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  1. Because they're awesome!
  2. Well, if they can get the GE numbers up a bit that could help. Of course if they continue to layer the music more, they'll be fine. I think it's too early to put a 5th place ceiling on them at the moment. Their percussion is doing extremely well, and their guard is very talented too, so it is early.
  3. ...and they pay for EVERY penny of it!
  4. I certainly don't think that, but it is still nice to see the Cadets score go up to reflect that they're improving. At this point, it's going to be wild in 6-9th place. I've stopped trying to guess, 'cause when I do that I feel a little competitive. I'm trying to (so far) stay in the realm of fandom instead of former corps marcher with personal inclinations towards or against certain corps.
  5. I'm glad that the Crossmen are doing well. I don't get the beginning and end, but I am glad that the judges and other people enjoy that part of the show.
  6. Good for Cadets! Keep shaping the show and more people will rally behind you!
  7. Okay, I saw it. Looks like they're trying to play the design game with all the compulsories. Of those, I was most entertained by their 8 trombones marching the field for the whole show. I think they need to refine, clarify, and add. It is a very different show than I was expecting, but they can make it their own with smart decisions and hard work. Good luck to them!
  8. Now I want to really see this!
  9. Great. I can't come and now everyone else is going!
  10. Haha, we have opposite views on that! We were always the Cavies ( as a group), and I NEVER heard "Cavs" until the last few years, which I found bizarre. Case in point, go back and listen to the '90 Finals video at :10 seconds where Bruno says "It's a can of corn Cavies"...
  11. No. I mean you would not call a member a "Cavie", but when referring to the whole group, it is common to say "the Cavies". Some people call them "Cavs", which I personally don't care for as we were never called that when I was there, but since the Cleveland "Cavs" got popular, I guess other people say that too about the corps. Probably not a big deal either way...
  12. I thought everyone was very entertaining, and it was nice to see SCV get some hype and love too. That is refreshing. It's one show, but this is the kind of thing that can pump up a corps to perform better. Both SCV and BD. Also Mandarins and Academy! This is going to be a fun year!
  13. Well THOSE kids in red appreciate their history... Other corps are doing it better than those old farts and let you know it!
  14. I know, right! haha. I'm chuckling because SCV has such an awesome show and an awesome brassline that I'm NOT surprised that they won tonight.