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  1. Thank you for your note.  I apologize for the delay getting back to you, just finishing up a bout with the flu.

    What I am looking for is a special memory from the 71/72 period.

    Changes in instrumentation (especially percussion), music, and drill were beginning to take place during this period, though small changes then, would grow into the drum corps environment of today.  Looking back, did you feel the impact of change or did it seem like a build block to what your corps was already doing?

    Thank you for what you do with The Academy!  I remember covering them as a Division II Corps and really enjoyed covering them the past couple of years at Finals in Indy.  Look forward to hearing back from you.  I can be reached directly at

    Thank you,


  2. I'd be delighted to contribute to your article . I Actually marched from 1965-1972 with the Simplex Minutemen DBC of Gardner, Mass. Drum Corps First, Fully Corporately sponsored Corps in the activity....have been continually active in the activity since 1965.I currently volunteer/tour co driver, supporter, fan of THE ACADEMY SINCE 2004. Feel free to contact me and advise me as to how best to follow up with you. FYI: Steve Vicker's and I go WAAAAY back, LOL had the pleasure of communicating with him on several occassions regarding pics of my old Corps featured in one of his Corps History books. But I have ones from 1970-1972 that I have yet to see ever published by Drum Corps World. I have much to say, tell and show. so hit me up. Please Advise, Cheers Mate.
  3. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Happy New Year BRASSO. Your Comments/Observations/Reply's always a pleasure to find along the treacherous journey through DCP. Yours is a much appreciated and refreshing Voice of Reason. I AM looking forward to my 53rd Awesome Summer of Drum Corps...and the next Fan Favorite Production THE ACADEMY will bring to the field in 2018! Cheers Mate.
  4. Best Musical Moments In DCI

    For me beyond any doubt, the musical "MOMENT": 2016 THE ACADEMY , Flugelhorn Solo of "UNCHAINED MELODY"
  5. My CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. T. Andre Feagin, formally with THE ACADEMY, my beloved Corps that I have had the absolute Honor and Pleasure of serving as a volunteering, since it's inception as a competitive Division II Corps with their "Debut" in 2004. Incidentally, I marched with a BAC (Boston Area Corps), The defunct, Simplex Minutemen Drum & Bugle Corps of Gardner, Mass. from 1965-1972! All the Best to Dr. Feagin, and the Mighty Boston Crusaders in 2018 and Beyond. Cheers, and ENJOY!
  6. 2018 Academy Brass Staff

    Howdy Brasso, According to THE ACADEMY's recent announcement: "Lead Staff In Place For the 2018 Season." Quote: MICHAEL KLESCH will serve as "Music Designer, Brass Arranger. This will be his 7th season designing for THE ACADEMY, having previously designed the 2009, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 season for the Corps."
  7. Biggest Surprise of the Season?

    Including "THE ACADEMY" uniforms as having "NO SEMBLANCE of what was before," IMHO is a major oversight. I dare say,The Corps Red Riding Coats w/tails, and Top Hats with 18" feathers, in my view, went up in class from what arguably was already one of the classiest uniforms in DCI, that being their former "Black formal Tux's and Tails" of the past few years. I also believe putting black shirts on the judges was a brilliant move. Much less distracting then watching the former DCI Judges in Green shirts darting all over the field.
  8. Academy, Mandarins, and Madison

    Very Well put DrumManTx, says it all, and my mind and sense the same,
  9. So exciting to see the Hyde Park kids get all that love in their back yard. Would love to see a video of not only the Lawrence, MA Crusaders Performance, but to see them bathe in the audience reaction! must of been overwhelming!!!! I am sure all expecting an impressive bump in score.
  10. anyone skyping BAC run!?
  11. Den8uml, having seen the THE ACADEMY Guard "Rabbit" costumes up close, I can tell you their design, color and detailed lace craftmenship is quite stunning. I might add the "Hunters" outfits quite complementary . IMHO, the Overall Corps Uniform Look with Riding coat/pants and the top hats with 18" feathers makes for a delightful and visually pleasing theme package. .
  12. Small World! My Minutemen and your Spartan's sparred every summer (1965-72) for members and Top Musical Parade Unit all through Mass, NH and Vermont. So Happy to see the SPARTANS continue to thrive in Open Class after all these years!!! Oh I must add, my other Corps, as a BOD member of the former "ARIZONA SUN" use to compete with your Kiwanis Kavaliers 1991-92!! And Carolina Crown....boy have they ever blossomed!!!
  13. That is very much appreciated Tim. FYI: I am from Boston, Marched with an Area Corps (Simplex Minutemen,Gardner, MA 1965-1972) was a huge 27th Lancers Fan. Hoping to see a bump in THE ACADEMY score and seeing The Crusader's Blaze of Glory continue to rise. .
  14. Gee, no one reporting from Lawrence, MA East Coast Classic?! GO ACADEMY!
  15. Sailing into Annapolis

    Going to Indy for my first DCI World Championships since 2007 at the Rose Bowl. Hoping to See THE ACADEMY Pull a Rabbit out of the hat. What an absolutely incredible year for Drum Corps can't ever recall it being this completitive Top To Bottom in both World and Open Class.