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  1. Madera Dons

    Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Can you tell us now or do you have to wait until after Labor Day?
  2. If you think they are missing out on talent what did you think of the Mandarins in the early days when they were an all Asain corps. It didn't hurt them. They were Division III World Champions in 1987, 1988, 1992, 1996, 1997, 1998, and 1999; and Drum Corps International Division II World Champions in 2001. Those were great days with great shows.
  3. I hope you all have enjoyed the show so far. I had nothing but trouble with my reception from the beginning and spent the last 3 hours online with Verizon. Finally the last service person was able to help me. My first corps was The Cadets. All seems well at the moment. Wish me luck the rest of the way.
  4. It is not like they have never repeated themselves before. How many remember what I will call the butterfly wings that the color guard uses at the end. They used them a long time ago.
  5. Is it possible they left it open for a C Corps member to walk through?
  6. Madera Dons

    Retreat in Traditional Uniforms

    If anyone is still wondering where their aussies have been all season just remember the alumni corps from last night.
  7. Me also. The photo for my profile is Gail's headstone. I always try to display it during the season. The Vanguard Alumni performance brought tears to my eyes. So much to love, Phantom, the Bottle Dance, and Clowns but most of all seeing the current corps members with tears in their eyes after the performance. Is this a community or what?
  8. That Bone soloist is great. I could listen to him all day.
  9. Fresno, Ca Theater was maybe half full or a little more. There have been more people in the past.
  10. Madera Dons

    SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    BD has always had more than the crowd edge here in Central California but I was pleasantly surprised at how good the response was for the Vanguard here in BD country.
  11. Madera Dons

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    The bad news is that BDB had finished so I missed the but the Vanguard Cadets were just starting. I did get back in time to watch much of the Bloo show. The Bloo show is growing on me.
  12. Madera Dons

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    Well Bummer, the Vanguard show is going to overlap the BDB show so I only see the ending of the BDB show. Sorry Bloo but I will be watching the Vanguard Cadets tonight.
  13. Madera Dons

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    No one said you were perfect.
  14. Madera Dons

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    Time to go back to watch the Open Corps
  15. Madera Dons

    The Massillon Knock Out August 7

    It is no better on the Open show. Sometimes my screen goes black and I can only hear the sound.