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  1. Not to say that it's not "classy" but Vanguard is too classy to do this show. They have the most integrity of any drum corps. I have the highest regard for them. We Blue Devils owe it all to them for showing us the way. and the Troopers too. I always wear a little SCV swag when I put on my BD jacket.
  2. Power of Ten is one of my favorite shows of all time. They will be back.
  3. I only saw two episodes. I hear they didn't put Cadets in a good light. That saddens me. I Respect the Cadets a lot. I hope they do a positive feel on it. I enjoyed seeing a different corps perspective as all I have ever known is BD.
  4. I wish there was one for last year. Oh well. I guess the proper description of those would be remote studio? I really enjoyed watching them record INK at family day.
  5. I was. I thought it was the perfect descision. SCV was all about elegant ensemble and BD was Technique and execution. I was happy.
  6. The book would be too difficult for them. Not enough whole notes.
  7. Yea but Bluecoats show really was on fire. Never saw it live but from videos it was pretty intense. I do not think the balled blended with the rest of the show though. Ink was more of a whole story.
  8. I liked Crown's uniform last season. That show was real good. They can have next year. This year has to be a BD/SCV tie.
  9. I really like Mandarins new look. I hope they rise in ranks. (just behind BDB of course)
  10. I hear that he is really into all the latest trends and fashions. I think 2015 is my all time favorite show. I loved the sash too.
  11. don't forget how SCV really set the bar by playing really different music early on. Then BD, then Cadets, Then Cavaliers Then Star, Then Crown, Now Bluecoats. yea I think they really did and in more ways than just those big colorful props. They are raising the bar with soundscapes and electronic re-enforcing. I think modern drum corps is very exciting. I am glad my son opened up my mind to it all. I enjoy it so much more than trying to pick apart shows all the time.
  12. I am going to predict a really tight year at the top again. I am going to hope for a BD/SCV tie. (99 was pure joy for me since i love both so much)