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  1. What you want for 2018

    Jazz and Latin music.
  2. Crossmen Announce 2018 Program

    You took the words right out of my mouth. ($1 to Meatloaf).
  3. Madison Scouts 2018

    Scouts admins better make sure they have plenty of cold water on hand all summer!
  4. Madison Scouts 2018

    Gosh how I hope you are right!
  5. Favorite year as MM

    Thanks again for the Channel One Suite snare chart!
  6. Madison Scouts 2018

    I think that Pearl snares, and especially the tenors, all sound better than Yamaha.
  7. Favorite year as MM

    1976 Blue Devils is my #1 favorite drum corp show and drum line of all time. I was in a small corp at the time and I idolized the BD snare line. I remember sitting in my bedroom at night trying to figure out the snare charts and writing them out. Then, 1 year ago or so, a member of DCP who marched in the 1976 snare line, heck it might have been you, sent me a PDF of the actual hand written snare chart by Rick Odello. Good stuff.
  8. Favorite year as MM

    1981 Madison Scouts. We were undefeated until we saw 27th Lancers about 5 weeks into the season. We shocked everyone, including ourselves when we won DCI Midwest finals in Whitewater, WI. Warhawk stadium went absolutely berserk when Blue Devils were announced in 2nd place. Every top drum corps was in this show, which will always be my single most favorite contest that I marched. This is the Madison show that is on the DCI Championship CD's because DCI finals in Montreal was not televised. We beat the eventual champion SCV in either our last or 2nd to last show before DCI Finals, I believe by more than 1 point. We went into Montreal championship week with a good shot to win it all. but fell short finishing in 3rd place. Fun fact... I can still play the entire Snare Drum book. I'll never forget it.
  9. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    DCI should have a show announcement day, similar to when the top High School Football player announce what College they will attend. As a business and marketing guy, rather than announce at the last minute, I would want the most time possible to promote my upcoming product.
  10. Dear new Drum Corps, Congratulations. We welcome you to our beloved activity...but Please, for the love of God, come up with better names for your corps. Regards, Fans
  11. All time shows: Madison Scouts

    1975 1979 ( this is not a typo. I love this show) 1981 1988 1995
  12. Madison Scouts 2018

    Ditch the dumb costumes. Make Drum Corps great again!
  13. Jazz has been gone for years. I would pay big money to attend a drum corps show with diverse styles such as Jazz, Spanish, British, & Scottish. Gosh how I miss the show and uniform diversity of the '70's and '80's.