the Bluecoats audition. You'll be that much more confident next year having experienced it.
  14. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    ah man, that's awesome. Such a cool show.