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  1. 2017 DCA Finals

    Jeff - you bring up a key point. Here is some additional information. The year, roughly 2006. The DCA website had no option for corps/fan interaction on a direct, live platform. It still does not. If fans wanted to 'converse,' in public, they used RAMD. As you note, that site was not monitored and often became vulgar. Nasty accusations about corps and specific persons were common. Both Facebook and Reddit went public about 2005. They were relatively unknown back then. Not yet viable options. John Donovan purchased Drum Corps Planet also around that time, 2005. DCA contacted John with a proposal for Drum Corps Planet to coordinate with DCA and serve as a DCA platform for information and live discussion. John was most interested and very supportive, both financially and in person. This relationship was to be a key part of marketing DCA to a wider audience, in a timely way . . . . and with moderation. A safe, reliable place to serve DCA enthusiasts. Good things began to happen through the resources provided by DCP. John Donovan deserves great credit for his assistance. I will always remain grateful to John, and to Steve Vickers of Drum Corps World who assisted in broadening the reach of DCA. Both gentlemen continue their efforts. Unfortunately, too many DCA decision-makers, back then, were overly cautious in maximizing the potential of an emerging 'new media' marketing opportunity. You are correct, Jeff. Some corps management teams did prohibit their members from Drum Corps Planet participation. There was a fear, I suppose, someone might post something unsavory. The 'RAMD Effect,' no doubt. But, that behavior could have easily been cleaned up. That early management decision is, I believe, a factor in today's 'sluggish' DCA discussion output here on Drum Corp Planet. These days, alternate places for drum corps discussion are readily available. Perhaps, if DCA gave DCP more chance to 'root' early on, there would be a regular and reliable DCA base here today. As N.E. Brigand accurately notes, posts elsewhere lack the depth of discussion that used to take place here regularly. I miss those readings here and hope we can get that back to DCP. I don't participate on Facebook and similar sites. Information is too lean, even frivolous. But, it's a new generation out there. They communicate much differently. So, here we are . . . .
  2. Missing!

    I certainly hope you are right! Williamsport currently has less available seating than Rochester, so purchase your tickets early!
  3. Missing!

    Obviously, everything is personal preference. There is no wrong statement of what someone saw, or would prefer to have seen. But, I'll play along . . . I saw . . . more than enough requisite body movements and standardized individual 'frozen poses.' an increase in short brass 'flourishes,' rather than melodic development. show designs reminiscent of Blue Knights, as opposed to an Academy-style I think would be more appropriate. overuse of bass goo to give the impression of bigger brass sections. Because championship attendance continues to fall, I did not get the impression of a new body of interested customers. I also noted a small number of DCP followers. Particularly troubling was during the announcement of scores. What was recently 300-400 logged-in, this time stayed at about 50. You saw something quite different. Fine.
  4. Missing!

    Unfortunately, that's the way messages boards operate. NO message is quite good enough. I certainly enjoyed this year's DCA Championship, but often wonder if this segment of the activity could be better served with LESS emulation of what is seen in DCI. I don't see much crossover interest shown by DCI fans. Maybe, there's too much 'been there, done that' in DCA for those folks.
  5. Missing!

    Hey! I just now e-mailed a similar sentiment to a friendly DCA operative. Even mentioned Empire Statesmen specifically. Earlier DCA did have a more unique flavor.
  6. FloMarching on Apple TV

    Andy - If you already paid for the Flo subscription, you can watch all of Prelims(begins at 2pm) and all of Finals(begins at 5pm). You can do this on your computer by visiting Flo's website. You just need to enter the password you created when you signed up. To watch on TV, you might have to connect your computer to the TV using an HDMI cable. I use a newly purchased Roku device. My unit is a 5in. x 5in. 1" tall box with an HDMI output port that I connected to my TV HDMI input port. The device provides a long list of "channels" for you to choose to install. These channels are also called Apps. One such available channel is FloSports. When you have that downloaded you will access it by clicking on the FloMarching button that appears on you TV screen when you turn on FloSports. Flo offer many different sports, one called FloMarching. I do not believe you can simply get Flo directly from Hulu and Netflix. I don't use Apple TV but it appears your Apple TV account offers a FloSports channel for you to download from their iTunes Store. Hard to tell what connection problems you are facing, and it might take a little time to get up to speed using FloSports. So, I don't suggest attempting to set it all up with less than an hour before Prelims to go. I also suggest going to the FloSports website for instructions on everything. I believe you can even phone them for assistance.
  7. 2017 DCA Prelims Discussion

    So, after DCA Weekend is over, what does a smaller, maybe newer, corps want to go back home with . . . We placed 2nd in the Class A Division, or We placed 13th at our Championship event.
  8. Atlanta CV just lit this place up...

    Congratulations, R.J. You and the entire Atlanta CV organization can be very proud. From everything I've read and experienced in person, Atlanta CV has made it to this high altitude the right way! Have to think practices the week will feel a little different, however. Enjoy it all, and thanks!
  9. How About Some Common Ground?

    Really? Thought that meant getting out of bed. On a serious note, I want to repeat, the DCI Directors really should make some obvious changes to the use of electronics BEFORE next season. I don't care what the normal process is.
  10. Actually, I have not. Part of the appeal in signing up for a full year of FLO was to become more familiar with high level high school bands and WGI groups. I've been avoiding both of those, except for still photos in Drum Corps World. But, what you just asked is giving me pause. I'm beyond my limit of electronics and amplification in DCI now. Are you telling me it gets worse?
  11. Ooooh . . . . Looks like none of them are employed as electrical sound equipment engineers!
  12. Hitting Hard 2018

    I'll start. Boston Crusaders. If ever there was a corps running on high octane momentum and public support. It's Baaston. Motivated and talented staff, strong balance sheet. All depends if they work in a hard-driving Conquest!
  13. Some good suggestions there, 31rabbit! Our discussions of this issue are important. I do know some DCI decision-makers read our posts. This input should be helpful in determining what improvements are positive.
  14. With instances as you describe that require the vocal come from someone moving too far away from a corded mic, I'd be OK if that person has his/her voice prerecorded and used as an overlay.
  15. Enough Judging Conspiracy Theories

    I'm OK having to guess certain drum corps details. I have no absolute right to know all. Whatever method is being used to choose the Indy panel, apparently, is OK with the decision-makers.