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  1. As more Corps get higher & higher scores, the more digits needed to separate them.
  2. Not to mention the tax $ they get
  3. If they are drawing 400+, then they should start a feeder unit, something like BDC (or perhaps a bit older) that teaches fundamentals, does lots of local performances, maybe a few contests. Also maybe after they are established & the 'A' corps is World Class start doing limited Open class tour If (& ONLY IF) finances allow.
  4. Bump - no Granny all season. Hope she is ok.
  5. Once director is hired, they should take a look at the business and promotional model San Fransisco Renegades used - like it or not, it made everyone curious to see the product. Also recall the SFR were named San Francisco's official music ambassadors (or something like that). It built community support, and although they no longer compete in DCA, they still do local performances.
  6. Back in the early 80's Bluecoats were on the verge of folding, at one point being down to like 5 members. A dedicated group of parents & supporters started to work to bring the corps back - by 1987 they were finalists, and have remained so (save once) ever since. So what is the point w/r/t Music City? The individual who served as Bluecoats director (who was also a parent) was someone who said he knew nothing about music or the technical / performance side of Drum Corps. But what he did know was business, and how to grow a brand - which is really what you need (IMHO) when an organization grows. Music City should hire someone who can run the Organization as a business. Build a good foundation. Hire the right instructors. Someone who can keep an eye on the books, and not go on the road with 140 kids if the money is going to run out while they are on the road. Someone who can and will say "No, we can't afford that".
  7. Good point
  8. Starting a thread because they need one too. As I have suggested before - they could really move up with a show called "The Troubles: West Belfast Story"
  9. Does anyone know which individual has belonged to the most DCI championship corps (i.e., who has the most gold medals in their possession)? Could be someone who marched SCV 73, 74, 78 (3 gold medals), BD 76, 77, 79, 80 (4 gold medals), or Cadets in 80's. Cavies 90's-00's, etc. I suspect it is someone from BITD, as membership was less fluid from year to year back then. But I am happy to be proved wrong.
  10. I'm not sure that in reality sheets stay the same within a class over a season. Example - On Thursday last, Pioneer scored a 65.913. At 1st show of the season (22 June) , Blue Stars scored a 64.15. If Pioneer had been at that June show and performed at the same level as they did Thursday last, would the judges have given Pioneer a 65.913 and placed them ahead of Blue Stars?
  11. I know! We could have regional Drum Corps associations. Maybe call it 'Drum Corps Midwest' for midwestern Corps, and 'Drum Corps East' for eastern Corps. Schedule shows on weekends, esp at the beginning of the season. Have most members come from municipalities near the Corps HQ / practice site so that can practice several evenings a week - members could even have part-time jobs. Plus, no need to feed the Corps during the week.
  12. I marched in what would now be called 'Open class' - & I take issue with one point. We really liked the fact that we were on same sheets as the big Corps. We liked to see where we stood. Yes, at beginning of season when Phantom was in the 60's (it was the tick era - I don't think any Corps started past the very low 70's (& that was BD & SCV)) we knew our score would be in the 30's, because that is where we were at that point in the season. In short - one set of criteria / sheets for all Corps
  13. And a puppy dies as well....
  14. OK I'll say it - BITD ~8 'G' Contrabass Bugles were enough (except for Phantom who usually marched 12)
  15. I remember them at Whitewater prelims in 83 - they did a 25th anniversary show that received the longest & loudest ovation I have seen - good thing they were on right before a break. Maybe for 60th they should embrace the retro look & style. What they are doing now isn't getting them into finals. Perhaps nostalgia could.