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  1. I was trying to remember who they lost, but Thom Hannum is no slouch. So I dunno... Some guard vets leave to follow their favorite instructor, others stay with their organization. That one is a pretty simple explanation for me, but I get where you're coming from. Maybe some movement ideas will come from guard staff again? It should be fun.
  2. Cadets brass and percussion were dumped on last year at finals because of the design and visual elements. I don't care where they placed or what they scored, they were still top 3 sections. Such is our current system. I'm not going to even doubt Sacktig. He has NEVER put out a crappy DCI design, and I wouldn't count on him starting to do that because he's writing for Crown. Sorry, I love both of these two corps.
  3. Be sure to head over to VKs thread and offer them the same condolences. On a serious note, this was sad news indeed. I only hope to have such a long life. He was a good Bond, and played a bunch of other unexpected roles in his career. RIP.
  4. Complete and utterly different situations. The design and drill rewrites for last years show did them in. Crown won't experience that.
  5. I've got to agree with you here. Brass is the same. - No drop here, maybe higher placement Guard still has a bunch of talent and is being taught by people who align with those who left. - Not much of a drop off here; I mean they won last year, so a drop would be expected as they can't improve placement. Percussion - No change Drill - Replaced one good drill writing team with another legendary team. Jeff Sacktig is one of the best on the planet. Crown gets tons of new members every year ( just like BD for example), so I don't know if they're going to drop like people seem to think. It's going to be different, though. The design team is extremely solid. The brass staff is solid. The percussion team is solid. The visual staff is solid. The guard staff is solid. This off season doesn't even remotely compare to what Cadets experienced last year. There will be no visual issues at Crown like there were with Cadets. Also, the design team at Crown hasn't had anything like what we saw from the Cadets last year, no disrespect to the Cadets intended.
  6. No idea, BUT maybe he's watching Crown right now and not on the internets?
  7. Ok, no disrespect, but I am IMMEDIATELY reminded of this movie when I see the above poster: Two sides of the same coin?
  8. Good thing Oregon Crusaders saved the day last year with their 8 singers.
  9. SA, SA, SA! I hope you go!
  10. I heard their show is a salute to 27th Lancers and Star of Indiana titled To Revere and Back: A "Star" struck lover's journey.
  11. Oh, I can imagine. It's going to be very interesting to see how they get everything together into a cohesive show. I DO BELIEVE that they will do it, but pretty wild stuff.
  12. Love all three of these corps. The Company is most like current DCI corps. Jubal has changed to become more like current DCI corps. Kidsgrove Scouts' style is more like older shows, which for me is better to MY liking. Less voice, more classic drill and visuals. Bigger ensemble moves, less individual stuff. Their brass was probably the most polished, imho. I thoroughly enjoy all three corps, and one style is not better than the other, but I could see how Kidsgrove could fit in a little better into DCA.
  13. ...for those traveling to mainland Europe, the Eurostar is an interesting experience ( Goes under the English channel). I found that it was cheaper to order tickets from the French side rather than the English side ( thanks nice french lady at Gare Du Nord for the tip). I don't know if that is still the case, but it was about half the price. Those cheeky, clever Brits...
  14. You never talk like that to me! I'm so jealous!