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  1. So, go donate over at the Cavalier website: https://give.cavaliers.org/#support-the-cavaliers You can choose to donate once. I don't know what a good amount is to donate. That's up to you, but I'd donate at least $10 or even more if you can... Then on Facebook, ask to join the "Cavaliers Inside Access" closed group. I'm not sure how long it takes to get access, but that's the general way to get some of this behind the scenes stuff. Warning, much of the content is taken down pretty quickly after camps. Don't wait to get an invitation to join the group, they're busy in Rosemont this off season. I had to request to join... Good luck. They're stepping up and sounding like they're going to have a beast of a hornline this year!
  2. All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    Everyone except 2009, and the last 3 shows. One of my favorite corps.
  3. Good question. Who knows? Seems like they weren't and aren't the only corps to do that. I do know that they're working on foot timing while playing fast music at a fast tempo, so my guess is maybe, if their design calls for it during that portion of the show... They still need to fit the criteria on sheets and design shows that will do well this year and not necessarily what would have done well in 1995...
  4. When I watched them play and heard more of the show, I wondered how they were going to pull off playing AND marching some of this music on the field at the same time. This brass book is just insane. Definitely one of the hardest books ever to come out of Rosemont that I can remember. Of course this is only at this time. ...and they keep adding difficulty in ways that maybe I'll explain after they announce their show. I'm super stoked about how much this hornline is playing. Right now, difficult passages aren't being sent to the pit ( this was a brass only camp), and there weren't that many empty sections where the hornline was tacit. Anyway, I'm hyping a little bit, but it's our 70th anniversary, and so far things are going very well musically. I can't wait to hear them next month and then finally in the summer!
  5. You're right. It's getting time for more information.
  6. What you want for 2018

    You're going to be pretty happy with the music. LOTS of notes.
  7. Just heard material from the brass camp this past weekend in the Inside Access page. Oh my, I am even more excited. Lots of progress has been made since January camp! Lots of changes and tweaks too. This hornline is going to be a monster this summer! Very powerful, full, and well blended for March...
  8. Yea, I know. Too bad about that too, but they're fully rewarded for what they do, so why change it?
  9. Moving to a top 4 corp

    It's too bad about that too.
  10. I agree with the first two lines, but not the last two lines. I really enjoyed SCV and Cavaliers. I do wish Cavaliers played more of the ending, but I know that's fixed for this year... I enjoyed Boston a little less, but that had to do with the brass arrangements and singing... I didn't care for the Blue Devils show as a whole. So, Blue Devils - Change direction. I'd like to see more drill. SCV - Good direction. Maybe cut out the small group of brass, BUT after listening to a cam of one of those guy's, the rest of the hornline had mad notes too... These guys didn't play as much as the whole line. Crown - Change direction. No singer, no wooden planks. They sound great already, so they'll be great this year. Cavies - Slight change. It's an anniversary year, so it will be different direction. Hornline much improved so far. Percussion vet laden. Bluecoats - Keep being you. Last year was a wonderful show, but that middle section was a little down. Clean up the individual technique. You guys are going to be awesome. Boston - Keep on truckin'. Maybe no singing this year? Cadets - I enjoyed the show, but the singing wasn't my thing. I don't know what it is about the design. I liked some of it, disliked others. It ended up being meh with all the little cheesy things thrown in by the end of the season. Blue Knights - Keep on with this direction. LOVED it. Maybe tweak the guard program. Phantom - Please switch directions. Possibly my least favorite show from you ever. Also, you need to learn how to mic your brassline, if that's what you're into... Blue Stars - Different direction please. HATED the singing. I don't think I loved the way the show flowed, but keep that brassline. Crossmen - Different direction, please. I wasn't a fan of the deconstructed/reconstructed arrangements. Didn't love the staging of the props. Madison - Different direction. I did love the visual improvements you made last year, but that type of show is something that should be done only once in a while. I heard you're going in a different direction anyway, so it was good enough to get you back into finals. Mandarins - Keep going. Just make everything tighter. Academy - I bet you going to change directions. Troopers - I think you really need to change directions. The props were not a good idea. The music didn't work. The uniforms didn't work. Spirit - Keep on keeping on. Pacific Crest - Same. Just improve the execution Seattle Cascades - Same Oregon Crusaders - Great show. Vanguard Cadets - Great direction Music City - I didn't care for this direction. It will be exciting to see how they do in World. Pioneer - Great direction, just get some more members. Blue Devils B - Good direction for them. Genesis - Great direction for them. I'd say just improve execution.
  11. Moving to a top 4 corp

    Really, it isn't just a top 4 these days. I'd say that it's back to top 6, or at least top 5 as it has been historically. I say that your child should go where they are the happiest and where they are the best fit. It's ok to try new things too.
  12. What you want for 2018

    Less usage of synths and amplification of brass. ...and if you're going to do it, do it well. Smaller colorguards, more unison work ( but not all unison work). Fewer pre-recorded sound patches (how about you play there instead, brass, percussion, or both). More experimentation with different brass instruments. Break out those marching frenchies and flugels lines (more) too... I want some old tunes AND new tunes. ...more large ensemble work visual-wise and more brassline playing. Stop offloading as much onto the pit and have the hornlines play more. I'd like to see more placement movement through out the season.
  13. Most Watched corps: Bluecoats, Cavaliers, Blue Knights, SCV, Cascades, Oregon Crusaders, and Pacific Crest.
  14. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    For this year, most of the corps are playing something that they've played in the past, or another corps has played. At least 1 piece.... They are also planning something new to drumcorps too.
  15. All time shows: Blue Devils

    I'm getting way too many 500 server errors lately. I can't post my list. '88 and '85 come to mind though.