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    No actual corps experience. Eight years in large corps style college marching band at L.S.U.
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    Historically: Cavaliers. Runners Up: Old school (Before the "Artsy Fartsy" Fall) Blue Devils, Madison, Cadets, Spirit of Atlanta, Velvet Knights, Bridgemen.......
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    1980 Cavaliers/Spirit of Atlanta/Bridgemen/Madison/Crossmen/Cadets. 1989 Santa Clara Phantom. 1995 Madison. 2000 Cadets. 2006 Blue Devils Godfather. Cavaliers Four Corners, Fight Club, James Bond, Machine, 2008 Crown. 2008 Phantom.
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    Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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    Swimming with wild Dolphins/Freediving.
    Beach Combing/Shell Collecting.
    L.S.U. and Saints football.
    New Age-Metaphysical topics.
    The "Drum and Trumpet Corps" activity that's evolved into what's currently D.C.I. (Hybrid Marching Symphony/Wind Ensemble/Theater/Ballet/Opera)

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  1. Open class predictions

    Bama biased. What with all the great high school and college marching bands in the State of Alabama, there should be the makings there of one great World Class DCI Top 12 Corps!
  2. Hey, I've got a better idea that would work more effectively. Why not just have all the Brass, Percussion and Guard members go completely nude from the waist down! Would be truly ground breaking to see the "Diversity and Mixture" of all the corps members "Inies and Outies."
  3. Band overload today. Up at 4am to watch the live feed of the World Pipe Band Championships from Glasgow, Scotland and then the DCI Finals tonight. I'm always regretting my decision to not go to Finals in person. BTW, we're trying to get a SoundSport Team/Band/Corps going here in Baton Rouge. If there are any interested musicians anywhere within reasonable driving distance of BR that may be interested, just send me a PM here..........
  4. Definitely! I only went to the Hattiesburg show this season. (To mainly see my historically fav Corps [Cavaliers] and Runners Up. [BD] Was also hoping to see a BD win so they would do the Encore with F TUNING! Nope. BD won, but Cavies did the Encore. I want my F TUNING!
  5. Mic the Melodic Percussion in the front a little, then throw all the rest of it in the garbage. (Or resurrect the Velvet Knights Shark to come eat it all!)

    So to see the "Activity" totally taken over and dominated by the Artsy Fartsy Candy A WGI/BOA flock.

    NOT on a fricking football field!

    Please don't start off with a photo of old school SOA. Gets me depressed. (And angry) SEC Football. (70's-90's) Tennis/Golf matches. (2000-2010) Marching Theater, Opera, Symphony, Ballet and Yoga. (2011-Current) That's both the Corps and the fans in the stands................
  9. Biggest Surprise of the Season?

    What's the approximate % of Ages in Atlanta Corps Vets? Is it mostly 20's recent age outs or what? Any older members?
  10. Electronic Amplification

    That's because all the sane people that aren't in the Marching Musical Theater & Yoga Corps Snowflake Sunshine Pumper Club hate it!
  11. "And now my tour end's near..."

    No, we need more people expressing a realistic and honest opinion of what they're seeing and hearing on the field. Don't need more "Marching Musical Theater and Yoga" sunshine pumping where everything is "Rosy Alice in Wonderland Sunshine, Unicorns, and Lollipops" from those that spend 16 hours a day on here; only coming up for air to eat, sleep and go to the restroom...........
  12. Different strokes for different folks. As an "Old School Drum & BUGLE Corps" guy, I LOVE the "Park and Barks." "Squat and Blows" were a strong component of 70's/80's/90's "In your Face" D&BC" and all of us from the Jurassic Era miss that. Just rear back and blow those G Bugles SFZ. We wanted, expected and anticipated it at every show. BTW, I notice very few Adults at shows today. It's 90% high school and college Bando's. Most of us from Jurassic Park have been so alienated, that we don't go to shows any longer. I still do, just so I can keep up with what's current in the "Marching Musical Theater and Yoga" activity. Many don't waste their time anymore though because they have no interest in the entire "Film, Play, Ballet, Opera" on a football field thing. I'm one of the dwindling few from the "S.E.C. Football" Drum Corps days that still attend a few shows over the Summer. Blue Devils 2017 gives us a little bit of what we enjoyed. Hey, throw us a bone every now and then because we're starving!.........................
  13. Speaking of being sarcastic, what happened to the Madison "Marching Mad Max's" in Atlanta tonight? Didn't see them in the lineup. It's Carnival time in Rio. ..............
  14. Is Atlanta in or out?

    Move it to Grant Field at nearby Georgia Tech or UGA in Athens. No reason to move it out of the Atlanta area and no reason to have a major DCI event like this at a high school stadium.....
  15. Madison Scouts 2017

    Those Uni's are an ultra embarrassment to the organization. Karma's a #####. What goes around comes around. Hope they don't make Finals in those "Rio Carnival" get ups. Couldn't believe what I was seeing on the field in Hattiesburg last night at the Marching Musical Theater and Yoga show.