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  1. I'm looking for 3 tix for both Semis and Finals. Please send me an IM if you are looking to sell to three super-diehard fans from Atlanta really hoping to go this year (2 have never been to Finals, and I haven't been since 2009)! Thanks!!
  2. 2017 Uniform Database

    Wasn't expecting what I saw for Madison but really like them. I agree this doesn't have the Madison Look but excited to see how this uniform looks with the context of the show.
  3. It would be great to see some more corps out of Canada again but based on the size of Les Stentors and Blue Saints, I guess there isn't much interest. It is a shame that so many Florida corps that seemed so promising floundered. Of anywhere in the country, I feel this is an area that could produce a strong corps quite quickly if done right. While I would love to see more and more corps come on the scene, I don't want it to take away from some of the newer ones that are getting there bearings still. In other words, I would hate to see too many new corps start up too close together that they just cannibalize each other's membership numbers and therefore, struggle to improve.
  4. Coastal Surge has folded

    Great to hear! They both went to Spirit of Atlanta, correct? I thought I read that they did but didn't march...could be wrong though.
  5. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    DCI reserved a portion of the Georgia World Congress Center (the convention center) Marshaling Yard for bus parking and warm-ups. The corps walked from here to the Dome which isn't a super close walk, but not that far either. This is not at all close to GA Tech's Bobby Dodd stadium. CrownBariDad is correct, one of the events at the GWCC that weekend allowed DCI to use loading docks outside one of their rented exhibit halls for prop/equipment unloading and loading. The loading docks were insanely busy that weekend. If DCI performs at the new stadium (a bit further away from the GWCC Marshaling Yard) it will be interesting to see how all of this is managed. I don't think the corps will be able to walk from the marshaling yard to the new stadium. I'm really curious to hear what the higher-ups at DCI are considering for 2017 and beyond. The Atlanta Regional is their highest attended event outside of Finals at Indy. Moving this outside of Atlanta could potentially be a huge blow to attendance figures.
  6. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    The site the Georgia Dome sits on will likely become a new hotel (800-1,200 room) that is connected to the GWCC. This is still in the very early planning stages so many renderings show the current Dome site a parking lot which it may be for some time until they are ready to go to construction. The GA Dome will come down after the 2016 NFL season though I think this will be a fairly lengthy process given the proximity to the new stadium, the GWCC (lots of glass!), and the MARTA train that runs underground very close to the GA Dome. There is an agreement between the State of GA (who manages the current GA Dome) and the Falcons (manager of new stadium) that they must host the 'GA Dome Legacy Events'. This includes Monster Jam, Supercross, SEC Football Championship, Chick-fil-A Bowl, and others. I have not been able to find out if this includes the DCI Southeastern Regional (or the Bands of America Regional also held at the GA Dome every fall). The new stadium will also be the home stadium for the new Atlanta major league soccer team. Their schedule (along with the Falcons obviously) take precedent over all other events. I hope the Falcons see the value of the DCI event which brings in just under 20K in attendance and concession sales for a quick event (one move-in day, one event day with no additional move-out day).
  7. Spirit of Atlanta

    Great news indeed! Now I hope they can find a very strong director for the corps and fill that position quickly.
  8. SOA '15

    Paying for an office was not within the budget for SOA from 2011-2013 and the corps director then, Dr. Snead, retrofitted a portion of his own home to serve as the SOA office. Man I miss him being at the helm of SOA!
  9. 1st - SCV (as others have said, THAT SOLIST!!) 2nd - Crown 3rd - The Academy 4th - Blue Knights 5th - Bluecoats HM - Cascades What I thought would be in my top 5 - Phantom Regiment - I LOVE Clair de Lune and was super pumped about them playing this. While I enjoyed it, I feel it just never hit that climax the audience expected.
  10. Spirit of Atlanta

    Never mind, just read in the other SOA thread that JW is gone.
  11. Spirit of Atlanta

    And back on topic.... Can someone bring me up to speed with what has happened exactly? I've read over the posts in this thread but not really getting what has happened in terms of did someone resign? Someone get fired? Read that 'It has been confirmed' and "It did happen" but don't see what it is that happened.
  12. My number one favorite show this year - Crown After that my next four would be (in no particular order): The Academy SCV Mandarins Bluecoats Honorable Mention: Blue Stars, Cascades, Colts Just didn't do it for me (common theme, singing - but it wasn't just that): Boston Crusaders Crossmen Troopers
  13. Congrats to BD guard for winning but man, that really surprised me. They had 4 drops on the ladder exchange alone. I also don't understand how the kpop dance section awarded them any points. That was the simplest dance moves. They sure can handle the equipment but I was disappointed in the overall programming of their guard this year.
  14. Official DCI Semifinals Thread 2015

    Love the change in plot!! I want Colts to take 12th!