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  1. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    Very much agree! Also want to mention, rain during the day of an event at an outdoor facility has a tendency to discourage curious, new fans from giving us a shot. They'll wait until next year, if that.
  2. RIP CorpsReps (and introducing DCX)

    Many thanks to Chris Maher! DCX Museum will be a valuable resource for many years to come. I encourage everyone to enjoy the work of my late, great friend, Joe Provenzano. You will find him in the Drum Corps Art section. So much of Joe's cartoon work from years ago is STILL relevant today. Some things never do change. You'll love it! P.S.- Joe's two favorite corps were Phantom Regiment and Santa Clara Vanguard. He loved the magnificent, pure brass sound.
  3. Creating and maintaining a Top 3 DCI corps has become a VERY expensive endeavor. The cost to 'get there" and "stay there" is increasingly out of reach for most community organizations who desire to make the journey. It was bound to happen. The DCI organization actually has made an accommodation for new participants. It is providing a "stage" for other levels of participation. Drumline Battle, SoundSport, etc. The voting members of DCI are determining what direction their organization takes. I'm not bothered by their privilege of decision-making. And, if I continue to enjoy what they come up with, I'll continue to do what I have to do to consume whatever they offer me. Mr. Collins has chosen to publicize his concerns. In great detail! I've read all of his thoughts and respect his passion about what he sees.
  4. If I see you on an episode of Hoarders, I'll understand.
  5. I'll take your word on that. I don't remember. I do know, DCI has used General Admission tickets for performer access. My point is, discussing attendance as "matter of fact" is not easy. It was a large crowd in Montreal . . . . this is certain!
  6. Always the possibility actual GENERAL ADMISSION tickets were issued to performing members back in the days before wristband admittance. I've seen that occur. I'll just say, I was at Montreal, too. The crowd in the seats appeared quite large. Oh, yes . . . chairback seating with armrests spreads things out from the bleacher look, too!
  7. Death to the Seat Poachers

    The individual who poaches a seat knows one thing . . . the seat isn't theirs!
  8. Who will be the darlings next year?

    My hope is for Blue Stars to be the big surprise! I've been very impressed with Blue Stars. Even though I preferred 2016 a little more than 2017, there is certainly enough talent making its way to La Crosse. One "It" production design and watch out!
  9. Death to the Seat Poachers

    I watched on Flo and had the same problem. I needed to chase my wife to her side of the sofa!
  10. Attendance is a crazy thing to discuss. Not that those who do discuss attendance are crazy, but the underlying factors affecting attendance are many. Too many. But, paid versus unpaid attendees can be very surprising. No matter what amount of people show-up in -person, any total number of paid viewers beyond the front sideline is difficult to maintain. In fact, sitting low outside the 20s isn't so hot. I think the revenue coming from broadcast customers is where the growth is. That's why getting the current broadcast product higher is so important. Several of the disconcerting recent changes to the on-field product we discuss here actually do work better through broadcast. Broadcast, itself, could work better with some additional changes, too!
  11. 2017 DCI Hangover Invitational

    Oh, boy! For anyone who hasn't already done so, find a recording of Argonne Rebels with Sandra Opie responsible for Brass. In a league of their own.
  12. Cadets 2018

    Yeah, that's 'kinda the point. The Cadets might be better not using a single-work theme for the entire production. There's plenty to pick from. Chose as you like. Just keep it melodic, somewhat familiar, not obscure, nor "science project" type explorations.
  13. Cadets 2018

    Why not pieces from several Bernstein works? A few visual vignettes to match sprinkled in.
  14. 2017 Rankings

    And then, the 2017 "Wild Card" is played. Atlanta CV !
  15. Yes, welcome Natasha! The recent, and rapid, changes to this "more-than-a Century old endeavor" are causing quite a stir, particularly among those that performed years ago. Some of those concerns are just the usual struggle with getting old. I'm 66. But, that's the "thing" about drum corps. It can lock you in for life. I still enjoy what's going on out there and have no plans to go away for good. Drum corps has always been at least a little different from one year to the next. But, that's the product of human creativity. Our desire to make something different, hopefully better than what we have already. Please read as much as you can here. It's a great story. One that never ends! (you did just fine)