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  1. Bob984

    DCI trivia question

    I apologize....I believe that you may be correct........I thought that the Crossmen had a win over Star. and now I don't think that they did after looking........I am going to check it out, as not all scores are, it looks as if Troopers are the only one who has beaten every champion but hasn't won a title.......
  2. Bob984

    DCI trivia question

    You win!! It was Crossmen and Troopers.......
  3. Bob984

    DCI trivia question

    nope....sorry..... clue........there are two was a 2017 finalist, the other wasn't......
  4. Name the active World Class competitors who hold competitive wins against every single (World Class) DCI Champion Corps (not necessarily during the champion's winning season, though), but have never won the World Class Championship themselves. (No cheating).
  5. Bob984

    Trivia question

    We have the winners!! The answers were Troopers and Bluecoats
  6. Bob984

    Trivia question

    That is correct (Bluecoats)....however, one other corps has done it as well...........
  7. Bob984

    Trivia question

    Good Guess, but no......the Crossmen did not have a single win against Star of Indiana........
  8. Which current DCI corps holds a contest win over every single DCI Champion (Anaheim, SCV, Madison, Blue Devils, Cadets, Star of Indiana, Cavaliers, Phantom, Crown) at some time, but has not ever won the DCI Championship?
  9. tribute to Steve "the Kid" Aleman......made the Cadets snare line in 1979 at the age of 12..... marched through the 1984 season (thus the "3peat") and "retired" from the Cadets early to go into the military .....Kid's two brothers also marched several years.....Anthony (percussion/drum major), and Michael (percussion)...........a great trio of brothers............. BG
  10. Close enough......'75 Vanguard.........first junior corps I ever saw....a few days before I checked, and if I checked every year I believe they may also be the only corps to receive a perfect total effect score in DCI to this day..... I still love that show......great arrangements.....yes, maybe a bit "raw" by today's standards, but played on valve-rotor horns, and with a ton of emotion......a good portion of the book would still be difficult even by today's standards...3 valves and all..........great percussion line and book as well.......... BG
  11. Here's a trivia question for you.............. Name the corps and the year......... This corps achieved a perfect effect score in finals, but did not win the championship............. No BG
  12. Bob984

    Cleaning stained rims?

    Hey, What I am not familiar with is the powder coated silver finish, either. I can tell you that is I have always been successful with Wright's silver cream. It's never failed me on anything silver, and also has worked great on chrome and anything silver plated, and worked like a champ on every drum rim I've ever done. I've also used it on flutes, and it put very tarnished ones into looking like new. You can do a very small area at a time. It may be worth a shot. GB
  13. Something that I have been curious about for years.......when a veteran musician returns to a corps, goes through the first part of the winter and into the early Spring, and they realize that they are not sold at all on the musical arrangements that the corps is playing, to the point that they don't enjoy performing them.....and they make the tough decision to leave the corps......does it happen, and how often?? I am certain that some will say that this decision is wrong and is only self-centered. Easy to say. However, it is tough to go out and rehearse 10-14 hours per day, give up your summer, and pay thousands of dollars, to perform a show that you are not into. Another "touchy" sidebar.....does the member candidly tell the arranger that they believe it needs redone or perhaps the corps should consider a new piece of music? Again, I am certain that some will say that a member should never question the work of a staff member or arranger. Whereas I would agree with that in terms of in front of the rest of the corps or at rehearsal, I am not so sure that it is inappropriate to politely state their feelings privately, especially if they can back up their perceptions. Keep in mind that there are hall of fame arrangers that were talented corps members once, and we have many arrangers who "miss the mark" each year. Another tough thing involves other members......the member leaving probably has no malice, and it's not that they do not want the corps to do well, but friends who are staying may not understand (especially if they are into the show) and think that they are somehow being disloyal. Also, others who were thinking the same thing may also step forward and, instead of just losing a player, it may be several. I don't believe anyone should wait until May to do this, and I think that the only reason anyone should leave after May 1 is illness/injory/personal emergency, or if they believe that they are being mistreated and it's not rectified. I know that many corps announce their repertoire quite early.....I think it is to get their members excited about what they are going to play. However, I am certain that there have been players who get half-way or more through learning a musical book, and suddenly realize that they do not like all. GB
  14. Bob Gross just released his debut smooth jazz album, entitled "Bob Gross and Friends". Gross has a long history in drum corps. He began his corps career as a member of the Crossmen in 1977 and 1978 while a music major at West Chester, where he got a BS in Music Ed. and a Masters in Performance. From 1979 through 1983 Gross was the pit arranger for the Garfield Cadets. He returned to become the pit arranger of the Crossmen in 1988 and 1989. He is a published writer and has served as a clinician and arranger for several corps. After a long stint as a touring keyboard player, Gross returned to music education, and has been teaching for many years as a K-8 music teacher. Gross wrote all of the material on the album, performing on piano, synthesizer, organ, trumpet, percussion, and vocals. Another drum corps vet, Pat Petrillo, performed on drums on the album. Pat performed with the Cadets Drum and Bugle Corps in 1979 and the Bridgemen for several years following. and went on to teach the Geneseo Knights and other corps. Pat continues an extensive performing career, performing with artists including Chiele Minucci, Gloria Gaynor, Patti Labelle, and several Broadway shows. He has recently opened a new school of music with an emphasis on contemporary music, and also is a teacher at the Drummer's Collective in NYC, with several instructional books and videos to his credit. Other performers on the album include bassist Gary Grainger (Acoustic Alchemy), guitarist David Cullen (Grammy winner), and Andrew Neu (Andrew Neu band, Smokey Robinson, Bobby Caldwell) on saxes and flute. The album is currently available on CDBaby, and will be available at other outlets in the near future as well. A PORTION OF THE THE PROFITS WILL BE DONATED TO DRUM CORPS.