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  1. Congratulations Crusaders!
  2. Madison big edge in Visual over BAC!
  3. Coats win drums.
  4. That 1975 Muchacos horn line had some talent in addition to Jeff Kievet. Jim Prime and Donnie VanDoren to name a few.
  5. Great review! Does any other director get noticed as much as Hop?
  6. Yowsa, yowsa, yowsa?
  7. Free programming tip for Santa Clara: -Bring back the Aussies for Quarter-finals/Semis/Finals and enjoy the tremendous crowd response even before playing the first note.
  8. The Russians hacked Brandt Crocker's score sheet on finals night in 2008 and 2015.
  9. Blue Stars, Surf and Pioneer are all in the city of Allentown.
  10. Interesting mix of corps, Dave. Can Pioneer break 65? Can the Colts close the gap on the Troopers? How will Phantom look going on last after Bloo? And I agree with you about Phantom's encore. Should be great!
  11. 88.90 SCV 87.50 Cavaliers 84.50 Phantom 81.95 Madison