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  1. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    How are people feeling about the brassline this year?
  2. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    I’m kind of enjoying seeing “Natural Woman” come together over the course of the season. It’s not there for me yet, but I think the drill changes are a funny experiment. I’m starting to call that one part the “pod races.” From a rehearsal run just posted on YT, the crazy section after the company front looks like it has even harder drill? They’re doing more with individual MMs falling out of the form, it seems?
  3. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    I totally see that. I think there’s something to be said for being a more sophisticated version of the same thing ... I like Bloo, but their shows never give me much to think about, I’ve noticed. I don’t mean weighty themes — I mean visual ideas, how things flow, why the music is the way it is, why the impacts are where they are, why certain stylistic things happen. SCV’s show is knotty and weird. New sounds going on. Visual surprises. It may be drawing from the same well as Bloo, but I think they’re beating Bloo at their own game.
  4. will they ever learn?
  5. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    The guard book is pretty wild. Someone on one of the show threads reduced it down to “hair flips.” Clearly they aren’t watching very closely.
  6. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

  7. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    Me too. Can we also just all take a second to appreciate that this show does NOT have narration? Because this is the kind of character-driven show any other corps would’ve strapped with a narrator in a heartbeat. I’m gonna bang this drum all season.
  8. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    Yeah you’re reminding me of another super difficult BD visual thing that doesn’t get enough respect, IMO: They will let a single big visual idea evolve over a really, really long time span. Take the part we’re talking about, for instance. If it starts at the noir section/snare and soprano feature, the MMs are performing that same drill move through the entire snare feature, the mellophone lead-in to the “Laura” reprise, and the entire Laura reprise. lol. Just looking it up on a YT recording, that’s just over 50 seconds, by my count. That’s a huge chunk of show! All given toward accomplishing one giant, moving beast of a drill form. It’s crazy. Also: GE GE GE GE GE GE GE GE. Edit: Actually it’s closer to a full minute, because the form persists through a few measures of the pit break. I reiterate: Crazy.
  9. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    Watching the top shows over this morning, I realized BD probably has my favorite moment of visual design this year. Not sure how to describe it — late in the show, after the quad feature, during the sultry soprano solo/snare feature, the soprano and alto lines are backstage gradually participating in this.... sentient squiggle form. It’s like a weird lil worm. Anyone know what I’m talking about? It’s gnarly. The counts on that thing! One thing I love about it is that it typifies something BD drill has never gotten enough credit from fans for, not even in the ‘90s: evolving curvilinear drill. People call it “follow the leader” but they aren’t watching closely; curvy drill that changes its contours and shape as the phrase progresses is some of the hardest stuff I can think of.
  10. saxfreq1128

    Pasadena, CA - June 30, 2018

    It’s kinda hard to claim accessibility issues about one of the most recognizable paintings in American culture, honestly... Especially in an arts acitivity. No one should feel bad for not knowing it — and this is a great chance to learn! — but not knowing it doesn’t make it obscure.
  11. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    I absolutely love that BD’s struggling a bit with their show. It’s a very hard show!! They’re shooting for the stars with this one. But BD is never better than when they have to put up a fight.
  12. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    Anyone know what BD’s been looking like/up to this week?
  13. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    I more meant in terms of the potential of each show—BD’s winning now, and of course I’m not mad about that, but I’m also excited for SCV to give them a run for their money.
  14. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    Yeesh, never read YouTube comments, especially on BD videos. Just saw way too many comments to the tune of "I guess everybody's doing jazz now." Now?? NOW?!?!
  15. saxfreq1128

    Blue Devils 2018

    yeah you capture it perfectly — In BD’s show, anything is subject to change (there’s a great line about this in one of their preseason tour videos; a member says they might spend all day on something and then scrap it the next day, which is so BD lol). You can see this is the openness of their visual design; you can probably expect to see the more intricate drill on finals night, but the rest, who knows! SCV meanwhile is intricate from the start; very carefully laid out and planned, ready to be refined over the coming months but not changed. What really impresses me is that both shows are just this amazing mix of old new I really hope the people complaining about the WGI-ification of DCI sit up and take a close look, because IMO, both these shows are perfect examples of how WGI techniques can still be extremely drum corps. Very proud of these groups — all the groups, but especially these two.