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  1. 2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    This is just it. Is it really fun entering a competition knowing that you basically don't have a chance? Yes, there's the enjoyment of the activity, but hey, it's nice knowing you have a chance too.
  2. 2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    I know that year it was for entertainment. Joey Pero screaming with Ghost Riders, Jeff with the Thunderbirds, and countless others. SoCal in their prisoner outfits... Minne-Brass had like 12 players or something cause their bus broke down or something like that. Erie has the all-time high of 100+5, lol. Don't think that'll get broken, but yes, an emphasis to crowd pleasing needs to return. Mini-corps doesn't need to be precision movement, it needs to be fun. Sure, drill in a confined area is cool, but it was neater outdoors. If mini-corps is inside, just peel the paint! And honestly, with the way Star United has been with it over the years now, it's understandable why less and less each year want to "try" again. I look at mini-corps as a fun thing to put together. Get a couple crowd pleasing numbers and wow'em up. Leave the DCI-type stuff on the field outside. Mini is an awesome way to get some newer groups involved and possibly help get them to a Class A status possibly, if they're looking to expand. Are the groups out there? Sure. Just gotta give'em a reason to go play at Championships.
  3. 2017 Mini-corps lineup?

    Well, the minicorps event has been shrinking sadly. I think 2005 was the last time (or one of) that it was its own event. There was something like 14 minicorps or something. That was a good time! Combined Battle Hymn... It's just not the same anymore.
  4. Carolina Gold ?

    They have Sprint football now (for the last few years). It's a football league that players can weigh no more than 175 pounds. There's like 6 teams in the league. They do play under the lights again (MU is home to the world's 1st nighttime football game). I forget who it was, but one of the DCA corps practiced at Mansfield the other year... I wanna say Skyliners possibly? I remember in my time at MU, we did the Rochester Marine Tattoo one year, the Kitchener Oktoberfest, we'd always go to Allentown for the Collegiate show, various high school competitions, etc. There's a lot of good ties to the Central PA area, so it's not a surprise they come down and perform for Cavalcade or TOB Championships.
  5. Carolina Gold ?

    In the end, everyone has to do what is best for their group. This is actually really smart. I'd imagine that you're probably keeping your stuff where the Bucs keep theirs (for security purposes, you don't need to answer if you don't want to)? Just seems logical if you're leaving it in the area. The crowd in Exeter at the Reading show is always a very appreciative crowd, and for the sake of what this thread has turned into, you get judged by the judges in the northeast too (not to discredit any other judges, but to have the same judges that are scoring the top DCA corps, it helps give a good comparison in the long run). Safe travels over the last month here coming up!
  6. Carolina Gold ?

    Back in the early 2000's, Mansfield University was a melting pot of all different corps. We had people that marched Bluecoats, Jersey Surf and others for DCI and Reading, Empire, Syracuse, Skyliners in DCA (from what I can remember). Dr. Brennan worked with the Empire pit, Matt Spatz was one of primary members of Fusion Core. Needless to say, you'll have a lot of influence from Mansfield University at DCA's more than likely.
  7. Carolina Gold ?

    Just too bad that they didn't have a Rochester based corps to compete :(
  8. Carolina Gold ?

    When did I ever mention that finals would move out of the NE? I didn't. I only said that there's a few corps that are in the "NE" that do travel plenty for their shows. FWIW, Annapolis is NOT in the Northeast... if you really want to go there.
  9. Carolina Gold ?

    I guess it's just something I wish to see grow again (like others). I know there's a lot of enthusiasts out there. CV is hanging in there, so they could be a "model" corps for the South. I guess I'm just dreaming big that if enough groups came along in a timely enough fashion, that things could potentially work out. Also, for those that say about distance, with the absence of corps in the Rochester area, groups like the Erie Thunderbirds are travelling pretty far for competitions. They went out to the Kilties show the other year I believe. Not exactly a short trip for a "northeast" corps (if they counted them as that.. Gary M. would know better). Cin Trad is making a decent haul for their shows. If anyone wants my help, I may not have all the answers, but I'm sure willing to do some work to help get some groups going again.
  10. Carolina Gold ?

    This is pretty much everyone outside the Northeast and heck, people FROM the Northeast. It's an expensive activity. You have to have a group that wants to do it. If the activity were to grow, you could have a DCA South, DCA West, etc and everyone meets at finals. Look back a decade ago. I, like you @Legoman, kinda go back to the 2005 year. I've been active here and there since, but 2005 was at Finals. The minicorps event was an event. Renegades, SoCal, MBI, HeatWave, Kilties, the list goes on of corps from OUTSIDE the NE. There's only a couple left. So what can be done? I'm on board and want to make the activity grow.
  11. What?

    Look at Bucs... They NEVER do a show the weekend of DCI East @ Allentown. It's when they technically go into "hiding" for a little while, lol.
  12. The British are coming!

    Agreed. Where are you guys rehearsing at? I'd love to come out and get to know some of you!
  13. Class A finals

    Why not have 5th place play in exhibition then somewhere? If 11th place in the Open gets an exhibition...
  14. Class A finals

    Fair enough, I went with the post stating 4... In any event, good luck to all that make it to Rochester!
  15. Class A finals

    The interesting thing is... They're coming over 2 weeks ahead of time. They'll be in the Reading show. They'll have a DCA score to enter Finals weekend with. I'm not sure of the normal rules for going to finals, it's 2 shows worth of scores I believe? But obviously they don't have that much time to be over here, and being international, I commend them for being able to come over for the Reading show and practice and tour for a week. I think it'd be neat if DCUK or Europe, whichever is right after DCA's would extend an invite to the DCA previous year champion to go over and compete. I just remember seeing Kidsgrove's post for needing a snare drummer and it being for US and Europe finals. I mean, we're all for building the activity, right? What's wrong with some healthy international competition?