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  1. New Corps in New States

    Kinda like China Lakes Naval Weapons Station....up in the middle of the high desert of SoCal....
  2. Garfield Cadets 1988

    I don't remember the warmup being on the CD....it was not a running start like 89 was. And agreed that the show was VERY underrated....
  3. Meh....depends on your personal feelings on the original. I probably feel the way I do about 94 Cadets because I went against the 84 version. 94 was good...but having to live in the shadow of 84?? In some ways, that was worse than 05 SCV, because 94 Cadets, like 84, was ALL WSS....05 SCV was only the closer. The reason 87 Sky has always stood out as not just another WSS redo was due to the fantastic theatrical presentation. If it had just been the music, it would not have been nearly as memorable.
  4. Top 3, (in no particular order) 1984 (gotta show some love for a show that beat us WAS too many times!) 1988 (Sorry...I prefer the version of PoTO that SHOULD have won to the one that did) 1987 (come on....how can you NOT love this one?) HM....far too many to list. Least 3 (again...no order) 1981 1993 2009
  5. And yet, enough times it does (in corps) to justify trying it again....88/89 SCV, 81/82/08 Regiment (although the show concepts really WERE very different between the 80s and 08 versions), etc. Unfortunately, that tends to lead us to 84/94 Cadets and other redos that really should've been shelved. 'Course, back in the day, repeating a chart from year to year was standard....84 was the first year BD didn't repeat a single full chart (except for the tag ending...and even THAT wasn't part of the program until we left for 2nd tour)
  6. 05 SCV with Russian Xmas music is usually my go to on that. All by itself the 05 version was fine (and massive props to SCV for using so much of the 87 snare book!), but living in the shadow of the 87 version?? No bueno....too much to ask for 05 to step out of THAT shadow.
  7. Push to the end of 16 Academy
  8. Video edits 2017

    I would agree.....but if I do it for myself, who's gonna know?
  9. Video edits 2017

    Meh...anyone with a shred of splicing skills could figure it out close enough to enjoy.
  10. Video edits 2017

    And, of course, if you had the computer skills and programs, you could splice the audio back in for your own entertainment.
  11. Video edits 2017

    The other side of that is that if the synch licensing wasn't such an issue, there wouldn't be a NEED for piracy...respect for the end consumer is just as important as respect for the rights holders
  12. Finals Format

    I suggest you look up DCI 1988....
  13. Cavalier Patch

    Why do I want to say that patch is a reference to the 1983 show? They DID use the bird call whistle in the opening of Pines of Rome that year. Paging Michael Boo....
  14. New Open Class corps in 2018

    Much like Nightfire was when Rocketman and I finally got them on the field. A good call, imo. and to make a correction that was passed to me...they're NOT in San Diego...they're in Corona (east of Los Ange,es, for those not from the region). Don't know why they're having auditions in La Mesa (where I grew up) rather than in their local area. And I worry about conflicts for membership with Impulse and PC, but that's their call.
  15. New Open Class corps in 2018

    New corps starting up out of San Diego....nice staff, too. https://www.vesseldrumcorps.org/