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  1. Hope their music is as powerful as I think it is.
  2. I agree. It is well designed. My brother is an illustrator and I was a photostat technician until computers took over then I started coking for BD 30 years ago. I have been around art all my life. Now that Cadet one looks very amateurish and the crown hat is ,,,,nvm This one looks classy. Hey if the members like what they are doing why not support them? I always disliked the "military" aspect and just listen to the music. I think music now days is way better than playing the same tunes over and over because of tradition. Let them express them self.
  3. Oh wait until you see how they are reacting to SCV. lol (I think theirs is quite tasteful)
  4. They keep improving. I like these guys.
  5. Just saw Bloo. great show. I am conflicted with my love for Zappa and BD. Bloo needs to pull that Euph solo. not good
  6. Frank Zappa was so over looked and I hope this causes more people to check his music out. my two biggest influences
  7. Hey I am ok with Bloo winning this year even if it's my son's age out. I am sure he is too! Their show is best seen from high cam. I am glad I got to see it today. There is a big buzz about SCV and no one I know is talking. We shall find out tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2p4Mg82p0o
  8. I am hoping for a BD SCV Bloo top 3.
  9. the BD synchro swim team tryouts.
  10. I said Man a lot in the 70's. I saw a photo from Hanford last night that showed the half uniform and way in the back it looked like guard is wearing black skirts? Say this is so! I miss skirts and boots! Kudos to the people tirelessly sewing uniforms in the cauldron that is Hanford. You guys deserve more credit that you get. (as do all drum corps volunteers) It wouldn't happen without you! Thank you!
  11. Dude, I prefer using at the beginning.
  12. Ed Mann told me Frank knew about BD playing Enchinda's Arf. He loved it. (Frank did a little drum corps) Ed wants to write for DC and I want to help make it happen.
  13. how was bloo closer? been waiting 30 years for another corps to do Zappa.
  14. Blue Devils are not using a singer contrary to what you heard.
  15. unfortunately idiots who know not how to handle them are buying at high prices and playing them on cheap crossley turntables. Oh the finger prints on the gray vinyl. Such a shame.