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  1. I called it last year. their show was such a wonderful implied concept. That ending was so good!
  2. Finals should carry 50% of the average score.
  3. flammaster

    The future is here

    Bluecoats really push the bar creatively while Crown relies on gimmickry in desperation to do anything to win coupled with an in your face smugness by their fans who had the nerve to come here and boo us when we beat them at our home show which is why I simply can not stand them.
  4. flammaster

    Cadets 2018

    All I keep remembering from watching Cadets at the downtown Concord finals viewing was "This is some real high brow music" I really loved the show Cadets. Wish you could have come but am glad you survived your set back and came back strong!
  5. I heard one of the BD guard members had a shoe untied during the whole performance.
  6. flammaster

    Blue Devils 2018

    Well that one guys shoe was untied so...
  7. flammaster

    Your 2018 Season Ear Worms

    Geico commercials and endless screaming kids over a totally overrated hornline that only plays mids and looooooong notes.
  8. I understand the reasoning behind averaging. I do however think that Finals should carry more weight. It should be 50% and the other two 25%.
  9. flammaster

    Your 2018 Season Ear Worms

    the torture loop.
  10. flammaster

    Retreat and scores

    I had to rely on the tunnel stream to get a slight listen to who is playing and they have streamed retreat live on YT for some years now. Sometimes you just can't get online etc. I tried flo for the last two years and they totally missed the mark. I think I will pass on next year so I will be looking at the stream on YT also. lol
  11. flammaster

    2018 Caption winners...

    I get the feeling SCV is going to win all captions.
  12. I simply could not care enough about who moves the most or what ever. I come for the music and if you have sucky music I will say so. There is so much suck this year. Only 1/3 pf the shows I like. I actually took a nap after Mandarins up to Cadets. I do not want to hear anymore plays on Rite of Spring nor F'n Hallelujah. The big props seem to be a way for everyone to not use the whole field. So What. Play something good instead of dancing.
  13. While watching BAC I kept thinking they could very well win guard. BD's drum book just keeps getting cleaner. I heard things on headphones I never did before. I noticed a few missed notes and felt their brass performance was pretty off. SCV could very well take all captions tomorrow. They have to bring it. I didn't see how Mandarins scored on guard. I thought they were even better than BAC. Cavaliers guard was super good too.