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  1. Firing some of your customers can be a very good thing for many businesses, if it is a distraction or simply a negative experience. Yes, a lot of $150k or more in 'pruning' to be able to be more focused is absolutely worth it. That is about 0.015% of DCI's revenue. It costs more than this in terms of distraction.
  2. Let's put this in a bit of perspective... With 400,000 in attendance at DCI events last year, 5,000 people represent about 0.01%. This does not take in to consideration the significant number of additional viewers that connected via cinema events, Fan Network of viewers of YouTube videos. 5,000 is absolutely insignificant in this context and not even worth acknowledging. Again, that is 5,000 people who simply lifted a finger to press a button on their computer vs. 400,000 who pulled out their credit card, paid real money to buy tickets and merchandise, got in their cars (some for hours) and drove to the event... paid gas, meals, sometimes lodging... to go see a drum corps show. Others that paid to go to theatre events or subscribed to the Fan Netowork. 5,000 in context of 0.01% is textbook definition squeaky wheel/vocal micro-minority. In actual context it is probable a more realistic 0.006% (5,000/800,000). Charge people even $1 to voice an opinion and I bet that number would be only around 100 that would actually care enough to pull out their card. To demonstrate how small of a minority and how little those complainers always spouting about 'voting with their wallet' actually matter... I would be brilliant to see DCI call their bluff. Create a campaign where people can vote to repeal - 1 user gets 1 vote. To vote, it costs a minimum of $1, but users can contribute up to $10. If they can actually raise $100,000... then the rule is repealed. Would be genius, actually, as it would settle the point once and for all.
  3. Random sidebar... how incredible would David Bowie HS band be? :-)
  4. [sPONSORNAME] Hardcorps Tour 2014 - Dublin, Ohio presented by Drum Corps International (<< fine print below) The tour must be branded and consistent. This is pretty basic stuff. In this modern age where everything is Googlable... there is a massive missed opportunity by not doing this. 1) All would be consistent terms with link backs to the main site, raising the ranking and relevance of anything related to DCI and terms associated with DCI to a single common source 2) Presents geo-relevant context to search terms. If I am in Columbus and search for DCI or drum corps, top result should be link to the show coming up in Dublin (now is not found because it is the LuckyCharms Emerald Pass Fourleaf Clover Tournament of Fire and Drums or something) 3) This makes it VERY easy for media... just copy/paste stories for local media, everywhere... further boosting numbers 1 and 2
  5. We Need To Talk About [CENSORED]...

    I hear dead people! New voice-cloning technology could give new life to silenced greats Companies like this need case studies and demos. DCI could be a fantastic example... and this exploration could be done on their dime.
  6. We Need To Talk About [CENSORED]...

    You just record variations of each (from 50-100... 50.0, five zero point zero, 50.1, five zero point one, etc), one time, done. This is not even close to difficult. A simple software app that one guy could build in a weekend could make this work perfectly. The result would be much better, much more professional feeling and actually cheaper.
  7. I wouldn't categorize it as cataclysmal, or something resting on catafalques, though catatonic might be more correct. Even though categorically obvious to say catarrhines or even the Catawba, cataloging each under the same category would not only be catalogic or be simply a cataplasm to the problem, but could be the catalyst that could catapult to a catadromous potential, rather than the current catabolism.
  8. We Need To Talk About [CENSORED]...

    He should be doing EVERY show. He should record the intro for every corps and just have the files on a soundboard patched into the sound system. I have made mention of this before, but it would be a much better experience, more consistent from show to show. Even Saturday Night Live's intros are not actually live anymore. Don Pardo records these from a studio in his home in Arizona and uploads to the show's technical staff. This is how it should be done.