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  1. I already started the thread on marching band planet, you must have missed it! ( When I go off topic, I go really off topic!)
  2. Ha! I have aunts and uncles who live in or near Belpre... Marietta used to be a powerhouse group.
  3. I've been watching the BOA regionals on FloMarching as well. Wow, those Texas bands are a step above the rest of the regions. There are some very mature designs from so many of the groups there. Texas may have more quality bands than Indiana these days! One wonders how the decrease in high school football participation will influence marching music, especially in these marching band hotbeds.
  4. Blue Devils 2018

    Yea, that's my problem with the sheets. Nobody really masters multiple things in a season. They do things pretty well, but I wouldn't say master them. The thing is in the implementation of doing multiple things, there are only so many things that end up being done by all the corps. The evidence of those things are on display during the season, and what is happening is that the corps end up all doing the same multiple things, but in different combinations. ...and that's what gets called variety. So in effect, from what I see, corps B DOES have to do so many of the things Corps A does because those are the unspoken compulsories du jour. I just believe that a "one-trick" pony corps who has truly mastered what they do should be able to win. It's not like any corps is going to try and just stand around the whole show and call that their trick. ...but I'm still here, so I'm obviously getting something out of the entertainment of all these corps. I do think it could be even more exciting overall.
  5. Blue Devils 2018

    ...and I agree with this statement completely. Of course the order and implementation is different from corps to corps, but in the end it's probably not so different than any other time in the history of marching arts. I just wish that a corps could score well by doing what THEY do well, stylistically, as opposed to being required to complete unspoken expect elements of current design. I really can see the style being bled over into the marching band world this year too.
  6. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    Yay! I marched one of those shows... I can't really comment on this thread as I really have so many shows that I love. I will say that I have grown to really appreciate '98 and '99. The Traditions for a New Era and Classical Innovations shows were just astounding visual treats, and you could definitely see the ground work being laid for the early 2000s shows.
  7. Blue Devils 2018

    100% YES! You got it. "Variety" is the new compulsory. Instead of having each corps do what they do best and do it "perfectly", it's do this, do that, do the other, and do them pretty well. ...and no, the execution isn't perfect these days, it's just that they're being asked to do a bunch of others things at the same time, so that's what is amazing. All just my opinion.
  8. Blue Devils 2018

    Fighting words! haha ...and a jab at Sacktig's design? Most likely parroting the current line of what to say in this situation. Crown's not winning visual wasn't because the design of the visual was bad or something as much as BD was doing what is popular at the moment, which they consistently seem to do and always get rewarded for by the judges. Variety is king. That's what will get rewarded the most, all other things being equal.
  9. Excitement in Rosemont...

    Well, an argument can be made that Lugo makes better decisions. I guess they both just "Do it" though ( Strive for success)...
  10. Excitement in Rosemont...

    It will be interesting to see what the brass approach will be now that there is a DVD-type brass guy. Should be interesting to see how the pedagogy meshes. I certainly think this could be a great thing for the corps!
  11. Pioneer 2018

    Nice! Put out a show that people can buy into, give them a great experience, and they will come. Fingers crossed for a great year!
  12. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    I love both, but Gaines is THE drill master of this generation, imho. Whatever the genre, WGI, DCI, BOA, or local circuits; he is so musical, uses space so well, and places people where they need to be when they need to be at the highest level. Yay! More Gaines in DCI is going to be so AWESOME. Hopefully, Weber comes back really soon.
  13. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    That would be my guess. We have to remember that when Gaines stopped working with the Cavaliers, he didn't stop working. He's very current and I'm sure he will be absolutely wonderful.
  14. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    I would love a show that I could enjoy without design consideration that are influenced by the competitive aspects of DCI. Really and truly would love to see a show that I could enjoy...
  15. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Awwwwww, that sucks! I quite like Sullivan's arrangements.