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  1. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    1. 1999 2. 1995 3. 2003 4. 1996 5. 1993
  2. Drum Corps as an example of Meaner Society?

    ^ Occult Blasphemous ^ Dark Liberals ^ More occult ^ Glorifies the devil I also don't think I need to go into all the examples of COMMIES in DCI history. Especially all the times that COMMIE ALFRED REED and his "COMMIE Christmas Music" has been played by SCV, Crossmen, and the like. /s
  3. All time shows: The Cadets

    1. 2000 2. 2005 3. 2007 4. 2003 5.1992 I consider every single one of these among the best drum corps shows of all time.
  4. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    I've never heard this version, only the Eagles version. After hearing this though, I'd start off with the orchestration this is in, then end with a brass only hit with the ending of the eagles version. Good good stuff.
  5. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    7 Bridges Road in the same vein the Bluecoats did "The Boxer"
  6. Music Corps Should Reboot

    Autumn Leaves Anything a corps played from 1992, especially Hungarian Rhapsody #2
  7. Shows Corps Should Do Light Cavalry Overture done exactly like this. If only VK were still around...
  8. Why aren't there more ties?

    SCV and Bloo tied earlier this season if Im not mistaken
  9. Hypothetical Cadets Uniform Question

    If it was something along these lines, I'd dig it
  10. Rap, Hip-Hop, or Pop shows

    Rhythm X 2007 uses some Justin Timberlake among other stuff Blue Knights Indoor 2012 you could call rap/hip hop influenced, they had some disc-mixing going on a little after 4:00
  11. Crossmen - question for you.

    And are you insinuating this is what the Crossmen teaching staff should be like? That's what I'm getting from it. Because this is how Buddy Rich was.
  12. Crossmen - question for you.

    Then go start your own band.
  13. Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    Also this, so in a course of approximately 40 days you're already saying the winning percussion caption winner is already 17 pts on both sides FROM PERFECT?! Get it out of here. That's how the judging in WV works for high schools around here and every band around here is TERRIBLE. To equate it if you're going to give Bloo an 83 in verrrry early season at least make a considerable gap between everyone else to at least give it some merit. From the recaps it looks like the tape would be something like "....impressive....IMPRESSIVE!....ehhh there's some fuzz.....WHOA THAT WAS COOL DO YOU ALL GET PAID TO DO THIS Y'ALL ARE REALLY GOOD AT THIS STUFF!" The drum scores were a joke and there's no way around it. It's not ####### hard. It's drum corps.
  14. Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    I mean really: how in the hell do you have a 3 point spread in percussion achievement between 6 corps in a show with 7 corps. DO SOME #### JUDGING IT'S WHAT YOU'RE BEING PAID TO DO.
  15. Achin' for Akron/Cinecast

    Saw the show in Huntington, great crowd and no broadcast problems. But.... Can we talk about how the percussion judge had 2 2-way ties in Content and a 3-way tie AND a 2-way tie in ACHIEVEMENT (which baffles me especially in the achievement caption) IN A SHOW WITH SEVEN ####ING CORPS?!?! I mean I know it's the early season but you are getting more than decent money to essentially decide. This to me is absolutely ridiculous.