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  1. Carl Allison...also had a bari solo later in the show
  2. Not uncommon, actually....BD probably has the highest percentage of members who come from other corps...of all levels (including ones who has won previously). In 84 we had 14 Vanguardians from 83 SCV...almost 11% of the whole CORPS was SCV imports that year...and that doesn't even count those who came from Garfield, Regiment, Madison, Crossmen, VK, 27th, Spirit, Troopers,cGeneseo Knights, Valley Fever, or Kingsmen,..and there were a few of us for whom BD was our first corps ever. Over 1/4 of 84 BD was new to BD that year....and this happens every year....yet the quality remains at the top. Says a lot about the instructional philosophy of the staff. Hell, the snare line had, I think, 2 out of 10 returning...everyone else had aged out...and we STILL won drums. All roads eventually lead to BD!
  3. Barbara Maroney is usually the go-to example...no left arm from the elbow down...glove fingers tied around the bottom of her horn in 83, prosthetic claw round the valve cluster in 84 (don;t what what she did in 82). The only real problem she had from playing standpoint was the inability to use the 1st valve slide when required...so she had to lip those notes to tune them up. Brandon Olander at BD and his scoliosis also mentioned (he's taking a year off for college...he was a HS senior last year), There's also Matt Bowers from 07 BD...macular degeneration, yet he not only marched BD, he also marched Spirt and Cadets prior. 82 BD had a sop who was really hard of hearing. but I don't know her name.
  4. I lost to a 7th place Cadets drum line...so there's that.
  5. Brass by itself can't do it. Crown's drum scores have hurt. On the other hand, it was only the drum scores for 27th and Bridgemen that got them INTO finals their last couple of years. AS for Crown's brass: 2013 1st or 2nd in all caps and sub-caps, with the exception of perc in 6th. If BD had beaten Crown in GE or Cadets in Music, or Crown placed below Cavies indrums, BD would've won that night. 2014 2nd in brass. Other cap and sub-cap scores were 3rd or lower...mostly lower,,,down to 7th in drums. 2015: 2nd in brass again...sub=-caps 1-3, except for 4th in vizh analysis and 5th in drums 2016 1st in brass...bit that #### drum line... Brass IS a strong point with Crown....but they need to get the drum scores up in the medals consistently if they want to win more rings....that's the weak point.
  6. Y'know....this pissing contest really got boring about 20 pages ago...
  7. Oh for the love of....IS IT EFFING JUNE YET?
  8. 2006 Cadets
  9. I can watch the opening statement and the closing one....but nothing else.
  10. Show art for the last fear years has been done by an alum of the 1990 color guard. Nice to keep it in the family!
  11. *cough* 2009-2010....Both BD corps undefeated, both years running.
  12. I think it was Cavies.
  13. Surface of the sun during the day...Arctic cold at night...windy...petrochem smell...horrid field surface...if you can march clean at Mars, you can march clean anywhere. Worst rehearsal site I've ever had to work on....yet what I wouldn't give to set foot on it once again....to stand on my beginning or ending set and let the memories return. To a Blue Devil, Mars is a close to a sacred site as it gets.
  14. I was referring to the performance run.
  15. The green feather for age-outs hasn't been part of SCV's finals run for a few years now...It was there in 2011, but not in 2013....dunno about 2012. They DID have a show without aussies that did fairly well, both in placement and in fan appreciation.