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  1. Some thoughts on 2017

    I'm with Hrothgar, mostly. I went to a show and thought it was good. High level of entertainment and performance quality.
  2. Cadets 2018

    They could play "The Boxer" for their ballad...
  3. Age Outs

    This is huge, they're gonna be a medal force
  4. Wow. Crown diehards are as petty as ever.
  5. Cadets 2017

    Can we put a lid on it and lock this thread?
  6. I just wanted to share this, the enthusiasm from both sides, audience and performers, is awesome.
  7. Corps Income/Revenue Stream

    Seems like Boston and their umbrella org are doing all the right things. Good for them.
  8. Cadets 2017

    It's been a pleasure getting to know all of you to some extent all summer through our endless discussions and arguments on this thread. Not sarcastic! Let's all hope for the best in 2018.
  9. The Cavaliers 2017

    Pleased but not surprised by the result-- when I saw them in DeKalb they had absolute fire, energy, swagger. Nothing against Bluecoats who also had a great year and performed wonderfully. Wonderful what Lugo and Allen have done.
  10. Cadets 2018

    The next days, weeks and months are going to be critical to the long-term success of the organization. Can they retain staff and replace those who quit/were fired this year? The members have started processing their summer experience, reflecting, and thinking about next year. Will they come back, or take their hard-earned skills to another corps? Especially since so many top corps have proven they can consistently give their members shows that work, connect with the audience, and score well. If they have a lot of returning vets and a solid teaching staff, I think they can fight back into the top 5. The 2006 corps had 70-ish Cadet rookies, and 2007 went pretty well on a performance level to say the least. If not... Anyway, time will tell.
  11. Blue Devils 2018

    Same thing we do every year, Pinky
  12. If you think the corps this week didn't show "true ability" you're a moron.
  13. watched the top five with my gf, who is a bery good musician. We enjoyed it immensely. Great season. If you are getting angry about points you are wrong
  14. Santa Clara Alumni Corps

    That ending was the sweetest thing. The current corps losing their minds for the bottle dance was amazing.