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  1. Bridgeport CT as the hot bed of drum corps back in the 60's, just like Newark and central New Jersey areas And of course the Greater Boston area. If you wanted good competitive drum corps show every weekend, you had to be here.
  2. Connecticut aso had Norwalk Hot Shots and the Derby Cyclones.
  3. Miss when a corps would place in 1st one night and come in 5th the next day. More suspense with the scoring back then.
  4. St.Joseph's " Ironbound" Cadets, a section of Newark. Competed against them in 60's in Garden State Circuit.
  5. Who fielded the best NYC corps who was a possible contender or finalist in any major championships thru 62-68?
  6. Beat Mighty St. Joes how many time between 65- 68?
  7. Good ? Or a one time charge at the top?
  8. Just heard from a friend the Barnum Festival is broke so there will be no show this year They need about $30,000 to keep it going. SO SAD.
  9. They were from Upper Saddle, NJ. Around in late 50's, early 60's. Participated in Garden State Circuit.
  10. Competed against them in early sixties in Garden State Circuit.
  11. First, I applaud you for keeping this topic alive. However, the Barnum Festival has not made any effort to promote this event, same as past years. This was their crown jewel in decades past, but Bridgeport was a major drum corps town back then. A packed stadium, whether Hedges or Kennedy, was the norm back then. NO advertising of this great event at the $5.00 for any seat in the house have I seen. The Barnum committee seems to be relying on word of mouth rather than taking real steps to promote this show. I hope I'm wrong, but if they aren't more pro-active expect the same 2,500 crowd estimate.
  12. Thats why the Cabs Alumni are the best in the business.
  13. What's it matter what time you go on when its such an honor just to perform again? Just being able to re-live the olden days doing something you really enjoy at such a prestigious event is a reward in itself. I never thought after being away from Drum Corps for 35 years that I would ever be hearing the applause of a most appreciative crowd. I've been back for 7 years now and am revisiting my youth again. Thank you DCA for giving me the opportunity. Let me perform at any time or position at this great event as long as I can participate.