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  1. first time for them. they are doing a great job staying "in touch" with the activity.
  2. live in 5 mins!
  3. Madison 95. Crown 2013.
  4. It's drums in a gym -- how can you tell? that aside - it's pretty hard to get good sound at a drum corps show (as we've all learned from years with the fan network). they eventually got pretty ok at it, but there were some terrible experiences. (and then you compare it to what Mr Blair produces on the BluRays and then it makes it all those streaming shows sound like crap again).
  5. so marching an equal number of males/female guard members this season? interesting.
  6. You have to wonder if staying downtown is what's causing a lot of folks to be "bored" ? I stay out a bit past the airport (and therefore have a vehicle). Started doing that to be closer to Avon (for obvious reasons) but I think being mobile (like you normally are in "real life") might be an advantage. I've stayed downtown and the best thing about it was walking to the stadium. My walk is not any longer when I park in the lot directly in front of the stadium. Never had an issue getting a spot there. Oh and some very nice properties are a lot more affordable.
  7. the challenges aren't so much in doing multi-cam (although directing the multi-cam is a real bear). imo the biggest challenge is getting the audio right.
  8. Announcing first is certainly getting them a lot of "airplay". I think if I were another corps, I might take advantage and beat them to the punch :-)
  9. Cadets hammering the "we need boys" bell a lot lately. Anyone want to read the tea leaves?
  10. just thinking this over a bit more. there should be good stats from DCI for both the fannetwork and dcilive to help Flo project the potential audience size for the events this summer. as others have pointed out, DCI is a bit unusual in that they were running VOD services betore turning to Flo. i still doubt things will go well . but at least there's reason for a small sliver of hope. (and I'm completely ignoring the challenge of successfully producing the live events. very different than covering typical sports events)
  11. F Sister William Bernice always wrote those in red (not that she ever gave me one!)
  12. made me laugh (and then cry).