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  1. CorpsRelic

    Clovis, CA - June 22, 2018

    They have been posted on "DrumScorps" since around 10:00 PM
  2. CorpsRelic

    Clovis, CA - June 22, 2018

    I agree! Other then the "Oh Captain, My Captain" VO's (perfect!) I find a lot of the narration distracts from the Corps marvelous Michael Klesch book. And IMHO, impedes the clarity of the awesome "Four Sections" Percussion feature. The Alma Mater/Annie Lisle Opener is a highlight for me, as is "Keating's Triumph" Closure. Excellent start ACADEMY!
  3. CorpsRelic

    Clovis, CA - June 22, 2018

    It sure does...GO ACADEMY!
  4. CorpsRelic

    Clovis, CA - June 22, 2018

    Respectively, Could we plese keep on the topic Drum Corps, specifically what's happening at Clovis and the Mid-Cal Champions showcase...Thank You. .
  5. CorpsRelic

    The Academy 2018

    THE ACADEMY'S "ACADEMIC" may not be "Lightening in the Bottle", but I dare say it'll chalk up higher scores.
  6. CorpsRelic

    The Academy 2018

    The "Send Off Show" put on last Saturday by THE ACADEMY and their Sound Sport entry PHENOM was well received by a packed house. OH MY! Earplugs a must for their Alma Mater/Anne Lisle Opener! Their once again Classy Uniforms, are a Perfect fit for their 2018 "ACADEMIC" Theme. The Corps Maturity and the musicality they bring to Michael Klesch's extremely challenging book should be well received by the judges and fans alike. At first glimpse, there is a good possibility they'll see a jump from last years 14th place finish. Each year ALL the Open and World Class Corps get Better and Better. Looking forward to a very entertaining, exciting and Competitive Season. Wishing them all the Best. Happy and Safe Trails to all Corps. .
  7. CorpsRelic

    The Academy 2018

    YES, "Keating's Triumph" is from "Dead Poet's Society". and YES, it is an AMAZING piece (Check it out on YouTube). The Entire Repertoire is a Michael Klesch "Triumph"! "THE ACADEMY"s" Frauhauf uniforms maintains the Corps Classic look and they are a Perfect fit to "Lindsey Vento's and the creative teams "ACADEMIC" Theme. I am looking forward to seeing how the show develops throughout the season. GO'll be so Cool to be Schooled by you!!!
  8. CorpsRelic

    The Academy 2018

    As someone who has been active with THE ACADEMY since 2003 (as a Brass and Percussion Ensemble) I couldn't have written a Better "on the spot" review as noted above details what 250 of us witnessed at the "Meet The Academy". The " Musical Book" that Michael Klesch has Written and the production coordinated by Lindsey Vento and the entire Creative Team has formulated is so befitting of the theme ACADEMIC" and "THE ACADEMY". All together, they have come up with The PERFECT FIT!!! The Brilliance of the Corps Executive Director, Mark Richardson's announcement, Coinciding with Johannes Brahm's Birthday was ingenious!, It will prove to be Purely Academic once the Corps publicly announces 2018's Repertoire. All I can say is BRAVO!
  9. CorpsRelic

    Top Secret & System Blue

    Thrilled to learn of this... I'd like encourage DCI, Blue Devlis, "System Blue" in Sponsoring "Top Secret" in Exhibition in a future DCI World Championship. Now that would be one heck of a "Top Secret"...NOT LOL
  10. CorpsRelic

    Show Announcement Delays

    I enjoy the Sweet Taste of Anticipation. My guess is a good number of Corps may have released " Show Themes for "INTERNAL" use only. There is much to be said to having an "Element of Surprise." Wishing all another Great Year to DCI and all participating Corps and SoundSport Teams. ENJOY!.
  11. Thank you for your note.  I apologize for the delay getting back to you, just finishing up a bout with the flu.

    What I am looking for is a special memory from the 71/72 period.

    Changes in instrumentation (especially percussion), music, and drill were beginning to take place during this period, though small changes then, would grow into the drum corps environment of today.  Looking back, did you feel the impact of change or did it seem like a build block to what your corps was already doing?

    Thank you for what you do with The Academy!  I remember covering them as a Division II Corps and really enjoyed covering them the past couple of years at Finals in Indy.  Look forward to hearing back from you.  I can be reached directly at

    Thank you,


  12. I'd be delighted to contribute to your article . I Actually marched from 1965-1972 with the Simplex Minutemen DBC of Gardner, Mass. Drum Corps First, Fully Corporately sponsored Corps in the activity....have been continually active in the activity since 1965.I currently volunteer/tour co driver, supporter, fan of THE ACADEMY SINCE 2004. Feel free to contact me and advise me as to how best to follow up with you. FYI: Steve Vicker's and I go WAAAAY back, LOL had the pleasure of communicating with him on several occassions regarding pics of my old Corps featured in one of his Corps History books. But I have ones from 1970-1972 that I have yet to see ever published by Drum Corps World. I have much to say, tell and show. so hit me up. Please Advise, Cheers Mate.
  13. CorpsRelic

    2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Happy New Year BRASSO. Your Comments/Observations/Reply's always a pleasure to find along the treacherous journey through DCP. Yours is a much appreciated and refreshing Voice of Reason. I AM looking forward to my 53rd Awesome Summer of Drum Corps...and the next Fan Favorite Production THE ACADEMY will bring to the field in 2018! Cheers Mate.
  14. CorpsRelic

    Best Musical Moments In DCI

    For me beyond any doubt, the musical "MOMENT": 2016 THE ACADEMY , Flugelhorn Solo of "UNCHAINED MELODY"
  15. My CONGRATULATIONS to Dr. T. Andre Feagin, formally with THE ACADEMY, my beloved Corps that I have had the absolute Honor and Pleasure of serving as a volunteering, since it's inception as a competitive Division II Corps with their "Debut" in 2004. Incidentally, I marched with a BAC (Boston Area Corps), The defunct, Simplex Minutemen Drum & Bugle Corps of Gardner, Mass. from 1965-1972! All the Best to Dr. Feagin, and the Mighty Boston Crusaders in 2018 and Beyond. Cheers, and ENJOY!