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  1. BD's soloists did improvise this year. They were given a framework for the solos and then allowed to improvise within that. I don't think they deviated tremendously from what they had come up with as the season progressed, mainly because the versions they had "set" worked so well.
  2. Age Outs

    He was.
  3. And here it is...the one everyone has been waiting for!
  4. I'm happy to criticize them for the quality - poor picture, terrible camera angles, numerous sound issues, etc., but not for the subscription rules, because it was all there. It said it was a fee that renewed monthly on the same day each month. Then I looked for the cancelation information to make sure I understood it clearly and there would be no surprises. After that, I set a calendar alert well in advance of the renewal day. Only after that did I sign up. Got my cancelation confirmation which specified how many more days of access were still remaining. Saved and printed it in case I have any issues at billing time. It's always a good idea to be extra diligent with anything with the word "subscription" in it.
  5. It was clear on the site. I sent an alert on my calendar to make sure I canceled before another payment would be charged in late August.
  6. I don't get the pining for the PBS broadcast. Yes it was great AT THE TIME and a fun thing to look forward to, but that was the kicker. If you missed it or had forgotten to set your VCR (yes, VCR), you were outta luck. No viewable drum corps for the next year for you unless they did a rare rebroadcast. Better wear out the old tapes. The live broadcast wasn't even an every year thing. Lots of times they just showed a highlight reel a few weeks later. Contrast that with the tons of full shows and clips on Youtube 24/7, TONS. Yes, they may be bootleg, and may get taken down at times, but then they show up again, posted by another enterprising individual. This year, my feed was bombarded with full shows, some ripped from streaming, others from audience perspective, for virtually all seasons in the past few decades. If a particular full show wasn't there, most likely you could find a partial clip. Its an open floodgate that even the most diligent copyright police can't fully control. I think it's more accessible than ever, and that's one of the reasons why audition numbers and interest with HS kids is way, way up.
  7. Get the Kleenex ready...
  8. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Not perfect, but compared to the milquetoast Paris show, etc., there were sparks of something beginning to happen.
  9. Phantom Regiment 2018

    How long has he been there? This was the first year that I noticed his signature style on it, and the guard reminded a lot of his past work, such as SCV's Miss Saigon, the covered faces, etc. Even though the show was more than a bit frantic, and the 1-900 voiceovers were not a net plus, I thought the program was a big step in the right direction from recent efforts.
  10. Phantom Regiment 2018

    I'd like to see them get rid of the padded bra and rollerblading armor (?) from the uniform and keep the sleek, trim garment they have underneath. It still looks modern, even with the helmets. Then do a show in the vein of the Mandarins, where they take some simple little idea and create a bizarre, rather dark world from it. Cartwright has the imagination to pull it off. Fill it with rich and emotional classical music.
  11. A lot of people, including me, have forgotten the approach Dutch Boy used to take. Was reminded yesterday when a friend of a friend posted a hilarious shot of her in the guard when she was, maybe, 14. Her uniform? Sparkly panties and some sort of blouse. It made Phantom's Jantzen swimsuits look like a nun's outfit.
  12. Numerous faux bibles with integrated book lights. Low on actual content, but flattering lighting will remove your third chin as you make sure others see you reading it.
  13. Blue Devils 2018

    But didn't they shift their course? When is the last time anyone saw a crowd response like what happened last night to a BD show? One of the kids posted that he never imagined he would see everyone on their feet for the full last minute while he wore a BD uniform. People went bananas for this show. Despite having a lot of the nuance/deeper ideas going past them, so many seemed to really respond to the outreach and emotion of the music and overall visual effect. This happened because of a dedicated effort by the designers to try to create something that worked on different levels. The 2010 show is a masterpiece, but it wasn't exactly easy to get mushy over. The usual response was golf claps and crickets. For them to go from that to what happened yesterday, while still remaining fairly abstract, is a noticeable shift in emphasis over a relatively short timespan.
  14. Averaging scores

    I agree with Finals having a bit more weight. The performances take a notable jump and there should be some recognition of that. Also, add a second color guard judge for the week. They are all so good now and some have such different styles, that I can't imagine a judge's personal preference for more dance-based or more technical-based can be completely eliminated. Having two opinions per night would help, as it does with the other captions.
  15. I canceled, as was my intention anyway, as I don't plan to watch BOA or WGI. That said, my feed was "pixely" for most of the night. Very noticeable when switching between cameras. Not due to my connection, which never buffered or dropped. Is it better than not being able to see the show at all? Absolutely. Is it a good-quality product? No. Not ready for prime time and needs work. Raising the price right before the season was especially bad from. You could possibly get away with learning curve bugs at a lower cost, but when you jack it up right before people will sign up, it says you will be offering the best. They didn't.