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  1. Yea, it's better than the old one. You could say that it is new and improved. Heck, everything will be new for you, so no problems there!
  2. Is the new closer in?
  3. jjeffeory

    Rockford, IL - July 6, 2018

    Congrats for breaking 80 3rd, Cavies!
  4. jjeffeory

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Doesn't take much
  5. jjeffeory

    Brass Arrangements Sound the Same

    I was corrected before. I should note that I saw Cavaliers BEFORE they were mic'd, so sorry everyone about that. I didn't think Boston would do that either, but here we are....
  6. jjeffeory

    2018 Predictions

    It is sad, but I think Mandarins are in and Madison is out already. Spirit being in and the current 12th place scoring corps, Blue Stars, being out would be sad for Blue Stars; it would be story of the year for Spirit of Atlanta. I like all their shows generally.
  7. jjeffeory

    2018 Predictions

    Wisconsin is out, obviously.
  8. jjeffeory

    Scores By The Week

    I'm chuckling because I believe that Ohio is quintessentially Midwest, not East. Not in culture, not in politics, not in people. I've lived in both ( in different parts of the Midwest and East coast, also in the South and West) and they are VERY different in how they operate, how the governments handle similar problems, and how people socialize, et cetera. Ohio more closely matches Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Iowa, and even Missouri than they do New York, DC, Maryland, and New England. ....then there's the corn fields... Anyway, nice chart. Despite the difference in opinion above. Looking forward to seeing more updates!
  9. jjeffeory

    Brass Arrangements Sound the Same

    I don't see them in this video from Whitewater for the Colts. Wait they're small.... Hmm.
  10. jjeffeory

    Brass Arrangements Sound the Same

    I dunno. I didn't seem them, so maybe something added? I'll keep a lookout for them. Looks like for Colt, they're being used when there is the singing mix, so that the vocals and the hornline are blended together. So, they're being used during parts of the show, but not the entire show. That sucks.
  11. Check out Cavaliers this year. Freddy Martin has given the mellos lines too.
  12. jjeffeory

    Brass Arrangements Sound the Same

    Cavaliers are micing soloist. They were against the whole micing the whole corps thing last year. I'm surprised that they are micing more this year.
  13. jjeffeory

    Brass Arrangements Sound the Same

    You'd have to listen to the brass band pieces to recognize some of the stuff that corps are playing, because that's what they're playing. That being said, they play from those pretty recognizably. Bluecoats music is very recognizable too. Other corps have gone a little bit abstract, so I get where you're coming from this year compared to the last few years for some of these corps. It had been better last year, but some corps have gone generic this year so far. Maybe they'll get better when layering of music, but I doubt it. Still, lots of recognizable stuff this year, so I have to disagree with a blanket statement about all corps. I happen to like the pyramid of sound that many corps are approaching this year, and I definitely like the experimenting with the different brass instruments that I see happening. I have a mixed opinion on what you're saying. I'll have to listen more to all the shows over the summer to see if I feel the same way about some of the corps as I do now, but I'm choosing to have a good attitude about it in the mean time.
  14. jjeffeory

    Flo still sucks!

    So, they have limited resources and can not develop for every browser. They develop for on of the more open browsers and then get people who complain about not wanting to use the browser they support. Sounds like your issue to me. I have to deal with this all the time, and sometimes it's IE or Firefox that is required. You just need to adjust and get all the browsers. I like Opera the best....