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  1. She’s marches color guard in Reagan. (My old high school band wasn’t even in the same universe.)
  2. We just keep building them bigger here in Tejas. (Bonds here, bonds there, bonds everywhere...) It’ll be some time before the Friday night lights start dimming here. And on the band side of things, they just keep getting better and better. I’m blown away by my daughter’s band this year.(I’m in the parking lot waiting to pick her up now— the semi trailer equipment truck is pulling in just now...)
  3. Phantom Regiment 2018

    I know Dan has been a polarizing figure for some here on DCP, but he defined what it was to be a Regiment hornline member and helped shape that characteristic Regiment sound so many of us fell in love with. And he was The Godfather of the Buicks. (He also bought me my first legal beer when I turned 21 on a free day when we were on tour.) Thank you for your years of service to the corps, and best of luck.
  4. Phantom Regiment 2018

  5. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Gaines is now drill designer at SCV. Talk about a who’s who team.
  6. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Excellent news.
  7. Phantom Regiment 2018

    If they could just quit with the silly voice overs and amping the horn line I'd be a happy camper.
  8. Sailing into Annapolis

    We did too. And an embryology lecture, no less. The ######## used an actual slide projector, so we couldn't download it and he FLEW through them. We all looked like deer caught in headlights. He finished and everyone was like, WTF just happened? It was definitely the hardest I've ever had. But the coolest, too.
  9. Sailing into Annapolis

    And then the hammer falls! Actually, they didn't really lay into us until the following week. I'll never forget my first day of Gross Anatomy. Good luck!
  10. Little Rock, AR - July 26. 2017

    "There are two types of people in this world. Those that like Neil Diamond and those that don't. My ex wife loves him."
  11. And she's still smiling! Poor girl!
  12. Phantom Regiment 2017

    We played a show in 92, somewhere around July 4, where actual fireworks went off in the background, during 1812. Talk about GE...
  13. Has the time come?

    It really hit me during one of the shows last night (I forget which) when, at one point, all the tubas were laying down (another fad, these days) and there was an enormous amount of low end synth bass pumping out. Stadium filling levels. And I wondered if we've reached the point where designers and arrangers see them as sort of superfluous. I hope not.
  14. Definitely no-- I like the 15 minute drive, thank you very much! :)
  15. Just missing the rain? It looked like it was about to unload, but we were heading into a movie just as it was about to hit. Looks dry now so I can't tell if we actually got any.