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  1. Bids for DCPI Season 28 Finals

    Seattle was the host of Jupiter's very first season, Season V. How about some history. The City of Brotherly Love... Philly. World Class at Lincoln Financial Field: Open/A at Franklin Field:
  2. DCPI Season 28 Poll

    Man I really good if we stick to the live summers seasons. More excitement. More unknown anything can happen.
  3. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    Congrats to our first time World Champs Violet Knights. And also Craig's Mercury and Hg corps for gold. We came so close in 2 divisions. Excellent summer for our org. Look forward to another season.
  4. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    Its been a quiet summer season. We are all here melting in the Austin sun, 98 at the moment and feels like 106. 100's predicted for the rest of the weekend. Prelims well under way and these shows are just as hot. Good luck the rest of the way.
  5. Stu... I enjoy reading your responses.. I think one of the best comments was this....from another thread. ...... ..."that is why today many shows have a ‘sound’ like this: Pit builds with Synth goo into fast playing, Brass Impact, Pit again, Brass Impact, another Brass Impact, Pit, Brass Chord, Battery plays their ditties,, Brass Impact, add in fast Pit to the fast Battery, add Brass fast playing on top going into a Brass Chord with much Synth goo, Full ensemble Impact, Full Ensemble Impact, Brass Chord decrescendo, and so forth. Why? Because even though the sound phrasing is disjunctive, and there is very little understandable melodic content, again the ‘sound’ is there in order to fulfill the real purpose which is enhancing the artistic movement and visual phrasing counts....."
  6. Amplify THIS ! !

    When did drum corps become singer with brass accompaniment? Take Crown. She sings well but the blend with the brass just doesn't match up. And you have that awesome brass please let them shine. She sings the first verse ok but its not necessary for her to sing the whole piece. This is just becoming musical theater on grass.
  7. dci orlando!!!

    Thanks for the review. I know this is late. I was there. Its funny that the delay came as soon as it stopped raining. Short thoughts: Sound Sport - That second group name escapes me now was really cooking. Heat Wave - A definite step up from when I saw you last season in Lakeland area. Surf - There is a bit too much lull in this program. SOA - Better sound than last season. Colts - Interwoven integrated theme throughout. I really appreciated that. DM and trombone soloist were awesome. Crusaders - Wow. my favorite show of the night. they came to play. I was not surprised they over took the cadets. Cadets - You need a real closer.... please. The choir I don't mind cause they are that good. They did the National Anthem before the show and wow some pipes. Cavies - Men... enough said. The coolest show of the year. I don't care too much for the My Way singer at the end as it doesn't blend well. Crown - Brass is sick as always. Agreed that the singer blends better with the brass now but I really wish they would let her sing the first stanza and then let that amazing brass play. This is still drum corps right?... not a singing concert.
  8. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    I don't know how the competition gets any closer than Saturday night CLASS Champs. In all 3 divisions! Amazing programs. Gary... thanks for hosting another great event. We will try and return the favor at FANFARE in Orlando.
  9. Recaps are back for 2017!

    Yes takes the cake........
  10. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    Unless I missed you said caption restrictions would go in on Sunday, 7/9. This is from your rules thread. "Starting 7/9, each corps will only be allowed ONE change per week of UP TO three captions. It is a rolling timer based off of when you perform the change and does not reset at midnight. "
  11. Thanks J. I always enjoy reading your reviews. You were dead on .. .on the corps I saw at the theater Thursday night. I also noticed the Euphonium player was struggling to hang on to the pitch that night to. Most likely a horn problem.
  12. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    Our uniforms for this summer. Tradition continues. No drastic changes and NO SPANDEX!
  13. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    Totally understandable Kevin. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your family.
  14. Season 27 Discussion Thread

    Yeah good luck to all the corps/directors. Star corps are starting off in different regional tours which is our tradition. All set for tomorrow night's kick-off. See ya on the road.
  15. Of course... all the corps moved in last night. Corps Name: Star of Jupiter Corps Location: Jupiter,, Florida Class: World Corps Name: Star of Hawaii Corps Location: Honolulu, Hawaii Class: Open Corps Name: Cross Corps Location: Aberdeen, Scotland Class: A