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  1. Thanks J. I always enjoy reading your reviews. You were dead on .. .on the corps I saw at the theater Thursday night. I also noticed the Euphonium player was struggling to hang on to the pitch that night to. Most likely a horn problem.
  2. Our uniforms for this summer. Tradition continues. No drastic changes and NO SPANDEX!
  3. Totally understandable Kevin. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
  4. Yeah good luck to all the corps/directors. Star corps are starting off in different regional tours which is our tradition. All set for tomorrow night's kick-off. See ya on the road.
  5. Of course... all the corps moved in last night. Corps Name: Star of Jupiter Corps Location: Jupiter,, Florida Class: World Corps Name: Star of Hawaii Corps Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Class: Open Corps Name: Cross Corps Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Class: A
  6. Not really. What about just some more interesting drill and less stupid body movements standing still.
  7. From a throwing babies fan reaction not many shows come close.
  8. I would pick these 4 live and in person: 1984 Garfield Cadets 1987 Garfield Cadets 1993 Star of Indiana 1995 Madison Scouts
  9. King - I can. PM me.
  10. I want to thank all that have posted here and linked music. This has become my daily music channel of late. Too many favs to mention.
  11. So I saw season long recaps are back for the 2017 season! Nice! Back to more real scores for shows!
  12. Yes! Fantasy Drum Corps is back. I mean cmon this WAS the reason for season long recaps.
  13. There is parking available. I live in Orlando. I was just there for a Bowl game. If you do drive you want to get there early. You also probably want to try the East side of the stadium which is the Tinker Field side. I would stay away from Orange Blossom Trail (West side) if you can since that gets really backed up with traffic. Also as someone noted I would not park off these marked lots as the area around the stadium is not the greatest. If you can get a Uber ride in and out that is not a bad option. I just got my tickets. 3rd row 50 in the Mezzanine I will call it, section P08. Looking forward to it.
  14. Totally understand Kevin. We will be back for another summer LIVE season. Can't wait!
  15. We are in. I can understand if you don't have an off-season due to lack of participation. Corps name: Star of Jupiter Director: StarOrg Division: World Hometown: Jupiter, FL Corps name: Star of Hawaii Director: StarOrg Division: Open Hometown: Honolulu, HI Corps name: Cross Director: StarOrg Division: A Hometown: Aberdeen, Scotland