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  1. Hi All, I'm the OP......There have been many tangible, constructive and great ideas. For example- explore relationships with those in the community with "deep pockets," how can we create "win-win" scenarios with them, and can this spur others to explore and improve upon? An example could be a private company owner has a National Sales Meeting...these things always start with excitement...what better way to open a meeting than a drum line in front of 500 fat old guys exuding cool? In exchange for that, the company owner gives a donation. I am hoping, for the benefit of those corps that don't have major cash flow streams that we can give creative fund raising ideas like that, which can benefit all...your creative thoughts are important because maybe a few haven't thought of them.....please keep thinking and pass on your ideas, even if untested...I know they are all appreciated!!
  2. I'm wondering what the universe of expertise can suggest here........what novel ways have you seen that might help with this never-ending problem?
  3. In your opinion, what were the top major on or off field innovations in DCI from the 1970's to present? They can be the obvious like pit off the field or z-pull or whatever. There are so many- which ones were the most significant to the activity?
  4. steelchops

    Madison Scouts App

    Agree- really too bad that we as fans and the corps that are already running a tight budget are subject to licensing fees from songs performed decade(s) ago. Question: what do you think fans would be willing to pay for this app?
  5. steelchops

    Madison Scouts App

    Hi There, I asked Chris awhile back, here was his response, "for now it has been suspended indefinitely until we can address some music licensing concerns. Because the app is streaming the audio it now fall under a new category of licensing which may make it cost prohibitive for us to provide the service."
  6. steelchops


    It's a Madison Scouts thread- the question asked was the 2014 ending balsy, I said yes- try laying your cards on the line with one soloist in front of 30,000 people- it takes a set to do that- tell me about your experience in that situation............ go away
  7. steelchops


    When the other 11 finalists do a big bang ending and Madison risks it with a single soloist WITH NO COVER leaving it out there, IT IS BALSY!!!!!
  8. steelchops


    I'll second aggression. When I think of Madison, I think of the obvious in your face attitude, but a nuance of their trademark could be a dark and maybe even angry aggression. An example from this year was "Star Children" which has an erie start, but because it was in a minor key, has a somewhat dark yet incredibly powerful in your face climax consistent with the brand. This was got people out of their seats because they really miss this dark intensity from the Scouts (IMO)
  9. Could any World Class do Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon? If so, who would do the best rendition(with the assumption they would have the rights) could it be performed and keep the audience interest or is it too mellow? Discuss
  10. You know how sometimes pro sports teams bring out the retro unies for a game or 2? What if DCI declared that for one season, each DCI corps dusts off a great show from the past of their choosing? Current rules with pits, etc. remain the same, BUT the corps can bring back classic drill or even a stint carrying tympani or a plate line. Would this be of interest to the masses? Would the directors go for it? Lastly- would this make that year any more competitive?
  11. steelchops

    Madison Scouts 2013

    I'll take 2 more orders of that!!
  12. OK, for those not happy with the way things ended this year, how would you have ranked your top 12? For me: Crown BD SCV Cadets Bloo Phantom Madison Boston Cavies BK Spirit Blue stars Discuss
  13. Dud- you are doing an awesome job, thank you
  14. steelchops

    The Greyhound Throwdown!

    Yes, Mason's son is special forces, so nothing but respect for the troops should be gleaned from Madison's show, really disappointed in those that have taken this away from that...
  15. steelchops

    Madison Scouts 2013

    I also marched that year, played French Horn and saw the collision and ultimate slip. We were on late, the grass was getting wet with dew. I think it happened so fast, we weren't sure what to do, we hadn't had a fall all year. You could always tell how we were doing in a show that year by the look on Jimmy Elvord's face if you could see him in the stands. I briefly caught his face at the end of the opemer and he seemed pretty happy, so I thought we were doing OK that night.