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  1. See you in a year, amigo.
  2. Blue Devils 2018

    No I hear you, same page. I'm just trying to be better at rising above it—at least for a day, lol.
  3. Blue Devils 2018

    18 is when you come of age—and start to do some real damage. (God help us after #21.)
  4. Blue Devils 2018

    I did admittedly LOL but I think we should avoid this. We shouldn't throw other corps under the bus over these dweebs, tbh.
  5. Blue Devils 2018

    Clips from this year's show are up on YouTube, if you're curious.
  6. This is such a weird thing to say about a corps that is visibly one of the most family-oriented, if not the most, in the activity. Also a weird thing to say given the emotion pouring out of their anniversary show, and the clear affection for the history of the organization. You're worried about lack of camaraderie and friendship after seeing that? Really? Also, finally, a pretty lame thing to say, competitively speaking, because being good at winning doesn't necessitate being a sociopath lmao. Stop making up things to be fake-concerned about.
  7. (Have you seen what teens are wearing these days? TBH....)
  8. Highest Boston placement and score in years. (With a record-high guard.) Highest Cavies placement and score in years. I repeat: Not getting first place is not the same thing as not being rewarded by the judges! Genuinely, this forum seems not to understand this.
  9. This is a lot more theatrical than anything in BD's show, imo
  10. Same as last year. Happy for them. This was, for me, the guard to watch this year. BUT: they couldn't pull it together enough before tonight. SCV deserves it. One of the best guards SCV has ever fielded.
  11. That ballad is the perfect antidote to all the horror today. I can't wait to hear it again. Thank you, BD.
  12. Congrats to Crown, whose show I think was the toughest sell this year. And to Cavs for inching back toward being in the thick if it! SCV, BD—you rule.
  13. lmao we know, we know, we know
  14. totally. It's like a stroll through the park on a summer evening.