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  1. Congrats to Stars and Xmen for breaking 80!
  2. Sure I can. You just need to tell me what you're doing before you do it.
  3. The celebrant is the guy in the choir who is wearing black
  4. Given your screen name, nah.
  5. 'Children Will Listen.'
  6. I agree with you completely re: Troopers.
  7. The vid just popped up in my YouTube feed.
  8. The talent on the teaching staff, which they paid for, is getting the most out of marching members who otherwise would not be performing at such a high level. My translation.
  9. I'd like to change my vote.
  10. Rule 34 strikes again!
  11. ...oh my!
  12. There is a back side to the stained glass windows with a religious motif on the back (no words). It is easy to see in the prop area before and after shows. I'm not doubting they'll flip them in the new ending.