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  1. Long Island Kingsmen for New York. Made top 25 twice, 21st and 16th.
  2. Kilties are not fielding a corps this summer.
  3. My daughter marched one season in the color guard of a DCA corps - the Sunrisers. She hated it. She says she is just not cut out to be in the sun all day. She still loves spinning and continues to march in a winter guard.
  4. Festive Overture - SCV, 1985
  5. Allentown. Historical venue for drum corps (junior and senior btw). Corps always turn it on for Allentown.
  6. Congratulations Bob!! Well deserved.
  7. My first wife and I marched together. Got divorced but have a beautiful daughter who spins in winter guard. My current wife I met indirectly through drum corps - was teaching a marching band and my current wife's younger sister was in that band. That's how we met!!
  8. Suzanne Borden was actually in 27th for 4 seasons.
  9. Speaking as a dinosaur (marched in the 80's), I think they could do a better job of telling the complete story of marching in drum corps, BUT, I still enjoy watching this series. Sickness and injuries are a big part of drum corps and seeing how marching members deal can be inspiring. I see so many of today's activities, both musical and sports, where kids just give up and sit out. These marching members are the cream of the crop and demonstrate perseverance. There is only so much that can be shown on 8 half hour episodes. I do find it kind of funny that on the Cadets side, it really focuses on George Hopkins and the guard caption head Kristy Templin. I guess with all the issues with their show, it's kind of interesting to hear staff's point of view, but we see a lot of George and Kristy. My 2 cents, for what it's worth.