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  1. Maybe he’s hiding out with Elvis Presley and Salman Rushdie at a Kalamazoo McDonald’s.
  2. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Part of why I tried out for Regiment in the Fall of 91 was because I thought 1812, with that hornline, sounded fun. (Yeah, I know...)
  3. I hope this story isn’t overshadowed by the whole “G7” thing I’ve been hearing rumors about.
  4. Given the circumstances that led to this situation, I don’t think it’s too much of a stretch to think there may be some...stuff... on that laptop he doesn’t want to see the light of day. Just a thought.
  5. I did some extractions on Bexar county inmates while on rotation at one of the downtown hospitals; some of them were pretty tough looking, sporting tear drop tattoos as well. I would always wonder what they were in for. (It was weird working on someone that was in handcuffs, while a deputy watched from the corner.) [/off topic]
  6. I wonder if anyone has given Howdy’s contact information to the reporter? I’m sure he has a wealth of information at the ready. [ducks and runs] When you combine Rice’s somewhat eclectic history with non specific, second hand knowledge, it’s not difficult to see why Dan didn’t drop everything and make investigating it his number one priority. If people see you as one of the lone gunmen, you’re going to need some rock solid evidence to be taken seriously.
  7. I noticed it very early on, maybe even a day or two after the story broke. His name popped up in conversation here (which was later removed) and when I Googled it, boom, there it was. Really confused me...
  8. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Something old, something new?
  9. That’s certainly true. (And not just in corps. Pretty much life, work, everywhere...) Like I said, I never had any issues. Actually, he helped me out one day when a particular marching instructor was being an unreasonable PITA towards me, specifically. (Those who marched in the early 90’s can probably guess who.) He’s certainly jumping into the deep end on this one. Sink or swim.
  10. It was interesting to see that the new YEA BoD chairman is Doug Rutherford. I haven’t heard that name in a while... (He was the director at Regiment in 94.) I was fairly neutral towards him but I had some corps mates that weren’t too crazy about him. Regardless, I can’t imagine jumping into this cluster. May the Force be with you, sir.
  11. Oh, I know. I just didn’t want it to, um, jump to trampoline levels yet. ;)
  12. As long as you don’t mention any trampolines. That’s just going too far...
  13. Oregon Crusaders 2018

  14. Oregon Crusaders 2018

    Topiary props, maybe? Axes instead of sabres? ;) I’m a Stephen King junkie, so I’m really looking forward to this show!