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  1. The Las Vegas of the Middle East :-)
  2. I said "where do they market themselves" and clearly it's mostly at high school band competitions. Who's there? High school band kids. I think they do set up a booth at the Collegiate MB Exhib as well. Well let's see -- who is new to the activity? (mostly HS band kids :-). Work harder? Probably not the best way to put it. I think instructional staff is frequently overlooked here, Everyone likes to say "it's all about design". Even at the highest level (eg. Crown or BD) teaching is hugely important. I will agree with you that more experienced kids are walking in the door at those corps and so I do get what you're trying to say. Surf in not an in easy area to recruit either. There's a whole lot of competition for members from both YEA and all those DCA corps near by. And I have no objection to corps who are just looking to provide "the experience". I just think you can do that and still improve your standing year-to-year. I firmly believe if you're not moving forward, you're moving backward. The late move-in date is a really big challenge to overcome. What more can be done in the off-season to bring members into ST better prepared? Yeah that's not me saying that. As for Surf being a top 30 marching ensemble in the world, perhaps I'll just let that one quietly pass, That said -- it's no mean feat fielding a World Class touring drum corps every year and my hat is off to Surf for accomplishing it.
  3. Nah everyone will be too busy watching the two boy witches fight over the girl witch! Which witch will win?
  4. Where does Surf market itself? (mostly HS MB shows?) In any case, I'm not sure membership tells the whole story. Lots of HS bands take their young members to extraordinary levels. So I don't entirely buy the "we're a young corps" argument. Late start to the season -- yes -- definitely can see that being a major impact. Compare Surf to it's competitive WC neighbors. Pioneer (-4) Surf Cascades (+3) Spirit (+4.5) Pac Crest (+7) What separates these corps? Does Pioneer move in later than Surf? Does Spirit have much older members? Many would say you need to spend more money to move up higher. Is that just to pay for better staff? Design? Logistics? Or is Surf (and Pioneer) finishing where they are simply because of a philosophical choice by their admin? Interesting questions indeed.
  5. undeniable and unassailable!
  6. you don't expect him to read what he writes, do you? (man making a typo on a meme sucks!)
  7. <cue violent disagreement>
  8. Sees the corps on youtube. Invites to Bahrain F1 race to perform. Youtube matters?
  9. Well -- overplayed in the band world (which tends to keep a lot DCi corps away). Actually only played a few times in WC. Ad yeah -- Gifts might be called overplayed; Pines and Medea not so much.
  10. While I agree with your sentiment (striving to move up in the standings every season) DCI does not. WGI and DCI use the same names very differently. Performing a (mostly) full tour on a sound financial basis is the basic requirement in DCI. WGI's classifications are based on grouping units into competitive groupings based on well-defined criteria. Even so there are counter-examples. There are units in WGI World Class who don't belong there competitively but choose to self-designate just to perform (because of age-limits). In the summer, DCA is the only alternative for performers of any age. You could also consider the ∆RawScore. 17 pts for Surf vs 24 pts for the bottom of the top 12 (BAC). Is it really that dramatic a difference? Is the "starting score" a function of design or performer or training? All kinds of interesting things to consider.
  11. October was kind of over-played a bit. Thing about his work -- the hornline needs to play with perfect intonation. Many many bad versions of October played on the field because the dissonance and suspensions only work if those pitches are just perfect and the ensemble's ears are super well trained.
  12. Dude Seriously? Freaking AMAZballs composer.
  13. God bless you. But beware -- logic will fail you (as he only answers the little voices in his head). I would have said "HE'S STILL ARGUING POINT A-4 (for 10 pages - no less). Of course no one here has ever said anything about modern uniforms literally representing a show theme. In fact most often (as in Crown's case for the last 10 years) they coordinate with or support the color palette of the show.