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  1. Maybe we will see a situation where 15 or so really good brass players do all the playing & electronically send the sounds to something like the fake bugle that is sometimes used at military funerals when no live bugler is available ( Soundboard could control the volume & balance. Heck, you could make a 2-piston or even valve-rotor fake bugle!
  2. In the no-so-distant future I predict we will see a Corps put their entire brass line of 20 or so, completely mic'ed & in the pit for the whole show, along with a battery of, say 14, with the only on-field performers being about 100 guard.
  3. . (way too many silent posts as of late)
  4. Occurred to me that we have not yet heard from Granny Smith in some time? You out there Granny?
  5. I remember in the late 70's how we thought it was way cool that SCV wore the drum-straps (yes, straps) under the tunic
  6. I would suggest that the rules should state that vocalists, if used, must be judged on the same criteria as the brass & percussion. If they are out of tune, have poor vocal quality (or whatever the singing equivalent of tone quality is called), then the Corps score should reflect it. Carolina has a brass line that is second to none. The vocalist(s) need to perform at the same level, or the music score should suffer. You are only as good as your weakest link. (aside & off topic - Weakest Link could be a cool show...)
  7. Best small stadium in Drum Corps (light-years ahead of old Ames Field (i lived in MC from 1968-73; was also there in 1980 when SOA "broke the press-box window glass").
  8. Golly. Well, it certainly isn'T a cookie-cutter Cesario uni.
  9. For every Corps that makes finals after a non-finalist year, another Corps has to drop out of finals.
  10. Because finals was being broadcast live on PBS there was less time between Corps. Also, lots more Corps back then so they were used to going one right after another. Evolved from the AL/VFW era - while one Corps was on field, the next was in side 1 end zone undergoing inspection.
  11. A Clockwork Orange would make a great show - Dystopia w/ the music (The Glorious Ninth of Ludwig Van) being absolutely central. But good luck on portraying the misogyny & ultra-violence also central to the plot. This is a show we will never see.
  12. Needs a codpiece.
  13. In 1976 Bobby Hoffman's original uniform idea was to put each section in a different color. The bass drums, who supposedly would have been in pink, vetoed the idea.
  14. I would suggest that, by definition, the pit is not marching percussion.