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  1. No we are going to do this stupid crap here!
  2. Nothing like having to pee during a show. lol I am not in favor of this. Get the telecast and drink at home. Then you can yell all you want.
  3. 1970 Blue Devils exhibition at a drum and bell competition which got me started. (then I could do it all over again)
  4. ALL OF THEM!!!
  5. I just want to see Broken City and MCM. it sucks I couldn't see it live but if there is video I would be happy with that. I really see this whole freeze issue as a total crap shoot. Someone mentioned they missed RCC which I saw so who knows.
  6. Simply delete my account. They must get an awful lot of angry phone calls! It is time to hammer DCI over the head with complaints! This is atrocious!!!
  7. yes it would go out of focus and I missed 4 of the last six. I did get to see pulse and RCC but totally missed the last two. So...I went on there and went to send an inquiry. I am not joking there is a drop down box that says "simply delete my account" WOW! I guess they really don't care one single bit. Why DCI? These people really suck big time!
  8. So I missed the top two lines. Pure garbage! I'm gonna demand a refund!
  9. Feed took a dump! Pos service!
  10. Right when its getting to the top lines it takes a dump!!!! Grrrtrtrrrrr!
  11. OMG! the video keeps stopping! Out of focus etc. This is pure garbage! I am mad now!!!
  12. If it is only 30 bucks a month for DCI I can overlook the problems but why do I fear the problems coming finals day?
  13. I noticed that you can not go back and watch another group. I tried to go back and watch MCM again and it wouldn't do it. They were INTENSE!
  14. I got WGI today. it's all hi cam. I wonder if it's going to have multi cam for semi's and finals? Every drumline is impressive so far. Pulse and Music City have to coolest shows but Broken City and RCC have the cleanest drums.
  15. Yea it was. the drumline win was the 6th year in a row.