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  1. IllianaLancerContra

    Katie Hopkins (G.H.'s daughter) is on SCV Staff?!?

    Now I have Madison's 1975 drum solo going through my head....
  2. IllianaLancerContra

    Fan Uniform for Opening Night?

    I have half a drawer-full of old Corps tees that must have shrunk over the years as they don't fit anymore. Have Bridgemen, SCV, & a Phantom original Spartacus shirts among others
  3. IllianaLancerContra

    2018 singing and narration

    Then why not take this to its logical conclusion? Record brass, pit,& battery under the best acoustic conditions, and play it through the amp system; put one member in pit area to press the "play" button. Then put 149 guard on the field to do all the movement stuff. IMHO, every sound heard should be made by members on the field. If it backfires, well then it backfires. That is part of the risk and thrill of a live performance. If the DCI Corps market themselves as the 'Major League of Marching Music' they need to take risks. No guts, no glory.
  4. IllianaLancerContra

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    How about 2 Corps of 75 members each. One all male, the other all female. Do the same show but at double-interval. A week before DCI merge them into a single Corps. If nothing else, they could be in twice the number of shows & get twice the appearance fees....
  5. IllianaLancerContra

    2018 Uniforms!

    They copied 27's rifle line!
  6. IllianaLancerContra

    2018 Uniforms!

    If I were a judge I would award this with a score so low many would find it absurd. Which is one reason I am not a judge
  7. IllianaLancerContra

    The Academy 2018

    Nothing against Academy - I really hope they do well. But a lot of what you said could be applied to ANY Corps at this point in the season. Everyone is so much better than last season. The key is 'How much better this season is Corps X vs How much better this season is Corps Y?'
  8. IllianaLancerContra

    The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    Sousa. Drum Corps needs some Sousa (public domain - no royalty issues)
  9. IllianaLancerContra

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    Which time? In the 1970's it was a desperation act. When they came back as a Sr Corps they were originally all-male; when they went co-ed it added considerably to the membership, if not their placing at DCA. Terri S. could probably elaborate considerably on this
  10. IllianaLancerContra

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    Both were in a black / white / red color scheme so that may have contributed to the confusion.
  11. IllianaLancerContra

    2018 Uniforms!

    Heck - next they'll be wanting water breaks every hour or so...
  12. IllianaLancerContra

    Audubon bon bons

    In 2004 their 'alumni vocal group' sang the National Anthem at the Hershey show
  13. IllianaLancerContra

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    See page 9 of replies
  14. IllianaLancerContra

    Who will be the 12th place corps this year ?

    So who drops out?
  15. IllianaLancerContra

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I know this was written a few weeks back, but something occurred to me: In 2018, it is like Drum Corps was in 1978 (or 68 for that matter) - no one really knew what a Corps was going to play until either it was (1) published in 'Drum Corps World' or 'DCI Contest Guild', or, (2), you saw them on the field. Although we now have instantaneous means of sharing info, if no one publishes this info, then we get no info.