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  1. Another great loss for drum corps.
  2. Les Eclipses 1986

    It was in 85 that Les Eclipses beat 27th in Syracuse. I can say that our staff was not too happy with us!! LOL
  3. Just read on Facebook that Excelsior is going inactive for the rest of the season. Best of luck to the corps and wishing you a speedy return next year.
  4. I believe Bridgemen were 3rd in prelims, 4th in finals.
  5. Rest in Peace, Finis.
  6. Her name is Barbara Maroney.
  7. I just saw that Alliance won't be fielding a corps this summer. Sad to hear.
  8. Tough choices. I would have to go with 80 Spirit.
  9. Big day today in DCA

    I heard there is no longer a show on Long Island. That really stinks. Over the bridge again I go to see a DCA show, or 2....
  10. Big day today in DCA

    My error. Getting old plays tricks on the memory. I do recall though, that prior to 2012, Carolina Gold used to come up north more often.
  11. Big day today in DCA

    Most of their shows are usually up north.
  12. Long Island Kingsmen for New York. Made top 25 twice, 21st and 16th.