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  1. Fred Windish

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    First off, I'm really warming to the Madison show, except for all the "pink" of it. However, I clearly hear a more polished brass performance from Blue Stars. Very much in control. Here's a show that could have been done in a more "zany" way but, thankfully not!
  2. Fred Windish

    It's time for original music

    Please! No more original compositions. I think that stuff removes the audience connection further away. For the most part, the original work I've heard over the past years was mostly chop and bop with no real melody. Look what happens now when some arrangers take a well known piece and try to improve it.
  3. Fred Windish

    Pre-recorded brass?

    No question there is more to consider as DCI moves into the future with the addition of electronics. Over the past 5 years, or so, I've suspected a few brass soloists were actually presenting using pre-recorded music. Hopefully, recordings of their OWN earlier playing. Yes, just like rock concerts, Super Bowl Halftime spectaculars, etc. That's show biz! What would prevent a corps from positioning a young trumpet player on a pedestal and then broadcast pre-recorded Arturo Sandoval to the audience?
  4. Fred Windish

    Pre-recorded brass?

    Amazing, barigirl78! The Madison soloist this season is one of my suspected pre-recorded uses. Look, she is obviously a magnificent player, and I believe she really helps to make that show appealing. On the other hand, because she usually plays from the back half of the field, the only people who might suspect a recording would be those watching through a tight camera shot. I'm just not sure how I feel about the potential of all this. I know it's really just "show business" and things aren't always as they appear. I also appreciate her (musical) parts! It's a wonderful addition to Scouts 2018 production. By no means do I want to come off as insulting to this, or any other player. I've had the same impression from other corps, too. I'm just curious about how fans feel about the possibility.
  5. Mic-ing the entire brass section is drawing a good deal of negative attention. I don't detect this watching on Flo. However, sitting in the grandstand I'm sure this practice would annoy me. But, what about pre-recorded brass solos? How common is that practice? I really don't know, but sometimes think I catch a pre-recorded soloist while watching close-ups on Flo. Could be just minor electronic delay, or is that all it is? Also seem to recall a poster last year claiming this goes on all the time. What is the real truth? I suppose, in the event the regular brass soloist is not able to perform, having someone else "pretend to play" is a good thing. Thoughts, anyone?
  6. Fred Windish

    Minneapolis, MN - July 7, 2018

    Colts were wonderful! Good looking corps, too. Nothing over the top and outrageous. Show has good flow and an excellent finish. The micing didn't create any interference that I could tell on Flo. All sounds were appropriate and true.
  7. Fred Windish

    Minneapolis, MN - July 7, 2018

    Glad you can make it! I look forward to enjoying drum corps this way as much as possible. Right now, I'm doing ice tea and spiced gum drops. The adult beverages are few and far between these days. Anyway, my Flo broadcast (using Roku) is crystal clear, great sound. Been flawless since the first corps. Looks like 1080p to me! No complaints.
  8. Fred Windish

    Field Mics for Entire Ensemble

    I accept this (overuse) is what happens with any endeavor so creative. Decision makers stretch the limits of what they can get away with. Artificial enhancement really should be carefully limited. Amplifying a soloist makes very good sense, for example. On the other hand, using electronics to insert a dub of a musician who pretends to be playing live really disturbs me. Some posters claim this actually happens. Don't know for sure, but there have been times while watching FLO when I did sense that goes on, too.
  9. Fred Windish

    Field Mics for Entire Ensemble

    I'm waiting for a small Open Class corps to come out and blow everyone in the stands back a few rows, making Bluecoats sound like wimps! Just you Watts what's coming !
  10. Fred Windish

    Brass Arrangements Sound the Same

    I have long been a believer MELODY is the most important characteristic of music. I am not a musician. However, I think music is best when it is memorable. To be memorable, the piece needs to flow coherently in a pleasing way. That is, to have a pattern. It needs to make cohesive sense. It needs to be something you can replicate in your mind on the drive home and at other times during the day. To experience music in a satisfactory manner, the listener also needs to have some basis of comparison. In other words, "Hey, I always liked that tune since the first time I heard it, and these guys are doing a great job bringing it to me. They are nailing what made it all successful in the first place." "Yes, that it ! Thank you." The audience prefers to evaluate as to some recognizable standard. Of course, we still experience some melody.. . . just not enough. Back in my day, drum corps was primarily a brass presentation of familiar tunes with complimentary percussion and movement. Today, it's a movement/dance display with brass and percussion added in. That's fine. The activity must always seek its own level and I still enjoy it. But, general audiences and neighborhood families at $40 a pop? Probably not.
  11. Fred Windish

    Riverside, CA - July 1, 2018

    That's a description only a musician can provide. I'm not a musician. To what extent do you sense electronics are being used to modify/blend/enhance the natural sound that would result without the "value added?" Both corps do sound great!
  12. This is the first time I've read the Peckville event will be telecast. I'll try to watch both. Roku for DCI and laptop for DCA.
  13. Fred Windish

    Allentown, PA - June 30, 2018

    rmm155- What makes the Allentown situation problematic is that Allentown's public high schools and middle schools involve small, struggling band programs. These are the kids and families who are already used to going to Crum Stadium for their school events. Plus, the poverty rate in Allentown is high and rising. Residents can't really afford DCI tickets. Even families from near-in suburbs avoid travel to within Allentown city limits. There's a perception of dirt, crime, and general neglect. Add in the previous administration being jailed for corruption, the city proper is generally disregarded by those most likely to participate. I should add, the interim Mayor, Ray O'Connell, is a friend of mine. He was also the school principal who hosted Boston Crusaders and others over the years. There should be new cooperation from that component.
  14. Fred Windish

    Allentown, PA - June 30, 2018

    Far too often, attendance at paid events (not just drum corps) wanes. Sometimes, the quick solution is to simply charge those who DO attend even more for their ticket. Might work for a year, or two. But, given time, your product becomes priced out of reach for generating new customers. Most of which are not familiar with the quality of what you offer. Of course, there are many other reasons why attendance can decline, including things you can never control, like weather.
  15. Fred Windish

    Allentown, PA - June 30, 2018

    I did not attend last night, so I'm part of the problem. But, I do understand the reality of Allentown attendance, having studied it for more than 40 years. There is no willing and dependable local Allentown crowd to speak of. Never has been. I estimate, less than 10% of any Allentown crowd would be considered local. That's been true since the beginning. Also agree, the prices are too high for an environment like Allentown. What neighborhood family, or even just two people together, would lay out $80 or more for something they suspect is on par with their local high schools. Most of which are small and struggling. As crazy as it might sound, Allentown is not a "drum corps town."