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  1. year1buick

    A modest proposal

    We were on the same wavelength but I went the bad pun route again.
  2. Thanks! Sorry, I just saw this. That’s actually just a projector screen and I have the AppleTV in a media cabinet below, sitting on top of my DVR— which I probably shouldn’t do, LOL. The cabinet also has a spot on in the back panel designed to take a cooling fan but I never opted for. Time to rethink that decision guess. (The DVR was off but the receiver sits on the shelf below and each shelf has slats designed to allow for air flow, with slats at the top of the back panel as well— which is the section that can be removed to put in a cooling fan.) I’m probably going to tweak my whole setup anyway because I need to get a newer AppleTV, for the Flow app. I was probably tempting fate by streaming to my iPad and then sending that to my wirelessly connected AppleTV via Airplay. (Through an old wireless router that’s definitely on its last leg.) It’s probably a minor miracle I was able to watch anything at all. Once I get the new AppleTV and replace the router, I’ll have the AppleTV wired into the router and stream through the Flow app. That should hopefully minimize the dropouts. (I did have a few.) By then, maybe Google fiber will finally be in place too, LOL. (They’ve been working on laying the fiber in SA forever.)
  3. year1buick

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    Oh, I knew what the letters stood for, I just wasn’t sure if you were agreeing or not. (I looked back through the thread and figured you probably were.) I was genuinely curious if I was off base (and reading too much into it) or not.
  4. year1buick

    A modest proposal

    I was expecting a swift rebuttal.
  5. year1buick

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    That makes sense and I agree that he’s got the unenviable position of trying to speak publicly about his corps and a competitor— helmed, in part— by someone who held his position not too long ago. From an objective point of view, no less. So I probably shouldn’t read too much into it. But I guess I just had a reflexive reaction to the comment— why aren’t you giving Regiment that kind of demand too? Maybe an unfair question, I know.
  6. year1buick

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    Care to elaborate?
  7. year1buick

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    So I talked about this briefly on the Finals thread but it’s still bugging me. When Will Pitts and Rondinero were going through a run down of all the corps and got to SCV, Pitts said something to the effect of, (referring to their show) “It’s incredible what they’re asking their members to do.” (I’m sure that’s not exactly what he said but I think I’m close enough— it was being impressed on member demand.) I nearly jumped off my couch. WTH? I don’t know it it was just him having trouble thinking of something to say or what, but... Does that mean Regiment isn’t designing to win or push the members? What are we aiming for, exactly? I’m definitely not trying to be an one of “those” alumni— I’m still pulling for the guy and trying to stay positive. But what in the blue hell did that mean?
  8. Better just nuke it from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.
  9. year1buick

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    93 and 94 weren’t really classical oriented shows but still felt very much like the Phantom Regiment. I’m hoping they go more along those lines next year.
  10. So this panic inducing moment happened during BD's Natural Woman. Seriously, you can't make this **** up. Luckily we have another in the living room that I could switch over to. (After enough profanity to make a sailor blush.)
  11. LOL, my wife always jokes that I’m the tenth dentist.
  12. As always, thank you, Phantom Regiment. 1st or 11th, your alumni support you and are always proud of you.
  13. I don’t really want to hear Will gush about what SCV’s performers are asked to do. I can think of another corps whose members can be pushed more as well. You’re the program coordinator and brass arranger. Make. It. Happen. SUTA
  14. HOLY **** VANGUARD!!! That was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen.