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  1. Yep! It has taken BDB since 1974 and they are this close to doing it! ...what? :-D
  2. I would love to see them move up!
  3. I got paid to cook for BD but that was 87 and 89. It is tough! Working at a 5 star casino (Harrah's Tahoe) was hard but never as hot or long hours. Somehow the sights and sounds of drum corps right nearby made it easy! In 89 I did it while on vacation...FROM COOKING! My chef thought I was crazy. Oh yea I'm totally crazy about it I said!
  4. Not sure where in the show it is. It was so loud. I don't have memory of the piece but they did something like that. Lot of fast notes throughout the stuff I heard. Really deep lowerbrass too.
  5. I do not. I love the modern stuff. Mainly because they love doing it. Embracing your kids passions is the best thing that can be done. I enjoy corps so much more now that I don't pick it all apart. Watching other corps shows from BITD is even more so!
  6. I have been checking out Dobson. I like the music. I hope BD does a lot of this guys music!
  7. I thought it was Menudo this year. Not familiar with Taylor what's her face.
  8. 46 years as a BD alumni an my 5th year as parent of same corps. I have learned more about music as a parent then I ever did in playing. My son has been a HS instructor since the day he left HS. I hope he instructs a drum corps next year.
  9. I think they always try. Nothing compares to the 04 yell! It was fun but sometimes is not right.
  10. I disavow any knowledge of the aforementioned posts. Yes I did see a lot of mellophones playing trumpets though. It sounded that clean also!
  11. So when we do the Vanguard yell.... Boy that's gonna be a mouthful
  12. Yea I guess lowering the price without DVR was needed. Cool thanks. I want to go to Stanford but don't have to if it comes down to $$$ I might volunteer but getting a ride to my new residence might be hard.
  13. I got 2015 including finals and it was 139. Last year I did not have a decent connection so I opted out. I am talking about the full package.
  14. I know it is a lot more than that.
  15. OMG spoell check is horrible on these crappy things!