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  1. Every time I have been on interstate in Atlanta there is a huge traffic jam. Hope they don't mimic that with the drill, although Bayonne made it work...
  2. Metamorph is a perfectly cromulant word
  3. If there is stuff from 'past years' I vote for the 1977 arrangement of Pagliacci.
  4. I know DCI gets the rights / pays the licensing fees etc. How much $ are these fees? I am pretty sure it depends on the music, but what is a ballpark estimate?
  5. I suggest that the reason many former show sponsors have lost shows is that the tour is now a complete rut, with regionals at set locations on set weekends, and all roads lead to Indy. Yes, a given location might get different corps performing one year to the next, or a location may shift by a few miles if a sponsor decides not to host in a given year, but the stops on the tour are pretty much the same every year. To assist in proving my point, look at the wailing & gnashing of teeth w/r/t Atlanta this year & the NFL stadium not being ready.
  6. Kind of hoping they can work in Rapture by Blondie which has the lines: ...and out comes a man from MarsAnd you try to run but he's got a gunAnd he shoots you dead and he eats your headAnd then you're in the man from Mars... I wonder how much the mechano-autosynchroization (or whatever they are called) rights would cost?
  7. 1984 when the tick system went away. With ticks, the casual fan could tell whether a corps was having a good night or not. But from 84 on it was left in the hands of judges who supposedly knew more than the fans, and over time evolved into what we have today where there is little, if any drama as to who will win, who will & won't make finals, etc. There are exceptions, like 2008, but for most part the final placements are pretty much set by the end of the first regional
  8. This is the opposite of the 'Pick a Show You Wish You Saw Live' - pick any show you are glad you did see live Me - 1980 Spirit of Atlanta at Michigan City
  9. I take it Sturgis is not in the midwest?
  10. Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon tour in 1973. Oh - Drum Corps show - BD 1976
  11. Equipment truck race at the speedway. & make it so position finished impact the owning Corps' semi-finals score. Example - For every place the truck finished, 0.1 is deducted from the semi-finals score. First place truck has 0.0 deducted; second place 0.1 deducted, third 0.2 & so on. Could make things sporty in the 10-14 place semi-finals Corps.
  12. Sousa - all in public domain so no copyright / license issues. Plus, it has a melody & you can march to it. DCI needs more Sousa.
  13. But if the tour stays as it is, the same fans can see a show every year. Maybe shaking up the tour could expand the fan base, esp now that Finals are no longer televised.
  14. Some Corps will place higher than 2016 Some Corps will place lower than 2016 Some Corps will place about the same as 2016
  15. Many of us valve-rotor dinosaurs moan about the current state of Corps, but one thing that is light-years ahead of us BITD is how much the kid's health & welfare is looked after. Remember the stories of people too being scarred to ride on 27's busses, or Bayonne parking next to BD so the members could sneak some of their chow? I don't ever remember having a hydration break. Sleep time was on the bus (if Chris would ever shut up. The story entitled 'Chris, SHUT UP or I will stab you' is now IL legend). If my kids were to march I would much rather they did it under today's conditions.