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  1. Am I the only one that thinks that the SCV cymbals have lost an edge in their "badassry" without the more original uniform? I mean they are killing it but man I would not have wanted to cross them before.
  2. Anyone watching on FloMarching, is it worth it?
  3. 2017 Uniform Thread

    If anyone would like to PM me with some pics or updates on the Cadets' or Spirit's uniforms, that would be greatly appreciated.
  4. It has been a long time since a WC corps has done it. I agree! Great feel to the song. Always wanted to see what one of the big boys could do with this song. I think it has been since the early 2000's since someone used it (Open class, maybe?). Didn't the Cavies do it back in the 70's or 80's? Anyone in WC since?
  5. 2017 Uniform Thread

    Funny, had the same thought the other day.
  6. Spirit of Atlanta

    This is looking better and better... http://spiritdrumcorps.org/2015/11/03/spirit-of-atlanta-names-2016-brass-team/
  7. Spirit just released their Brass team. http://spiritdrumcorps.org/2015/11/03/spirit-of-atlanta-names-2016-brass-team/
  8. SOA '15

    Actually...here is the info on the November camp.
  9. Show Meanings

    What in the world have I just been reading...I am not sure if I am smarter for it or dumber...sigh...is there a theme to all of this to help me out??
  10. For the most part, based on what I have seen and heard so far this season...this.
  11. SOA '15

    The just posted on their FB page that the guard will have their uniforms tonight at the show.
  12. This looks like something we might see again these days. What was old is new again, right?
  13. SOA '15

    Maybe since the Atlanta Falcons didn't "rise up" last year SoA will "rise up" out of the ashes... Anyway...looking froward to seeing what they bring to the field. Until any music is released or we get any more info everything is speculation and it is fun to speculate, since that is what we are doing this time of year, every year with most corps. If it is in reference to the dying off of last year then so be it, if it is in reference to reconstruction, then so be it. If it is just the title and has nothing to do with any of that, then so be it. As long as they bring a competitive, musically moving show with a tight visual package to the field that the kids, alumni and fans are proud of I don't care what it is in reference to. I am looking forward to seeing what they do. The music in the clip was great and a bit different than years past, which is not a bad thing. It was a cool poster and would love to have a shirt with that on it (hint hint)