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  1. Thank you for reposting this link. When I originally read the link several things stood out to me. First the fact that they have a BBB rating of F and are not BBB accredited. Then I read the Customer Reviews ( [0] Positive Reviews [1] Neutral Reviews [24] Negative Reviews) and 58 Customer Complaints. Of the 58 38 were billing/collection issues and 14 with product/service. tt seems to me that once they get your money and are locked into their contract they don't care. It seems to me that our issue is with DCI or not doing their homework before they signed on with them. If the problems continue I am not too sure I want to be in a theater for Prelims where a riot could break out.
  2. Me thinks you are giving them too much credit.
  3. Could you explain "Staging"
  4. Gee, and I thought it was posting reality. I see no rooting against kids.
  5. And stupid me paid $150 for it.
  6. I could easily switch BD and SCV. The rest I agree with. I would like to think that SCV could/should move up more than 2 tenths of a point at a big show like this.
  7. I'll second that comment.
  8. Vanguard Catoosa High School, 2000 South Cherokee Street Catoosa, OK 74015
  9. Although DCI has not yet updated their schedule page I assume that order of appearance should the reverse order of the following listing. 1. Blue Devils B2. Vanguard Cadets3. Gold4. Golden Empire5. Watchmen6. Impuse7. Incognito8. Blue Devils C
  10. Hopefully, they learned their lesson on cutting off early. I am in the process of merging the two show schedules to help me when I am attempting to bounce back and forth between the two shows. I hope Roku is ready for all my button pushing today.
  11. I can frankly care less that they are required to have two crews. My problem is that I can not watch two events at the same time. As I recall there was something in the agreement that said I could not have two connections connected at the same time. I use Roku and had a similar problem with the SCV portion. Another problem was when there might have been a closeup of a soloist or the pit and you could not hear them playing. As I recall last year the connection stayed on for about an hour after the show was over so you could go back and rewatch parts of the show. This season when the show is over it ends and I see no way at any time go back and watch a part of a show again. Not only that but there was a show recently where they cut off their feed before the scores were announced. Hello, that is a part of the show.
  12. Interesting recaps.
  13. You are most welcome. I also wish I could have been there to see the Cadets but I am 4 months out of hip surgery and the 2.5 hour drive each way would have killed me. Hopefully, they will be on one of the online live shows.
  14. 1. 66.45 - Blue Devils B2. 66.15 - Vanguard Cadets3. 57.70 - Golden Empire4. 54.10 - Watchmen5. 50.95 - Impulse6. 47.20 - Incognito7. 46.55 - Blue Devils C
  15. Wow. Can't wait to see Boston.