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  1. YEA board resigns

    Based on just information made public, I am more than satisfied with the efforts underway by the new BOD to recover from the damage done before they were seated. My hope is the new BOD will make decisions that lead to shoring up finances, by reducing expenses. The future of fundraising is unclear, particularly if more negative news comes forward at a later date. This whole "YEA business operation" might need a trimming, less expense exposure, etc. Whatever net asset growth occurs needs to be committed to the original mission . . . fielding a strong DCI participant. Through it all, I think Cadets will continue on for years to come. Wounded now, but nothing terminal.
  2. Wonderful job, Liahona. Thanks! Very thorough. Geez . . . I'd hire you. With the usual background checks first, of course.
  3. Back in 2003, I was involved in the long process of evicting someone from an apartment building I owned. There were many phone calls, with many people. In all honesty, I could never remember every call, every person, every other kind of communication I had on that matter. I believe it is unfair for any of us to claim that Dan Acheson should have clear recollection of his calls from spectators during that same period. He must have had hundreds of calls, a great many of them either negative, or statements in the form of hearsay. Of course, we can't know more about what exchanges actually did take place back then, until/or if that comes forward later. Until then, I believe Dan's response to the Inquirer reporter was handled very well.
  4. This is an impressive DCI Administration response to a major crisis in its long history. Most impressive is how quickly Dan Acheson and other leaders reacted. Every group participating in DCI sanctioned events will benefit from DCI's appropriate reactions to such a difficult situation. Well done!
  5. My appreciation and congratulations to all who have stepped forward to handle the tasks ahead. Your quick response was critical.
  6. The Inquirer reporter's open call for other victims to reveal their own related experiences in drum corps absolutely expands the story well beyond discovery of a YEA situation. ALL drum corps are subject to be called upon to comment about a claim of misbehavior within their own organization. That will be challenging for any administrator receiving a call. Every corps better be considering how to respond. We can only hope the reporter will be careful to properly screen the responses. No doubt the objective here is to finish the Inquirer Special Report with a summary, some conclusions, and recommendations for the future. We all know this important matter deserves everyone's attention. We also know, problems of this nature are not unique to drum corps.
  7. Yes, George, we are thinking along similar lines. I understand the high school band management is a necessary revenue source. Hopefully, there is a way to further separate that out, yet retain those benefits. Something along the lines of Eastern Band Association (EBA). A fresh new look and leadership. A new Board, or two separate Boards, both with female members seems required. I just believe the Youth Education in the Arts impression has been irreparably damaged. The Cadets of DCI is the initial and primary focus. It is a mostly college-age (above the age of consent, etc.) activity. The other components of YEA reach down into Middle School, including the Cadets2. Not ideal right now. As you correctly point out, the groups underneath are not essential as revenue producers. Seems to me, maintaining a strong Cadets of DCI is the paramount interest.
  8. VERY pleased to learn the Cadets had a fairly normal camp weekend. This morning, the Allentown Morning Call added a new piece to the story that speaks of a second, more apologetic message from the YEA Board. An appropriate move, but I still believe the YEA umbrella group needs to be disbanded. The Cadets component is the utmost priority, together with its relationship to DCI.
  9. My only contention is corrective action needs to be swift, meaningful, and noticeable. One person resigning is not sufficient. That much was already expected by all observers. Again, I'm confident the Cadets will be fine after a good house-cleaning. I plan to, at least, cheer the members through this mess.
  10. You bring up some excellent points, especially how early it is in the process of healing. I know nothing of what revelations come forward beginning today, but I am starting to think the group most negatively impacted is the organization labeled Youth Education in the Arts. Drum Corps International can endure this, I'm sure. I believe the division labeled Cadets will also be fine after removing most, if not all, of the managers. I am particularly concerned about the future of Cadets2. Surprising to many would be how young that ensemble really is. I would like to see Youth Education in the Arts go away entirely. That brand has been severely damaged. Of course, YEA does many good works despite the past connection with the accused. Still, all of the non-Cadets functions can be parceled out and survive so far as we can tell now. It's important for a highly visible change to take place. In my mind, that would be erasing the name Youth Education in the Arts and discovering new vehicles to assume its current offerings. All of the affiliated high school bands aren't going anywhere. The Cadets2 component is really not essential, and there are several Allentown Area groups in place to absorb the rest of what happens locally. I just can't stop thinking about this situation but feel confident DCI, and even the Cadets, will be around for a very long time going forward. Different, perhaps.
  11. Man, I hope you are wrong. But, I must admit, the damage of all this is only dependent upon how long you want to work, and how deep you want to dig.
  12. Considering the potential aftershocks of this type of revelation is frightening. But, here we are. I don't believe there are any criminal charges at this point, and perhaps there will not be any. However, if so, I ask about the impact of CIVIL suits that usually follow. There is insurance to deal with that but can it still be a financial burden on the managing organizations finances? Enough of a burden to cripple the organization's normal operations.
  13. Indeed it is, and so is the Allentown TV station. TV69 is carried on Philadelphia cable and satellite systems. The TV69 viewing area encompasses MILLIONS of potential viewers and reaches into Central NJ. Philadelphia TV news coverage is very common on Allentown streets, particularly over the past year that concluded with The Allentown Mayor being convicted on 52 counts presented by the FBI. This story can really grow across the nation. It's a negative no one needs. The full DCI response was posted on the TV69 website.
  14. Time to Wrap This Up... LOL

    You have become a comforting fixture at drum corps shows. Nothing better than having a show announcer who actually KNOWS what the performance is all about. Don't recall ever hearing you call our corps "bands." I have heard you call some of them "other" things . . . . off mic, of course! Job well done, Sir. Good luck in your new career!
  15. This is so very disturbing. I'm not so naive, as to be shocked that such behaviors do happen across ALL organizations. But, this hurts in so many ways. Probably one of the most well-written and comprehensive summary of the topic I've ever read. Extremely convincing and probably impossible to survive without damage to a greater organization that does very good work. Justified, or not, our beloved activity is taking a big hit. The sadness I feel is great.