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  1. Or lead by having the rest of the board turn the screws on him when his failure to act on a situation in his own corps brought even more bad publicity raining down on DCI.
  2. Oh boy. I live in Winter Park/Orlando and this was big news locally when it first happened. I really can't believe Crossmen took him on after all that and the revocation of teaching certificate, etc. It was a much more clear-cut case than the camera in the practice room thing with the (now former) Cadets staffer. This guy admitted to sending the creepy texts. Yes people deserve second chances, but after something of this nature, maybe your second chance involves selling shoes. An authority position in a youth activity again? NO WAY. The sunlight has been blistering on the activity so far, but much more of it is needed to stop this culture of enablement. Morrison needs to face the music. How can he lead the DCI board's work on new rules to prevent these sorts of situations when he himself didn't step up and act?
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    Show sounds intriguing. The logo, well all I can think of is this...
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  5. What gave you that impression, the meandering, unshaven Facebook Live broadcasts with the horror movie Dark Shadows lighting?
  6. After catching up on all of today's headlines, a few things: I don't get the hysteria over the King suspension. He was named in the article; there was absolutely no other course of action for the board to take. If they don't do everything 200% right between now and the start of the season, erring dramatically on the side of caution, DCI prevents Cadets from marching. Period. Suspension during investigation is completely appropriate. Also, he is the "interim" CEO, and hadn't he just resigned/announced he was leaving a few weeks before this all exploded anyway? He was put into this new role by the now-defunct board. After the investigation, even if he is cleared of everything and is a fantastic person, it would not be a shocking move if it was agreed upon by all parties that finding a new person, who had not previously been a part of YEA, to fill the role is the best way to move forward. Having once worked for a Hopkins-esque character, I do get how a lot of stuff gets brushed aside in a office where inappropriate behavior, demeaning comments, affairs by the boss with employees, etc., is a daily and continuing situation. That doesn't make it right, but so many people are just trying to do their jobs and if everyone is getting treated badly, unless something gets to an extreme level (where we are now), people don't always speak up, but just keep their heads down and try to get through it. That won't be the case ever again at YEA, but I do see how things got to the point of being mishandled in the past.
  7. Perhaps nothing legally preventing it, but for all practical purposes, as things stand currently, the ban is in place from the publicity alone. Any simple google search will bring all this news up for the foreseeable future. Plus he has been an extremely high profile figure in the relatively small world of corps/band. Word has/will spread far and wide. Enough to scare off the vast majority. It's all a tragic story. One of his own (alleged) making, but still tragic. A reminder of how easily everything one has assembled can vanish if you make poor choices and treat others badly.
  8. It does. Bizarre! What's up with this? It's like a partial bio, but definitely part of the YEA site:
  9. Excellent move, though they really had no other choice. I assume the standards and policies developed here will be rolled out to the other corps in some fashion as well. Is this the highest-level organization placed on probation by DCI or was there anything similar a few decades back?
  10. Yup. So much money, and talent and business expertise had been driven away and was waiting on the sidelines to come home, once the ogre had left the castle.
  11. At least since the very first day of the scandal the alumni had been all over this and doing outreach to organize a "shadow board" that could move in quickly. Considering the state of the organization and that there were rumors of the abuse situation for several months, I'm sure much had been going on behind the scenes for a while. Aside from the tragedy of the sexual harassment problems, Hopkins' iron fist had been such a tremendous impediment to the success of YEA for a long time, and many people knew that and were trying to be prepared when the time came. As others have noted, how refreshing is it to see a coherent, professional press release for the FIRST TIME in the entire history of the organization?! It's a new day. If they new leadership can deal effectively with the abuse problems, they have a chance to actually transform into the education powerhouse it was always intended to be, but never achieved, largely due to self-inflicted wounds.
  12. I'm in agreement with those who feel a PR firm is a good move. YEA's communication has been absolutely miserable forever and as this story continues to build and easily take on a life of its own when passed from person to person, really clear, precise message control is imperative. That doesn't mean BS and lie about what has happened/is happening, it means communicate precisely. The early messaging in the scandal demonstrated that they were obviously completely incompetent at speaking without assistance. Hopefully some good will come from it. I've also been told that more women have come forward, like multiple times more. If that is confirmed, they REALLY have to be on top of their game while addressing it.
  13. And that's a major centerpoint of the whole issue. Even if they can credibly claim ignorance of the unsavory sexual details (doubtful), it is really a stretch to claim that no one noticed the consistent pattern of abuse of power over decades. There has been so much hard evidence, from the Glassdoor YEA reviews and constant office turnover/searches for new employees, abrupt firing of instructional staff, mass exodus of longtime and extremely well-regarded design staff, press releases written by the Director (referring to himself in the third person) while launching barbs at those who have left, etc. etc. It all painted a picture of an individual who had too few checks and balances and way too much autonomy and freedom to act on whims. Extremely dangerous and it is hard to see how the Board can make a case of ignorance of that. Hopkins may have committed the acts (allegedly), but the Board created the environment in which he operated. There is no fixing that without complete replacement and starting on unsoiled linens.
  14. A friend just sent me a photo of a stack of "Early Sunday Edition" papers. The story is FRONT PAGE, ABOVE THE FOLD, FULL-PAGE WITH GIANT PHOTO AND SCREAMING HEADLINE. Basically the only thing under the masthead. Oh boy....
  15. Yes and good people, even some whom who were recruited to serve on the board, left out of frustration. Hopefully that will change now, but him "resigning" was the easy part. The more difficult challenge will be to sever all his backchannel pathways into the organization. That will take time and seems to me that full credibility doesn't return until they can demonstrate that has been accomplished.