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  1. What you want for 2018

    Each corps is alloted the same time interval - I believe it's 17 minutes - to set up, perform, and exit. They decide how the use that time. As the amount of "stuff" on the field increases, so does the time it takes to move it.
  2. I never understood the connection ther either.
  3. TOC shows

    Interesting to me that every year TOC shows start to look a little more like regular season shows.
  4. FAVORITES 2004 - Attraction: The Music of Scheherazade 2009 - Ballet For Martha 2017 - Ouroboros LEAST FAVORITE 1992 - Fiddler on the Roof 1995 - Not the Nutcracker 2005 - Russia: Revolution-Evolution: 1917-1991
  5. 2017 DCI survey

    They also forgot to ask about White Castle. (Delicious as always.)
  6. 2017 DCI survey

    From DCI - "We’ve extended this invitation to 2016 AND 2017 Championship ticket purchasers."
  7. Yes, I know all those names, plus a few more. I was referring to the number of comments about the Blue Devils, the Crossmen and the "other" Cavaliers. Not much talk about SCV.
  8. This is the Vanguard thread, right?
  9. Depends on what you consider an "artistic statement". Replace that with the phrase "program concept" and I agree. Program concepts should be relatable/accessible and all design components should relate to the program concept.
  10. Guard scores overall seemed a little wonky to me.
  11. Dci Rookie Questions

    My opinion: If your ultimate goal is to march in the Bluecoats, you should audition there this fall. Even if you know you're not at all ready, you'll learn what it takes and what they expect. This will help you prepare for the next year. Here's how I would suggest you approach it: A) Work your butt of to be as ready as you can be. B) Learn as much as you can about the organization and their audition requirements. Most corps publish a packet of information and audition materials. C) Know going in that you may not be ready and have a backup plan to go somewhere else. Knowing that your end goal is pretty high, I would suggest you aim high and take a spot in the best corps that will have you. That will give you the best preparation to move up later. You may have to audition at several corps. (Most offer more than one audition camp.) You can march the season if you're 22nd birthday is after June 1. (So those with birthdays between June 1 and Finals night can march at the age of 22.)
  12. Congratulations SCV!!