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  1. This reminds me of attending a show many years ago and afterwards, GH and some of his staff were in a local bar. A man came up to GH screaming. accusing and wanting to fight him over these same types of antics with his daughter and a couple of staff members intervened and had the man removed for creating a scene. This is a sad day in DCI's history.
  2. Spent a week in Ohio doing all of the HOF events, the Rock and Roll Museum and the Indians-Yankees game. My last event was the show last night. Wow, that place was packed especially at the main entrance and at the souvenir stands. Being near the top of the stadium, I had great views and what seemed like great sound though I wonder how much the speakers and the roof might have contributed to keeping the volume inside the stadium. I was really impressed with Boston since seeing them in June and the Cadets and Cavaliers both grew on me since the start of the season as well. My brother attended a show with me for the first time in probably 30 years and he described the shows now being more of a Cirque du Soleil feel with the props and dancing and story lines. He didn't look at it in a bad way just different from when I marched and was surprised how professional every show looked. He did ask though why there were so many mics and relayed to me how that could be judged fairly unless everyone is using the exact same equipment and parameters of the electronics. He did ask if DCI would have a best sound man award which made me chuckle. A great night of drum corps, but my only concern was it took forever to get to the top rows of the stadium and I didn't dare leave at intermission. I didn't want to miss anybody. Maybe the HOF stadium in Canton is a better choice in the future. No Indy for me this year as this week and the Masters in April ran me into five figures.
  3. I found out the band I was referring to was Jackson HS, 250 strong.
  4. Plenty of parking in the east lot as of 5:10 pm.
  5. I'm here for this show, came in Wednesday for pro football HOF events. The parade downtown was a first class event, probably 15 hs bands and one very large band with probably 70 brass? Don't recall their name. Did the tourist thing in Cleveland today, really nice place to visit, but I'm really looking forward to this show to end my trip. Hoping the weather holds out. It's been spotty the entire time we've been here.
  6. bstar82

    What The Heck? No Hats or Shakos?

    Madison is definitely Men without Hats.
  7. Rest in peace, my friend...
  8. Daniel Veerhusen, Al Go, Milt Allen
  9. Bob Lendman was my director when I marched Blue Stars, but I do know the history and importance of Dr. Kampschroer's contributions to the Blue Stars and DCI. I met him numerous times and the best words I come up with to describe him is a true gentleman and a class human being. FCO and rest in peace Dr. Dave
  10. bstar82

    RIP Mike McCool

    Drum corps lost a great instructor today with the passing of Mike McCool. I was taught by him 35 years ago and I would see him every now and then thru the years and he always remembered me. I remember being at a weekend camp in Lompoc, CA and discussing drill design with him. And in 83 in the Orange Bowl parking lot before finals talking about what Garfield was doing on the field at the time. He was blunt and funny and loved the kids and this activity. Rest in Peace Mike
  11. For Sale: Three covered wagons only driven on show days and never over 5 mph, in mint condition. Kick the tires if you'd like.
  12. Went to the theatre tonight, flying into Indy in 7 hours. I had some freeze issues with the FN shows also, but I had to run to my local library during a break, got on a computer there and had no issues with either angle. I really like the Colts this year, but I would enjoy it more with just 1/2 of the narration. I also like Crossmen a lot, but those wagons add absolutely nothing to the show. One of BK's best shows ever. I have not seen Jay Bocook in a while, but I swear he could pass himself off as Archie Manning. This year's nominee for "bathing in chocolate" quote? Rondo and his "Brassgasm" remark.
  13. The name of this thread should have been, "Better late than Nevermore".
  14. Dave Flynn on the far left and I think Mark Tatum is near the front.
  15. bstar82

    Look West...

    My sources are two DCI directors who shared w/ me the attendance numbers on separate occasions. Both gave me the same numbers and I have known them many years, so I don't expect them to lie to me. I'm not going to reveal them as we are long time friends and I'm not going to ruin my relationships with them. I agree their marketing is clever. But this is something that wasn't needed to fill seats in the past. Selling a discounted ticket is never bad thing. But I believe it is a way to fudge the numbers and make attendance look better than it was projected. For example, I knew a person in the promotion department of a NBA team some time ago. One week before games, I would see her and she would hand me vouchers for two lower level tickets to that game. All I had to do was bring the voucher the day of the game to the ticket office, and they gave me the best seats available for free. It was the norm she would give me 20 vouchers a game and I handed them out to anybody I knew. She told me the owner and GM demanded the lower bowl be full and that they would also instruct their TV crew not to show too many angles of the upper sections. But I have heard from my DCI friends that they have been told the concert side needs to look full for the broadcasts. I myself, have had the benefit of attending three DCI Finals and not paying a dime to get in. I have sat next to folks who paid $125 for their seat and I cannot imagine I'm the only one able to do this. If I told him I paid nothing, ( which I would never do) wouldn't they consider that a slap in the face? DCI does have a great deal in Indy. But at what expense down the road? The dissatisfaction of long time fans and alums who cannot afford to go to Indy or simply may not want to go as in the case of the OP. He sounds attached to the activity and disappointed at the same time as he cannot see DCI finals in his part of the country for a ten year period. Conventions and major sporting events are bidded on by cities, but not so much DCI. It is DCI that has to sell itself to a city, explain the activity especially the housing requirements. But now that DCI is firmly in place in Indy, it is much easier to stay put and persuade fans to come to Indy rather than take their show to them and possibly attract new fans who could never justify going to what they may call a "band" show in Indiana. So you ask for my point and that is to the OP, I don't ever expect a change of venue will happen. This is one step away (woodwinds) from being a true band competition. It is now up to each individual to decide how much of this they will accept.