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  1. A can of paint or some fabric and a needle/thread go a long way. Hell...put a white soccer sock over a shoulder hook and it goes a long way when seen from the stands. The simple FACT that both pics clearly show something was sewn together to cover the shoulder hooks and belly pads means it's not a far fetched idea.
  2. THANK YOU!! That is EXACTLY what I mean. Is it REALLY that hard to figure out?
  3. Time for another either drum corps rant...this time about the drum lines...specifically, the snare and tenor harnesses. Dear corps directors...when you have a predominately white top with your new unis -- the ones that don't allow for the harness to be worn underneath the top -- is it TOO much to ask that you paint the #### thing to match? Or at least use a chrome rig? Looking at YOU, Santa Clara Vanguard, with your huge BLACK harnesses over a white top...REALLY destroys the look you're going for, especially when the harness also covers the red splash up top. This is nothing new, of course...I still wonder how Bill Cook couldn't afford a can of black paint or 2 when he funded Star of Indiana for 1985....pink jackets, black pants....and that "nice" splash of white sticking out from the bottom of the jacket. Come on, you guys...Bloo at least had white and chrome hardware last year...AND they painted the shoulder hooks to match the shirt underneath. Can't you guys put a LITTLE effort into it? (Again....SCV take note) Bloo gets a pass this year because the black shoulder hooks and belly pad DOES match with the rest of the white uni/black trim Bob Fosse look they're going with this year. But SCV??? In the words of George Zingali..."Are you shittin' me?"
  4. Tune in after mid August.
  5. Did anyone else get a bit of a Johnny Quest vibe off the bones on the staircase section?
  6. As I said elsewhere, sometimes the uniform details are for the performers, not the audience or the judges.
  7. Especially after that one snare slipped and fell earlier. I really REALLY hope there are no incidents with them during the summer.
  8. Definitely a stronger defense than Crown's was. Euph solo in the 2nd chart was painful...horrible intonation. Interesting vizh package, though the feet need cleaning. Very nice incorporation of the set piece...rather than dividing the field it really enhanced the vizh...got a bit of 2010 BD flashback there for a moment. Some risky moments marching up there, but they seemed to have it under control. :Looks like the channeled Bob Fosse for some of the body movements. I like the music better than last year as well. Definitely a contender...far stronger chance of defending than Crown '14.
  9. We have Bluecoats https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=773948356121460&set=gm.1365380150164322&type=3&theater Still better than Cadets....are they doing music from Cabaret"?
  10. I'm not entirely thrilled with the trend myself, but I prefer to take it on a case by case basis. Spirit looks great....Cadets, like a bad HS band copy of 'Coats, designed in-house by someone new to the game to save money..
  11. Yep....they went full Bluecoats.
  12. Annnnddd....go! *ducks and runs* https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10212679000906633&set=gm.830459153777515&type=3&theater
  13. Just saw Cadets unis on a FB post....this thread should hit 800 pages by the time I get to work tonight.
  14. Y'know....it's kinda telling that through all of the BD issues that some people have...this thread hasn't even broken 100 pages, yet the Cadets thread is into the 600s!