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  1. I think Jeff molnar needs that vacation at this point.

  2. Blue Devils 2018

    BD has always had a high percentage of people coming to it from other corps...sometimes from corps that had won the previous year (I marched with an 83 Cadet, and there was at least one 'Coat from '16 in the corps this year.)
  3. Blue Devils 2018

    The snark aside....no. I was a rook-out to BD AND the activity...my only Jr corps year. I came from high school and college programs that were still largely marching squads of 4 and facing direction of march....those first couple of months in Concord were a STEEP learning curve.
  4. Blue Devils 2018

    A new stat I have added to the list... Of the ten highest scoring championship programs....BD owns 6 of them.
  5. Blue Devils 2018

    That I belonged to a competitive org that should make the Yankees cower in fear!
  6. Blue Devils 2018

    The first couple of years were with BDB....not a lot of people land with the A corps for more than a few years simply because the competition to get in is so fierce. There are the outliers like Olivia Hansen (guard captain for 2014) who basically grew up in the corps (helps when you grow up in town), but the majority don't have a ton of years in the org....there are a LOT of people with three years or less...a lot of THEM -- like myself -- one year wonders. But 5 years in the overall org? Yeah....that's something.
  7. 2018 Uniform Thread

    That's ok....I simplified it for you above.
  8. 2018 Uniform Thread

    You DO know even BD had several different uni designs in the 90s, right? Remember the 93-94 change??
  9. Blue Devils 2018

    That's ok....I'll do it for you...'cause I don't particularly care if people get ticked off (you can always do the same for YOUR fave corps, y'know).page From a post on my Facebook page (written for those who aren't corps people) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ For those who know me and who are NOT drum corps people...let me give you a not-so-brief list of stats of the group I am an alum of...the Blue Devils Drum & Bugle Corps (who won their 18th world championship yesterday). After reading this, you might start understanding why I have drum corps running on my laptop in my office so often. Buckle up...this is long, and for good reason. ---------------------------- BD competitive stats (updated August 13, 2017) Since 1973 Caption wins (captions basically being section awards for best general effect (how you "sell" your show), brass, drums, marching & maneuvering/visual, color guard): GE: 16 Brass: 24 Drums: 13 M&M/Visual: 19 Guard: 18 Note that I could not FIND guard results on the recaps for 10 of the 45 years we've been going to finals. The first guard award I show is 1978. I found no record of guard awards for 73-77, 80-83, or 90. If anyone knows those, let me know and I'll update the spreadsheet. Interesting to note that the guard did not have their own separate caption points until 2000. Prior to that they were lumped in with the vizh scores. Ave placement per caption (all 45 years) GE: 3 Brass: 3 Drums: 4 M&M/Visual: 3 Guard: 2 Ave placement per caption (Finals only) GE: 2 Brass: 2 Drums: 3 M&M/Visual: 2 Guard: 2 The improvement in caption placement from 1973 to 1974 was amazing GE: 22 to 7 (9 in finals) Brass: 27 to 8 (12 in finals) Drums: 16 to 9 (7 in finals) M&M/Visual: 32 to 13 (11 in finals) Guard not counted in that time frame. Most caption wins in a row: GE: 4 (07-10) Brass: 4 (79-82) Drums: 4 (83-86) M&M/Visual: 6 (12-17) Guard: 8 (08-15) Additional stats: The corps has only placed out of finals one time – the very first trip in 1973. Has not placed lower than 5th since the 9th in 1974. Last time they finished out of the medals was 2005. They have failed to medal only 9 times since the first trip to DCI in 1973. In 46 competitive seasons of Drum Corps International, BD has won 39% of them. 7 of those were undefeated...2 of THOSE back to back. The average performance season is between 25-30 shows...so those 2 back to back undefeated seasons were 51 wins in a row). In the 42 seasons since (and including) winning their first title in 1976, BD has taken 2nd place 10 times...by a TOTAL point differential of 5 points. The average margin of victory over BD in those 2nd place years is 0.5 The largest difference was 1.85 in 2002 -- the ONLY time the point differential was over a point....the lowest was 0.025 in 2008. Of those 10, only 4 were over half a point. Yet MORE proof that to beat BD you have to bring your "A game"...on steroids. I can't imagine that any other corps in the DCI era can match this record. Un-effing-real! Quite frankly, you’d be VERY hard-pressed to find a major pro sports team or other competitive org in a large activity with a record anywhere NEAR this. Couple this with the fact that BD loses a fairly large percentage of their membership (about 35% on average) to ageout (meaning those members have reached the maximum participation age of 22) at the end of every season – 60 members aging out after 2017 ALONE (that’s 40% of the corps...no WAY a major sports team could recover from that between seasons) – yet they continually maintain the competitive quality year after year after year and it’s pretty #### clear that the Blue Devils are, across the board, quite possibly the most dominant competitive organization in any large-scale competitive environment....period. (For my fencing friends...BD is probably more dominant in their field than the Italian fencing team is in theirs....and THAT says a lot.) A large part of that is the very solid financial ground the org sits on. Another large factor is the consistent staff, especially at the top – no revolving door at BD (a lot of corps changed major staff positions on a frequent basis, looking for that magic formula...BD found it years ago and has not had a major staff change since the mid 90s). And, of course, there’s the fact that success breed success, with hundreds trying out each year for those coveted spots...BD can afford to select the best who come to audition.
  10. Because we care.......

    Always kinda fun to watch the staffs freak out when it all clicks...Star 90 from the first star formation to the end comes right to mind.
  11. When did halftime get hijacked?

    Be very clear why you're kneeling....some might think you're praying for Fran's infamous Hawaiian shirts to remain hidden!
  12. When did halftime get hijacked?

    His proclamations from on-high got old years ago.
  13. When did halftime get hijacked?

    It's Stu...so, yeah....