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  1. Opener sounds like the action music from the Matt Smith "Dr Who" years,
  2. Their mellos...dear GOD their mellos throughout the whole show. Reminded me of mid 80s Cadets.
  3. 84 BD sop John Hendrickson (La Fiesta trio) and cymbal Rob Norment aged out with 85 Madison (Rob was in the guard). 84 mello Tim Spilde also aged out with 85 Mad...but in his case, he was going BACK to Madison....he'd followed his girlfriend to BD. As for BD/SCV cross-membership....more people have gone red to blue than the reverse.
  4. Blue Devils 2018

    Thanks....aside from my own center -- Robb Sirat -- I don't know who the centers have been.
  5. Blue Devils 2018

    Ya....he's 20. Don't know if he gets the bonus year.
  6. Blue Devils 2018

    From what I've heard, Brandon Olander is not only back in the line....but has achieved the quadfecta of BD drumming. Win DCI: Check Win the Sanford: Check Win snare I&E: Check Become Center snare: CHECK! Wondering how many others have done that....pretty sure ScoJo did.
  7. All time shows: Bluecoats

    All time fave 2014 Next fave 1989 Then 1987 Least 2015 too many others in the neg pile....2014 was the first one that really grabbed me in a long time.
  8. Moving to a top 4 corp

    So DID she go to SCV???
  9. Moving to a top 4 corp

    *me sitting under the Sorting Shako* "not Cadets, not Cadets, not Cadets"
  10. Moving to a top 4 corp

    Food? Lots of food horror stories from back in the day.
  11. All time shows: Pacific Crest

    2002 is an all time fave for the music. They never left California, which is a shame....the rest of you missed out.
  12. FTW - Wind Tunnel GE

    Man......if you wanna talk about complete and utter comprehension of the effects of high winds on a falling body...fanTAStic control.
  13. Moving to a top 4 corp

    Jacob -- Academy's mello soloist in 2016 -- went to BD last year. And this is nothing new...plenty of people have moved to top 12 corps from ones out of finals....and sometimes -- like me -- you can DEBUT in a top 4 corps.
  14. Blue Stars Blue Knights Bahston Bloo (except for the ballad) BD (duh) Crown (only because I found a version of the audio where the singer's mike actually -- y'know -- worked) Cavies