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  1. Gosh, I loved the Freelancers guard uniforms from that year! I can see what you mean. Of course it always made sense to me from a guard perspective because they had been changing their uniforms every year at the point in time in DCI's history. Now it seems like it is starting to matter with the horns/drums uniforms, which have started to universally change almost as frequently as the guard.
  2. I'm sure they know what their identity is more than anyone here.
  3. I have some specific reasons and stories that form the opinion for what I've written, but it would be lame to talk about those stories here, and especially not today. I'm not making anything up to be fake-concerned about. There are sociopaths around for sure. I hope I see more positive stories to try and counter. I'll disagree with your last paragraph and I'll just let this die...
  4. Great! That is good to hear.
  5. Great! That happens when the organizational goal is to win at all costs. Other organizations have different goals, where winning it all is just icing on the cake, not the end goal in itself. It is quite the accomplishment. More undefeated seasons than other corps but one have titles. Hope there is a comradery and lasting friendship there too. ...or maybe it is a network of potential resources to utilize? I don't see that as much as I do in other corps. Congratulations, BD on #18!
  6. I thought EVERY corps brought it tonight and we're better than last night! I'm sorry numbers management caused some scores to drop, but wow everyone laid down the guantlet! I try not to predict the Cavaliers placements.
  7. Can't wait to see what Cavaliers, Coats, and SCV come up with for next year! Some of my favorites this season (add BK)... Good job Cavies, moving up another spot this year. Now a bunch of people on here can start talking about the top 3 corps as a thing instead of top 4 that they have this season, and you'll prove them wrong again and medal... Okay season; last year's shows may have been a tad better for me, but there were definitely some enjoyable shows this year!
  8. They just played the worst part of Cadets show.
  9. Everyone had a good to great night!
  10. Best run of the season Cavaliers! Guard on fire, battery on fire, brass kicked it up a notch, visually awesome m Loved it!
  11. Incredible job and effort., Cadets!
  12. I guess they want to know who's getting the stream grabs... Those can be blocked out too.
  13. AWESOME. Thanks for the show BK