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  1. I'm trying to combine a mini-vacation with seeing a show next year. Where are some shows that are easily accessible by light-rail/subway in the eastern half of the country? So far, I've come up with Minneapolis and Atlanta. Thanks!
  2. Another one for Charlotte!
  3. scooter133

    Attendance SHAZZAM!

    Is there a list out there somewhere of Finals attendance by year?
  4. scooter133

    Thursday at the Theater

    The theater here in Charlotte was a little over half full, I'd say. Seemed like one large group of high school kids and then a pretty broad age range, I'd say. Crown was clearly and obviously the favorite here. Because we're right in Crown's backyard, I'm surprised there weren't more people in attendance.
  5. Anyone know if the move to Winston-Salem is permanent or a one-year thing? I know their normal stadium in Charlotte is under renovation, so I hope they come back next year! I really want to go but it will just be too late to drive back from WS for work tomorrow.
  6. scooter133

    Your Theater Experience

    There were 50-75 people at the show in Tupelo MS, which was a lot more than I was expecting. Most seemed to be from the local high school. A theater manager came in right before the show started and told us about the audio missing after intermission, which I appreciated. The highlight for the crowd here was the Cavaliers' tenors playing upside down (the high school kids loved that). There was also an audible gasp in the theater over Crown's placement for the second show. The same manager said they hope to do the August cinecast as well, which I hope happens.
  7. scooter133

    Fan Network Question

    Whenever I try to access Fan Network, I get a message saying that Fan Network doesn't support Internet Explorer 6. The thing is, I'm running IE8 - I even downloaded it again to make sure. I can't access any of the information, including the support page (which doesn't make sense). What am I doing wrong?
  8. scooter133

    DCI 2008 schedule posted!

    Looks like no Memphis show for 2008 following their championship season. The closest show will either be Jackson, TN or if the TBA, MS show happens to be the show that was in Tupelo the last few years.
  9. I haven't seen this anywhere else. Is there going to be an ESPN/ESPN2 broadcast this year of the World Championships? If so, when?
  10. scooter133

    Div II/III Tour Shows

    I thought the Jackson TN show was well-organized. It was advertised on local TV, which I was surprised to see. The event was held at arguably the nicest public school in the area with lots of room. The crowd was pretty big too--they had to park cars in the grass. Overall, I thought it was an excellent show and I hope it returns in the future.
  11. Without scrolling through 59 pages of comments, I'm going to post what I thought about the show. I would like to have seen more shows and longer clips, too, but then I realized this show was just as much for people new and inexperienced with drum corps as it was for hard core fans. That said, here's what I thought about a few of the shows: Madison Scouts - I've always liked Carmen and adding the girl was great for their show. Her entrance was great--you didn't see it coming. Blue Devils - I liked the idea of the dance marathon and the narration wasn't as out of place as I thought it would be. However, I'm not sure everyone in the audience had a way to understand that the marathon was actually going backwards. Phantom - Hands down, my favorite. Rhapsody in Blue was great. The Gene Kelly character added a lot, too. Cavaliers - Another great show. I liked the part at the end with the baseball being hit out of the park. Wasn't this the show with the ladders in it? I don't remember seeing any on the broadcast. Cadets - To me, this show was kind of out there. Of course it was good, I just didn't really get it. The narration was really strange, too. I hope the broadcast continues on ESPN2 on into the future and maybe even moves up to ESPN. This can be a great recruiting tool for drum corps and I hope it leads a lot of new people to join the activity.
  12. Why did only 3 corps from Class A make finals, even though there were 10 in Prelims? What are DCA's rules on that?
  13. scooter133

    DCI future locations?

    I e-mailed DCI yesterday and asked if any Finals locations have been scheduled past 2006. I specifically asked about rumors I heard for California in 2007 and Nashville in 2008. DCI's one-line reply: "We have not formally announced anything yet."
  14. Southwind 79.525 Pacific Crest 77.250 Esperanza 76.200 The Magic 75.975 Troopers 71.675 Pioneer 71.525 Kiwanis Kavaliers 68.600 Link on Could change, I guess. Don't see any DII/III scores, either.
  15. Has DCI announced future Worlds hosts past 2006? I've heard rumors of California in 2007 and Nashville in 2008. Any truth to these?