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  1. Should Open Class just be World Class?

    W/r/t scoring, I suggest the standards should be the same across all classes - there is a single standard, & in 2017 Blue Devils were closest to that standard. Open vs World distinction should be based on the financial ability of the Corps to tour.
  2. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Being that 2018 is ten years after Spartacus, how about 'Son of Spartacus: Adolescence'?
  3. Older shows (pre, say 1985) would not score well under today's system. And today's shows would not score well under the old system (even adjusting for show length and instrumentation differences - in other words no over/under-time penalties, or DQ over Corps size, instrumentation, or electronics). If you took one of today's Corps, say Blue Devils, and made them conform to the 1976 rules, they would look a lot like the 1976 Blue Devils.
  4. Should Open Class just be World Class?

    As they should. I marched what would now be a lower-scoring Open class Corps. We liked the fact we were on the same sheets. Esp the show (in 1985; I had aged out by then) where we were 0.5 behind Phantom in drums. & No one in any size Corps had more fun than I.
  5. All time shows: the Cavaliers

    I'm partial to 1980 - guard spinning one rifle in each hand at different tempos was just one of many cool moves that year
  6. 2018 Uniform Thread

    Headgear was required in the VFW / AL era, and I suspect that carried over for at least a while in DCI. Apparently not anymore.
  7. 2018 Schedule

  8. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    ...and when the chips are down, the herd moves on
  9. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    Illiana Lancers
  10. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    A gas also expands to fill a void. So, is GH a gas? Might explain a thing or two...
  11. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Same prediction I made for 2017 (& 16, & 15...) & Haven't been wrong yet Some Corps will place higher in 2018 than in 2017 Some corps will place lower in 2018 than in 2017 Some Corps will place the same in 2018 as in 2017
  12. Skip Prokop, R.I.P.