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  1. They used to have DEMAND as part of the caption. not anynore but now some corps just play a bunch of whole notes and do a couple quick flurries. Imagine how bad ### it would be if someone played the whole flight of the bumblebee old school. (y'know playing ALL the notes instead of trading off) and I be they would refuse to use in ear metronomes as well and still clobber everyone.
  2. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    It WAS NOT their very first field show ever. It was the first competition. They had been doing that show for almost a year. I saw them at one of the first exhibitions in 1970 and wanted to join. The show the recording was from I was at. My whole family went to witness the first day of competition. I was only 9 and we didn't have anything ready to do in the parade for Cadet corps. So, I just followed the bugle corps all day long. Jerry was always real nice to me and winked at me when he saw me with tears in my eyes saluting them when they did a march by the whole BD org. It's on the media box I remember the awards ceremony for the parade and my dad was mad that Danny Dugan didn't get the best drum major award for Junior Drum and Bell. (Dave;s younger brother). I remember it so well because this was the first real big thing for the season and I didn't have to march in the parade that day.
  3. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    It makes sense to use them but when you do and still get beat.... Imagine the visuals you can do once it becomes the norm. It will be soon enough.
  4. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    Because they insisted in playing all the notes in the whole show and way faster than anyone else. They were the only ones in the top 5 who didn't wear in ear metronomes also. You would think they would have "played it safe" like everyone else but darn those Blue Devils for doing stuff old school. Bringing it on FINALS is just so ...Blue Devils
  5. 2017 Boston Crusaders

    I love their show! I hope they come to California next year.
  6. Open will be seeing more of Legends and Music City I hope. BDB inches closer to WC and takes their division in percussion title back. I think BAC and Cavaliers are going to be a big factor.
  7. Age Outs

    Most of BD's hornline was rookies anyway. I heard 50? (not confirmed) but I hardly saw any familiar faces and look how they did. I am gonna say watch out for b corps next year! C corps isn't cute anymore either. They beat a couple corps and are only gonna get better.
  8. Blue Devils 2018

    One thing I would love to see (but never will) is a show doing a tribute to VK by BD.
  9. They're not so "cute" anymore. That snare book was pretty serious and their core horn ensemble was quite good.
  10. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    it's almost 10 am. Let him sleep as long as he wants. He has to teach later today. prep some eggs and sausage for a wake up.
  11. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    My champion came home. We watched it together. always such great footage.
  12. Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    82 was the first. Also when Jerry had a heart attack and Moxley stepped in until Gibbs took over in 91. I was at that show they use the recording of. It was the first competition which they had been doing exhibition the previous year when I first saw them as an 8 year old.
  13. Blue Devils 2018

    or maybe a Karaoke club where the equipment breaks and they go on endlessly about how great their one good section is the worlds greatest but never seem to follow up on their one hit show. It will be called Karaoke Clowns staring Glenda the good witch from Oz.
  14. Blue Devils 2018

    they are doing a parody show about the Cadets. Book of Mormon will be the musical blueprint/
  15. Blue Devils 2018

    The Karaoke club is now closed.