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  1. Well. . . how did Regiment do?
  2. DonPRBari

    Clovis Cauldron

    Regiment's looking sharp! Thanks for the photos!
  3. DonPRBari

    Loudest Moments Ever???

    I would have to agree with those who say that Spirit of Atlanta in the late 70s and early 80s were the loudest horn lines I have heard live. I do have a couple of Phantom Regiment moments that stand out for me. I remember seeing the corps live in Cincinnati. Their opener was Tchaikovsky's Serenade for Strings. The show started with the corps in a company front on the front side line. The opening hit came out of nowhere at quadruple-forte (all horns, no percussion, if memory serves). Maybe not the very loudest moment I've heard, but still pretty overwhelming. Beautiful, legato, sustained power. And as far as encore performances go, listening to 2003 Phantom Regiment playing Canon in D in a standstill performance was like standing behind a jet airliner at takeoff. Amazing!
  4. DonPRBari

    Minneapolis Musings

    Then DCI went hi-tech with 1(900)CAN-DRUM, or I could call the Phantom Regiment Scoreline (aka some volunteer's home answering machine. They would get a call by payphone from someone on staff after the show, and they would record a message on their outgoing tape with that night's scores.) I remember calling over and over until I no longer got a busy signal, and writing the scores down on un-punched IBM punchcards (my dad worked for IBM, so we used punchcards the way people use post-it notes now) so my parents could see the scores when they got up in the morning. Now we frequently get the scores before they are announced in the stadium! Now that's progress!
  5. DonPRBari


    Is anyone having problems with their live feed stuttering?
  6. DonPRBari

    San Antonio Lineup

    Even after every corps tonight, Pioneer is holding their own! Congrats, Pioneer!
  7. DonPRBari

    San Antonio Lineup

    The soloist on "Pure Imagination" is superb, but I always feel let down by melodic line of the horn line during the break in the solo. I think it would be much more powerful if the horn line came in with the "if you want to view paradise" melody, not to mention simply flowing better musically.
  8. DonPRBari

    San Antonio Lineup

    What an opening impact! Go Scouts!
  9. DonPRBari

    San Antonio Lineup

    Wow - what a sound! Great show so far!
  10. DonPRBari

    San Antonio Lineup

    I love Mandarin's uniforms!
  11. DonPRBari

    Regiment '15

    First competition of the summer! Take us to Paris, Regiment! SUTA!!!
  12. DonPRBari

    Regiment '15

    After seeing and/or hearing parts of Bluecoats, Carolina Crown, Cadets, and Phantom Regiment, I predict this years winner will be: The audience! Last season was amazing, and I think this season is shaping up to be the same. 😀
  13. DonPRBari

    Regiment '15

    Any chance you could post that pic?
  14. DonPRBari


    I actually went to the theater to see that movie, because I heard (in Drum Corps World, I believe) that Freelancers were in it. The film was horrible, but the Freelancers were quite good (if somewhat dumbed-down – the arrangement of "Chatanooga Choo-choo that they played could have been much more challenging). Anyway, at the screening I attended, the theater management passed out 45 RPM records of the Freelancers' performance from the movie. That's right, kids . . . one of those little black records with the big hole in the middle that you played with a needle. Unfortunately, I lost it somewhere along the way. Its probably quite rare these days. Oh, well.