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  1. Assuming number 4 would be "2016 - As Dreams Were Made On" ?
  2. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Man, I am getting killed in this thread. I grew up in Bucks County, PA, and I am Crown fan. Just taking a minute to lick my wounds over here. carry on
  3. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    That's their loss. That BAC ballad was one of the highlights of the evening for me. It's too bad their bitterness lasted the entire season and resulted in that kind of pettiness. I will admit, I felt the sting of disappointment, too, and even felt a little bitterness towards BAC in the beginning. It's hard not to feel spurned when you are so emotionally invested. But I moved on, especially once I saw both corps perform early in the season (and recognized many faces in BAC's guard!) Everyone has to make choices that are right for them, including BAC, who is trying to lure the best talent to make their corps better, the staff, who want to maximize their profession, and the members, who need to take advantage of the limited time they have to march by choosing a corps that is the best fit for them. As for us fans, if you want loyalty, get a dog. Go Crown! Go BAC!
  4. Carolina Crown 2017

    Ah. Was missing Cadets, but think i found it. MASSive? I was wondering why described the rabbits that way. Very Clever.
  5. Carolina Crown 2017

    BTW, skevinp, I see 11 references in here, did I miss any? i think it is an enigma that a wicked phantasm could cause star crossed men from mars to morph into massive rabbits, run in a jagged line and eat their own tails
  6. Carolina Crown 2017

    I thought it was a Flugel solo in the ballad for Inferno. I also recall being relieved that he nailed it, but my memory sucks.
  7. Carolina Crown 2018

    I expect another great show that will make us proud. More gorgeous brass sound (hopefully another Ott), top three percussion (boy, what a great story), and I am really optimistic for the guard (hopefully they will have some veteran members).
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    Let's use this one. The other thread starts off on the wrong foot, plus, has deconstructed to a discussion on judging and scoring, not Crown 2018.
  9. Carolina Crown 2017

    Congratulations to Carolina Crown on another great year. There is so much to be proud of for this group. A corps that has earned a medal for 5 out of the last six years A Brass section that has earned their 6th Ott Trophy in the last nine years A Percussion Section that has made great strides, improving from 7th three years ago to 4th this year, including tackling that great Akiho piece. A Guard section that improved all year to overcame staff and turnover changes which are challenging to any corps. You guys were great to watch this season. But I think most importantly, taking ownership of a challenging show concept, and SELLING it. You guys swung for the fences this year, and in my book, knocked it out of the park. And a special shout out to Anna. You are awesome. Thanks for another great year, from this proud alum.
  10. I know. Thought about that when I re-read it. No elevated stages, at least. Or trampolines (ugh). Certainly a cleaner field than OOTW. Or IT IS for that matter. Clutter does impact my enjoyment. You can see from my list that most are clean fields, except BD, and when was the last time they had a clean field? 2007?
  11. 2007 Crown Triple Crown You will see a Crown bent on my list, but this was a great show, and was the start of Crown becoming a force with the crowd, and I loved that. 2008 PR Spartacus This goes down as one of the most enjoyable nights of drum corps for me. Outdoors with great weather, great shows, high drama, and an upset victory with a great show the crowd got behind, outside of BD Nation 2009 Crown Grass This is a default pick, honestly this was a down year for me. I wanted to love 1930, I remember being excited about the show when I saw the repetoire, but it just did not grab me. Plus, this was Crown's first shot at a title, and I fell in love with that brass line. 2010 Bloo Metropolis Loved the music in this show, and they had a hard working color guard. Phantom is getting a lot of love here. I need to revisit that show 2011 PR Juliet I go back to this one a lot. Elsa gets me every time, and really liked the guard 2012 BD Caberet Voltaire It was not my favorite when I was there, but it grew on me. I like the visual design and guard 2013 Crown E=MC2 My other favorite night of drum corps (what can I say?), but I do love this show. That brass. Sheesh 2014 BD Felinniesque What can anyone say? 2015 Crown Inferno I think this is my favorite show of all time. Great GE hits (with no props), Great Brass, and Great Guard. BD88 had a hold on my favorite show of all time for many years. It has softened this past decade, but was not replaced by anything in particular, until Inferno 2016 Academy Drum Corpse Bride I simply could not decide, I loved all the top 5, and 11th, so I went with the best story line, and best use of rib cage 2017 TBD SCV is current front runner
  12. Carolina Crown 2016

    So I just got back from Indy, and wanted to put out there how much I love this activity, and how incredibly proud I am of what Carolina Crown has become. I was ELATED for the Guard on Saturday, and as a former CC Brass player, LOVED that the Ott is back in the Caronlinas. But more than that, I was so happy to see the members get recognized for the excellence in their execution this year. Did not get the overall placement that they hoped, but seeing the members get awarded for maxing out their show was nice to see, especially after the sting of last year. Congrats to Bloo, on their first, congrats to BD for continued excellence, and to SVC for the Sandford and churning out awesome drum corps year after year. Congrats to Cavies for returning to top 5, and Congrats to Academy for breaking through. Congrats to all the corps, but this homer is most excited for Crown, because, as always, I have Carolina in my mind.
  13. WTB - 2 tix for DCI Atlanta

    Check out Ticketmaster. A bunch of decent seats just opened up. Just got mine. Maybe they had some groups cancel, or unsold corps blocks.
  14. WTB-ATL Tix x 4

    Check out Ticketmaster. A bunch of decent seats just opened up. Just got mine. Maybe they had some groups cancel, or unsold corps blocks.
  15. Looking to Buy a Single for Atlanta

    Found one, so I no longer need one.