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  1. NakedEye

    Post Tour Laundry Day

    Gasoline and a match? When stink gets into fabric, it rarely wants to move on. When I was on the Magic staff, we had those purple tuxedo jackets that were made of a heavy brocade, and could be dry cleaned only (great planning there). The stench during the season was unbearable, and even after dry cleaning they didn't smell like roses...
  2. It did and it was also a large, heavy one in the end zone that wasn't marched over frequently with high-velocity drill. They got on it twice, but it was during the "acting" phase, where they could pay close attention to it.
  3. I don't know what would be the best solution, but what seemed to swing the most this year were opinions about content. With more than one guard, rankings could go from first, to sixth, back to first again over a series of shows, depending on who was judging. Of course execution can affect content scores, but if the performance wasn't a train wreck, what do you do if someone says your writing is good one night and terrible the next? Two opinions at the major events may help to even out the peaks and valleys a bit, making it easier for staffs to plan necessary corrections/improvements.
  4. I don't like tarps because no matter what is printed on them, the glare from the lights makes them largely unreadable in many cases, so a waste of expense and effort, but that said: The smart way to go about regulating them would probably be to set a minimum square footage/dimension area. Smaller tarps seem to be much more of a problem than larger ones, as they are much easier to kick up/dislodge with an errant foot placement than ones with more surface area. The Cavaliers' ones were so skinny that they flipped up easily and were impossible to position the same way twice, so marchers couldn't properly anticipate where they would be on the fly. I'm disappointed in their staff on this one. They were a problem as soon as they were added and I don't remember one show all season where at least one kid didn't have an issue with them. Troopers had some trouble with those small circle ones last year as well, I think?
  5. Two guard judges at major events. The groups are all achieving such levels of excellence, with different approaches to choreography, that judge preferences for one style over another seemed to be more an issue. Weird, dramatic swings in placement from event to event all season.
  6. Actually, a collection of moments was kind of the point of the show. Sections that set a mood for each of the four characters, who are then brought together to reside in the painting during a cohesive ending. By nature, some of the transitions had to be a bit jarring because they were musically and visually illustrating different personalities. In some cases, they used visual transitions instead of musical ones to improve the flow. They gave themselves a really difficult task of attempting to convey so much distinct information in such a short time, but it was generally successful and most seemed to understand the Reporter, Criminal, love interest Woman and Army Guy. And then you see them in the painting and think of them in a new way. Pretty fun stuff.
  7. NakedEye

    2019 Predictions!

    The stage was massively important to me because it covered up that stupid Colts helmet.
  8. NakedEye

    Blue Devils 2018

    Congrats to the corps for keeping the unbelievable streak of first and second place finishes going! And congrats to the guard for yet another finals night win and taking 2 of the 3 nights this year. If only the semis sandbagging hadn't occurred, that final average might have ended up differently, but what incredible performances! Dreams + Nighthawks will be one of my favorite BD shows because of all the creative risks it took, the enormous entertainment factor, and how it made us think differently about a painting we thought we already knew. Pure magic.
  9. Great job BD guard!!! Now let’s see what Turner has to say...
  10. NakedEye

    Blue Devils 2018

    I thought they were much stronger than Thursday. Being neck and neck with Boston is completely understandable. Below SCV and Bloo? No. They are good, but don’t have the same depth. If any caption is the next candidate for two judges, it should be guard. There have been wild and bizarre swings in the opinions from night to night all season.
  11. But having as many veterans of some of those past performances as they currently do does making betting against them showing up strong a bit silly. I don’t envy Turner’s job tomorrow. Trying to decide between so many excellent guards is almost impossible. They are so good and also so different.
  12. That would be the definition of “pretty deadly.” They were outstanding tonight and can’t be happy with that ranking. I expect them to come out spitting fire tomorrow.
  13. They were discussing the guard caption, not overall placement. BD can still win guard and has been pretty deadly in that caption on Saturdays.
  14. This is my concern about the SCV show. I’m fine with them winning and they are performing it at a truly excellent level...but I don’t want their visual approach this year to become a trend. At first viewing this year, I was struck by how it reminded me so much of an indoor show, and I’ve not been one to call other recent changes, such as costumes, staging and props, “too WGI.” But this visual look, with the whole package being so compressed in the front part of the field has really disappointed me. All the movement being focused on positioning people to work with the props really does seem WGI, or Blast! - the latter especially with the minimalist riser design and urban costuming. One thing I love about drum corps, even with all the changes of the past decade, is the expansive, larger-than-life visual spectacles. I think if you squish that all down you end up with a more fundamental change than different key horns and electronics. One day, housing and financial factors may make reducing the footprint of everything to be the best possible way forward, but we aren’t there yet, so let’s keep seeing new ways of using the 100 yards. It’s just too much fun.
  15. Their design staff calls them props in their explanations of the show.