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  1. Ahh...thanks. I remembered that someone from 16 Bloo went BD this year, but could not remember the section.
  2. Yep...Arjun (don't remember his last name). BDB 2013, tried out for the A corps for 2014, didn't make it, made it into Bloo and marched a FANTASTIC show. Don;t remember where he was in 2015, but 2016 and 17 in BDA.
  3. Happens all the time....the flugel soloist from 2016 Academy made the move to BD as well. #### near EVERY corps ha has members go to BD over the years....including people who previously won -- sometimes the previous year. I thought a memeber of 16 Bloo went. I know there was a member of 13 Crown in the 15 BD show....and I marched in 84 with a bari from 83 Garfield,so this is nothing new.
  4. And in case no one's done the math....60 is 40 PERCENT of the overall corps. Good luck finding a major sports team that could stay competitive the year following a 40% loss....g'head, I'll wait. You should see the BD stats list I just updated.
  5. True, but cavalrymen would duel with sabres, since that was their weapon anyway. A stage sabre is a sabre guard and grip with an epee blade. You get the same visibility from the wider blade, but the sabre guard and grip would be more fitting the work they re doing.
  6. I know I did when I was standing there with my arms in the "TUG" pose and the crowd roar washing over me. You feel like a god....and I'll take that moment to my grave.
  7. For sale...approximately 25 "dry" epees* w/French grip. Looking to start your own epee club? Here ya go! *Not suitable for US Fencing Association competition. (a note to Troopers, speaking as a fencing equipment vendor and armorer in real life....you should've gone with stage sabres instead. Had you talk ed to me....)
  8. My guess? No major changes at BD....after all...it works, so why screw with it? BAC? No changes....again, it worked. SCV? Same....why change when you took a medal for the first time since 2004...and with a show that would have won in any other year? Bloo?? Maybe someone to clean vizh...and to teach them how to cope with being at the top....that one mistake near the end with a trumpet taking of 4 counts early...ouch. Cadets? That way lies madness...not touching it. Mandarins? Nothing....the climb has been steady...they WILL make finals soon. Academy? Hopefully not....Richardson understands that catching lightning in a bottle twice in a row is difficult.
  9. Might've been the parents of the Lions' center, Travis Swanson. His father.Todd, was BD's DM in 83, bari prior to that (Prior Trooper, as well.)
  10. It'd be perfect if his son was still in....I think he aged out last night?
  11. Did you time SCV as well? Or is it ok with you when they park for LONGER than BD?
  12. 84 SCV....also the greatest push ever.
  13. Not her appearance....but the "I wish" bit at the end gets me every time.
  14. So will every alum who marched from 1976 through 1993.
  15. Well...since you ask... I did a shoot for a webshow called "Ten Feet Tall" a month or so ago...hit YouTube this morning. Watch....and read how many of the comments mention me! Bwhahahahahaaaaa! My fave moment is at 3:06 or so... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m42BhxR0kGI