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  1. jthomas666

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    The ride cymbals? ;) Listening on Spotify now. Me likey!
  2. jthomas666

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    It would also smack of desperation.
  3. Bridgemen 1980 27th Lancers 1981 Honorable mention to 1980, which probably should have won the title. But '81 has Niner Two.
  4. jthomas666

    All time shows: The Cadets

    I play the 82 a LOT. As you say, the change from the previous year was night and day.
  5. jthomas666

    2005 Phantom

    Yeah, it's a bit of a departure for Regiment, but it is flat out fun, and I particularly love the way the brass writing and percussion writing complement each other.
  6. jthomas666

    Best Musical Moments In DCI

    1996 PR In its entirety. Cadets 2005 - Ballad
  7. I'd prefer this more than an increase. How many more people can you cram in the pit, anyway?
  8. jthomas666

    Advice on a trumpet

    I'll let my wife know about the Jupiter and Yamaha--she's doing the looking, and will only buy a horn she's held in her hands--mainly because she ran across several horns where they were asking $250 and it turned out the tubing was so gunked up you couldn't blow through them. Thanks again--I'll let you know what we end up with.
  9. jthomas666

    Advice on a trumpet

    1. We'd like to keep it under $400 if possible. We've found a number of used Bachs in that price range. 2. Hard to tell, but this past year his music class played recorders, and he enjoyed it a lot and was good about practicing. 3. So-so--which is one of the reasons we're looking at used. If my schedule allows, I'm going to try and take him to a DCI show later this summer. thanks!
  10. jthomas666

    Advice on a trumpet

    My 11 yr old son is going to start on trumpet this fall, and we're looking for a relatively inexpensive horn . We've been looking at a used Bach TR-300. Is this a good choice for a beginner?
  11. The Velvet Knights should reform and perform a Schwarzenneger meets Shakespeare show entitled Hasta La Verdi.
  12. jthomas666

    Phantom Regiment 2016

    Yeah,this is kind of where I am. Guard uni is lovely and will look great on the field. Corp uni is fine in a generic way, but it just doesn't scream "Phantom".
  13. Thanks! I'll sort out how to rip the audio soon enough. And at those prices, I went ahead and got 2008 as well.